Chinese Astrology Vs Vedic Astrology

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Astrology is the rescuer of suffering humanity, and it is integrated with science. It has enough power to do wonders by turning your life filled with joy or bringing sorrows in your life. There are different distinct types of astrology are based on the belief and trust you have on it. They are different and unique in various ways. However, all these are connected with the origin called science and helps in eliminating the problems in your life and lighting it with full of happiness. Here are three types of astrologist explained in detail.

Chinese Astrology:

  • The planets in Hindu astrology are known as the Navagraha or 'nine realms'. In Chinese astrology, the planets are associated with the life forces of yin and yang and the five elements, which play an important role in the Chinese form of geomancy known as Feng Shui. Astrologers differ on the signs associated with each planet's exaltation.
  • Western Astrology. I am a dragon in chinese astrology.a (wood dragon) to be precise, and a dead center leo. Both say how I should be an actor or a politician or a strong leader.
  • Astrology is a field which requires a lot of study. As a Vedic astrologer who knows many Vedic astrologers, I can tell you that we all study a lot! I assume Chinese astrologers do the same. Comparing these two ancient systems accurately could only be done by someone who had mastered them both.
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As per the Chinese astrology, they strongly believe that the life of the people will be based on the position of the major planets concerning the individual’s birth chart. Along with the plants, the sun, the moon and the other comets will also be associated. This form of astrology will be strictly based on the 12-year cycle and the individual’s zodiac sign. This symbol will be represented by twelve animals. Each sign will be given for one year, and this is based on the birth year. The signs will rotate like the cycle forever twelve years.

Vedic astrology:

Vedic astrology functions based on the laws of nature along with the cosmos and this will represent the harmony of life. It doesn’t matter who you are, but strictly connected with what is happening in your life and the karma. When you approach the Vedic astrologer, he or she will analyse the behaviour of the individual along with the cycle and understand the overall outcome of the events in the future. It is the basic cleverness that will be governed by the accuracy, but this will be completely different from the western form of astrology that is in practice in recent days.

Western astrology:


Chinese Astrology Sign

The zodiac is the belt or band of the constellation through which the moon, sun and all the other planets are moving them on their journey. The astrologers had found the difference between these bodies with some degrees. Now, the system has 12 different zodiac signs, and these are essential for predicting the future of an individual. Along with these, it is also possible to find the future of the people around an individual. The 12 zodiac signs are,

Aries: It is considered to be in 0 degrees and represents by Ram

Taurus: It is considered to be in 30 degrees and represented Bull

Gemini: It is considered to be in 60 degrees and represented by Twins

Chinese Astrology Vs Vedic Astrology

Cancer: It is considered to be in 90 degrees and represented by Crab

Leo: It is considered to be in 120 degrees and represented by Lion

Virgo: It is considered to be in 150 degrees and represented by Virgin

Libra: It is considered to be in 180 degrees and represented by Balance


Scorpio: It is considered to be in 210 degrees and represented by Scorpion

Chinese Astrology Vs Vedic Astrology

Sagittarius: It is considered to be in 240 degrees and represented by Archer

Capricorn: It is considered to be in 270 degrees and represented by Sea-goat

Aquarius: It is considered to be in 300 degrees and represented by Water-bearer

Pisces: It is considered to be in 330 degrees and represented by Fish

Vedic Vs Modern Vs Chinese astrology:

Astrology is one of the most fascinating theories that a person can imagine. These are the common differences you can find between these three forms of astrology. Reading your horoscope is several important stages of the life-like naming the person or business, education, career, marriage, etc.

Chinese Astrology Vs Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

This will show you the right and wrong direction in life. So, you can predict the future and move in the right way. You may be reliable on any type of astrology, but ensure you choose the best astrologer in Delhi who can help you with the appropriate prediction. Remember that all the astrologers in Delhi are not genuine ones. So, make some research and choose the right one.