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Andrew Foss, PhD

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Understand your purpose in life. Know yourself and find fulfillment. Astrology compatibility by date of birth time.


Some client feedback

Skye Consulting's Bill Levacy - Vedic astrology: charts, readings, progressions, sideral, online courses and software, books and publications, about vedic astrology (jyotish or Indian astrology). Consult Online Vedic Astrologer through chat or call & get answers to all your kundli, rashifal, panchang, grah and nakshatra related questions by Expert Vedic Astrologer online. Talk to Vedic Astrology Experts Online 24X7 from anywhere in India & abroad only at Astroyogi. Aditya Kumar a world famous astrologer that not only provide Vashikaran and Astrology services in India but also offers services in the countries of USA, UK and Australia and other countries as well.

“Speaking to Andrew brought me great joy; his lighthearted and joyful spirit permeated my mind and I experienced a deep and profound sense of calm. His ability as an astrologer is unparalleled in that because he has profound insight in depth of each 108 pada in the starry sky, he is able to pinpoint the exact area of issue to be addressed, like a skilled surgeon who can take out only the specific cells that have become infected in the body. After our session I felt a profound awakening and acceptance of who I am…and after reading his book, I am now able to understand myself on a much deeper level than what all other astrologers were able to take me to.” ML, Chicago, USA

“Thank you so much for your extraordinary reading, which was the most profound I have ever received. You gave me a much deeper understanding of my life, –on a whole other level!–and I feel more peaceful about it being the way it is…” G.M., USA

“Thank you so much for sending me the audio of your vedic reading for me. It has been and will continue to be extraordinarily helpful. I have been listening to a little bit of it everyday and feel that you have given me the spiritual / mental / emotional direction that I have been seeking. It is really quite wonderful!” A.M., USA

“Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. I truly appreciated the way you approached my chart and interpreted the various findings. You took it to a different level altogether….you showed me how to focus on the lotus and not the muddied waters it floats in.I feel very blessed to have received your perspective.” M.B., USA

Astrologer Varun Gupta Experience of 12 years in astrology and extensive research on future predictive tehniques could help you to get your asnwers. Consultancy of horosope for solving your queries inlcudes deep analysis of various divisional charts and expertise in parashari predicton technique. How our consultancy can help?

  • Consultations in person, by phone or Skype / Google Hangout / WhatsApp, etc. wherever you are at a reasonable cost
  • Vedic relocation advice – find your best places on the globe
  • Birth time rectification
  • Tuition
  • Training

Dr Andrew Foss offers confidential and sensitive readings based on Vedic Astrology, the world’s oldest and most profound system for understanding life and its flow in time and space. Andrew has a PhD in Computing Science and is also an Oxford Physics graduate with publications in the famous journal Nature and other leading scientific journals. He is the author of the acclaimed book and ebook series Yoga of the Planets as well as the book High-Dimensional Data Mining. He is the author of the acclaimed software Shri Jyotis Star that has become the first choice among the leading Vedic Astrologers around the world. He is a long-time close student of Pandit Sanjay Rath, the holder of a continuous tradition of Jyotish masters covering at least 500 years . He enjoys a deep love of music, art and poetry and has more than 30 years experience studying and teaching the Vedic wisdom around the world. He is the Founding President of the British Association of Vedic Astrology, Editor of the BAVA Journal Gochara and is a certified Jyotish Pandit and Jaimini Scholar, the highest professional certifications in Vedic Astrology involving about a decade of intensive study. He was given the Jyotish Ratna and other awards for his contributions to Jyotish.

An initial consultation lasts around an hour. This is not a ‘general’ reading but is focused on the key issues important at the time, in the coming months and years and the questions you ask. Frequently, this includes questions regarding compatibility or relocation. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled to answer questions that may subsequently arise or to go deeper into specific areas. This can include annual readings as well as reading/tuition or help with using Shri Jyoti Star and learning how to get the most from it including the many advanced techniques it offers you.

How to set up a consultation: Fill the form and pay (links just below) and I will give you an appointment, usually within two weeks.


Application Form – RTF (fill in and send by email or post).

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Rectification of Birth Time Application Form – RTF (fill in and send by email or post)

Vedic Astrologers Near Me

How to Consult a Vedic Astrologer

Short Introduction to Vedic Astrology & How to Consult:

Thank you for sending me the pertinent birth details in advance. In case, you have already furnished me with additional life-data, thank you also for the same, as that will be very necessary, for the astrological analysis.

Birth Chart[Horoscope]:

Your Birth Chart is like a road-map of your life, from birth till death. It will show us, when obstacles manifest on the path of life, and when Grace or Blessings of Isvara [God], make our path fulfilling and pleasant.

Consult Vedic Astrologer Meaning

Meaning of the Horoscope[Birth Chart]:

The Chart itself representsthe Mood of Isvara [God, or the Central Intelligence of the Cosmos] at the time and place of birth, and this seminal Mood of Isvara, has benefic as well as malefic consequences, for the whole course of our life.

Remedial Measures, and their Scope:

Then, the Remedial Measures of Vedic Astrology, create in a very concerted manner, what we may appropriately call,the second line of Grace”[the Birth Chart, showing “the first line of Grace in life], in those areas of life, where there is a conspicuous shortfall in the Grace of Isvara. Sometimes it does happen that, it becomes very difficult to create the second line of Grace in reasonable amounts – and this happens, whenever, there are what are calledAfflictions in the Chart. In such cases, one has no option but to surrender to the Divine Will.

How to Consult:

Going to an astrologer is much like going to a medicine man, a doctor, and just as without describing our symptoms of disease clearly to the doctor, the doctor, will not be able to diagnose the malady, much less prescribe the correct medicines for recovery; so too, in astrology, all the symptoms of the break-down in some sphere of life, must be clearly spelled out – and this makes astrological analysis, so much easier, and the Remedial Measures, can then also be prescribed, to cover the areas of breakdown. This in a nutshell is what Vedic astrology all about.

Consult Vedic Astrologer

Sharing All Significant Life-Data is Important:

It has been my experience that sometimes, many significant pieces of information are unconsciously withheld from me, by the consulting seeker. The reason could be a natural embarrassment, or the consulting seeker may feel that he or she does not know me well enough yet, to share what may be normally considered to be very confidential information. Though this reticence on the part of the seeker is quite understandable, unfortunately, this has the effect of putting both the consulting seeker, as well as myself, in a disadvantaged position, and the solution offered by me, subsequently, will also suffer thereby, from the drawback of becoming less efficacious. It is for this reason, that all symptoms of breakdown must be honestly spelt out, in the beginning itself, and this will be for our own benefit and well-being.