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I have compiled this list of planetary characteristics from various classics. This shall help you in gaining better understanding of the planets and use them in predictions.

Venus gives the native average height, plumpy body, round face with pimples, pleasing eyes and voice, sweet smile and curly hair. It gives attractive personality and sexual vitality. Native is the preceptor of demons. Parts of the body ruled by Shukra are eyes, reproductive system, throat, chin, cheeks, kidneys and hair. Venus-in-different-houses-in-vedic-astrology Venus in 1st house: This indicates that the person will have a beautiful appearance, curly hair and will be very much inclined towards creative things, artistic things and he or she will be a very much fashionable person. The female natives of this nakshatra have an attractive appearance with red eyes, curly hair, high nose and a sweet voice. She is usually very calm and simple, but when she gets into arguments it becomes very difficult to deal with her. She gets into constant arguments with her relatives, neighbors etc because of her sharp tongue. Venus in Vedic Astrology. Chinese astrology rat and dragon compatibility free. Basic Astronomical facts about Venus Venus is the second farthest planet from the Sun. And dark, short, curly hair. Overflowing with virility, he is intelligent, handsome, and sensuous. Venus is the son of the Rishi Bhrigu and his wife Puloma. Bhrigu Rishi was, like Angiras Rishi, (father of Jupiter) born directly. Taurus ladies are warm, loving, practical and reliable, and so a long, layered cut will suit you most perfectly. You also appreciate hairdos that aren’t too high-maintenance, and this cut doesn’t require much upkeep. A quick spray of our refresher spray and your curls are good to go!

The suffix at various places indicate the classics used for the compilation. They are as follows
BPHS: Brhat Parasari Hora Shastra
BJ: Brhat JatakaCurly hair vedic astrology susan miller
HS: Hora Sara
SV: Saravali
PD: Phaladeepika
JP: Jataka Parijata
DA: Dasa Adhyayi
PM: Prasna Margam
Names: Heli, Surya (BJ); Aditya, Arka, Ravi, Bhanu, Bhaskara. Divakara, Marthanda, Savita, Teekshnamsu and Ina (HS)
Nature: Malefic
Gender: Masculine
Appearance & Disposition: Sūrya’s eyes are honey-coloured. He has a square body. He is of clean habits, bilious, intelligent and has limited hair (on his head) (BPHS); Well proportioned body, is bilious and possesses pingala (tawny) eyes, has short hairs (BJ); Sun’s body is square; his eyes are pink in colour and he has sparse hair on his body and head. He does not live for a long time in one place. He is of lazy disposition. His knees are weak. He has pleasing face and delivers pleasing speech. (HS); The Sun has curly hair, sharp mind, prominent appearance, majestic voice and is not very tall. His eyes are honey-coloured. He is courageous, steady and of a complexion, which has a mix of red and green. His feet are not conspicuous (small in size). He is bilious and has sturdy bones. He is great and majestic. He has fiery rays and square body and wears saffron-coloured apparels (SV)
Sapta Dhatu: Bones (skeletal system)
Diseases: Causes damage to eyes, loss of hair and thirst, fever etc. by bilious temperament (PD)
Humor: Bile
Governs: The Soul
Planetary Cabinet: The King
Complexion: Blood red (BPHS), Dark Red (BJ); Copper red (SV)
Colour: Copper (BJ)
Deity/ Adhi devata: Agni (BPHS)
Gender: Male
Panchabhuta: Agni (Fire)
Caste: Kshatriya
Guna: Sattvik
Abode: Temple (BPHS), Devastana (BJ)
Direction: East (Purva)
Period: Ayana
Taste: Pungent
Directional Strength: South (10th house)
Day based Strength: Day Time (Diurnal)
Ayana based Strength: Uttarayana
Natural strength: Strongest among all planets
Trees: Strong trees (trees with stout trunk)
Robe/ Cloth: Red silken, Rough cloth
Season: Summer (Grishma)
Matter: Mula (Vegetation) (BJ)
Material: Copper (BJ)
Natural Age: 50 years (JP)
Loka: Mrtyu Loka (World of mortals)
Geographical location: Kalinga (Orissa)
Misc. Lordship: Snakes, wool, hills, gold, weapons, poison, fire, medicines, kings, aryas, river banks, forest, wood and Mantras (SV)
Names: Chandrama, Sitarasmi (BJ); Sasi, Sasanka, Vidhu, Soma, Nisakara, Seethamsu, Udunatha and Indu (Candr is Nisakara, as she causes the night. She is Seetamsu, as her rays are cool and pleasant. The name Udunatha is given to Candr because Candr married the 27 Nakshatras) (HS);Hair
Nature: Benefic (when waxing), Malefic (when waning)
Gender: Feminine
Appearance & Disposition: Candra is very windy and phlegmatic. She is learned and has a round body. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle-minded and very lustful (BPHS); Well rounded body, much wind and phlegm, intelligent, sweet speech and good eyes (BJ); Moon is tall, tender-natured, brilliant in mental disposition, kind, skilled in policy, or politics and has mixed humour of wind and bile. She wears white robes and ornaments; her body resembles a well-drawn circle. (HS); She has an auspicious appearance. Her eyes are beautiful. She has mellifluous voice. She is fair in complexion, has an emaciated body, is youthful, tall, curly and short hair, is learned, soft, of Sattvik disposition, beautiful, phlegmatic, amicable to friends, has pure (excellent) blood, is kind, fond of old ladies, fickle-minded, very fortunate and wears clean apparels. (SV)
Sapta Dhatu: Blood (Circulatory System)
Humour: Vata (Windy) & Kapha (Phlegm)
Governs: The Mind
Planetary Cabinet: The Queen
Complexion: Tawny
Colour: White
Deity/ Adhi devata: Varuna (BPHS), Ambu (BJ)
Panchabhuta: Jala (Water)
Caste: Brahmin

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Guna: Sattivik
Abode: Watery places
Direction: North West (Vayavya Kona)
Period: Muhurtha (48 minutes) (BPHS); Kshana (BJ)
Taste: Saline
Directional Strength: North (4th house)
Day based Strength: Night (Nocturnal)
Ayana based Strength: (Uttarayana)
Natural strength: Second to the Sun
Trees: Milky trees (such as rubber plant)
Robe/ Cloth: White Silken (BPHS), New clothes (BJ)
Season: Varsha (Rainy)
Matter: Dhatu (non living matter)
Material: Precious stones (Gemstones)
Natural Age: 70 years (JP)
Loka: Pitri Loka (World of manes)
Geographical location: Yavana Pradesh (land of Greeks)
Misc. Lordship: Poets, flowers, eatables, beads, silver, conch, salt, water, arrow, robes, ornaments, females, Ghī, sesamum, oil and sleep (SV)
Names: Ara, Vakra, Kruradrik, Avanaya (BJ); Aara, Vakra, Maheeja Rudhira, Rakta, Angaraka and Krudradrik (HS); Bhumisuta (SV)
Nature: Malefic
Gender: Masculine
Appearance & Disposition: Mangal has blood-red eyes, is fickle-minded, liberal, bilious, given to anger and has thin waist and thin physique (BPHS); Youthful, liberal bilious, fickle minded and has a thin waist (BJ); Mars is unsteady in mind, he is capable of wounding, he has blood-reddish eyes, he is bilious and depicted with fire and arms, his voice is rough, his belly is depressed and he is modest (HS); he is young, he has curly and shining hair, he is liberal (PD); The planet Mars is short, his eyes are reddish-brown in colour. He has a strong body. He is as bright, as burning fire. He is not steady in disposition. He has marrow in bones and flesh. He wears red-coloured apparels. He is more intelligent and is courageous. He is an accomplished speaker. He causes injury. He has short and shining hair. He is bilious in disposition and is Tamasic. He is adventurous and wrathful and is skillful in hurting. He is blood-red in appearance. (SV)
Sapta Dhatu: Marrow (?? system)
Humour: Pitta (Bile)
Governs: Strength
Planetary Cabinet: Commander- in- Chief
Complexion: Bood Red
Colour: Blood Red
Deity/ Adhi devata: Subrahmanya (BPHS), Kumara (BJ); Kartikeya (SV)
Panchabhuta: Agni (Fire)
Caste: Kshatriya (Warrior)
Guna: Tamasik
Abode: Place of Fire
Direction: South (Dakshina)
Period: A day (duration between two Sunrises)
Taste: Bitter
Directional Strength: South (10th house)
Day based Strength: Night (Nocturnal)
Ayana based Strength: Dakshinayana
Natural strength: Stronger than Saturn (Saturn is the weakest one)
Trees: Bitter ones (Lemon Plant)
Robe/ Cloth: Red clothes (BPHS); Burnt clothes (SV)
Season: Greeshma (Summer)
Matter: Dhatu (Non living matter)
Natural Age: Young boy (16 years) (JP)
Veda: Sama Veda
Loka: Mrtyu Loka (World of mortals)
CompatibilityGeographical Location: Ujjain (Central India)
Misc. Lordship: Blood, Copper, Army, Red cloth, Minerals, Earth, King, Destruction, Swooning, Bile and thieves (SV)
Names: Hemno, Vit, Gna, Bodhana and Induputra (BJ); Saumya, Vid, Jna, Somaja, Bodhana, Kumar and Vidhusuta (Budh is Candr’s son and hence known, as Somaja and Vidhusuta ) (HS)
Nature: Malefic in malefic association, otherwise benefic
Gender: Neuter/ Eunuch
Appearance & Disposition: Budh is endowed with an attractive physique and the capacity to use words with many meanings. He is fond of jokes. He has a mix of all the three humours (BPHS); Gurgling speech, fond of joking and has a mixture of air, phlegm and bile (BJ); Budh’s eyes are dark. He is well-versed in politics (or in policy-making), is of medium height, sometimes firm and sometimes unsteady, jolly natured, in touch with all kinds of news, witty, scholarly and has the composition mixed with the three humours (i. e. bile, phlegm and wind) (HS); Budh rules skin and is full of veins, arteries and nerves. He has an even body (PD); he is sweet spoken, but stammering in speech (DA); Mercury's eyes are reddish and broad. He speaks sweetly. His complexion is of green grass. He has strong skin. He is an extremely Rajasic planet. He is clear in his speech and is pure. He has a mixture of the three humours, i.e. phlegm, bile and wind. He remains delighted and has moderate beauty. He is skillful and sinewy. He is agreeable to all in dressing and speech and wears green robes. (SV
Sapta Dhatu: Skin (BPHS, BJ) (?? System)
Humour: Tridosha (all pitta, kapha, vata)
Governs: Speech
Planetary Cabinet: Yuvaraj (Prince)
Complexion: Hue that of Green grass (Durva Grass)
Colour: Green
Deity/ Adhi devata: Maha Vishnu (BPHS), Kesava (BJ)
Panchabhuta: Prithvi (Earthy)
Caste: Vaishya (Trading Class) (BPHS); Sudra (BJ, SV); Mixed breed (HS)
Guna: Rajasik
Abode: Sports ground, Gaming place
Direction: North (Uttar)
Period: Ritu (Season- Two months)
Taste: Mixed
Directional Strength: East (Lagna)
Day based Strength: Both in day & Night
Ayana based Strength: Uttarayana
Natural strength: Stronger than Mercury
Trees: Fruitless trees
Robe/ Cloth: Black silken (BPHS); Water soaked clothes (BJ, SV)
Season: Sarad (Mild Winter)
Matter: Jiva (Living beings)
Material: Bell metal
Natural Age: Young (20 years) (JP)
Veda: Atharva Veda
Loka: Patala Loka (Hellish world)
Geographical location: Magadha (southern part of Bihar) (SV)
Misc. Lordship: Veda, writing, sculpture, medicines, expertise, minister-ship, speech, jokes, birds, couples, fame, vegetation (vanaspati) and gold (SV)
Names: Jiva, Angira, Suraguru, Vachasampathi and Ijya (BJ); Jeeva, Angirasa, Suraguru, Mantri Vachaspati, Arya, Brihaspati, Suri and Vageesh (HS); Ida (SV)
Nature: BeneficCurly
Gender: Masculine
Appearance & Disposition: Guru has a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in Shastras (BPHS); Corpulent body, golden locks and eyes, moral and is phlegmatic (BJ); Guru has stout and tall body; his eyes are neither big nor small, he is intelligent, well-versed in politics, or policy making has prominent bilious composition, is a very eloquent speaker, wears yellow apparels and jewels and is of noble disposition (HS); he is of virtuous disposition (DA); The eyes of Jupiter are somewhat reddish-brown. He is learned in Vedas. His voice resembles that of a lion. He is firm and prominently Sattvik. His physical complexion is akin to pure yellow metal. He has broad and prominent chest. He is always fond of virtues and is modest. He has firm and large eyes and is of forgiving disposition. He wears yellow apparels, is phlegmatic, fat and pre-eminent. (SV)
Sapta Dhatu: Fat (BPHS); Brain (BJ) (Digestive system)
Humour: Vata (Windy) & Kapha (Phlegm)
Governs: Knowledge, Wisdom and happiness (BPHS), Intelligence (SV)
Planetary Cabinet: Advisor (Minister)
Complexion: Tawny (BPHS), Jupiter yellow or golden (BJ)
Colour: Yellow
Deity/ Adhi devata: Indra (BPHS)
Panchabhuta: Akasha (Ether)
Caste: Brahmin (Priestly class)
Guna: Sattvik
Abode: Treasury
Direction: North East (Ishanya Kona)
Period: Masa (Month)
Taste: Sweet
Directional Strength: East (Lagna)
Day based Strength: Day time (Diurnal)
Ayana based Strength: Uttarayana

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Natural strength: Stronger than Mercury (4th)
Trees: Fruit bearing trees
Robe/ Cloth: Saffron coloured ones (BPHS), Neither old nor new clothes (BJ, SV)
Season: Hemanta (Autumn)
Matter: Jiva (Living beings)
Material: Silver, and when he is in his own house he governs gold (BJ)
Natural Age: 30 years
Veda: Rig Veda (SV)
Loka: Svarga loka (Heavens) (SV)
Geographical location: Sindhu (Indus- Pakistan and Afganistan) (SV)
Misc. lordship: Auspiciousness, virtue, physical stoutness, prowess, mentorship/; guide/ guru/ preceptor, deputation, city, state (province), gold, bed, conveyance, position, grains, residence and sons (SV)
Names: Sukra, Bhrigu, Brigusuta, Sita and Aspujit (BJ); Bhrigu, Bhrigusuta, Ahpujit, Sita, Usanas, Vaitya Pujya, Kavya and Kavi(HS)
Nature: Benefic
Appearance & Disposition: Shukra is charming, has a splendourous physique, is excellent, or great in disposition, has charming eyes, is a poet, is phlegmatic and windy and has curly hair (BPHS); Fond of pleasure, handsome, fine eyes and black ringlets and a temperament compounded of wind and phlegm (BJ); the body of shukra is very bright. He is fortunate, windy and bilious in composition, broad-minded; stout bodied, has a tendency to submit to women, has crooked eyes and is of deceiving nature. (HS); has stout body, broad eyes, wind and phlegm in constitution (PD); The planet Venus is beautiful, has long hands, broad chest and face, is very seminal, splendourous, has dark, short and extended hair, is of complexion, which is a mix of yellow and green, is sensuous, windy and phlegmatic, very fortunate, wears multi-coloured apparels, is of Rajasic disposition, sportive, intelligent, broad-eyed and has prominent shoulders. (SV)
Sapta Dhatu: Sperm/ Semen (Reproductive system)
Humour: Vata (Windy) & Kapha (Phlegm)
Governs: Semen (Potency) (BPHS), Passion (BJ); Comfort (SV)
Planetary Cabinet: Advisor (Minister)
Complexion: Variegated (BJ); Neither white nor black (BJ)
Colour: Variegated
Deity/ Adhi devata: Shachi Devi (BPHS), Indrani (BJ)
Gender: Feminine
Panchabhuta: Jala (Water)
Caste: Brahmin (Priestly class)
Guna: Rajasik
Abode: Bedroom
Direction: South East (Agneya Kona)
Period: Paksha (Fortnight)
Taste: Acidulous (BPHS); Sour (BJ)
Directional Strength: North (4th House)
Day based Strength: Day Time (Diurnal)
Ayana based Strength: Uttarayana
Natural strength: Stronger than Jupiter (5th)
Trees: Floral Plants
Robe/ Cloth: Silken (BPHS); Strong clothes (BJ), Durable clothes (SV)
Season: Vasanta (Spring)
Matter: Mula (Vegetation)
Material: Pearls (BJ)
Natural Age: 16 years (JP)
Veda: Yajur Veda (SV)
Loka: Pitri Loka (World of manes) (SV)
Misc Lordship: Diamonds, ornaments, marriage, scents, friends, wreaths, females, cow dung, diagnosis, education, sexual enjoyment and gold (SV)
Names: Kona, Manda, Suryaputra and Asita (BJ); Kona, Manda, Sani, Krishn, Surya Putr, Yama, Pangu, Sanaischara, Sauri, Kala and Chayasuta (HS)
Nature: Malefic
Gender: Neuter/ Eunuch
Appearance & Disposition: Shani has an emaciated and long physique, has tawny eyes, is windy in temperament, has big teeth, is indolent and lame and has coarse hair (BPHS); Lazy, has yellowish eyes, lean tall body, stout teeth and rough hairs. He is of a windy temperament (BJ); has hard nails, teeth and hair, he is deceptive, he has long hands and feet, his constitution is bilious, he has prominent veins, is indolent and worried (HS); is lame, has deeply depressed eyes and is lazy. He rules muscles. He has an emaciated body (PD); Saturn has red and depressed eyes, emaciated body, prominent veins, is indolent, black-bodied and windy in temperament. He is a talebearer. He is muscular, unkind, foolish, has large nails and teeth, is very dirty, impure, Tamasic in disposition, fierce, short-tempered and old (worn out). He adores black apparels. (SV)
Sapta Dhatu: Muscles (BPHS); Nerves (BJ)
Humour: Vata (Windy)
Governs: Grief/ Sorrow
Planetary Cabinet: Servant
Complexion: Dark (BPHS), Black (BJ)
Colour: Black (BJ), Blue mixed with black (HS)
Deity/ Adhi devata: Brahma (BPHS), Kaha (BJ)
Panchabhuta: Vayu (Air)
Caste: Sudra (Working class) (BPHS); Antyaja (Untouchables) (BJ); Mixed breed (SV)
Guna: Tamasik
Abode: Filthy ground (Dirty places) (BPHS), Heap of dirt (BJ)
Direction: West (Paschim)
Period: Year
Taste: Astringent (BPHS); Acidic (BJ)
Directional Strength: West (7th house)
Day based Strength: Night (Nocturnal)
Ayana based Strength: Dakshinayana
Natural strength: Weakest among all
Trees: Useless trees (shrubs and weeds)
Robe/ Cloth: Multi-coloured robes (BPHS); Rags (BJ, SV)
Season: Sisir (Extreme Winter)
Matter: Dhatu (Non living matter)
Material: Iron, Lead (BJ)
Natural Age: Extremely old
Others: Anthill
Loka: Patala Loka (Hellish world)
Geographical Location: Saurashtra (Gujarat)
Misc. lordship: Lead, zinc, black metals, inferior grains, dead relatives, fools, servants, mean women, saleable goods, poor people and self-restraint (SV)
Names: Tamas, Agu and Asura (BJ); Tamas, Asura, Swarbhanu, Vidhuntuda, Pata, Sainhikeya, Bhujanga and Ahi (HS)
Nature: Malefic (HS)
Gender: Masculine
Appearance & Disposition: He is black in colour, tall in stature, and of low caste; he has skin disease and hick-coughs; he is cunning, and speaks falsehood; he suffers from leprosy.
Sapta Dhatu: n/a
Humour: Vata (Windy)
Governs: Ego (SV)
Planetary Cabinet: Army
Complexion: Sark collyrium (blue mix) (HS)
Colour: Black
Deity/ Adhi devata: Durga / Chandika
Panchabhuta: None
Caste: Outcaste
Guna: Tamasik (like Saturn) (HS)
Abode: Forest
Direction: South West (Nairrittya Kona)
Period: 8 Months
Taste: n/a
Directional Strength: n/a
Day based Strength: Same as Saturn
Ayana based Strength: Same as Saturn
Natural strength: Same as Saturn
Trees: n/a
Robe/ Cloth: Dirty Clothes
Season: n/a
Matter: Dhatu
Natural Age: 100 years (JP)

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Geographical Location: Southern India (Dravida country: five tribes: Dravida, Karnataka, Gurjara, Maharashtra and Tailanga)
Misc. Lordship: Mysticism, magic, strange events, enigmas and excitement, Renunciation, Paternal grandfather. Serpents, venomous reptiles, diseases, scars, courage, adventure, execution, Christians & Mohammedans, stones, mud, travellers, inventors, lecturers, psychologist, astrologer, thieves, widowhood, litigation, gold smiths, duplicity, aviators, sepulchres, ant-hills, mole-hills, crack & crevices, archers, spies, sediments of liquor, portentous evils, radio, aerial navigation, metaphysical studies, south-western direction, infamous character, inflammable gases, epidemics, violence, corruption, political plots, and exiles. He also differentiates between purity in love and impure lust. He causes birthmark in the body.
Names: Sikhi (BJ); Sikhin, Dhvaja, Dhum, Mrityu Putr and Anala (HS)
Nature: Malefic (HS)
Gender: Feminine, Eunuch (PD)
Appearance & Disposition: He has a red and fierce look, a venomous tongue, an elevated body; he is outcast; of Smoky colour; has bruised limbs and is lean and malicious.
Sapta Dhatu: n/a

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Governs: Outcastes
Planetary Cabinet: Army
Complexion: Smoky
Colour: Smoky
Deity/ Adhi devata: Ganesha (PM)
Gender: Feminine, Eunuch (PD)
Panchabhuta: n/a
Caste: Outcaste

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Guna: n/a

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Abode: n/a
Period: 3 Months
Curly hair vedic astrology horoscopesTaste: n/a
Directional Strength: n/a
Day based Strength: Same as Mars
Ayana based Strength: Same as Mars
Natural strength: Same as Mars
Trees: n/a
Robe/ Cloth: Smoky
Season: n/a
Matter: Jiva (Living beings)

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Natural Age: 100 years (JP)
Geographical Location: Southern India (Dravida country: five tribes: Dravida, Karnataka, Gurjara, Maharashtra and Tailanga)
Misc. Lordship: Religion, Astrology, Moksha or final emancipation, intrigues, spiritual pride, Religious resignation, Sectarian principles, artistic taste, literary genius, pride, dissimulation, mendicancy, bankruptcy, miserliness, ascetics, deception, quarrels, biliousness, philosophers, selfishness, occultist, skulls, religious shows, assassinations, friends, charms, amulets, vicious tendencies, secret intrigues and association, and back biting.