Chinese Horoscope 1934

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Historical Events for the Year 1934

  • 1st January Star Sign » Alcatraz Island becomes a United States federal prison.
  • 1st January » Nazi Germany passes the 'Nazi eugenics called Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring'.
  • 13th January Star Sign » The Candidate of Sciences degree is established in the Soviet Union.
  • 26th January Star Sign » The Apollo Theater reopens in Harlem, New York City.
  • 26th January » German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact is signed.
  • 28th January Star Sign » The first ski tow in the United States begins operation in Vermont.
  • 2nd February Star Sign » The Export-Import Bank of the United States is incorporated.
  • 9th February Star Sign » The Balkan Entente is formed.
  • 12th February Star Sign » The Austrian Civil War begins.
  • 12th February » In Spain the national council of 'Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista' decides to merge the movement with the 'Falange or Falange Española'.
  • 13th February Star Sign » The Soviet Union named Soviet steamship 'Cheliuskin (ship) e.g Cheliuskin' sinks in the Arctic Ocean.
  • 16th February Star Sign » The Austrian Civil War ends with the defeat of the Social Democratic Party of Austria or Social Democrats and the Republican Schutzbund.
  • 23rd February Star Sign » Leopold III of Belgium or Leopold III becomes King of Belgium.
  • 12th March Star Sign » Konstantin Päts and General Johan Laidoner stage a coup in Estonia, and ban all political parties.
  • 24th March Star Sign » United States Congress passes the Tydings–McDuffie Act, allowing the Philippines to become a self-governing Commonwealth of the Philippines named commonwealth.
  • 26th March Star Sign » The United Kingdom driving test or driving test is introduced in the United Kingdom.
  • 12th April Star Sign » The strongest surface wind gust in the world at 231 mph, is measured on the summit of Mount Washington (New Hampshire) named Mount Washington, New Hampshire.
  • 12th April » The U.S. Auto-Lite Strike begins, culminating in a five-day melee between Ohio National Guard troops and 6,000 strike action or strikers and picketers.
  • 5th May Star Sign » The first Three Stooges short, 'Woman Haters,' is released.
  • 15th May Star Sign » Kārlis Ulmanis establishes an authoritarian government in Latvia.
  • 21st May Star Sign » Oskaloosa, Iowa, becomes the first municipality in the United States to fingerprint all of its citizens.
  • 23rd May Star Sign » The American Bank robbery named bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed by police and killed in Black Lake, Louisiana.
  • 23rd May » The Auto-Lite strike culminates in the 'Battle of Toledo', a five-day melée between 1,300 troops of the Ohio National Guard and 6,000 picketers.
  • 28th May Star Sign » Near Callander, Ontario, Canada, the Dionne quintuplets are born to Oliva and Elzire Dionne; they will be the first Multiple birth or quintuplets to survive Infant called infancy.
  • 6th June Star Sign » New Deal: the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Securities Act of 1933 into law, establishing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • 9th June Star Sign » Donald Duck makes his debut in 'The Wise Little Hen'.
  • 15th June Star Sign » The U.S. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is founded.
  • 26th June Star Sign » President of the United States e.g President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Federal Credit Union Act, which establishes credit unions.
  • 2nd July Star Sign » The Night of the Long Knives ends with the death of Ernst Röhm.
  • 4th July Star Sign » Leo Szilard patented the chain-reaction design for the atomic bomb.
  • 5th July Star Sign » '1934 West Coast waterfront strike e.g Bloody Thursday' Police open fire on striking longshoremen in San Francisco.
  • 11th July Star Sign » Engelbert Zaschka of Germany flies his large human-powered aircraft, the 'Zaschka Human-Power Aircraft', about 20 meters at Berlin Tempelhof Airport without assisted take off.
  • 20th July Star Sign » Labor unrest in the U.S.: Police in Minneapolis fire upon striking Trucker known as truck drivers, during the Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of 1934, killing two and wounding sixty-seven.
  • 20th July » 1934 West Coast waterfront strike: In Seattle Seattle, Washington, police fire tear gas on and club 2,000 striking stevedore longshoremen. The governor of Oregon calls out the National Guard to break a strike on the Portland, Oregon Portland docks.
  • 25th July Star Sign » The Nazi Germany e.g Nazis assassinate Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss in a failed coup attempt.
  • 2nd August Star Sign » Gleichschaltung: Adolf Hitler becomes 'Führer' of Germany following the death of President Paul von Hindenburg.
  • 11th August Star Sign » The first civilian prisoners arrive at the Federal prison on Alcatraz Island.
  • 19th August Star Sign » The first All-American Soap Box Derby is held in Dayton, Ohio.
  • 19th August » The creation of the position Führer is approved by the Germany known as German electorate with 89.9% of the popular vote.
  • 22nd August Star Sign » Bill Woodfull of Australia national cricket team named Australia becomes the only cricket captain to twice regain The Ashes.
  • 1st September Star Sign » SMJK Sam Tet is founded by Father Fourgs from the St. Michael Church, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
  • 8th September Star Sign » Off the New Jersey coast, a fire aboard the passenger liner SS Morro Castle 1930 6 kills 135 people.
  • 18th September Star Sign » The USSR is admitted to the League of Nations.
  • 19th September Star Sign » Bruno Hauptmann is arrested for the Lindbergh kidnapping known as kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr.
  • 21st September Star Sign » A large typhoon hits western Honshū, Japan, killing 3,036 people.
  • 22nd September Star Sign » An Gresford disaster called explosion takes place at Gresford Colliery in Wales, leading to the deaths of 266 miners and rescuers.
  • 26th September Star Sign » Steamship RMS called Queen Mary is launched.
  • 9th October Star Sign » Regicide at Marseille: The assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Louis Barthou, Foreign Minister of France.
  • 16th October Star Sign » Chinese Communism e.g Communists begin the Long March; it ended a year and four days later, by which time Mao Zedong had regained his title as party chairman.
  • 22nd October Star Sign » In East Liverpool, Ohio, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents shoot and kill notorious bank robbery known as bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd.
  • 6th November Star Sign » Memphis, Tennessee becomes the first major city to join the Tennessee Valley Authority.
  • 11th November Star Sign » The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, Australia is opened.
  • 23rd November Star Sign » An Anglo-Ethiopian boundary commission in the Ogaden discovers an Italian garrison at Walwal, well within Ethiopian territory. This leads to the Abyssinia Crisis.
  • 30th November Star Sign » The 'LNER Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman' becomes the first steam locomotive to be authenticated as reaching 100 mph.
  • 1st December Star Sign » In the Soviet Union, Politburo member Sergei Kirov is shot dead by Leonid Nikolaev at the Communist Party headquarters in Saint Petersburg called Leningrad.
  • 5th December Star Sign » Abyssinia Crisis: History of Italy as a monarchy and in the World Wars named Italian troops attack Wal Wal in Ethiopia e.g Abyssinia, taking four days to capture the city.
  • 11th December Star Sign » Bill W. e.g Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, takes his last drink and enters treatment for the last time.
  • 29th December Star Sign » Japan renounces the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and the London Naval Treaty of 1930.

In the Chinese astrology are 12 Chinese zodiac animals ( rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig) used to represent years and five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water).

The same chinese animal sign and element combinations recur only every 60 years.

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According to the chinese horoscope, the animal ruling a person birth year has a great influence on personality, and destiny.

If your birth year is 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018, you belong to dog zodiac. Dog symbolizes honesty and loyalty and it ranks as the eleventh animal in Chinese Zodiac. Individuals born in these years are friendly, honest, loyal, straightforward, smart, and responsible. The Chinese Horoscope. The Chinese moon horoscope exists for over 5000 years and represents one of the ancient traditions of the world. It deviates from occidental astrology in significant aspects, but it derives similarly as well. Every 60 years appears the same combination. The complete Chinese cycle continues within 60 years.

China and other many Chinese communities around the world use the Chinese calendar , a lunisolar calendar for determine important festival dates, such as Chinese New Year.

Chart below gives the animal for birth year. Example. Born 1985- OX. Then you can read Learn more about your chinese animal sign .

Find a friend, family member or co-worker’s sign to see how well you match… have fun!!!

In 2021, Chinese New Year begins on Saturday, Jan. 12 and ends 01 February 2021 (when Year of the Tiger starts.)


If you want find your chinese zodiac animal you must enter your date of birth (year, month, day) in our free chinese sign calculator:

Calculate your Western and Chinese Astrological Signs
1912 – RAT
1913 – OX
1914 – TIGER
1915 – RABBIT
1916 – DRAGON
1917 – SNAKE
1918 – HORSE
1919 – SHEEP
1920 – MONKEY
1921 – ROOSTER
1922 – DOG
1923 – PIG
1924 – RAT
1925 – OX
1926- TIGER
1927 – RABBIT
1928 – DRAGON
1929 – SNAKE
1930 – HORSE
1931- SHEEP
1932 – MONKEY
1933 – ROOSTER
1934 – DOG
1935 – PIG
1936 – RAT
1937 – OX
1938 – TIGER
1939 – RABBIT
1940 – DRAGON
1941- SNAKE
1942 – HORSE
1943 – SHEEP
1944 – MONKEY
1945 – ROOSTER
1946 – DOG
1947 – PIG
1948 – RAT
1949 – OX
1950 – TIGER
1951- RABBIT
1952 – DRAGON
1953 – SNAKE
1954 – HORSE
1955 – SHEEP
1956 – MONKEY
1957 – ROOSTER
1958 – DOG
1959 – PIG
1960 – RAT
1961 – OX
1962 – TIGER
1963 – RABBIT
1964 – DRAGON
1965 – SNAKE
1966 – HORSE
1967 – SHEEP
196 – MONKEY
1969 – ROOSTER
1970 – DOG
1971 – PIG
1972 – RAT
1973 – OX
1974 – TIGER
1975 – RABBIT
1976 – DRAGON
1977 – SNAKE
1978 – HORSE
1979 – SHEEP
1980 – MONKEY
1981 – ROOSTER
1982 – DOG
1983 – PIG
1984 – RAT
1985 – OX
1986 – TIGER
1987 – RABBIT
1988 – DRAGON
1989 – SNAKE
1990- HORSE
1991 – SHEEP
1992 – MONKEY
1993 – ROOSTER
1994 – DOG
1995 – PIG
1996 – RAT
1997 – OX
1998 – TIGER
1999 – RABBIT
2000 – DRAGON
2001 – SNAKE
2002 – HORSE
2003 – SHEEP
2004 – MONKEY
2005 – ROOSTER
2006 – DOG
2007 – PIG
2008 – RAT
2009 – OX
2010 – TIGER
2011 – RABBIT
2012 – DRAGON
2013 – SNAKE
2014 – HORSE
2015 – SHEEP
2016 – MONKEY
2017 – ROOSTER
2018 – DOG
2019 – PIG
2020 – RAT
2021 – OX
2022 – TIGER
2023 – RABBIT
2024 – DRAGON
2025 – SNAKE
2026 – HORSE
2027 – SHEEP
2028 – MONKEY


Charming and sociable, but a cool cookie. The Rat is comfortable within groups of people, and work well with the public. They are creative and quite smart.

They grasp situations quickly and pay attention to details. They take advantage of opportunity, and move towards their mark, but since they cannot resist the chance to move quickly; sometimes they can overstep their boundaries and take on too much at one time.

They are passionate lovers; and their feelings are true. They are dedicated to their friends and give heartfelt advice and comfort.


The Ox is study and plows the fields alone. They are independent workers and dedicated for the long haul.

They can be loners. Social gatherings are more dutiful than needed.

Chinese Horoscope 1934

Family structure is important to the ox. Values and morals are taught. They cherish their private lives and homestead.

The Ox is not usually adventurous. They enjoy their leisure time after the long day; working in their yards, and on projects away from the crowds.
Not the most romantic, but very faithful.


Tigers are passionate, strong, swift, and courageous. They love their freedom and do not do well when stripped of their independence.

They can be quite dominate, and need to feel powerful. Not one that is afraid of meeting a situation head-on.

They can be restless, and need challenges to keep them happy and healthy.

Tigers make excellent friends and long lasting relationships if given their freedom.
They are flirts, but committed to their partners. Parenting is a privilege.


The peaceful little bunny. Usually keeping out of the fight, and at times turning a blind eye to dispute.
Diplomatic, gentle, emotional and sentimental.

They can at times seem rather selfish as they enjoy their own garden. However, they are very sensitive and can be hurt rather easily.

The Rabbit can assess a situation and usually come up with the best stradegy. They are innovative and shrewd.

Emotionally based they make tender partners, and seek out a match that offers the same; as well as security.


The dragon is an exceptional sign. Proud, assertive, intelligent, and strong.
However, the other side of the Dragon can be pushy, impulsive, and intolerant.

They breath fire in every direction; for both good and bad. They attract the positive and the attention, and stir up energy!! Aquarius february horoscope.

They make the point, and make it well, but sometimes lack consultation when needed.

Dedicated workers, and great companions….In for the long haul!!!


This sign can remain still for a long time before it strikes. They know what they want and when they want it.

They proceed at their own pace, which can be mis-understood.
They often shed their skins taking and venturing onto something completely new.

They are great at showing off their social side, but tend to enjoy being left alone to evaluate the situation.

They are elegant and refined, passionate, sleek and sexy; but can be jealous and possessive if their rock is overturned on too many occasions.


These people are usually popular, mentally alert, good workers, straight forward and honest.

They seek the challenge; strive for success; in search for freedom. They can gallop off in search of these things.

They do not tire easily, but can shy away if they feel they are being put in their pen too often, and then the open field is too tempting to not run towards.

When they find a partner they are dedicated, and at times can loose their heads in the way of romance; and often make mistakes while finding the right partner.


The sheep (called the Goat at times) go at their own pace. They do not like being rushed or put on the spot.
They are charming, yet hold back their emotions.

Lovers of nature and the arts.
They appreciate and need stability and prefer to have people oriented professions.

Well mannered and a bit shy, but readily will lend an ear to a friend.
The Sheep can be easily hurt and can become upset if deceived.
Dedicated to marriage and a friend!!


Witty, clever, inventive, and crafty; and can be a bit of a tease.
These people adapt well with situations and are quick on their feet.

Chinese Horoscope 1935

They have the “gift of gab”, are original and lively. Many people feel that the Monkey is intimidating and may shy away, but soon the attraction is made.
The Monkey has many interests which makes them always fit in somewhere.

Not the nine to five type person though; the Monkey needs freedom and a partner that keeps them stimulated.


These people like to strut their feathers. They are flamboyant, and have no hesitation in speaking up when they feel like it.
They are dedicated hard workers, but not fond of repetition.

They enjoy social gatherings and love to put on their best show, as they enjoy being the center of attraction, and their style and charm usually makes that quite possible.

They usually attract a wide variety of mates before settling down with just one; but once they find that perfect match they are dedicated to their partners and make great parents.


The happy cheerful pup.dedicated and honest.
These people have a great sense of justice and fair play. They are loyal and always on alert.

Being that they usually have a watchful eye, many are prone to worry too much.


When hurt or deceived they tend to gnaw at the details. But, eventually they pull it together and move forward with a playful gate.

Dog people can have a bit of a temper, but their bark is worse than their bite.
They are dedicated to companionship and and are faithful for life.


Pig people are honest, kind, generous and funny.
They have a great sense of humor and love to wallop in the mud.

They love their homes and are quite content keeping house.
They are steady, patient, and great at organizing both their jobs, money, and family life.

They are trustworthy and warm. They enjoy a good friend, good food, good sex, good book, and just plain enjoy life.
Their day is their play pen and they enjoy the moment!!