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Today we will discuss the topic 'Prediction of death in the Natal Chart.' This is a very 'dangerous' topic for an astrologer. If you do it on request - be prepared for the fact that a person will still remain unhappy. Often people ask about death, but they are not ready to receive an answer. They will be disappointed even if you say that a person will live 116 years. So always ask why a person needs to know this.

Author believes that vedic astrology started as a means to find the time of death. Interesting theories in 100 pages of research covering Dosha, Mars, Yama, Maraka, Mrithyun, and Mandala of death. Along with the 6th and 12th, the 8th house is also considered to be malefic. 8th house in Vedic astrology rules over death, longevity, and sudden events. It has a direct impact on one’s lifespan and the nature of death. Vedic Astrology: Since time immemorial man has got an insatiable thirst to peep into the future. Everything starts in time and ends in time. The reasons are manifold. Some take the help of Astrology to increase their quality of life in a material sense and others in a spiritual sense. Some are after bhoga (sense pleasures) and others are after.

Many astrologers avoid the prediction of death, because in order to predict death, one must have a good understanding of astrology. It is important to be able to correctly interpret the position of the planets in dynamics rather than statics. It is also important to look at the positions of the planets from a bird's eye view, otherwise you will see death in the same horoscope almost every year.

Death in the Natal Chart: how to find out the date?

We will make predictions for life expectancy by Jyotish. There are so many predictive techniques in the Indian horoscope, many of which are being studied by our students at the Ashvini Astrology School. We have a course of professional predictions “Prediction Formula”, where we analyze each event in the horoscope, how to predict it with at least 3–4 different techniques. Let us dwell on one of them.

To determine death today, we use the Wimshottari Dasha predictive system. This is such a system of planetary periods, designed for 120 years. These 120 years are unevenly divided between the planets, there are also sub-periods. Horoscope analysis for life expectancy.

Before proceeding with predictions of life expectancy, you must:

1. Collect accurate information for compiling a person’s horoscope, and, if possible, compile horoscopes of his relatives, which can also be used to track negative events. But this will only work if the owner of the Natal Chart has a close relationship with these relatives. And if a person, for example, does not communicate with his father for a long time, then the Natal Chart of his father will not give us anything.

2. Determine whether there is an indication of a short life (premature death, violent death) in the 1st, 3d and 8th houses. The first house shows the health of a person, his physical body. For example, if Lagneshа (the owner of the the first house) is in the fall, you should understand that this can shorten life expectancy.

Short life in the Natal Chart. Signs:

1. The 8th house is an indicator of life expectancy. The presence of Mars in the 8th house indicates the possibility of sudden premature death (injury, accident). Planets also work in the fall (nicha) in the 8th house.

Astrology Death Date

2. If the owner of the 8th house is in the 1st house and it is Mars or Saturn, or the lord of the 8th aspects the 1th house /the lord of the 1st house, then this also indicates a reduction in life. During periods of such planets, health may be injured, or a person may be on the verge of life and death. Any planet in the 8th house of the Natal Chart is an indication of death ahead of time. It is favorable when the 8th house is empty.

3. If the owner of the 8th house gives an aspect to the owner of the 1st house or is with the owner of the 1st house, these provisions can be harmful to human health.

4. The spoiled 3rd house will also undermine human health and reduce life expectancy in the Natal Chart, since the 3rd house is the 8th from the 8th house.

5. In the 1st house there are aggressive planets (Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Sun) or weak planets in the fall. This is also an indication of the threat to life during periods of these planets.

6. We look, whether there are such planets in conjunction with Lagnesha. If there is, it means harm to health, which indirectly reduces life expectancy.

6. We determine the aspects of the owner of the 1st house and of the 1st house. Aspects of malefics reduce the number of years and give a tendency to disease. Always collect the full picture and do not judge by one factor. If you saw the aspect of Saturn on the 1st house, then this alone will not kill you. But if, for example, there are several factors .. The ruler of the 1st house in the fall, under the aspect of one of the malefics and in the 1st house there is a falling planet - then yes, you can be afraid for your old age.

7. We look where the owner of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses is. If these planets are in the 1st house, stand together with the owner of the 1th house, or aspect it, then you need to understand that health is being destroyed. Even if these planets are of a good nature or in exaltation, this does not save us from their hostile influence. The more aspects of the first house and the ruler of the 1st house from the rulers of the 6th, 8th, 12th, the stronger the defeat of life expectancy and health.

8. The retrograde host of the 1st house indirectly suggests that there may be a chronic disease.

It is good when the 6th, 8th, 12th houses are empty, and their leaders are in a neutral position. If there are many planets concentrated in the 6th, 8th, 12th houses, this suggests that life expectancy can be reduced. The planet in the fall in these houses says that there will be trials and sufferings that relate to the questions of the 6th, 8th, 12th houses. It is necessary to look at what periods of Wimshottari Dasha is going on right now, as this will show when exactly the suffering will come.


We turn to the John Kennedy’s Natal Chart, look at his murder (violent death) in the Natal Chart. Most of all he was famous for his death, however paradoxical it sounds.

John Kennedy's ascendant sign is Virgo, therefore, Mercury is the owner of the Natal Chart. Mercury is located in the 8th house and this is the first sign of a short life.

Mars is also in the 8th house in its sign, the sign of Aries. Despite the strong position of Mars, this does not make the 8th house safer. Here, on the contrary, a strong Mars becomes even more evil. Mars here harms the ruler of the 1st house, that is, it directly indicates an accident or violent death of the ruler of the 1st house.

The location of Mercury in the 8th house often becomes an indicator of a person who will be known throughout the world. Saturn is the owner of the 6th house in the John Kennedy’s Natal Chart aspects the 1st house and the ruler of the 1st house. When the murder occurred, the period of Jupiter and the subperiod of Saturn went on. Here Saturn spoils the 1st house and the ruler of the 1th house, which means it can cause death.

In the birth horoscope we see 2 falling planets in the 4th and the 10th houses (Rahu in Sagittarius and Ketu in Gemini). This does not add to positive trends. To assess the influence of Saturn, you need to consider its position also in additional horoscopes.

Prediction of death by ADDITIONAL HOROSCOPES

In D9, explaining the main one, Saturn is in the 12th house of losses and death, and is the owner of the 6th house of accidents and illnesses.

In D3 (remember that the 3rd house is the 8th from the 8th?) Saturn is a yoga karaka, but experiences the aspect of Mars from the 8th house, which indicates an accident in the period of Saturn or Mars. In general, almost always the planet during which a person dies is aspected by the owner of the 8th house or stands inside the 8th in D9, D3 and D12.

In D12 (dividing each zodiac sign into 12 parts), Saturn is in the 1st house and is the owner of the 6th house of accidents, which brings the energy of the 6th house to the first. Pay attention to the 8th house in D12, there Mercury is in the fall. It shortens life expectancy.

In D9, the owner of the 7th house is located along with the falling planet, i.e. hit. All this in small steps leads to great tragedy.

In D9, we again see the position of Mars and Mercury in the 8th house, however, Mercury is in exile, plus the owner of the 8th house is in the 1th house (this gives a tendency to injuries and accidents). When the period of the ruler of the 8th house comes, it is most likely that death may occur or the person will be on the verge of life and death.

DEATH during the period of JUPITER IN THE Natal Chart OF KENNEDY

John Kennedy was shot dead at the beginning of the Jupiter period. The position of Jupiter in the 9th house at first glance seems safe, but Jupiter is at zero degrees in the nakshatra Krittika. The symbol of this nakshatra is a knife, which indicates problems with childbirth or problems with the law, as well as the danger of injuries from weapons.

Mercury (the owner of the 1th house) is also located in Krittika, which enhances the effect. In Kennedy’s Natal Chart, Jupiter aspects one house. When the planet aspects the 1st house or the owner of the 1st house, it is directly related to the well-being of a person, as well as to his health.

Let’s consider Jupiter in fractional maps.

In D9, Jupiter is in the fall, and also aspects the 1st house (the 9th aspect from itself), which destroys health.

In the dynamics of the horoscope, a planet is in the fall, aspecting the 1st house, speaks of negative changes regarding health and physical well-being and often indicates a serious illness, accident or death during its period. In the horoscope D3, Jupiter is the owner of the 8th house and is in the 1st house. Also a destructive effect on the human body.

In D12, Jupiter is the owener of the 8th house of death and gives an aspect to the owner of the 1st house (the 7th aspect from himself). The combination is repeated with small variations once in a while.

The conjunction of Jupiter with the exalting moon in Taurus suggests that death will make man famous. When we encounter such a sad combination in the horoscopes of ordinary people, this may indicate that circumstances and deaths will be so unusual or terrible that they will be widely covered in newspapers and TV throughout the country.

If you study Vedic astrology, then be sure to study fractional charts, as well as forecasts and horoscopes in dynamics. Not a single detective compares with watching a horoscope unfold in forecasts.

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Death almost always involves a combination of some of the following factors:

The 8th house

Involving at least one of these factors:

* The 8th house cusp

* The Ruler of the 8th house

* Planets in the 8th house

The Ascendant

The Ascendant describes the physical body, so it must be activated at the time of death.

It will involve at least one of these factors:

* The Ascending degree

* The ruler of the Ascendant

* Exact aspects involving the Ascendant

The 4th house

The 4th house describes the end of a matter and as death is the end of physical life on earth, the 4th house must be activated.

This will involve at least one of these factors:

* Exact aspects involving the 4th house cusp (IC)

* The ruler of the 4th house

* Planets in the 4th house

A quincunx aspect involving these houses or their rulers

Quincunxes (150 degree aspect) usually show at times of change in the life and death is a major change. Here is a link to an article on the quincunx

The Part of Death

The Part of Death is Ascendant + cusp of 8th house – Moon


Other relevant Lots are:

The Part of Fatality: Ascendant + Saturn – Sun i.e. the position of Saturn in the Solar Equilibrium chart.

The Part of Death 2: Ascendant + Saturn – Moon

And other Lots that could describe the type of death i.e. suicide; accident; disease; murder; etc

Transits, progressions, directions and particularly the long cycles of dashas or Fidaria

Involving Ascendant, 4th house and 8th house in at least one of these will indicate the possibility.

Yearly and Daily Age Harmonics

Are excellent timers for determining the year of death and the day of death. Here is a link to articles on harmonics

The orb of all activation of these points is one degree or less, minutes of orb is usual. Anything over that will indicate a different period in the life.


The charts of members of the family and other loved ones must also so the death. If they don’t it is likely that the person will have an operation that will remove part of the body rather than die.

To Illustrate I will use the death of Princess Diana on 31st August 1997; 0.27 am; Paris, France.

Princess Diana strongly responds to the Regiomontanus house system, so that is the one I am using to illustrate her death.

The relevant factors in her chart are:

The 8th house cusp: 22Cancer48

The Ruler of the 8th cusp: The Moon at 25Aquarius02

Planets in the 8th house: Vertex; Uranus; North Node; Mars; Pluto. Uranus will be particularly strong as it is in opposition to the Moon, the ruler of the 8th house. The nodal axis will be important as the South Node is conjunct the Moon, ruler of the 8th house.

The Ascendant: 18Sagittarius27. And all aspects to the Ascendant by any method of prediction.

Jupiter as it is ruler of the Ascendant and also opposite the 8th house Vertex.

The 4th cusp: 23Aries06 and any aspects to this cusp by any method of prediction.

The ruler of the 4th cusp; Mars at 1Virgo39 conjunct Pluto at 6Virgo03.

Diana’s Regiomontanus Part of Death ( Ascendant + Cusp of 8th house – Moon ) is 16Taurus12; her equal house Part of Death is 11Taurus51.


Her Regiomontanus Part of Fatality ( Ascendant + Saturn – Sun) is 6Cancer36;

her 2nd Regiomontanus Part of Death 2 ( Cusp of 8th house + Saturn – Moon) is 25Gemini34 and equal house is 21Gemini13.

Her Death Point (Mars + Saturn – IC ) is 6 Gemini 24.

So we would expect quite a few of these points to be activated at the time of her death.

Chart of the Accident

This is the chart for the time of the accident. I don’t know the time she was pronounced dead, but I think she probably died not long after this.

Notice that:

* the Ascendant-Descendant of this time straddles her natal Ascendant-Descendant.

* There is a Moon-Jupiter opposition straddling the IC-MC. The Moon is ruler of her natal 8th house and Jupiter is ruler of her Ascendant. This Moon-Jupiter-IC-MC configuration was square her Regiomontanus Part of Death at 16Taurus12.

* Moon-Jupiter is square Diana’s Part of Accidents at 14Taurus37

* The Vertex is conjunct her natal Neptune, ruler of her natal 3rd house of transport and vehicles. This indicates a destined factor involving the accident.

* Uranus is conjunct natal Jupiter, ruler of Diana’s Ascendant, indicating a sudden change in her body or environment. As Jupiter is conjunct the antiVertex, this would involve a matter of destiny.

* Neptune is conjunct the 9th house cusp and opposing the 3rd house cusp, indicating both the paparazzi chasing her to take photographs and the misjudgment leading to the accident. It is also conjunct natal Saturn, suggesting a crushing factor in the accident.

* Interestingly, Venus is conjunct Diana’s natal Part of Assassination at 15Libra51

So the chart for the accident related to Diana’s natal chart gives some indication of accident and death.

Year Age Harmonic

The Age Harmonic for the year should show if she was vulnerable accidents and/or death. Diana was 36 years old when she died, so the 36th Harmonic is the correct age harmonic to use. Here is a link to articles explaining harmonics

You can see that there is a strong 8th house emphasis, with the Vertex, Venus, Moon and Jupiter all in that house. In addition the Part of Death for this chart is 6Gemini45, square the 8th house Vertex. This is conjunct her natal ‘Death Point’ at 6 Gemini 21

When you put this Age Harmonic around the outside of Diana’s natal chart you can see some very strong connections:

Notice the Ascendant-Descendant conjunct the antiVertex in the 2nd house and therefore opposite natal Vertex in 8th house. This suggests a year of destiny connected to her physical body.

The MC-IC is conjunct the 8th house cusp and Chiron trine. Interestingly, Diana’s Regiomontanus Part of Murder is 22Cancer17, conjunct her natal 8th cusp and triggered by the MC-IC of this age harmonic.

The Vertex-antiVertex is conjunct natal Pluto and square the “Death Point” of 6Gemini21. (Mars + Saturn – IC) again bringing in ‘destiny’ as a factor.

Mars is conjunct the natal 6th house cusp.

Mercury in the natal 8th house and ruler of the Age Harmonic Virgo 8th house, is quincunx the natal Moon, ruler of the natal 8th house. So we have several factors indicating death in this configuration.

The Sun is conjunct the third house cusp and as she died as a result of a car accident this is pertinent

Vedic Astrology Dates

Ceres is conjunct the IC – and Ceres often shows up in matters to do with death.

Pluto is trine the Part of Fatality.

So the Age Harmonic for the year gave plenty of indications of possible problems.

The Daily Age Harmonic

The harmonic of 36.16547 for the day of her death is also very strong. Her natal chart is on the inside and the Daily Age Harmonic around the outside.

This chart has Neptune conjunct the Ascendant and both conjunct the natal 3rd cusp, suggesting muddle or confusion in matters to do with travel and transport.

Daily Age Harmonic Uranus is conjunct natal 8th house Uranus, suggesting a sudden death. DAH Jupiter is square this configuration and in quincunx to DAH Mars in the 7th. Perhaps describing the involvement of her partner. Both of these are square the natal Part of Danger at 23Taurus50, which in turn is conjunct natal Venus.

The Midheaven is opposite natal Moon, ruler of the 8th house. This is further emphasised by DAH Moon squaring both.

Death Time Vedic Astrology

The Sun is trine natal 8th house Vertex.

The South Node is square Ascendant.

The IC is in the 8th house and quincunx natal Moon, ruler of the 8th house.

The Descendant at 17Aquarius04 is square the Part of Death and Part of Assassination at 16Scorpio57.

So the Age Harmonic charts give rather strong indications of this event. You can learn more about Age Harmonics here

Secondary Progressions

Click to see: Diana death Secondary Progressions

All forms of prediction should give at least some of the indications tabled above. Diana’s Secondary Progressed chart has:

Mars conjunct the Regiomontanus 8th cusp – a sure indication of an operation or accident. Interestingly it is also conjunct Secondary Progressed Part of Murder. Mars is ruler of the natal 4th house so this placement described an end.

The Secondary Progressed Moon, ruler of the natal 8th house, is quincunx the Ascendant and Saturn. It is also conjunct her natal 2nd Part of Death.

Mercury, ruler of the Secondary Progressed 8th cusp, is quincunx Chiron.

Solar Arcs

Click to see: Diana death Solar Arcs

SA Ascendant-Descendant straddled Diana’s natal 2nd-8th cusp and activated her Part of Murder.

SA Pluto, natally in the 8th house, is in separating square to natal Sun.

SA MC is square 8th house North Node

Tertiary Progressions:

Click to see: Diana death Tertiary Progressions

Tertiary and Minor Progressions are often very good timers for an event.

Diana had TP Nodal axis straddling her 8th-2nd Vertex axis, this showed a destined event together with another or a group of people. TP Saturn was conjunct TP South Node and natal antiVertex – Jupiter and the TP Sun was square this configuration. This was a very stressful combination of energies, involving fixed signs and with a strong emphasis on the 2nd-8th houses. This whole configuration activated the Year Age Harmonic Ascendant conjunct natal antiVertex.

In addition the TP MC was square natal Part of Death and Part of Accidents.

The Vertex was conjunct natal Neptune, ruler of the natal 3rd cusp, perhaps describing a destined accident. TP Mars was square this configuration from the 8th house, suggesting death from an accident.

As an operation can show in a natal chart as a death – because part of the body is removed and dies – it is sometimes difficult to determine if the signatures described at the beginning of this article describe a death or an operation. It is therefore important to check out the charts of close family members as the death of their loved one should be clearly shown.

The Part of Bereavement (Cusp of 12th house + ruler 12th house – Neptune) is often activated by at least one of the predictive methods shown above.

Her ex- husband: Prince Charles

Even though they were divorced Charles and Diana had two children together and because of the circumstances of their lives, were still very connected. So I will use his chart to illustrate the astrological signatures of the death of a spouse or partner.

When looking at the chart of the spouse or partner we need to use derived charts:

* The spouse is described by the 7th house, its ruler and planets therein.

* The death of the spouse will involve your 2nd house, its ruler or planets therein as the 2nd house is the 8th house from the 7th.

* It is also likely to involve your 10th house, its ruler or planets therein as your 10th house is the 4th house (the end) of your partner or spouse.

* The Part of Death is often involved.

Daily Age Harmonic

Charles Daily Age Harmonic of 48.79369 for the day of the Death of his wife has some pertinent activations.

* The Descendant at 22Leo29 is conjunct natal 2nd cusp and square his natal Sun at 22Scorpio25. The Descendant describes his wife and the Sun is ruler of the 2nd house which in derived charts is the 8th house of his wife, indicating a death or trauma of some kind. It is also conjunct Diana’s natal Uranus in her natal 8th house.

* The Ascendant at 29Pisces37 is square natal Jupiter, describing both the tension and pressure on his sons and, as Jupiter is ruler of Diana’s Sagittarius Ascendant, tensions connected to his wife.

Death Time Vedic Astrology Ephemeris

* The Sun, ruler of his 2nd house of the death of a spouse, is also square natal Jupiter and natal Uranus.

* The Ascendant is square natal Uranus, ruler of his 7th house of partnerships.

* antiVertex at 24Gemini53 is conjunct Charles Saturn/MC midpoint and square his Saturn/Neptune.

* the South Node is conjunct Charles Part of Fatality at 18Taurus16; The MC is conjunct his Part of Bereavement at 19 Capricorn 32 square his Part of Accidents at 19Aries44.

* Saturn is opposite his natal Venus

* Mars, ruler of the 10th house, is trine his 10th cusp, suggesting an easy ‘end of the matter’ for Diana.

* Neptune is conjunct Diana’s natal 8th cusp and her Part of Murder.

So Charles Daily Age Harmonic has a few signatures that could describe the death of his former wife.

Astrology Death Aspects

Solar Arcs

The strongest Solar Arc I can see is SA Venus square natal Saturn. This can certainly describe his sorrow, and, as Saturn is in the 2nd house, connected to the death of his wife.

Another interesting Solar Arc is that of Uranus conjunct Ceres. Ceres frequently shows up in charts to do with death and Uranus is the ruler of Charles 7th house of partnerships.

Tertiary Progressions

Click to see Charles TP Diana’s death

* The Tertiary Progressed Descendant is 22Scorpio00, conjunct Charles natal Sun, the ruler of his natal 2nd house. This shows both his prominence (Sun ) and matters to do with the death of his wife. It is also conjunct his Topocentric 5th cusp, showing the emphasis on his children at this time. Interestingly the Descendant is conjunct Charles Part of Murder at 21 Scorpio06 and square Part of Assassination at 21Aquarius43.

* TP Sun is conjunct natal Saturn, traditional ruler of his 7th house of partnerships. Saturn is in his natal 2nd house of death of partner and the Sun rules that house.

* The antiVertex is conjunct Charles Part of Accidents and square his Part of Bereavement.

* Saturn, traditional ruler of his 7th house, is square Mars, ruler of his 10th house – the derived 4th house for his ex-wife. Saturn is square his 5th house Mars, also showing the distress of his children.

* TP Moon is on the Saturn/Neptune midpoint and square the Saturn/MC midpoint.

Minor Progressions

The Minor Progressed Moon at 22Aquarius47 and minor Progressed North Node at 21Aquarius52 are conjunct Charles 8th cusp and square his natal Sun.

This is almost always a very traumatic event and is clearly shown in the charts of the children.

The mother is either ruled by the MC or IC. The Harmonic charts will usually describe which of these is the appropriate one. In the case of Prince William it is the IC as it is conjunct the natal 8th house Vertex in the Age Harmonic for the death of his mother.

Best astrology system. As well as the normal 8th house signatures the 11th house is the 8th from the IC, so would be active in the charts for the death of his mother.

As well as the normal 4th house signatures, the 7th house is the 4th from the IC, so would also be active in the charts for the death of his mother.

Prince William

This is the chart of Prince William, born 21st June 1982, 902.40 pm, London, UK. Regiomontanus house cusps. Around the outside is his Daily Age Harmonics for the death of his mother on 31st August 1997.

There are several strong activations;

* DAH IC conjunct natal 8th house Vertex and DAH Pluto square.

* Venus conjunct natal 8th cusp and transiting Uranus conjunct 2nd.

* Saturn conjunct natal Sun

* Ascendant conjunct natal North Node – showing the family and public involvement. Ascendant is also opposite the Part of Death of Parents and square Part of Fatality.

* Descendant opposite Mercury, ruler of the derived third house of vehicles for his mother.

* Moon conjunct Mars quincunx natal Pluto.

When you put William’s Daily Age Harmonics around the outside of his mother’s chart his MC is conjunct his mother’s 3rd house cusp, his Mercury conjunct her South Node and Ceres conjunct her North Node.

William’s 15th harmonic chart shows the IC conjunct natal 8th cusp and Descendant conjunct natal 11th (derived 8th).

In his Secondary Progressed and Solar Arc charts the Ascendant is conjunct his Part of Death of Parents.

It fascinates me that William’s progressed angles were conjunct his younger brother Harry’s natal angles at the time of the death of their mother.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was born on 15th September 1984, 4.20 pm, London, UK. His natal chart is on the inside and his Daily Age Harmonic chart on the outside wheel.

Like his brother William, it is clear that Diana is described by his IC.

This Daily Age Harmonic chart has:

* Ascendant conjunct natal IC

* IC conjunct natal Uranus in the derived 8th house of his mother, suggesting a sudden death.

* Moon-Jupiter conjunction conjunct Diana’s natal antiVertex-Saturn and quincunx Harry’s natal Mercury, ruler of the 8th and in the 8th house.

* Neptune- South Node is conjunct natal South Node; North Node is conjunct natal Chiron; Mercury is conjunct natal Pluto.

* MC is square natal Part of Death of Parents at 2 Pisces 10; Mars is opposing Part of Bereavement at 28 Sagittarius 53

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Death Time Prediction By Vedic Astrology

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