December 2021 Eclipse Astrology

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written by Scarlet Coote ,February 11, 2021

DECEMBER 4, 2021 SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 12 DEGREES SAGITTARIUS What’s unusual about this Eclipse is that the Eclipse Point is largely unaspected by other planets, other than a sextile to Saturn.

  • Dec 14, 2020 For much more on what that means for you, get “Your Survive and Thrive Guide to 2021” The Evolutionary Burn. The December 14 2020 Total Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius anchors a shock window that extends from the 7th – 21st December (!) along with signature extreme seismic disturbance.
  • Solar Eclipse: Jan 26 2009: 06° Aquarius 30′ Lunar Eclipse: Feb 9 2009: 20° Leo 59′ Lunar Eclipse: Jul 7 2009: 15° Capricorn 25′ Solar Eclipse: Jul 22 2009: 29° Cancer 27′ Lunar Eclipse: Aug 6 2009: 13° Aquarius 43′ Lunar Eclipse: Dec 31 2009: 10° Cancer 15′.
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Learn where to go deep and what in your life will need rebalancing during the eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius in 2021.

Few spectacles in nature compare to the spectacular cosmic event of an eclipse. The stories of eclipses reveal their powerful effect on human consciousness across history. Some cultures perceived them as an existential threat, especially to power, others as a cosmic coupling in which the Sun and Moon would generate new stars. To some, an eclipse was the playful chaos of a cosmic trickster. The sudden blockage of the light of the Sun or Moon, which were regarded as vital for life and harmony, was believed to interrupt the natural order.


Even today eclipses remain significant portents of change, catalysing insights and bringing to the surface underlying patterns and yearnings. Their transits are major crossroads moments that can dramatically alter the shape of your life.

Eclipses take place when a new or full moon occurs within 18 degrees of the north or south lunar node. These nodes are a pair of celestial points where the paths of the Sun and Moon intersect. These invisible but significant points have been calculated for centuries due to their importance in predicting eclipses.

The nodes move mostly retrograde through the zodiac, in contrast to the typical forward motion of the planets, and always lie opposite to each other in the zodiac; they represent a tension of duality that contrasts with the usual pattern of things.

In India, the nodes are considered as significant as the seven visible planets and are envisioned as the head and torso of a demon. The story goes that, desiring immortality, the feuding gods and demons made a pact to combine their power to churn the primordial ocean and extract the life-giving nectar, amrita, from its depths. When the amrita finally emerged, the gods and demons lined up to receive the elixir from the supreme god Vishnu, who appeared to them as a beautiful maiden, Mohini. She began dispensing the nectar of immortality, intending to serve it only to the gods.

A suspicious demon called Svarbhānu recognised the trick and slipped into the line of the gods between the Sun and the Moon. As he sipped the divine amrita from Mohini’s cup, the Sun and the Moon saw through his disguise and cried out, exposing him as a demon. The enraged Mohini decapitated the demon, but having already sipped the elixir of immortality, instead of dying, he became two new beings; his head, called Rahu (the North Node) and his tail, called Ketu (the South Node).

In vengeance for their act of revelation, Rahu and Ketu chased down the Sun and the Moon, devouring them. But with Rahu being only a head and Ketu being only a torso and tail, the ingestion, or devouring and blocking of the light, like at an eclipse, is temporary.

Like the gods and demons churning the ocean, the opposing nodes churn two opposed areas of your life during an 18-month period. The back and forth process represented by the lunar nodes and the activation points of the eclipses throughout this cycle spotlight opportunities to go deeper, rebalance your priorities, and weave threads of purpose back into the areas of your life that they highlight. The nodes can catalyse dramatic revelations and events and people that come “out of the blue”.

To gain a better understanding of how these periods affect your chart and life, let’s examine the interrelated but opposing functions of the lunar nodes.

The south node, Ketu, is aligned with the past; your personal past, the stories of your ancestors, even past lives and inherited karmic debts. Ascetic and spiritual, Ketu symbolises liberation and separation. It is said to have “agni”, or fire — a sacrificial fire into which you might cast what you no longer like or want to be attached to. What is being shifted by the south node is deeply rooted. It draws your attention to search within in order to spiral back to the origins of whatever area of your life it is affecting, creating a profound internal shift.

By contrast the north node, Rahu, is aligned with your future ambitions or goals and represents the personal stories you are writing. Being a head without a body, Rahu is insatiably hungry for material existence, pleasure and success. It increases whatever it touches, so represents opportunities for growth and new beginnings. It may also trigger obsessions. There is a go-getting quality to Rahu that draws your spirit outward, pushing you out of your comfort zone in order to attain your heart’s desires.

There is no separating the entwined actions of the nodes, though shifting emphasis from one side of the axis or the other is normal as you adjust to the radical energy the nodes trigger in your life. The nodes teach you that sometimes the path to balance includes going to extremes.

The lunar nodes entered Gemini and Sagittarius in May 2020 and will remain there throughout 2021. All the eclipses in 2021 take place in one of these two signs, with the exception of an eclipse in Taurus (a cross-sign eclipse happens when the nodes are close to changing signs).

Gemini and Sagittarius are double-bodied and changeable, which will further emphasise the destabilising, dual nature of the eclipses this year. Major transitions are likely. An awareness of these fluctuating forces and an openness to new possibilities and sudden changes can unlock opportunities for cocreation amidst the chaos.

With Ketu in sage Sagittarius, your quest for truth turns inward. The unbridled optimism of Sagittarius will be tempered, as Ketu discourages the outward pursuit of goals. Attuned to inner seeking, a deeper alignment with inner vision and truth will be possible, if you are willing to honestly confront the beliefs held in the area of life activated. The past holds both gifts and restless ghosts. Ketu asks you to purge and release wherever it goes so you may be asked to prune and prioritise the vast visions and quests generated by Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius in 2019.

By contrast, Rahu in precocious Gemini compels you to zoom in on ideas, connections and data and to organise and articulate them in the here and now. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling famously said, “The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of ideas.” The challenge will be prioritising your efforts and honing mental agility and technique. The Gemini area of your life may experience influx of activity and new possibilities. Embracing uncertainty and flexibility can support multiple possibilities in this area. Be led by curiosity and embrace peer review.

The significance of the eclipse cycle in your life will depend on natal factors in your personal chart, as well as timing factors. In general, eclipses trigger a charged, erratic atmosphere. Unexpected opportunities present themselves, the past and future converge in sudden and surprising ways, significant people emerge in your life and divergent paths cross. There can be a sense of fate to these encounters. Synchronicities are heightened, so take notice of any unusual and repeating occurrences. As the late writer Ursula K Le Guin said, “Strange roads have strange guides.” Below is a more detailed view at the eclipses of 2021.

Lunar eclipse 5 Sagittarius 26 May 2021, 9.13pm AEST

Ketu draws you back into the past to seek truth. If the Sagittarius area of your life had an attic, what would you find in there? You could uncover a forgotten thread of meaning that realigns you to your purpose. What are the stories you tell yourself about this part of your life? What parts of that are holding you back?

An honest conversation with yourself or even a trusted mentor can reveal what’s worth holding onto and what needs to be released. It could be emotionally tense and overwhelming, but with the ruler of this eclipse, Jupiter, well-placed in its own sign Pisces, faith in the process promises its own reward.

Imagine the possibilities when you clear out what no longer nourishes your beliefs or supports you on your journey. Cast it out with the tide and gifts, like divine amrita, may wash up on your shores. This eclipse links back to the solar eclipse in Sagittarius in mid-December 2020.

Solar Eclipse 19 Gemini 10 Jun 2021, 8.52am AEST

With Mercury approaching a retrograde meeting with luminaries, the energy is dynamic and destabilising. Be prepared to change direction at any moment. The days and weeks following this eclipse may bring lightbulb moments. Here, where so many ideas, connections and growth has sprung, there is still potential for sudden developments and opportunities. The missing puzzle piece could be a chance meeting with a friend or teacher, or a new piece of information. Set aside some time to follow curiosity but be careful of red herrings. A trine to Saturn in Aquarius assists in reestablishing your priorities in the Gemini area of your chart as well as bringing clarity to your progress.

Lunar Eclipse 27 Taurus 19 Nov 2021, 6.57pm AEST

This partial lunar eclipse in Taurus previews the next eclipse cycle, which will unfold in Taurus and Scorpio in 2022. It activates themes of rebellion and innovation of the long-term transit of Uranus in Taurus in your life (May 2018 — April 2026).

This eclipse may reveal your emotional attachments in the sensual and material realm. Fixed star Algol close-by triggers latent frustrations and injustices. A difficult conversation could bring withheld emotions and information to the surface with Sun, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio in opposition to the eclipse. With Jupiter in Aquarius at the apex of this charged eclipse axis, if in doubt, get clear on what you stand for, but try to keep an open mind.

Venus in Capricorn, the ruler of this eclipse, offers practical wisdom of experience. This could come in the form of an unexpected but well-deserved gift, like an heirloom or antique, or unexpected connection with a kindly but exacting elder. The events around this eclipse may relate back to the Taurus New Moon back in May.

Solar Eclipse 12 Sagittarius 4 December 2021, 5.42pm AEST

The soul pulls inward at this eclipse. Its proximity to fixed star Antares can gift you with the courage needed to make necessary sacrifices in order to move forward in the Sagittarius area of your life, but not without looking back first. You may feel urged to return to the origins of your deeply held beliefs in this area of life, perhaps with a newfound clarity triggered by Mercury’s clarifying meeting with the Sun days earlier. An unexpected gift or message from the past may appear.

Saturn and the ruler of the eclipse, Jupiter in Aquarius can provide emotional detachment to help you see the bigger picture. As this is the final eclipse on this axis, it may trigger an ending or closure in this area of life. In the words of Mary Elizabeth Evans, “Your truth is waiting for you and you have every ability to be brave in your search for it.”

Eclipses bring sudden change and developments, so predicting their concrete manifestations in your life isn’t straightforward. However, you can expect a back and forth activation in the areas of life represented by the houses they fall in in your chart. If you have planets in the signs of the eclipses, Gemini or Sagittarius, or the signs angular to them, Virgo and Pisces, these are important pieces of your personal story for this eclipse cycle. Find your sign below for a preview of what life topics are activated by the eclipses in 2021.

Aries The Roman poet Horace said, “They change their sky, but not their soul, those who rush across the sea.” You are learning to ground your philosophical and spiritual understandings in the everyday world. Overseas travel takes a backseat as multiple opportunities draw you closer to home, so expect a busier schedule. Communication becomes a huge focus. You may reassess your long-term commitments to higher education.

December 2021 Eclipse Astrology Moon

Taurus Your exchanges with loved ones, business partners and the bank are highlighted. In the process of releasing debts (material, emotional and even karmic), you may find that what you’re owed comes back to you in unexpected ways. Confronting your fears and beliefs around money, power and mortality can unblock a path in both your psyche and resources. Multiple new streams of income are possible.

Gemini As your priorities shift away from partnership, it’s time to reclaim your autonomy. Close relationships are put to the test as honesty and truth-telling bring needed clarity. This transit could be critical in destabilising unhealthy relationship patterns. Being open-minded and playful with your self-expression can stimulate a surprising rediscovery of your multifaceted identity.

Cancer You’re called to solitude as you zoom in on the mysterious layers of your psyche, uncovering invisible roots of the concrete issues of daily life — in your day job, health or routines. Releasing beliefs around productivity can dislodge long-term bad habits. The spiritual and mundane become intertwined and spiritual practices can initiate deep shifts in both the body and psyche. You might not be able to explain it to anyone else, and that’s okay.

Leo Your priorities shift from solo work to collaborative projects and social connections under this transit. As your social networks magnify your aspirations, what creative resources can you offer to your friendships and communities in exchange? Accept social invitations and show up in your friendships and communities. Storytelling can creatively and spiritually connect you to your inner truth and purpose.

Virgo An insatiable desire to leave your mark on the world arises under this transit. Your public presence increases as you pursue your ambition, but beware of becoming addicted to achievement. Reconciling your relationship with home and family can dislodge inherited patterns. Honour the stories of your ancestors and recognise what’s made it possible for you to walk your own path.

Libra There is a consuming hunger for knowledge, purpose and meaning, so embrace adventure and new perspectives. Get clear on several long-term goals with travel, spirituality and education. When you lose sight of the larger purpose, assess whether your everyday schedule and short-term goals support your big dreams.

Scorpio What’s mine, what’s yours and what’s ours? Understanding your stories and beliefs around money can trigger major shifts that empower you financially. Be aware of increasing a financial or energetic debt this cycle, though powerful opportunities to combine your resources with others could surprise you. Don’t forget the power of articulating your fears. Be careful of a hole in your pocket.

Sagittarius Now’s the time to show up in your important relationships. You may have fated meetings with multiple people that bring new possibilities and experimentation within relationships. Jumping in with both feet can be a valuable learning experience. Returning to your core beliefs about your identity can unlock new paths of inner knowing.

Capricorn Shaking up your established routines may be daunting but you feel irresistibly compelled to imagine new possibilities for daily life. Invite in play, variety and movement. Consider new ways to support your health and wellness. Reassess the efficacy of your spiritual hygiene practices and remember the clarifying effects of a clean space and body.

Aquarius Divine inspiration can strike as you explore multiple creative pursuits. Delight in play and pleasure under this transit. You might have to separate from the crowd to rediscover your own spark, but a sense of ease and clarity is possible when you get honest about your beliefs and attachments in groups and friendships.

Pisces Embrace multiplicity within your inner landscape. Your efforts and attention are drawn away from career and public life in order to behold the new beginnings that are ready to emerge in your home and family life. Insight around your past achievements and big projects is possible by envisioning them as parts of the larger story of your life.

2021 is the year of Progress. Our lives WILL change in 2021 in ways we can’t yet fathom at this stage.

Let’s get the most important question out of the way. If you’re one of the 99.9999% of people whose life was affected in 2020, you may ask yourself, “Is 2021 going to be better than 2020?”.

The short answer to that, is yes!

The astrologically-argumented answer is, “2021 doesn’t feature a confining Saturn-Pluto conjunction, or an intense, fear-inducing, triple Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

2021 doesn’t have 5 months of Venus and Mars retrograde, nor dramatic cardinal T-squares for 70% of the year!.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the trailblazer, the one who gets things started, but soon passes it over to someone else, as there is so much to do. The symbol of zodiac sign - Aries is Ram that represents leadership, bravery, rage and fertility. Aries in vedic astrology 10. Aries (♈) (meaning 'ram') is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude (0°≤ λ. Apr 17, 2021 In the Vedic system, when the moon transits through the star Ashwini, Bharani, and the first part of Krittika the native, born under this planetary position, has the zodiac sign is Aries or Mesh. The natives born on and between English calendars “March 21 to April 19” belong to the Aries Sun sign as per Western Astrology.

Irrespective of the actual events 2021 will bring, 2021 will feel lighter and more positive than 2020.

2020 has bought us change. In 2021, the question is “What do we do about it?

If 2020 was Earth and Cardinal, 2021, while it still keeps a healthy dose of Earth, is predominantly Fixed and Air. During 2021 we have:

Astrology Source

  • Jupiter in Aquarius (Fixed/Air)
  • Saturn in Aquarius (Fixed/Air)
  • The Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius (Mutable Air/Fire)
  • Mercury retrograde in Aquarius/Gemini/Libra (Air)
  • Pluto in Capricorn (Cardinal/Earth)
  • Neptune in Pisces (Mutable/Water)
  • Uranus in Taurus (Fixed/Earth)

While 2020 was dominated by the Capricorn outer-planet stellium, 2021 is a much more balanced year astrologically, which means that disturbances and excesses of any kind are much less likely.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – especially Capricorn) have not had an easy time during 2020, but thankfully, this will change in 2021.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, as well as the North Node in Gemini, will bring a breath of fresh air that will allow us to slow down the madness, breath in, and even smell the roses.

Saturn Square Uranus – PROGRESS: One Way, Or Another

The most important transit of the year is undoubtedly, Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. The aspect starts to apply already in January, and will be within orb throughout the whole of the year.

Saturn and Uranus are slow-moving planets that rarely get configured into an aspect. The last time Saturn and Uranus squared each other, was 22 years ago!

When Saturn squares Uranus, our need for freedom will clash with our need for structure and stability.

If Saturn stands for rules and tradition, Uranus stands for breaking away from rules and tradition.

What complicates things even further is that Saturn, the traditional planet, is in a progressive sign (Aquarius), while Uranus, the progressive planet, is in Taurus, the most traditional sign of the zodiac.

2021 Eclipses Astrology

Imagine a financier in a custom-tailored suit working in a ‘woo-woo’ startup (that’s Saturn in Aquarius) and a blue-haired progressive anarchist in ripped jeans working for an insurance company as an accountant (Uranus in Taurus).

Now also imagine that these 2 people don’t particularly get along and they step on each other’s toes. At first, it may seem they are doomed for disaster, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that they not only share many things in common, but that they can learn a great deal from each other.

Uranus and Saturn are powerful planets, and Taurus and Aquarius, are fixed, determined, resourceful, and yes, stubborn signs. Both Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus have strong opinions about how things should be, and none of them is keen to change their ways.

Since Saturn and Uranus square each other, a clash is inevitable.

A Square is shared by two signs of different polarity (Yin vs. Yang) and different elements (Air Vs. Earth), HOWEVER, these two signs share the same modality (in our case, Fixed). When two signs share the same modality, they agree on one thing: the Goal.

They may not agree on how to get there, however since the pull to achieve the goal is so strong, the two planets will eventually find a way to make it work.

In 2021, Saturn and Uranus will HAVE to find a way – any way – to achieve the GOAL. Great change only comes with great friction. We all say we want true reform, that we want true change, but reform and change are hard.

An incredible amount of resources and moving pieces need to be mobilized to achieve true progress. Give this task to Venus trine Jupiter.

They will laugh and find something nice to do instead, BUT, if you give it to Saturn and Uranus in fixed signs – and they will find a way to make the impossible possible.

The first Saturn-Uranus square in February will probably be the most intense one. This is when the problem that needs fixing will get formulated, and brought into our awareness.

The 2nd square is in June 2021 (Saturn retrograde); this is when a proposal to restructure things at a wholesale scale will be presented. Finally, the last Saturn-Uranus square in December will come with thesolution, and our world will never be the same again.

The Most Important Astrological Events Of 2021

  • Saturn-Uranus square – February-December 2021
  • Jupiter-Uranus square – January 2021
  • Aquarius stellium – January and February 2021
  • Mercury and Venus out of bounds – May 2021
  • Jupiter in Pisces – May-July 2021
  • Triple conjunction Sun, Mars and Mercury Retrograde – October 9th, 2021
  • Venus Retrograde – December 19th, 2021

Eclipses In 2021

  • Lunar Eclipse at 5° Sagittarius – May 26th, 2021
  • Solar Eclipse at 19° Gemini – June 10th, 2021
  • Lunar Eclipse at 27° Taurus – November 19th, 2021
  • Solar Eclipse at 12° Sagittarius – December 4th, 2021

In 2021, we have some spectacular New Moons and several “5-star transits” like Venus conjunct Jupiter that will fill us with excitement and hope.

Much like a rollercoaster ride, 2021 is a bouquet of highs, lows, and everything in between.

While frustration and conflict will be a big part of the picture, by the end of the year, your life WILL be different, and when looking back at all the challenges, breakthroughs, effort, and unexpected twists and turns, you’ll find yourself saying “it was all worth it!”

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