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Today's Virgo Horoscope for April 16, 2021 TODAY. Trying to sit with your emotions today could seem like riding a wild stallion. You’re up, down and just generally feeling like you’re not in control. Well, you might NOT be—but that’s fine, Virgo. Emotions aren’t domesticated pets we. Daily Horoscopes Choose your starsign for your reading. Virgo 24 Aug -22 Sep Libra 23 Sep -23 Oct Scorpio. Exclusive Mystic Meg games. FREE Daily Horoscopes. Text your question or talk to a psychic. Play EXCLUSIVE Mystic Meg games at Sun Bingo. Starring Animals. FREE Greeting E-Cards. Celebrity Tarot. Star Sign Jewellery. Love match by name.

Daily career horoscope for virgo

Air King

The gifts and challenges for us all are reflected on this card. It’s going to be quite a week.

The Gifts:

Calm, honest talking and an ability to hear difficult truths and turn them into positive decisions - just a few aspects of this wise card. Wild-side passion ideas can win big, and it’s more important to be together than to be right. So if pride is a barrier between a couple, or colleagues, you can deal with this.

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The Challenge:


Yes, older people may seem too tough, or unreasonable, at times - so be ready to bite your tongue. And blaze a trail for others in your life, too. There’s a fine line between being mysterious and keeping parts of yourself hidden just for fun - or for control.

Cap horoscope. Image: 'On a spring morning, fresh blueberries and cream'
Message: Delicious moments.

Daily Horoscope For Virgo Woman

Before mid-February watch for the arrival of a powerful atmosphere of romantic attraction to arrive.As 2021 begins most Virgos, especially those born between 1993 and 1997, will experience a sharp increase in sensuality, romantic attraction, fitness and self-awareness. Friends and lovers will wish to spend more time with you than usual. Accept this as a compliment but refuse to be overly distracted from work duties. Early this year financial and business luck are also on the rise: this is the right time to prove your skills to authority figures. Some Virgos may also enter into a dynamic and rewarding mentoring relationship with an older employee. If so, expect new business proposals or private partnership agreements to emerge before mid-April. Between May 3rd and August 22nd romantic flirtations, withheld feelings and underlying opinions will be easily expressed. Previously unresolved disagreements in long-term relationships will likely become a distraction: watch for wrongful impressions and yesterday's power struggles to create silent tensions. Early in September a romantic or family relationship may take on a dramatic or highly emotional tone concerning romantic triangles, innocent flirtations or unethical social proposals. Remain balanced: all will be positively resolved before mid-October.