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Libra and Scorpio love compatibility is like the horizon where air meets water. At a distance, the horizon looks still, and there is a clear line between equal amounts of air and water. But, in reality, there is no separation or balance between air and water, and up close, the lines are not nearly as clean. Libra and Scorpio Compatibility: The Second Reason Moving on, the second very important reason that contributes to Libra and Scorpio not being a zodiac love match is, in fact, the Libra dates. For confirming any of the Libra compatibility lists, it is important that the two people involved have similar interests and approach towards life. Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility This is general Libra and Scorpio attraction reading based on zodiac sign. 2020-2021 Detailed Horoscope. 2020 Horoscope will offer you a 'complete & personal guide' to the events expected in your life in the year 2020.

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The Scorpio and Libra match will be one that some love compatibility experts will say does not come without challenges. While this may be true, both Scorpio and Libra bring their own unique leadership styles to the table in this union. They also both want the same things overall when it comes to love, and this shared vision will help to fuel this relationship along. Scorpio and Libra are also deeply attracted to each other in their own charming and elegant ways. There is a sexual chemistry and a karmic connection in this relationship, if both Scorpio and Libra are willing to work to find it.

scorpio and libra Compatibility - The Pros

The good things about the Scorpio and Libra match is they both have a greater vision on what the goal of humanity is. This shared compassion to the human race will lead to many long talks and bonding experiences. They also both want the same thing in love, a long term and lasting harmony that is intertwined with karma. Because both are seeking this in love, they will find this element in the other deeply attractive. We also have Libra's charm and elegance in play here, along with Scorpio's mystery and sexual intensity. This makes for a sexually compatible relationship that is always experimenting and feeding off of the other's gifts and talents. Libra loves how open and Scorpio is, and learns from this as the relationship progress. Simultaneously Scorpio needs someone a little realistic on occasion, and Libra offers this amazing balance to Scorpio intensity.

scorpio and libra Compatibility - The Cons

Here we have the Cardinal Air Sign Libra and the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio. So we have some very strong wills and energies coming into play here. Libra has a very hard time taking no for an answer, and the Scorpio will is known all across the land. So there will be some butting of heads on occasion. Scorpio as a Fixed Sign is also known to be on the jealous side. Libra simply doesn't understand this because Libra has done a lot to help Scorpio feel secure. But Libra is not overt with the emotional displays, and this could wound Scorpio feelings on occasion. At the same time, Scorpio may be wounded more often than is necessary, and the intense emotions will be a little too much for Libra who hates drama to take on occasion.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for this connection between Scorpio and Libra to work, both zodiac signs will need to give and take with the other. Scorpio will need to not take everything so personally, and use their open heart to feed love security, instead of breeding insecurity. Libra on the other hand will need to find creative ways to keep reminding Scorpio they are indeed loved and adored. Scorpio as well will have to work on ways to keep the Libra critical nature in stride. Both Scorpio and Libra need to give and take in these areas in order for this match to work. What this love compatibility does have going for it is a shared vision for a long term and harmonious relationship, and neither will take their eyes off of that prize once they've found it in each other.

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Libra and Scorpio is a pair with remarkable differences in how they pursue life, but when in love, they are able to make their level of compatibility work to have a happy and healthy relationship. Libra and Scorpio love compatibility is like the horizon where air meets water. At a distance, that horizon looks still, and there is a clear line between equal amounts of air and water. But, in reality, there is no separation or balance between air and water, and up close, the lines are not nearly as clean. Nevertheless, together air and water make a beautiful impression on the horizon, which looks like it could go on and on for eternity.
Libra is an Air sign, which represents movement. That means that Libra's mind is an incubator for ideas and is keen to act - to go like the wind. Still one moment and gusty the next, Libra is not afraid of change.
As a Cardinal sign, Libra likes to get things moving or the ball rolling. They are the ones who are leading the charge in trends and the go-to for what is what in all kinds of innovation. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, rules Libra. The realm of Venus meeting that of a Cardinal sign is exactly why Libra is known as the trendsetter. They are the cool kids of the zodiac.
The Scales of Justice symbolizes Libra, which explains why Libra is overly concerned with justice and equality, and is one of the most diplomatic people you will ever meet. Libra is keen on fairness, which is a decent quality to have when in a relationship.
Scorpio swims deep in its element - Water. This sign is known for being sensitive, intuitive and expressively emotive. People born under the sign of Scorpio are quite mysterious, which makes them all the more attractive to many of their prospective partners who want to run their hands through their watery streams. While Scorpios love intensity, there is something quite attractive about stability. At the heart of a Scorpio, they seek security.
In spite of Scorpio's emotional intensity, as a Fixed sign, they are quite trustworthy. Their defensiveness and protective nature might give the impression that they have real secrets to hide, but that is not often the case. Their protectiveness comes from a desire to feel secure - not because they are doing things that are untrustworthy and they want to hide them from you. Scorpio can be misleading in this way because of their sultry and passionate ways, but they are just looking for a stable and secure love. What is more is their practical side that likes to do the things that get the job done, like make to-do lists that they actually complete.
It seems appropriate that Scorpio is ruled by an off and on-again planet like Pluto, especially since Pluto is the planet of regeneration and rules the underworld. Pluto gives Scorpio strength to carry on in this sign's path to feel protected.
Symbolized by the scorpion, one can see the self-reliant nature of Scorpio. The one that says, 'I'm danger, but love me.' The scorpion also speaks to the protective nature that comes off as a secretive side of Scorpio.
There is an interesting strength to the Libra and Scorpio compatibility. The Libra and Scorpio relationship is one that works best when these signs are living out the more positive side of their signs, but when not, it gives each of them an opportunity to grow as individuals and together. And in the end, Libra and Scorpio love is quite elegant.

Compatible Astrology Libra Scorpio Horoscope

The libra and scorpio Relationship - Pros

Both Libra and Scorpio seek out balance and peace, even though it is more direct for Libra and a bit more obtuse for Scorpio. Nevertheless, these signs are able to find a connection in this desire for peace. Scorpio seeks peace in protection and balance in stability, while Libra wants fairness in the most tangible sense. They both want to feel secure in their relationship and are willing to see to it that it happens. Scorpios are often attracted to the most trendsetting Libras. There is something about that level of awareness for innovation that is intriguing to a Scorpio - it's a sexy quality for a Libra to have and share with the Scorpio. And for Libra, the mysteriousness and regenerative nature of the Scorpio keeps them interested. There are times when a Scorpio makes feeling a form of innovation.
The Libra and Scorpio love compatibility will strengthen over time if they signs work on the challenges they face. Libra and Scorpio will have an elegant home life as their relationship advances. The life they create in the bedroom will be a passionate and respectful one with a fair amount of give and take, as Libra wouldn't want it any other way. So long as the scorpion feels secure in its Libra and Scorpio relationship, even with weighing out the giving and taking in the bedroom, then it's all good.

The libra and scorpio Relationship - Cons

As the Libra and Scorpio relationship develops, Libra's Air sign desire to be on the go will make it hard for the Scorpio to feel secure and protected. The challenge for Libra and Scorpio will be to determine how to measure feelings, because Scorpios have a lot of them. The notion of fairness will be a tricky one when it comes time to weigh the 'give and take' of each sign in the relationship, which Libra will do. The question will be what weight will Libra and Scorpio give to different emotions. It is not likely that each of these signs will give the same weight to the same feeling, which will be problematic. Nevertheless, Libra and Scorpio will need to figure out how to quantify feelings to make balance their relationship scales. It's not likely an easy process, but it is definitely doable. It will especially work when the conversation is presented in a way that piques the Libra's interest in innovation and the next big thing - how to measure a Scorpio's feeling, so long as it is taken seriously to respect and protect the heart and mind of the Scorpio. And if anyone is capable of navigating this conversation with a Scorpio, it is diplomatic Libra.
The Libra and Scorpio love takes work, but these love signs are so enamored with one another that it is worth working through the difficult issues!

Are libra and scorpio a Good Match?

When we look to the horizon and ask, 'Are Libra and Scorpios a Good Match?' the immediate answer is yes. Libra and Scorpio look seamlessly aligned from a distance and most of the time up close. The two of them are good at keeping what troubles them between the two of them, because they are respectful of each other and their relationship - and because both signs agree that is unfair and uncouth to do otherwise.
When looking at the horizon, where the appearance of air and water meet in the most elegant way, we feel the peace that the Libra and Scorpio relationship seeks. And we know that Libra and Scorpio are capable of replicating that horizon together with the help of Libra's diplomatic nature and desire for justice, even if that justice is giving weight to Scorpio's feelings. Of course, Scorpio's desire for security also opens the door to having the conversations about fairness and feelings as a means to secure the relationship. After all, Scorpio's passion suits the vibes of Libra's ruling planet, Venus. Libra and Scorpio compatibility is strong enough to last the test of time when this Earth and Water duo come together at the horizon.

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