Combined Western And Chinese Astrology Compatibility

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Similar to Western astrology, Chinese astrology has 12 zodiac signs—which are represented by animals. However, in Chinese astrology, the zodiac sign seasons last all year long—as opposed to Western astrology’s four-week seasons.

  1. Chinese astrology corresponds to a twelve-year cycle and each year is represented by an animal and an element. In China, it is believed that there is a connection between man and the 12 zodiac animals, meaning people born in the year of such each animal take on their characteristics, traits and fortune.
  2. In addition, people with Chinese zodiac Rat treasure money a lot and they keep a thrifty life style, so never require for a valuable gift and borrow money from them. Love Compatibility in Marriage In general, Rats' best matches come from Ox, Dragon and Monkey according to Chinese zodiac compatibility rules.
  3. Chinese Astrology Compatibility Similar to western astrology, the 12 signs are divided into four parts or trines, consisting of 3 animals each. The basic nature of signs belonging to a single trine is similar. All 3 signs of a single trine are very compatible to each other.
🐭 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat, first animal of the Chinese calendar

Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Combined Western And Chinese Astrology Compatibility

Aries Rat

Thanks to the energetic strength of Aries combined with the ambition and curiosity of the Rat, the Rat-Aries is gifted with a hardworking and organized personality, in phase with his surroundings. Sharp and highly intelligent, the Rat-Aries possesses the keys to success in most professional fields of interest to his taste. Indeed, the combination of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat with that of Aries make it clear that work has a prominent place in his/her life. Sometimes a little too sensitive, the pikes of anger from a Rat-Aries are known to be terrible, which will never be to his advantage. Enjoying popularity and being in charge, the real challenge for Rat-Aries people lies in their ability to find the necessary balance between their many professional activities and their love life.

Taurus Rat

The Rat-Taurus faces without fear all truths or situations he/she's forced to confront. The perseverance, endurance and strength of the Taurus ideally combine with the ambition and drive for personal success that lie in the Rat's character. Suspicious of anything that is not part of their immediate environment, Rat Taurus people hate above all when one touches their personal belongings. Loyal as a friend, however allergic to any form of agitation in their presence, as long as they know they are loved and respected by those around them, they always give the best of themselves.

Gemini Rat

The duality and flexibility that can be observed in the Rat-Gemini personality provide the extra touch of fantasy that makes this combined sign all the more lively and curious as a person. In society, the Rat-Gemini has an open temperament, joyful and understanding. When it's in his/her interest, the Rat-Gemini is able to convince the most inflexible of his opponents. However, the apparent empathy Rat-Gemini people feel for others nevertheless hides a deep narcissism necessary for their personal development. Subtle in love as in business, the Rat-Gemini won't accept an imposed relationship, such an arranged marriage against his/her will. Locked in a romantic relationship turned sour, don't count on the Rat-Gemini to cut corners and seek compromise. Not the kind of person to collect unnecessary junk, all that could make his/her environment gloomy is destined to the bin. A good business manager, the Rat-Gemini can feel at ease as much in social and charity jobs as in trade.

Cancer Rat

The combination of Cancer zodiacal traits with the Rat's energies are the source of a secretive personality. The shy Rat-Cancer is often and wrongly perceived as distrustful. Fortunately balanced by the powerful communicative force provided by the temperament of the Rat, the Rat-Cancer is a sociable but demanding person, in need of plenty of evidence of trust before accepting anyone new among his relatives. Homebody by nature, family and property acquired during their lives occupy a pre-dominant place in the life of the Rat-Cancer. When things don't suit him, he can develop a disproportionate stress in view of a given situation, and take hasty decisions that could be dangerous for him as much as for the people he's trying to protect.

Leo Rat

Ingenious, fair, a natural born winner, it's very difficult for a Rat-Leo to envision the idea of occupying subordinate roles. Determined, good at rhetoric, the combination of the Chinese sign of the Rat with the Western astrological sign of Leo give Rat-Leo people ways and tricks to counteract most obstacles they will face during their life. Charismatic and ambitious, one could nevertheless reproach the Rat-Leo to become bossy when feeling upset. Greed, a specific trait of the Rat, is tempered by the spontaneous and generous impulses the Rat-Leo is capable of. However, whatever the purpose or nature of their actions, the Rat-Leo always wait for a return on their investment, not hesitating to use force if necessary to recover his property when feeling cheated.

Virgo Rat

Just like a researcher, a Virgo born in a Year of the Rat is full of ingenuity and practicality, which are individually located in the personality of these two zodiacal signs. Ambition, mixed with the methodical curiosity of the Rat, allow Rat-Virgo people to aim dazzling careers in fields requiring a sense of constant analysis and seamless reactivity. Allergic to any form of reproach, they're constantly struggling to cultivate patience, as they can sometimes turn impatient and intolerant. The introverted character of Virgo can also efficiently limit the boundless openness of the Rat, allowing Rat-Virgo people to be more selective and rigorous in the selection of their relationships and life options in general.

Libra Rat

The Rat-Libra manages quite easily to get the support of his/her entourage through the magic of his elusive charm. The Rat-Libra is loved by all, and when it's not the case, he withdraws voluntarily in order to preserve equity and justice, which is a key feature of the sign of Libra. Once the Rat-Libra has managed to accept his ambition and his tendency to delay things for later, he can go very far up in the business he has chosen. Furthermore, the combination of both Rat and Libra personalities are perfectly summarized under a common character trait of these two zodiacal signs: efficiency in trade and business ventures.

Scorpio Rat

The Rat-Scorpio is a magnetic-being, with an unfailing determination. The ingenuity of the Rat perfectly offsets Scorpio's hidden inhibitions, allowing the Rat Scorpio transform weaknesses into strengths. Great communicator, particularly in the political and diplomatic sphere, the Rat-Scorpio, like any self-respecting Rat, is only interested in things he can derive personal benefit from. Very observant and demanding on the details, the man or woman after this explosive combination will never really be able to engage totally in love. If betrayed emotionally, the Rat-Scorpio is able to nurture and enjoy his revenge over the long term, even if it means losing valuable energy he could have devoted instead to the positive construction of his personal life.

Sagittarius Rat

Passionate about travel and discoveries, the Rat-Sagittarius is endowed with the wisdom of Sagittarius and the opportunism of the Rat. People born under the combination of these two zodiacal signs like to give an image of themselves as persons of strong character, determined and optimistic. The combative strength of the Rat-Sagittarius, as well as his prudence in managing his finances, often leads him to occupy positions of trust and leadership. In business, faced with inaction and indecision on the part of his/her employees or colleagues, the communication skills and charisma of the Rat-Sagittarius allow him to quickly reverse the situation and help the team find new business opportunities. However, while the Rat-Sagittarius love being at the center of everything and be aware of everything around him, when in difficulty or in competition, he's capable of the best behavior as much as the worst attitude. Touched in their pride, the outcome of the relationship in question (friendly, professional or even love) depends on the degree of respectability which he deems being shown.

Capricorn Rat

The alloy of energetic flows from Capricorn and the Rat allow the Rat-Capricorn to let mundanities provide a direction to his existence. Indeed, the adventurous character of the Rat, offset by the reserves of Capricorn, gifts the Capricorn-Rat being with a balanced personality, whose aspirations in life are realistic and achievable. Less attracted by the unknown and faithful in love, the Rat-Capricorn is capable of perseverance when he decides to invest on a subject. Great collector of objects and souvenirs of all kinds, he/she's also careful on spending money, thanks to the features provided by the Rat. Wise and prudent, fearlessly strong and prepared as any Capricorn to handle the major problems he may have to face, the Rat-Capricorn is nevertheless easily irritated by small everyday worries.

Aquarius Rat

The combination of the western zodiac sign of Aquarius with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat gratify the Rat-Aquarius with a rather eccentric and emancipated personality. The Air element from Aquarius and the Water element from the Rat put him in a perpetual state of emotional agitation. Generous but also gifted with a rather whimsical temperament, the Rat-Aquarius is tireless. If change and novelty excite the Rat-Aquarius more than anything else, for all that these passions don't lead to excessive and imprudent expenditures. The Rat-Aquarius can excel both in Art and Science jobs, provided he can focus on his objectives and manage to sequence his efforts, one task after another.

Pisces Rat

The Rat-Pisces is a good and sensible being, particularly concerned about the well-being of his family and his home. The introverted character of Pisces, sometimes resulting in a crippling shyness, allied with the personality of the Rat, allow the Rat-Pisces to be affable and open to others. Sociable and insightful like all Rats, the Rat-Pisces would rather remain in the background, as he usually avoids to be the center of the action, in order to keep a safe distance from potential disasters. Passionate in love, the Rat-Pisces is a great romantic. Literally devoted to his family, the Rat-Pisces struggles to contain his pessimism and impatience, as it may easily irritate or confuse him at times when good communication is most needed.

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Did you know that each of the Chinese Zodiac signs has a Western Zodiac equivalent? Both East and West Zodiac have 12 signs, but they have their own differences.

Combined Western And Chinese Astrology Compatibility

The Western Zodiac is based on star signs from the constellations. The Eastern Zodiac is based on a legend where twelve animals were asked to run a race. The Western Zodiac has four elements that correspond to the signs: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The Eastern Zodiac has 5 elements that correspond to the signs: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood.

QUIZ: Which Chinese Zodiac Animal Are You?

The Western Zodiac begins with the sign that heralds the beginning of the Spring Equinox: Aries. It ends with Pisces. The Eastern Zodiac begins with the sign that first won the race: The Rat. It ends with the Pig, who was last.

In Western Astrology, your Sun sign is determined by the month you were born. In Eastern Astrology, your sign is determined by the year you were born (find out your Chinese Zodiac sign here).

The Solar (Sun) Calendar rules the Western Zodiac with the first sign of the year beginning at the Spring Equinox. Spring has arrived; winter is over. Meanwhile, the Lunar (Moon) Calendar rules the Eastern Zodiac, where the year begins at the start of the Chinese New Year, which is always the second New Moon after the winter solstice.

So, how does each Chinese Zodiac sign correspond with the Western Zodiac sign?

Jupiter has a lot to do with it. Jupiter takes twelve years to go through the Western Zodiac, spending around one year in each sign. As a general rule of thumb, it spends the Year of the Ox in Capricorn, the Year of the Snake in Taurus, the Year of the Rat in Sagittarius, and so on.

So which Chinese sign corresponds with which Western sign? Read on to find out.

Equivalent Chinese Zodiac Signs & Western Zodiac Signs:


The Rat who won the race in the Chinese Zodiac is the equivalent to Sagittarius. Like Sagittarius, the Rat is adaptable and able to find the positive among the negatives. Jupiter is powerful in Sagittarius and the Rat is likewise considered a sign of luck in Chinese Astrology.



Like Capricorn, the Ox is down to earth, steady and organized. Both signs are highly industrious, able to focus on a task and see it through till the end. Both have strong earthy energy and both can be downright stubborn! Respect and power are important to these signs and both of them value all aspects of the material world.


Tigers are known for their rebellious streak and if Aquarius isn’t the sign of the rebel then I don’t know who is! Both of these signs are resistant to authority and prefer to follow the beat of their own drum. Their desire to stand out from the crowd and, above all, not to follow it makes them known for their courage. Both possess leadership skills, though both can be hard to get along with.


As the second home of Jupiter, the Rabbit is likewise considered to be a lucky sign. Dreamers and artists, Rabbits and Pisces have a strong imagination and appreciate aesthetic beauty. They have kind hearts and can both be very passionate about their views. Both of these signs can struggle with escapism as neither like conflict.


In the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the most revered of all the signs, commanding respect and attention wherever they go. As the first sign of the Western Zodiac, Aries is just as strong-minded and respected. Aries is a sign of leadership, the go-getter who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to get it. The Dragon is highly independent. It is difficult telling either of these signs what to do!


Like Taurus, the Snake possesses a special sort of wisdom that helps them moved forward cautiously but cleverly in life. Both of these signs have the ability to withstand a lot and both enjoy the benefits of the material world. When challenges, both of them are fierce opponents! They are also highly sensual signs.


Plenty of mental energy with these two! The Horse is someone of great intelligence who thinks quickly and has oodles of curiosity. It’s the same with Gemini – a quick-thinker who is always looking for new adventures. Often, the Horse and Gemini will have multiple talents and skills in a variety of areas. Both of these signs are charming and know how to win you round. Both can struggle with commitment!

Combined Western And Chinese Astrology Compatibility


Like the Goat, the sign of Cancer is a sensitive and imaginative sign. In fact, both of these signs are the most artistic of their zodiacs! They are both extraordinarily talented and usually have a special gift for writing, painting, drawing and other forms of the arts. Because of their high sensitivity, both of these signs can be quite moody.

Astrology and compatibility chart


Chinese Western Zodiac Combined

The Monkey is a highly sociable sign and also very intelligent. While they are a little more flexible than Leo, both of these signs know how to have fun and have a very bold streak. Both enjoy having an audience and being the center of attention. They can both be very persuasive, though in their own unique ways: the Monkey with words and Leo with action. Both can come across as a little arrogant at times, though their hearts are in the right place.


The responsible signs of each zodiac, both the Rooster and Virgo are deeply concerned with doing a good job and ensuring everything is running smoothly. The Rooster is a little more loud-mouthed than Virgo, who is more reserved, but at the core, both of them have the same aim: to get things done. Both are highly analytical. They can both be accused of interfering at times.


The ultimate defender of the underdog, the Dog is someone who believes in justice and fairness above all else. They are similar to their Western counterpart, Libra, who is represented by the scales of justice. Both of these signs seek companionship. Both of them will fight for a worthy cause and do anything to ensure justice is served. Both can be stubborn in their own way.


Like the Pig, Scorpio is passionate and secretive. Both of these signs enjoy carnal pleasures – the Pig enjoys a good romp in the hay while Scorpio is the sign of seduction! The primary difference between these two is that the Pig comes across as more jovial and less intense, while Scorpio’s intensity shines through. The Pig is also more naïve than Scorpio, but both of them have a dark edge that gives them the ability to delve deeply into themselves and others.


So there you have it, the Chinese Zodiac signs and their Western Equivalents!

Which are you? Are you surprised to learn which one your equivalent is?

Astrology And Compatibility Chart

Don’t forget to check into your Chinese Daily Horoscope for even more insight into your Chinese Zodiac sign!

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