Current Position Of The Planets Astrology

Posted By admin On 01.08.21
Importance of Planetary Transit:

Planetary Positions

Present position of planets vedic astrology

This page is intended to provide daily movement of planets according to sidereal astrology system. In above table, you can see position of each planet in a sign upto seconds. The planetary position that is available on this page is as of this moment.

Our ancestors had some unique and secret methods to figure out whether today’s transit will bring happiness or it is going to be a precarious one. Unfortunately most of such methods have been omitted; however, we can not neglect the importance of daily transit.

Current Position Of The Planets Astrology

If you know your ascendant and Moon sign, you can still make the best possible use of daily transit in order to lead an anxiety free life. By and large, see if your Moon is transiting through 4th, 8th or 12th houses from your ascendant or moon sign, if yes, it can bring problems for you and simultaneously check the transit of your ascendant lord, ninth lord, tenth and eleventh lord as well to have a clear picture of the day. Even you can check their placement in constellations also, it will give in-depth information.

Current Position Of The Planets Astrology Venus

The position of Pluto will be off by a bit more than the other planets, but accurate to within a degree or two. The algorithm does not take into account interplanetary gravitational interactions; it uses the current orbital characteristics of each planet and interpolates from a known set of values. Without further delay, let us skip to the main section of the post and start by looking at the significance of planets in astrology. Planets in astrology and their meaning. The planets associated with astrology are the exact ones we learned about in school, including Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto. Birthday personality astrology.

If you don’t know how to read planetary positions to make a prediction, then simply follow this link for customized Daily Predictions By Date of Birth.