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Lunar Eclipse: Feb 9 2009: 20° Leo 59′ Lunar Eclipse: Jul 7 2009: 15° Capricorn 25′ Solar Eclipse: Jul 22 2009: 29° Cancer 27′ Lunar Eclipse: Aug 6 2009: 13° Aquarius 43′ Lunar Eclipse: Dec 31 2009: 10° Cancer 15′. Astrology and lunar eclipse 2021. The year 2021 is a strong one for stabilizing critical areas of your life. You’re set to learn some useful things, and you’re ready to enjoy yourself as you do! This can be a powerfully ambitious and positive period–a time when you find joy in working hard at your studies or personal interests, perfecting your communications or a project.

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  • Today's Virgo Horoscope for April 16, 2021 TODAY. Trying to sit with your emotions today could seem like riding a wild stallion. You’re up, down and just generally feeling like you’re not in control. Well, you might NOT be—but that’s fine, Virgo. Emotions aren’t domesticated pets we.
  • While these show the dark side of each zodiac, try to also see the positive. In this way, if you do relate to any of the following, it may be beneficial to focus on improving that area of your life. Let’s take a look at the dark side of each zodiac sign and how it can affect you and others around you.

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The Black Zodiac is the dark counterpart of the Western Astrological Zodiac. Both of which originated from the Babylonian Zodiac. Through centuries of repeated reinterpretation and adaptation by numerous cultures including Greek, Roman, and Hindu, the original Zodiac was filtered to represent only the good side of one's personality. This long history of revision eventually resulted into the modern Zodiac that became the pillar of Western Astrology.

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As the name denotes, the Black Zodiac represents the evil side of the human creature. These demons are one's inherent will and capacity to ultimately cause harm to oneself and others. This evil, however, should not be feared. Like good, it can be harnessed and turned into something useful.
Dark Horoscope
Each of the Black Zodiac embodies the morbid traits that are as unique as each person. It is important to know, face, and nurture one's demons in order to manipulate it for personal benefit.

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The Black Zodiac are: