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Astrology relationship compatibility report free

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Inter-planetary aspects

Compatibility With Birth Times Cafe Astrology Sign

The following aspects between planets concern the possible relationships between two charts: especially the emotional and romantic relationship, but also aspects on social, intellectual and spiritual levels.
Compatibility With Birth Times Cafe Astrology220 MM Trine FT Sun - MoonBirth
Positive aspect: This is likely to be a significant relationship. There is a strong feeling of belonging to one another, for better or for worse, that keeps the two together. It's an excellent aspect for a union: they are made to go well together, to understand, appreciate, love and complement each other.
166 MM Conjunction FT Moon - Mars
Positive aspect: Great physical passion and, as with every passion of this type, things can get stormy and heated. However, most of the time, the storms are sexy and exciting. Very passionate aspect, as it promises feeling behind the physical act. They desire each other always. The physical relations between the two are enhanced with desire and warmth. Great passion that doesn't fizzle out.
116 MM Trine FT Sun - Jupiter
Positive aspect: Here is a couple you like to be with. They are charming, agreeable and know how to entertain their friends generously and warmly. They go well together, and love each other in a discrete and sincere way, and appreciate the joys of life together.
-100 MM Square FT Mars - Neptune
Difficult aspect: It's too easy for this relationship to end up becoming manipulative and frustrating. You may find that you have a hard time accomplishing much on a practical level when you are together, because you tend to enjoy spending leisure time together. A difficult union that can succeed, but could involve some distancing and dishonesty. Be very careful to be honest with each other, as deceptions have a way of coming to the light and great disappointments are possible as a result.

Love Compatibility Chart Cafe Astrology

-94 MM Square FT Moon - Neptune
Negative aspect: This union will be full of illusions and disappointments. They will find it difficult to understand each other. Unfaithfulness and lies are on the agenda.

Compatibility With Birth Times Cafe Astrology

83 MM Trine FT Venus - Mars
Positive aspect: This is a union that is particularly based on physical understanding, passionate love. There is a lot of affection between them, and they need to express it physically. Plenty of attraction here.
79 MM Trine FT Moon - Pluto
Positive aspect: An uncontrollable great passion which might be a nuisance, as it sometimes lacks thought or control. Jealousy, possessiveness, absolute need of the other's presence 24 hours out of 24 can be issues. However, when trust is in place, they both will appreciate that their relationship is growth-oriented and far from a lifeless routine. Their feelings for each other evolve over time, and they learn from each other on an emotional level at every twist and turn. This fact is a treasure. The love they share is transforming in nature, so that they both feel renewed - almost like they are 'new' people - through the relationship.
-74 MM Opposition FT Moon - Neptune
Negative aspect: This union will be full of illusions and disappointments. They will find it difficult to understand each other. Unfaithfulness and lies are on the agenda.
71 MM Trine FT Mercury - Saturn
Positive aspect: If Mercury is looking for a mother or father in the spouse, then this aspect is very favorable. Saturn will give a lot on the intellectual level and in life in general.
68 MM Conjunction FT Jupiter - Pluto
Positive aspect: A possible union. Your belief systems change and evolve as the result of your relationship. Look at the other aspects to interpret exactly.
-62 MM Opposition FT Moon - Jupiter
Negative aspect: They go well together, but will have emotional problems throughout their life together. A life together that will be stormy and with its bright spots - sometimes really bright - but they will stay together because they are nevertheless made to understand each other.