Cubic Zirconia Astrology

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American Diamond (Cubic Zirconia) is a lab-created, non-astro gemstone. Best astrologer in new york quora. It has no relevance in astrology, but it is widely used for ornamental purpose and you can wear it on any finger of your choice.

Cubic Zirconia Meaning

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Ruling Element: All Combined (Light) – Protective, Restorative
The Stone of Practicality, Stone of Ascension, Focus, Clarity, Release of Ego.


Cubic Zirconia resonates with the Third Eye Chakra, promoting clear pathways for vision work. Do you find you are running into setbacks often? The stone opens the third eye chakra to a greater sense of environmental awareness. Its optical and focal properties encourage using a practical view to see through challenging circumstances or matters. It opens perspective to see the beauty, light and the hidden significance in all.

This crystal also resonates with the Crown Chakra, connecting with higher knowledge. The original raw chemical element which creates the crystal is found in stars, meteorites and samples of lunar rocks from Earth’s moon. And, the intelligence guiding the creation of the first of the cubic zirconia stones was the coming together of gurus in their respective fields. To accomplish the final product, new technology was required and was based around purification, sterilization and allowing openness for new convention.

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Cubic Zirconia works to release the Solar Plexus Chakra from projecting ego. It teaches one to release intimidation and fear of judgement. With this in mind, it offers liberation from the conventions & matrices of the material world and opens our will to a flow with humble acceptance of the value of human potential. Consequently, this can help shift perspective to one that is sobering and more practical.

Other Metaphysical Properties
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  • Planet of Brucite and Cubic Zirconia. Before you approach any astrologer to know the most suitable gemstone, it is advisable to learn some basic information on astrology of Brucite and Cubic Zirconia. Gemologists use the Brucite and Cubic Zirconia Optical Properties as a distinguishing test during identification. These sections elucidate facts.

As a stone of Ascension, Cubic Zirconia has a strong detachment from its original material form, or “ego.” Because of this departure, the energy and vibration of the Cubic Zirconia is undetectable to many. It is said to feel lifeless by those who are anchored to rules and doctrines. Not surprisingly, the vagueness of its energy can often described as a “void.” For example, the crystal “having no spirit” or “having no soul.”

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Those with a special connection to Cubic Zirconia meaning can detect its vibration as one that rings in blissful tones. Actually, when tuned in to the energy of the crystal, it is not unusual to have experiences with clairaudience. It has an inherent ability to transmit communication in fast relay with very little sound distortion. Cubic Zirconia also carries somewhat of a detoxing energy that summons clarity, or initiates “clearing out.”

Since the the raw material is transparent and reflects light well, you would expect it to be very lightweight and dainty to hold. But, it is just the opposite and unusually heavy. Due to its unexpectedly heavy weight, the crystal is excellent for grounding the practical perspectives it is offers.

Finally, its light assists with healing autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, thyroiditis, tissue inflammation and connective tissue disease. The crystal’s properties are both protective and restorative.

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The Cubic Zirconia meaning and metaphysical properties come from an important history. The metaphysical properties also connect to its creation – which you can read about here.

Do you believe this crystal has metaphysical properties? Are you a person who is able to sense the crystal’s energy? Let me know in the comments below!

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