Current Position Of Planets In Vedic Astrology

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See full list on This page lists Planetary Positions of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on March 14, 2021 for Boydton, Virginia, United States. It lists current position of all planets according to Vedic Astrology which uses sidereal zodiac. Sidereal Planetary positions are also known as Nirayana Planetary Positions. When a strong planet transits over one of your natal planets, or opposite to it, there is a high probability of a significant, even life-changing event. In traditional Vedic Astrology, Saturn is considered the “Great Malefic,” i.e., capable of causing extremely unpleasant events.

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Transits are one of the major tools which help in making predictions but the interpretation of transit of planets in Astrology can be tricky sometimes and one can make wrong conclusions without a proper approach.

Not to forget there is no standard guide in Astrology which can help us to make an in-depth interpretation of planetary Transits.

Without a proper guide, many of us out there make huge blunders and a faulty study of planetary transit always leads to a wrong interpretation of a Horoscope.

So in this article of mine, I will shed some light on how to read effects of planetary transit or in simple words I will teach you how to read a transit chart.

What are Transits & How You To Calculate Transit Chart?

As we all know planets are in motion all the time and tend to affect our fate where other factors also matter.

In simple words, transit is nothing but the never-ending motion of planets which generates effects depending on where they are transiting in your Horoscope.

In order to see the transits of any particular day, all you need to do is make the horoscope for that day.

For example; suppose I want to know the planetary position of planets on 24th of June 2018 then all I have to do is enter the date, time and place in any astrology software.

You can use Astro Sage for it which come with a mobile app and is accurate when it comes to calculations.

Now, here is what I got and as you can see in the image, the planetary position of the planets are given where sign (R) is written against them which denotes retrogression.

You can use this app to get a dynamic view and you can even view the transits with respect to your ascendant or from any other house.

For that;

All you need to do is tap on that house and the whole chart will rotate and will become the center of the Horoscope.

I bet probably you did not know the feature of this great app.

The same method can be used to calculate for any given time.

So I guess now you know who to get your transit chart and I will take you to lessons on how to read transits in astrology.

Transit Period Of Planets

Due to factors like distance from planet Sun and their rotation speed all planets have a different duration in which they complete their journey in one sign and move to other sign.

For your reference I have listed transit stay of each planet in one sign.

1. Sun: palnet Sun stays in one zodiac for exact one month and move to another sign other on the 15th day of every month.

Transit of planet Sun is very important in both Astrology and Religion, for example, major festivals like Makar Sakranti starts when the planet Saturn moves to Capricorn sign on 15th of January.

In fact, all planets are affected by planetary motion of Sun especially their retrograde motion.

I will talk about retrograde planets in a separate article soon.

2. Moon: Moon goes through all twelve signs in about 28 days which means it takes approximately 2 1/2 days in each sign.

3. Mercury: Mercury transits is complicated because it goes into retrograde motion quite often. Mercury takes around 1 year to travel through all 12 Zodiac signs. But its stay in a particular sign ranges from 14 to 30 days.

4. Venus: Just like Mercury, Venus transits duration in a particular sign is not fixed approximately Venus stays for 23 days to a little over 2 months in a sign.

5. Mars: Mars takes about 2 years to travel through all the Zodiac signs and stays in a particular sign for about 1.5 months. But sometimes Mars transit can become unusual like the current Mars transit in Capricorn where Mars will stay there for 6 months!.

5. Jupiter: The nicest & wisest Jupiter takes about 12 years to travel through all 12 Zodiac signs which means Jupiter stays in a single sign for 12 months (1 year).

7. Saturn: The mighty Saturn is a very slow moving planet and he takes around 29.5 years to travel through all 12 Zodiac signs which means Saturn transit in a single sign for 2.5 years.

8. Rahu and Ketu: These two troublemakers always move in a retrograde motion and takes around 1.5 years to travel through each Zodiac sign.

These periods should be known to you because it does help you understand the complete picture and is the foundation of astrology.

You will be mesmerized when you will see how the constant planetary rays effect us and how their relative position from each other creates events in our life.

Interpretation of Transit from Moon sign or Ascendant?

This is the biggest confusion while studying a transit chart and even a beginner to a master of Astrology makes a mistake here.

From now onwards make it a habit of reading transits through the Ascendant chart, I am not saying you should not consider Moon chart but always give more weightage to the ascendant chart.

I will explain to you why, first of all, dasha and transit work together and dasha decides how transit will give results. Also, keep one thing in mind that a transit can never override the promises as indicated in your Horoscope.

When we decode the dasha results we always consider lordship of planets from the ascendant, not from the Moon.

So why not see transit results of planets from the Ascendant chart? Trust me it will give you a more accurate Analysis.

For example, suppose your rising Ascendant is Gemini and Moon sign is Libra.

If we look at the current Saturn transit in Sagittarius is transiting through the 6th house of Gemini Ascendant.

Whereas from the Moon sign Libra Saturn is transiting through the 3rd house.

I am quite sure that there are a lot of issues in your life from 2017 especially health issues despite the fact that Saturn was transiting favorably from your Moon Sign.

The same way there were many of my clients where Saturn was not transiting favorably from their Moon sign and caused issues in their life, and it is because Saturn was transiting through a difficult position from the ascendant.

So the crux here is that do give preference to transit from the Ascendant, not from the Moon chart.

Techniques For Reading Transit Of Planets

Now, this is the most important part and the main objective of this article and it is my great pleasure to write it here for you.

Here, I will divide it into 4 parts mainly which are as follows:

  1. Interpretation based on Lordship Of Transit Planet.
  2. Consider The General Effects Of Transit Planet.
  3. Ashtakvarga Analysis Of Transit Planet.
  4. Co-Relation Of Transit Planet With The Mahadasha Lord.
  5. Following paragraphs are very important so pay full attention to them.

Lordship Of The Transit Planet

Lordship of planets are the foundation of Astrology and one should learn it completely. Once you master it you will be able to predict dasha results and transit results effectively.

Here I will take Saturn transit 2018 to make you understand the importance of Lordship in analyzing a planetary transit.

Saturn transit in Sagittarius happened in October 2017 and while checking its effects you need to consider the Lordship of Saturn first and then the house from where it is transiting.

For example, Saturn is yogakaraka for Tauras ascendant and gives them good results in the house where it is transiting.

So during Saturn transit in Sagittarius, they will get the good results for the 8th house like sudden rise, gains, help from in-laws etc.

In short, their 8th house will become auspicious and despite the bad position of transit Saturn they should not worry much about Saturn transit in their 8th house but due to the transit of Saturn through their 8th.

The houses ruled by the planet Saturn will suffer i.e 9th and 10th house.

Also, they should not worry over the fact that Saturn is going to a bad house instead they should prepare for the weakness over their 9th and 10th which will be there due to Saturn transit in 8th house.

Same way you need to consider the house from where the planet is going to transit check if that house is auspicious or not.

For your quick reference to all houses except 6th, 8th and 12th are considered as malefic whereas 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th and 11th house are considered as benefic.

If both lordship of the planet and the house where the planet is going to transit is auspicious then the whole transit will prove auspicious.

Without considering lordship you can not make a correct interpretation.

General effects of the transiting planet.

Most of us are quite aware of the general principle that a planet in transit from bad houses i.e 6th, 8th or 12th gives bad results.

We are also familiar of the fact that the transit of natural malefics i.e Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu gives good results in upachaya houses i.e 3rd, 6th and 11th.


Now you should know the general effects of each planet in transit while passing through each house of the horoscope.

I haven’t written anything on it but the use of common sense and a little bit of astrology will clear the picture for you.

After going through above paragraphs you will get a good idea on how to read Transits.

But still there is something missing which can gauge the magnitude of good and bad effects and the next paragraph is going to deal with it.

Ashtakvarga Analysis Of Planetary Transit In Astrology

Ashtakvarga is a system where auspicious effects of a planet are measured from each other.

I have written in detail about ashtakvarga plz do look at it, I will be adding more content to it.

So, in Ashtakvarga Analysis of Transit, if a planet has more then 4 benefic bindus then that transit will give good effects irrespective of its position and lordship.

For example, currently, Jupiter is in Libra and for Taurus ascendant natives is passing through their 6th house.

Here if Jupiter is having more then 4 bindus in the sign of Libra then the result of Jupiter transit into Libra will prove good for them.

Here from my own personal experience, I want to make you aware of the fact that even if ashtakvarga bindus are more than 4 i.e 5, 6, 7, 8 (maximum bindus gain in a sign by a planet is 8) the concerned planet still don’t give all the way good results, some negative aspects does show up depending on the lordship of the planet.

For example, Jupiter is a malefic planet for Taurus ascendant and its current transit through Libra in their 6th house will still give some negative results even if Jupiter has more then 4 bindus in ashtakvarga of Libra.

Now you have seen I have written 4 bindus quite a few time and want to tell you that for planet Saturn there is an exception where more then 3 ashtakvarga bindus is considered as good because the total ashtakvarga bindus contributed by Saturn is only 39 and is rare to see more than 5 bindus in a particular sign.

For other planets, easily you can consider more than 4 bindus for good results during their Transit through a particular sign.

Once you carry out all the exercise given above you will be easily able to figure out the magnitude and kind of results a transit is going to give for you.

So far above I have covered the important points which can help you to read Transits accurately but as mentioned in the very beginning that Transits works as per promises of the Horoscope and works under running dasha lord.

And one needs to connect the dots or I would say need to make a connection with the running mahadasha and the promises reflected in the Horoscope.

Co-Relation Of Planetary Transit With The Mahadasha Lord.

Current position of planets in vedic astrology vedic

If you understand and master this, then you can easily read a transit chart and your interpretation of transit cannot go wrong.

This is more like understanding the journey of a person through a Horoscope.


We all know Yoga in Astrology can be good and bad and they usually decide how much we are going to gain in our life.

For example, if someone has clean rajyoga in your Horoscope then it is an indication that you will rise high in life.

But that will happen only if dasha is supportive and is connected to Rajyoga in some way.

Now transit of planets are very important here because they will have a big say when the person will reach the peak of the rajyoga.

Or in other words, they activate a rajyoga in a Horoscope.

Suppose a person has Pisces ascendant with Hamsa Yoga in his horoscope and his Jupiter-Jupiter dasha is running which roughly goes for 2.5 years but out of all that Jupiter-Jupiter there will be a particular time when that person will reach its high. Not all 2.5 years are going to be glorious.

And if you look currently JUPITER is transiting through Libra from the 8th house of Pisces Ascendant natives and can be considered as weak and not supportive for the rise in life.

But if you look the next transit of Jupiter in 2018 in the sign of Scorpio you will see that planet Jupiter will be transiting over their 9th house and will aspect the ascendant via its 9th aspect.

So a clean cut indication of what is going to happen in the Horoscope of that person and easily he will reach its high time when Jupiter will be in Scorpio.

Or in other words, Transit Jupiter in Scorpio will activate the Rajyoga here which is Hamsa Yoga.

You can even fix the month here or even day when big auspicious events will happen but that requires an intense practice and some other technique of Astrology.

Let me give you a more convening example.

Suppose there are two people with Aries rising where one is married and another one is not and current transit of Jupiter is transiting through their 7th house.

The married person have combinations for bad marriage or a married life but still, he or she is able to pull it off by sheer patience.

But since it is reflected in the horoscope that the person is going to suffer in marriage it has to happen with him or her and here transit can ignite the fire and can cause the issues in their life and here Jupiter can do that due to its transit over the 7th house.

Because something has to happen with that person which is related to the partner and here if Jupiter have less then 4 bindus then this will be the time the marriage will go bad completely.

On the other hand for the unmarried person, the transit of Jupiter will work differently and most likely he or she will get married due to this Transit of Jupiter provided timings of marriage is on as per mahadasha and antardasha.

This is how transit tends to bring the results and it is never plain and simple, the interpretation of transit in a Horoscope tends to change due to the condition of the horoscope, good or bad yoga in it and most importantly they tend to work as an assistant to the mahadasha lord and decides our destiny.

The same way a person will not get the childbirth if Jupiter is not influencing the 5th house or its lord during the transit.

Same way you need to analysis a transit of the planet with respect to each house not just from the ascendant because it can bring out a lot of information which will help you to predict the effects of transits.

Before wrapping up this article I would like to mention the composite transit of Saturn and Jupiter which is known as Double Transit Theory and is a proof of why transits are important and how they relate with the dasha and decides one’s rise and fall.


Never ever trust transits blindly and always give importance to the running dasha first. Make a Judgement of what promises dasha is bringing and then apply transits over it.

Dasha lord will automatically guide you because transits are like a free ball with many directions to go and you can not be making vague interpretation out of it.

Also the condition of the concerned planet in natal horoscope whose transit you are looking for matters a lot.

For example support you are looking for Jupiter retrograde effects through Scorpio sign then the interpretation of it requires you to check if Jupiter is retrograde in natal horoscope or not.

The lesson can go on and on and many things can be added in it like Vedha, Tara Bala, etc but my objective is limited for this article and is focused on awareness of basic rules to read transit in astrology.

March 2021

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars+Rahu in Taurus February 22 – April 13
Mercury Transits Aquarius March 11 – 31
New Moon in Aquarius/Purvabhadra March 13
Sun Transits Pisces March 14 – April 13
Venus Transits Pisces March 16 – April 10
Full Moon in Virgo/Hasta March 28
Mercury Transits Pisces March 31 – April 15

Mars+Rahu in Taurus February 22 – April 13

Perhaps the most notable planetary configuration of March - April 2021 is the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the sign of Taurus from February 22 – April 13.

The Rahu-Ketu axis moves naturally retrograde through the zodiac, spending about 1.5 years in a pair of opposite signs and taking approximately 18 years to move through the entire zodiac. The nodal axis has a reputation for destabilization, unexpected events, forces beyond our control and circumstances that remind us that we all are sailing on the seas of fate.

With Ketu currently placed in his own sign of Scorpio, which is co-lorded by Mars, this 1.5 year stretch between October 2020 – April 2022 could seem like one long retreat, which for some is a dream and others a nightmare. At any rate, this is a strong placement for dealing with major blockages whether on the physical, mental or spiritual plane.

Rahu in Taurus is a similarly strong placement for the same date range and since his entry there, he has received a monthly visit from the Moon, but hasn't directly conjoined with other planets. In the next four months, between March – June, all of the faster-moving planets will flow through Taurus, with Mars leading the charge. Aside from the Moon each month, for this Mars + Rahu transit, no other planets will be joining.

Rahu tends to act as an amplifier where he sits, so the actions of Mars may seem rather robust during this two month stretch between February 22 – April 13. Mars in Taurus tends to focus our power and problem-solving into the realm of Taurus, Venus' earth sign that represents the fertile ground in which we grow our food. Taurus is about material resources that sustain us, which includes those relationships that give us stability.

Mars is fiery and Rahu is windy. As many people who live in dry climates know, this can be an intense and dangerous combination. The key here is water, which could be provided physically to keep things cool, moist, intact and alive in such an environment. Water is life; the surface of the planet is mostly water, the content of our bodies is also water. In a physical sense, water will help balance this sensitive combination.

Metaphorically, the water element leads us toward love, care, nurture and compassion. Make this your basis and the chemistry that comes from Mars and Rahu joining could be quite amazing, creative and pioneering.

It's always a good idea to know where the fire is, though. With Mars in Taurus with Rahu, that is a healthy bonfire. Tongues of flame will lick out to some other signs, as Mars can aspect with his hot gaze. Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius, you may want to increase the water levels in your tanks in order to absorb the heat.

When Mars gets agitated, we can get a little hot-headed and lash out. This could be a slightly agitating combination, so perhaps a plan should be placed to remain calm when things don't go our way during this time. We will want things to go as planned very much and things probably will not go as planned.

What Are The Positions Of The Planets Today

Mars has power and unchecked power can quickly cause unexpected things. Slow down and watch your trigger finger. Some actions can't be taken back. Rahu joining Mars could cause avoidable accidents. Plan to NOT have an accident.

This Mars + Rahu in Taurus has two phases. Phase 1, Jupiter is aspecting from Capricorn. That is good. Jupiter influencing Mars is always preferred, as this is good advice directing power in a positive way. Of course, Mars will be hearing advice from Rahu as well, so listen intently to Jupiter! The exact conjunction of Mars and Rahu happens March 28, so it is good to have Jupiter's aspect on that combination.

Phase 2, starting April 5 when Jupiter moves to Aquarius will give us just over a week of Mars + Rahu without supervision.

Remember, explosions need both air and fire to ignite. When the wind gets too strong, put out the flame. If the fire gets too big, shut off the air. When we're sailing on the seas of fate, we have to know our stuff, sharpen our skills and act quickly to compensate for rapid change.

Another word of advice to avoid Rahu+Mars mishaps would be to rely on those strong gut feelings. Ketu in Scorpio is able to send strong intuitive messages. Listen to them.

Author's Note: The day after writing this section, there was an explosion at the local whiskey distillery that injured two people with severe burns. Planets associated with alcohol are Venus (ruler of Taurus) and Rahu. Planets associated with explosions/accidents: Mars, Rahu. Tectonic activity seems to be increasing with this combination, as well. Pay attention!

Mercury Transits Aquarius March 11 – 31

Mercury has been skipping between Saturn's signs this winter, having entered Aquarius in February, and then returned to Capricorn on a retrograde wave that stationed direct on February 21.

During the last week of February, Mercury approaches Jupiter, making an exact conjunction with Jupiter on March 3. On March 10 – 11, the Moon joins the cohort in Capricorn and ushers Mercury into Aquarius on March 11, leaving only Jupiter and Saturn to find the balance once again.

Mercury is in friendly territory while in Capricorn and Aquarius, as he is a friend to Saturn, ruler of both signs. Through the past months, we've been exploring the foundational changes that need to be made in order to move forward after and amidst experiencing varying shades of chaos. In Capricorn, Mercury is helpful in organizing, assessing and moving things about as he says farewell to Saturn and Jupiter, currently moving through the late degrees of Capricorn.

A meeting of Mercury and Jupiter always carries a touch of the meeting of minds that occurs between student and teacher. Mercury moves past Jupiter from March 2- 5, when the pair will be within a longitudinal degree of one another. This could be a good time to begin a new course of study or seek educational avenues.

Mercury in Capricorn, along with Jupiter and Saturn, are currently feeling the strong breeze that comes from Rahu as he aspects the signs that are of the same element as the sign that he occupies, currently Taurus, an earth sign. While we are trying to lay foundations under some sense of duress, we at least have our friends and colleagues (Mercury) to weather the tough times.

As Mercury moves to Aquarius on March 11, it will be similar in some ways to the Capricorn territory. In Aquarius, the lords Saturn and Rahu will have some say in things, so those associations are similar. Receiving Rahu's aspect while conjoining Saturn is perhaps more intense than just occupying their sign, so Mercury's work may shift somewhat during the Aquarius transit from March 11 – 31 as things may feel a bit more free and quick.

Mercury joins his bestie Venus and his constant companion, the Sun, in Aquarius. This crew has moved on from the hard work of foundation building and is fully committed to getting the word out to the world. Rebuilding relationships and networks could become a theme during the last couple weeks of March. While the initial plunge into Aquarius could be active, by March 16, both the Sun and Venus will have moved to Pisces, leaving Mercury for some quiet time.

PositionCurrent position of planets in vedic astrology compatibility

After the action-packed Mercury retrograde and the Capricorn stellium of February, we could use this time to slow down and organize our communication platforms and distribution systems. This is a good time to take inventory and shift resources.

New Moon in Aquarius/Purvabhadra March 13

The Sun and Moon meet at 29° Aquarius on March 13, joined by Mercury and Venus. This zone between Aquarius and Pisces is spanned by the lunar mansion Purvabhadra, ruled by Jupiter. The positive influence of Jupiter comes through in this potent and transformational nakshatra.

The final four signs of the zodiac are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn/Rahu and Jupiter. With this new Moon, we straddle between the penultimate (Aquarius) and ultimate (Pisces) signs, implying the hope of reaching a goal that has been sought for a lengthy time. It may feel like a combination of exhaustion and hope as the finish line appears in the distance.

Within a few days, the Moon, the Sun and Venus will all pass into Pisces. As Mercury remains alone to organize his thoughts and analyze the numbers in Aquarius through end of March, we may feel a pull toward finalizing chapters that are not included in the next story.

Sun Transits Pisces March 14 – April 13

Each year as winter becomes spring, the Sun moves through the sign of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. In Pisces, we can expand into the spaciousness of the cosmic ocean, allowing the dissolution of that which has passed out of relevance. The Sun is well positioned in Pisces, as Jupiter's signs are friendly territory.

This year, Venus will be tightly clinging to the Sun during the Pisces transit, which is an interesting phenomenon to analyze. Planets in proximity to the Sun in the zodiac are not perceivable from Earth, as they become 'combust,' and their individual form and light becomes subsumed into the bright halo of the Sun's light.

While Sun and Venus are not naturally friendly with one another, they are both well received in Pisces. The Sun is friendly to Jupiter and Venus is exalted, functioning at the highest level, in Pisces. You will notice that the date ranges for the Pisces transits of these two planets is rather similar, showing how close this pair will be from mid-March to mid-April.

Since vast Pisces gives us a universal perspective, we are invited to turn that toward the realm of relationships at this time. When Sun and Venus get together, we always have the opportunity to feel the feels about the balance between individual preferences and collective concessions that is crucial when living through the social contracts we have built: relationships, marriages, groups, families, society. Cancer horoscope huffington.

Present Position Of Planets Vedic Astrology

With the realistic and practical lord of karma, Saturn, throwing his gaze into Pisces, our process of self-assessment may feel a bit brutal (but we know its true.) Take responsibility for how you may be selfish in the context of participating with others. Take responsibility for how your need for peace may cause betrayal of established boundaries. Find a way to express your truth without the need to outshine anyone else.

Venus Transits Pisces March 16 – April 10

The sign of Pisces is the watery sign of Jupiter, the final sign of the zodiac that is represented by the expansive cosmic ocean and the fish that swim therein. Paradoxically, this spacious sign is also associated with the 12th house in an astrological chart, which is known as a place of both confinement and liberation.

While Venus and Jupiter are not natural friends, they both represent the concepts of teaching and evolution. Venus is considered to be exalted while in Pisces, functioning at her best.

As the 12th sign, Pisces represents the environment of ending only to begin anew. When we finish one lesson and integrate it, it is time for the new lesson that Aries promises as the first sign of the zodiac. With Venus' influence, we are getting into the agenda of social connections, artistic celebration and earthly delight. This period between mid-March and April 10, as Venus moves through Pisces, we could experience finality within relationships, where connections complete and individuals turn toward new horizons.

Superior conjunction of Venus comes on March 26, which means that Venus moves behind the Sun, totally obscured from Earth's viewpoint. What this means in a physical sense is that Venus is at its furthest point from Earth, with the Sun itself separating the two neighboring planets.

This is a backstage moment for Venus, when we cannot observe her from Earth. Time for costume changes and the birth of new creations.

Full Moon in Virgo/Hasta March 28

As March comes to a close, the Moon is waxing, coming into exact opposition with the Sun on March 28, when the Moon sits at 15º° Virgo (Hasta nakshatra) and the Sun+Venus pairing sit at 15° Pisces (Uttarabhadra nakshatra.)

The Moon is well appointed in Hasta, as he is also the ruler of Hasta, which translates as 'hand.' This nakshatra is truly a meeting place of the minds, with Mercury as ruler of Virgo and the Moon as ruler of Hasta. These two planets represent two different concepts of 'mind.' The Moon shows our emotional, naturally reactive capacity. Mercury represents our intelligence which we apply to analysis and evaluation.

Current Position Of Planets In Vedic Astrology Characteristics

With the Moon alone but bright, meaning that no other planets are joining or closely flanking this full Moon, this may give us an opportunity to calmly and clearly gain perspective on the current situation.

Because of Jupiter's and Rahu's placement in earth signs and both of them having the ability to aspect all signs of the same element, this full Moon gets pulled into that earth-changing energy that is slowly and surely, along with suddenly and instantly, pushing us to create new forms and rearrange our material situations.

Current Position Of Iss

Aside from Mercury and Ketu, the other planets are moving together in three pairs:

  1. Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn (earth sign) – Supporting the careful and deliberate building of foundations in preparation for new growth.
  2. Sun and Venus in Pisces (water sign) – Completing, dispersing and renewing energy in the realm of balance between self and other.
  3. Mars and Rahu in Taurus (earth sign) – Aggressively plowing through what needs to be activated in order to discover and repurpose resources.

With the Moon being nicely set in Mercury's sign, alone, and Mercury happily moving alone through Aquarius, this really gives an opportunity for mental perspective from both our informational mind (Mercury) and our sensitive mind (Moon.) After a somewhat worldwide rocky road for the past year, signs are pointing toward recovery and stabilization, but the reality also demands that something's got to give or has already given. The space that's left after those changes will invite us to create new projects and environments.

Another interesting piece of this full Moon is that Rahu and Mars will exactly conjoin at 20° Taurus on this day, which could increase the intensity levels somewhat.

Mercury Transits Pisces March 31 – April 15

After retrograde periods, our friend Mercury tends to do a quick sprint in forward motion, enjoying the boomerang effect immensely. After moving through Aquarius, Mercury joins up with Venus and Sun in Pisces, paddling furiously from March 31 – April 15.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, but if any planet knows how to make the best of a sticky situation, its our Mercury. With Mercury joining exalted Venus, this effectively cancels the debilitation of Mercury and gives him a pair of water skis to sail across those seas of fate.

Venus moves out of Pisces on April 10, followed by the Sun on April 13, followed by Mercury on April 15. The trio moves into Aries together, which will increase the volume on the fire element, rapidly increasing natural growth as spring heats things up.

Current Position Of Planets In Vedic Astrology

We may be grateful for this increase in the water element in early April as the month shapes with a few significant events: Jupiter moves to Aquarius April 5, Venus moves to Aries April 10 and Mars moves away from Rahu in Taurus to Gemini on April 13. This effectively spreads the planets out into what looks like more of a chain, what is known as a 'graha malika,' a garland of planets. This is when things start moving, so make sure that time spent ruminating in March has that future forward motion in mind.

PHOTO CREDIT:Navneesh Ramessur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons