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From a Christian viewpoint, this is also part of the never-ending attack of the enemy on God's word, Christ, and the church. All zodiac signs embrace the qualities of human nature, so it is not difficult to relate these signs to humanity's march through time. Question: 'What does the Bible say about astrology and the zodiac? Is astrology something a Christian should study?' Answer: The Bible has much to say about the stars. Most basic to our understanding of the stars is that God created them. They show His power and majesty. The heavens are God’s “handiwork” (Psalm 8:3; 19:1). The “horoscope” is the chart that attempts to describe that destiny. The Bible mentions the astrologers in the royal court at Babylon and their inability to tell or interpret royal dreams (Daniel 2:10-11 and 4:7).

There are several schools of measurement when it comes to astrology. Sidereal astrology observes the planets and stars where they occupy space right now. Tropical or seasonal astrology calculates the positions of the stars and planets according to the season and tilt of the earth, and so uses signs instead of constellations. Both of these schools render the same information, in different ways.


Christian Astrologers observe the planets and stars where they are right now, and report accordingly. We also calculate where they were when you were born, giving you an accurate report of who you really are. By observation, as the original Christian astrologers did, and through calculation, as the angels taught us, we arrive at the truth. Astrology sounds a bit overwhelming; but it really is quite straightforward. has thousands of comments for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, funny photos, pictures with quotes of friendship, love cards, animated gifs, cute scraps, glitters and images with beautiful messages. Astrology and horoscopes are another example. Notice how many people claim to be Christian, yet are happy to tell you what birth-sign they were born under, and regularly read their daily horoscope for 'amusement'. To venture into this is to flirt with demons. Using Tarot cards is another occult snare. God mocks those who trust in astrology.

Christian Horoscope

We have different dates in our reckoning because the stars have moved over the past four thousand years! Everything moves. Tropical astrology takes no account of where the stars are now, but postulates where they are according to the season. We observe where they are now. There is a difference of between 23 and 24 degrees, and in that difference lies a whole world of truth!!

The zodiac is mentioned specifically in Revelation 4, verse 5, as 24 elders on 24 throne ringed around the throne of God. Each sign is divided into a day and night side, twice twelve signs is 24. Also mentioned in Revelation are the four Watchers, the 'living creatures' with four faces and wings, also knows as the four royal or fixed stars.

Many people immediately react with some trepidation, because the sun sign usually changes. Most of the planetary signs will also change. People fear and mistrust change, especially when they have used the same astrology for hundreds of years and found that it works the way it was. Best online astrologer in kerala hindi.


Christian Horoscope 2020

When you find out what your sidereal chart really says about the real you, it will be validating, liberating, and exhilarating!