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Aspect is the geometric relationship between two planets in the horoscope chart. Aspects are important in analyzing a horoscope because they give the combined effect of the functions of the two planets involved. The major aspects between the planets are the conjunction, semi-sextile, sextile, square, trine, square, Quincuncx and opposition.

The semi-sextile, sextile, trine and conjunction are said to be good or favorable whereas the square, opposition and quincunx are taken to be not favorable.Aspects are the vital factors in the formation of ones character.

The Conjunction - The conjunction is formed when two planets are at approximately the same degree of the same sign or at an orb of not more than 8 degrees. In a conjunction, the energies of the two planets are combined, and the result is often a strengthening of both. Connjuction of Lords of 1, 4, 7 and 10th houses produces good effects. Conjunction of the trine Lords (5th and 9th houses) are always good irrespective of their location.A Moon-Venus conjunction is beneficial whereas a Saturn- Mars conjunction is said to be stressful.

The conjunction of planets in this chart takes place in the 11th house (governing income and expansion) so the focus of the native would be on expanding income. Planetary Conjunction in Vedic astrology. In the most basic terms, planetary conjunction occurs when two or more planets occupy the same house. The great conjunction in aquarius; saturn. Saturn in astrology; saturn/mars; uranus. Uranus in astrology; uranus through the houses; pluto; recent articles; astrology tools. Birth chart calculator; house calculator; moon calendar; moon phase calculator; find your birth time; eclipses where you are; support me. Become a patron; purchase a.

The Semi-Sextile - This aspect is formed when two planets are 30 degrees apart with an orb of two degrees in either direction. This aspect is reckoned to be mildly favorable with the planets working well together.

Jupiter Saturn Mars Conjunction Astrology

The Sextile - Sextiles occur when two planets are approximately 60 degrees apart. This is the aspect of opportunity. It is the 3rd and the 11th house Hindu aspect. Initiatives can be taken during this aspect and it reinforces the weak points in life.It is a very beign aspect indicative of talent, confidence and popularity.

The Square - Squares occur when two planets are approximately 90 degrees apart. It is the 4th and the 10th house Hindu aspect. Square causes the friction and the hurdles that help us to grow and become productive.This is the most critical amd conflicting aspect. It gives disturbed, prejudiced or adverse conditions and circumstances accompanying it. It is a separative aspect and it turns the tide of fortune.

The Trine - A trine occurs when two planets are approximately 120 degrees apart. It is the 5th and the 9th house Hindu aspect. Trines bring about ease and comfort.This is a fortunate aspect for harmony, peace and does much to improve adverse aspects. When occuring between Sun and Moon it is more fortunate than any other aspect.

April 4 Zodiac is Aries - Full Horoscope Personality As an Aries born on April 4th, you are organized, enjoy starting new things and often have a good word for those around you. Efficiency and making the best out of everything are simply in your nature even if you also have periods of time in which you just prefer to relax and not be serious about anything. April 4 horoscope.

The Opposition - The opposition occurs when two planets are about 180 degrees apart.It is the 7th house Hindu aspect. As the name implies, opposition are obstacles that must be resolved.This is a malefic aspect of perfect balance. It includes confrontation and partnership. It indicates change of circumstances. Oppositions can manifest as mood swings

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