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By noted Astrologer Michael Thiessen

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Monday 06/04/01
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(Mar. 21- April 20)
You may be the one able to call the shots at work today so take full advantage of the situation to show off how well you do in a position of responsibility. This could be the beginning of a very prosperous career move. Take your spouse out and offer a little tea and sympathy, he/she needs it.

(Apr. 20- may 20)
Today you could be offered the opportunity to better your position in life but after looking at it and weighing all the pros and cons, you turn it down. This deal offered a lot but it also demanded a lot in return that you are not yet ready to give up.

(May 21-June 21)
Your intuition will be talking to you today and it will be wise to pay it special attention, especially during the morning hours when it is the strongest. Doing so now could save you a lot of trouble and grief further on down the road. look for news in the evening.

( June 22-July 22)
During negotiations today you should pay attention to the 'we small voice' inside that tells you what is good or bad. Since your esper sense is strong today you will find you are right on the money in each instance. Doing creative work in a quiet atmosphere is best for you today.

(July 23-Aug 22)
You have a hunch today about buying into a business and your hunch is right on the money, go ahead and go for it. Although it is still a long way off you are full of weekend travel plans because of your upcoming vacation. Try to focus on your work more and vacation less, lest someone accuse you of daydreaming on the job.

(Aug. 23 -Sept. 22)
You are in tune with life today and your troubles appear to be behind you. Don't be too quick to revel in your new found freedom from worry as you will always have something to be worried about; such are the vagaries of life. Now you will have the time and energy to throw yourself into another phase of the business.

(Sept. 23 -Oct. 23)
If you did not find that bargain you looked for yesterday you will surely find it today as this is a great day to find all kinds of good sales. Plan something unusual for entertainment tonight, maybe a small restaurant in a cosy little area, or some other less traveled, but safe, place.

(Oct. 24 - Nov. 21)
A pet project takes up your day off from your regular job, and you make the most of it as you tie up some lose ends about your web site that has been driving you bananas. Family and friends keep their distance while you are in the middle of your creative throes.

(Nov. 22 -Dec. 21)
Business matters smooth out during the morning hours and you heave a well earned sigh of relief, after all the hours you put into this project it is now ready for presentation. Be sure you go back over it and check for any minor details that you may need to fix.

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(Dec 22.- Jan. 19)
Metaphysics may grab your attention today as some things you have been reading or listening to have your curiosity in an uproar. It does no harm to have a healthy interest in these things but if you catch yourself obsessing about them then it will be time to back off and take a breather.

(Jan. 20 -Feb. 18)
This is a better day for social interests than it is for working, but, alas, work must come first so you give it your all and bide your time. Evening may bring some madcap plans your way, be careful they are not too madcap, or your friends too rowdy, as that could land you in a lot of trouble.

(Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
The fact is, that you are a sensitive and caring person, and today you will be showing this sensitivity for a friend in need of your love and support. This person needs all the help you can give and you are just the right person he/she could have come to. Career matters take an upward turn today.

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These horoscopes are cast as an 'in general' type. They may not apply at all to some because many other factors may be involved (cusps, ruling houses etc.). I hope you gain some insight from this and found it entertaining as well as useful.

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