Chinese Astrology Compatibility Friendship

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Libra's Friendship Style

Thanks to this sign's quick smile, sharp wit, and ability to make anyone feel like the most important person in the room, people are often surprised to find that the Libra they consider a 'best friend' has about ten 'best friends' just like them. Libras are adept at connecting to others quickly and love getting to know people. They also love socializing, entertaining, connecting friends to each other, and of course having parties and get-togethers. Libra also has a penchant for the spotlight and loves that bringing friends together for an event can help him or her shine, too.

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But even though Librans have dozens of friends from all areas of their lives, they sometimes have trouble connecting on a deeper level. Part of this is because Libra doesn't like feeling beholden to others and finds the intense emotional demands of deep friendships stifling. He or she prefers to flit, unencumbered, between different friends. This sign is also averse to conflict and finds it tough to be honest if they disagree with someone. They prefer to pull back. But when Libras do make a close friend, they keep that friend for life. They're not judgmental about others, collecting a diverse set of friends from different life circumstances and situations. For a Libra, there's always room for one more.

Chinese Astrology Compatibility FriendshipChinese Astrology Compatibility Friendship

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Best Friend Match for Libra: Gemini

Quick-witted, fun, and always up for a gossip session, Gemini keep Librans on their toes, make them think, and inspire them to go on big adventures. Gemini won't take 'I don't know' for an answer, and has the patience and fortitude to help Libra make a decision. Alternatively, Gemini are happy in the driver's seat, showing Libra that life can be just as much fun (if not more so) when Plan A doesn't work out.

Gemini aren't afraid to make their voices heard, and they coach Libra to speak up, too—which isn't necessarily an easy feat for the Scales. Both signs love socializing, both believe in making new friends whenever possible, and both thrive at epic parties and hangouts. They cherish their friendship without considering it 'exclusive,' thereby avoiding the drama that might plague other 'best friendships.' The signs adore and bring out the best in each other.

How to Make Friends with a Libra

Ask questions. A Libra loves getting to know others and might grill you like a reporter, but don't forget that he or she likes the spotlight, too. Getting to know Libras, complimenting them, and making them feel special will motivate them to include you in their social circle.

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How to Stay Friends with a Libra

Don't push. A Libra may seem to be close with you—exchanging regular texts, inviting you to gatherings, and sharing a funny story—but this sign might not want the friendship to go to the next level, and they may pull back if you start seeming too emotionally dependent.

3 Reasons Why Libra Make Great Friends

Chinese Astrology Friendship Compatibility

  1. Always in the know, Libras love inviting you to parties, fixing you up with their friends, and making your social circle bigger, brighter, and sparklier than ever before.
  2. With an encyclopedic knowledge of nearly everything, Libra can always tell you where to find the best coffee and the best sales, and can give you an entertaining and on-point summary of the news far better than any talk radio could.
  3. A problem solver by nature, Libra loves talking through thorny issues, and always has great perspective on interpersonal problems.