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We are all curious about our future; whether and when our personal situation will change. Most of the time our lives remain the same; but occasionally there’s a big shift. Using the techniques of Vedic Astrology we can identify a number of unique birth chart factors that predict major change in a person’s life. These events can be further classified as being either Desirable or Undesirable. Which way it goes depends on the characteristics of whichever astrological factors are involved.

Be cautious in the time period of the Moon, according to your horoscope. The movement of Moon in the zodiac plane will decide from which place and through which people, your Destiny will come to meet you. The universe is ready to give you the desired Destiny in your life. What is destiny point in Vedic astrology? What is Destiny Point? This is a mathematical point between Moon and Rahu, not Rahu and Moon which shows your destiny. If Rahu is in 4th house at 15 degrees, Moon is in the 10th house at 15 degrees then the mid point of Destiny Point will be the 7th house.

The Vimshottari Dasha, commonly referred to as the Planetary Period System, is a predictive formula that reveals the timeline of when karmas indicated in the birth chart will be activated. Per the rules of Vedic Astrology, there are certain houses (sectors) of the chart that are strongly associated with life changes. During the time periods when one or more of these parts of the chart are “turned on” by an associated planet’s dasha (period) or bhukti (sub-period), we know a major shift is coming.

The 8th house is specifically the house of Big Changes (including the biggest change: Death). Thus, the dasha or bhukti of the planet ruling your 8th house sign, or the dasha or bhukti of a planet residing in this sector of your chart, is a clear indicator that something significant is scheduled to occur. What exactly happens is dependent on the intrinsic nature of the planet ruling your 8th house sign, where it resides in your chart, and what other planets it is associated with or aspecting. For instance, if your 8th house ruler is Jupiter, the planet of Prosperity, and it resides in your 11th house of Gains, and is associated with the planet ruling your Ascendant, you may be in for a big inheritance. On the other hand, if the ruler of your 8th house is Mars, the planet of Combat, and it resides in your 7th house of Partnership opposing your Ascendant, you could be facing a divorce, or a lawsuit from a business partner, or a serious illness.

Another house that similarly can signal a major shift is the 12th house, the house of Endings and Loss. If the period or sub-period of the 12th house sign ruler, or of a planet in your 12th house, is coming up, the prediction is for something or someone to be dropping out of your life during that time period. What or who it will be is determined by an analysis of the planet, its position, its house rulership, what it represents in the divisional charts, etc. Whether the “ending” signified by the 12th house is experienced as a negative event, or simply the completion of something that has run its course, is likewise dependent on the qualities and chart positions of the planets involved.

Then there are certain planets that due to their natural characteristics can induce change in and of themselves. In traditional Vedic Astrology, the nodes of the Moon, called Rahu and Ketu, have been given this portfolio. Rahu specifically indicates Transformation, often attended by a sense of urgency. In the planetary period system, when the Rahu period or sub-period comes along there is a high likelihood of a least one important transition in your life. But again, whether this is experienced as a positive or negative event depends on the analysis of Rahu in the chart. For instance, a high proportion of people get married during their Rahu period; marriage is, after all, a major transformation in one’s life.

The change brought about by Ketu is rather different. Ketu signifies something that must be surrendered; a sort of renunciation of what Ketu connects with in the natal chart. When a Ketu major period or sub-period occurs, a change is in store, and it usually indicates something leaving your life connected with the house position of Ketu in your natal chart. Since Ketu is the inlet point for past life karmas, the change generally has a connection with past issues that still need resolution. Due to the “unseen” quality of Ketu, the event is usually something that happens without choice, i.e., beyond your control.

Vedic astrology, a very precise luck calculation system, requires the input of one’s birth time down to the level of minutes, place of birth and GMT. It dissects the various aspects of your life into 12 parts or 12 houses and further segmentise them into 27 subparts known as Nakshatra or lunar mansion. Here you will find your life's questions answered by the science of Vedic Astrology (originated in ancient India and documented by sages in the Vedic scriptures, also known as 'Jyotish' the science of light). You will know what your unique destiny is holding up for you. Michael is trained the Indian Astrology of the Vedic tradition directly with the renowned teacher, Hart deFouw. Readings support clients to discover deep insight, clarity in decision-making, and a life-long source of guidance and wisdom regarding karma, dharma, destiny and how to aim your free will in accordance with a timeline for success.

Another way that planets create change in our lives is through Transits. With this technique of prediction, the current (or future) sign positions of the planets in the zodiac are transposed to the natal chart, creating another set of factors that induce events in your life. The magnitude of these influences can be gauged by how they match up with critical points in the natal chart. When a strong planet transits over one of your natal planets, or opposite to it, there is a high probability of a significant, even life-changing event.

In traditional Vedic Astrology, Saturn is considered the “Great Malefic,” i.e., capable of causing extremely unpleasant events. Usually when Saturn transits over your Ascendant Degree, or Saturn opposes your natal Sun, you can prepare yourself for what will likely be a rough time. Whether this turns out to be life changing depends on whether or not there are other simultaneous negative influences in play. Conversely, knowing when Jupiter, the “Great Benefic,” will be transiting an important planet or point in your chart tells you when the cards will be stacked in your favor, and you can plan your advance. But for Jupiter to really change your life for the better, additional favorable factors need to be present, such as the dasha of the 9th or 5th house lord, which would activate your karma for Good Fortune.

In modern astrology, Uranus is the planet that is most associated with Big Change. Uranus is the planet of Rebellion, Unexpected Circumstance, Sudden Events, Disruption. Uranus moves very slowly, taking 84 years to make a complete circuit of the zodiac. Therefore, most of us experience Uranus transiting over each of our natal planets only once in our lifetime. Uranus transiting over the Ascendant Degree, or opposite to it, is well documented to coincide with notable events in a person’s life. When contacting an important natal planet Uranus brings disruption to whatever that planet represents. This doesn’t always have to be unpleasant. For instance, Uranus transiting over natal Venus the planet of Art, Love and Finance can give you artistic inspiration, or sudden infatuation, or an unexpected windfall. But when Uranus transits over your natal Saturn, the planet that signifies your Reality Structure and Stability, it’s highly likely that you’ll soon be facing a new reality.

Living a life that goes through changes just seems to be part of the human condition. With the help of Vedic Astrology’s predictive techniques, we can at least anticipate when we will have to face such transitions, as well as what form they will likely take, and thus be better able to prepare ourselves for when they occur.


Changing where you live as a way to change your fortune is an idea that has been around for a long time. There are countless examples of people who say that “their luck changed” once they moved away from where they were living. Others maintain that their lives “took a turn for the worse” when they tried living in a different place.

Does Astrology have a way to determine the outcome of moving to a different location? Yes it does, through a technique called Relocation Astrology.

The interpretation of the horoscope depends on two structural factors: how the planets were arranged in the zodiac at the time of birth, and how the entire pattern was positioned relative to the exact place on the earth where you were born. The first part of the structure gives us the signs of the planets and their aspects to each other; the second part of the structure puts the planets in the houses of the chart. The first part is going to be the same no matter where you are on the Earth at any given time, but the second part changes depending on where on the Earth you are placed. Since the analysis of the one’s astrological chart depends so much on the houses (the various “departments” of life), which in turn depend on the location of birth, you, and your destiny, would be different if you were born somewhere else.

Cafe astrology birth chart. This then, becomes the basis of Relocation Astrology. With the help of the personal computer and the software written for it, a few keystrokes creates a whole new birth chart for you as if you where born in the place you are thinking of moving to. Similarly, we can search the globe for where your birth time would have created the most optimal astrology chart for professional success, or for marriage, or winning the lottery, or… the possibilities seem endless!

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So all we have to do is move to the new location with the best chart set-up and Voila! Life will be Wonderful! Ahh… would that it were that simple.

In reality, where you were born actually has a lot to do with your destiny; the “flash photo” of the Heavens taken from the place of your birth doesn’t go away simply by moving to a new spot on the globe. But it can be modified. Although your essential nature and destiny won’t be different, some of the potential positive outcomes can be strengthened, and negative or difficult karmas weakened. By re-creating your birth chart as if you had been born in the new location, and comparing it to your actual birth chart, the astrologer sees which elements of the celestial pattern will be emphasized in the new place. For example, if you lack opportunities for marriage in your life, your could try moving to a place where Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, would end up in the 7th house of marriage for you. The potential of that part of your chart would then become more dominant. Likewise, there may be undesireable components in a birth chart whose potential to manifest can be decreased by choosing a location that de-emphasizes their importance.

If all this works, then why not just visit the new place to experience the new good karma? That sounds logical, and sometimes people do experience immediate results, but mostly what happens is that it takes a while to adjust: the habits and memory patterns of years of experience in one location do not disappear so quickly by simply moving somewhere else. I.e., you have to give it some time; usually several months at least.

Another corollary to all of this is that the place on the Earth which would emphasize a part of your chart can be the source of something, or someone, who strongly impacts your life. For instance, if moving to the Far East would emphasize the 7th house of marriage in your natal chart, you may have a particular fascination for, and potential success with, an Asian partner. If the 9th house of your chart gets strengthened by having you born in India, you may find “religion” by following the path of Yoga or Hinduism. Similarly, if a particularly negative pattern in your birth chart gets emphasized in some part of the world, then people or ideas or even material items from that country or culture could have an undesireable effects on you.

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Relocation Astrology is a fascinating technique for altering components of your destiny. It is not the final answer to every problem. But it can be considered as another type of practical remedy in the Vedic Astrology arsenal of techniques for “Negotiating with Destiny.”