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In ancient Vedic days, even Rishis were married and with children. All the relationships do have a past birth connection according to astrology. These people come to our life with a lot of Karmic connection. They will come to our lives and change our life.

First House:

Astrology, has helped the hindu in identifying important components of his karma and destiny. Astrology can reveal the timing of pivotal events. Laws of karma do not apply to animals as they do not have an ego. Ego is the soul’s worst enemy. Continued to 3-2. Ajit vadakayilaugust 27, 2020 at 8:26 pm. A History of the English Language by Albert C.Baugh and Thom. A History of the English Language by Albert C.Baugh and Thom. Astrology Birth chart or the Natal Chart is a astrological chart which shows the position of the sun, the moon and other planets at the exact time of a person's birth at a particular place on earth. To draw an accurate birth chart of rasi chart, one has to know his date. Love Horoscope – Looks & Nature of Your Wife -Husband or Girl Friend -Boy Friend: Indications in Vedic Astrology: Aged or not so good looking females or males is Saturn(shani) or Rahu ketu axis is here in the seventh house. The energy of mars.

Every part of body is extremely beautiful, attracted by opposite
sex, all comforts, long life, healthy, soft spoken, intellectual,
sexual, proficient in government work, effective, attractive face,
comforts of wealth and conveyance, mole at back, cockpit,
stomach or at sexual organs, always ahead of colleagues, mark
of injury on forehead at the age of 12, sexual pleasure at the
age of 17, jovial, fond of songs and dance, wicked, cheat,
destroyer-of strong enemies, very talkative, artist, fear from
dogs or animals having horns, rigid, charm, attracts opposite
sex, has full control on females.
If with Moon, Mars or Mercury – long life, pleasure, seeker,
honour from government. If in Taurus, Gemini, Libra or
Aquarius or Pisces, sign – benefic results. If in Aries, Cancer,
Scorpio or Capricorn favourable results. If in Cancer or
Chaste wife vedic astrology birth chartScorpio and aspected by Mars – pleasure seeker. If combust
or aspected by malefic or with malefics – gastric problems. If
in own sign – Raj yog. If with Mars or aspected by Mars –
successful in medical profession, famous in music. If in Scorpio
– foreign travel with females. If in own sign and Mercury and
Saturn are together in any house-very wealthy.
In female horoscope – happy, very beautiful, healthy, charming,
attractive, good conduct, soft spoken, self made, happiness
of husband, wise, prosperous, generous, priggish, handsome
husband, no defect, destroyer of enemies, fair complexion,
husband long lived, sons. If Venus is in Pisces sign – pleasure
seeker. If Venus is in own sign/ exalted – not very beautiful.
Second House:-
Poet, soft spoken, intellectual, handsome, beautiful and
devoted wife, particular about dress, respected by all, fond
of sweets, extra – marital relations, jewelers, fond of wearing
gems, fortunate, adventurous, hard workers, helps others,
financial gains, good food, prosperous, lucky wife, fond of
singing, well educated, a head of colleagues, knowledge of
occult subjects, long life, comfort of conveyance – sexual
relations with beautiful female at the age of 32. 32nd year is
significant from many points of view, gain of property in the
age of 60, face and body attractive, worship of gods, voice
attracts opposite sex, beautiful eyes, gets his work done by
offering wine to friends, more than one marriage, lucky after
marriage, wife also earns.
If with Moon – destruction of family, eyes trouble, loss of
wealth. If aspected by Moon – problems in financial gains. If
with Sun – eyes troubles. If debilitated – debtor, may get
even life imprisonment. If alone with malefics or aspected by
malefics – loss due to government or theft, problems in
journeys. If with Saturn or Mars – chastity of wife doubtful. If
exalted – hesitates in accepting or giving alms. If not in
debilitation/ enemy’s sign provided Lagna lord is strong-like
In female horoscope – extremely beautiful, may act in movies,
do modelling or take part in beauty pageant, soft, healthy,
happiness of family, fame, poetess, writer, believes in artificial
show, proficient, good deeds (definite), with lot of jewellery.
Third House:-
Not attracted by females, unsatisfied, with sons, miser, lazy,
artist, lucky, intellectual, fond of travel, playful, clever, extra –
marital relations, successful with the help of sister, weak eyesight,
wife beautiful but unsatisfied with her, liking towards
dance, sports, games, love marriage, prosperity at the age of
20, less brothers and more sisters, luck favours at the age of
22 and 29, obstacles in marriage, more than one marriage,
wife of different caste and more in age, weak constitution,
softspoken, fond of wearing good dresses.
If with malefics or aspected by malefics – more than one
marriage of father. If lord of 8th house is in 8th house –
obstacles, suffering, imprisonment.
In female horoscope – very wealthy, dancer (definite), devoid
of happiness of husband and servants, no worries, harsh voice,
good deeds, polite, number of brothers, affectionate, sisters,
slim body, sexy, does not respect saints.
Fourth House:-
Ahead of colleagues, high status, number of friends,
prosperous, devotee of mother, long life, helpful for others,
theist, clever, luck, wife very lucky, fond of singing, well
educated, all comforts, self independent, wife very beautiful
and helpful in other aspects of life, mother harsh, gain of
immovable property and comfort and comfort of conveyance
at the age of 30, respected, all material comforts, devotee of
god, inheritance, happiness from co-borns at the age of 12
and20, interference by wife and other females in the important
aspects of life.
If lord of 7th house – lot of dowry in marriage or earning wife.
If weak – number of female issues. If with Mars – may have
to sell his house, most sexual. If under the influence of malefics
– extra marital relations. If with Saturn – comforts through
females. If with Rahu – very sexy having number of illicit
In female horoscope – self-made, all comforts, jovial, chastity,
famous in family, wealthy, adopts other’s religion, very
beautiful, devotee of husband, full control of senses, religious.
Fifth House:-
Happy, destroyer of enemies, successful, heart of a poet,
pleasure – seeker, fond of justice, theist, generous, professional,
more number of females, brave, inheritance, purchases house,
mostly in service, all comforts of life, sons, argues well, minister/
secretary/ general/ in army high status, daughters married in
very good families, son in laws, are very courteous, honour
from government, relations with number of females, sons,
wealth comes automatically without much efforts, poet, fond
of sweets, wife is a pleasure seeker. Fond of theatre/ movies,
sudden gains in speculation, wife very beautiful and charming,Free vedic astrology predictions life
more than one marriage.
If debilitated/ in enemy’s or malefic sign/ combust – no sons,
deligent, ill health of wife, devoid of happiness of wife. If in
Virgo sign – ailment of stomach. If in Cancer sign – happiness
after second marriage. If with Rahu-sexy and many illicit
In female horoscope – happy, all comforts, sons, handsome
husband, speculative gains, very sexy and extra marital
Sixth House:-
Daily new enemies, unsuccessful, spoiled by friends,
extravagant, devoid of happiness of father and wife, lucky
after marriage, greedy, does not maintain cordial relations with
wife, extra – marital relations, happiness from service,
backache, urinary problems, liver – disease, diabetes, discdeformation,
hunch backed, injury from arms at the age of
21, fear from enemy at the age 41, impotent, friendship with
wicked people, destroys the family due to recitation of
inauspicious mantras, ill health, helpful to co-borns, mother
and maternal uncle.
If debilitated/ combust/ in enemy’s sign – ill health,
quarrelsome, enemity. If exalted/ debilitated – successful. If
combust – becomes intellectual even by taking birth in lower
In female horoscope – backache, opponent, jealous, angry,
victory over enemies, harsh, devoid of a happiness of husband
and progeny, violent, deserted by husband and sons, cough
and gastric problems, passionate, unhappy married life.
Seventh House:-
Always suffers from backache, pleasure – seeker, settles on
foreign land, cannot work hard, generous, popular, wealthy,
unnecessary worries, lucky after marriage, playful, marital
happiness, wife beautiful but harsh, chances of wife being lost,
fond of wine and non-veg food, baldy, quarrelsome, always
quarrels with wife, wife very lucky, attractive personality, good
behavior, enjoys sexual relations with very beautiful females,
artist, more than one marriage, very sexual, beloved of
If exalted/ in own sign – gets fame due to wife. If in Scorpio
or Capricorn sign – pleasure seeker. If in Leo sign – auspicious
results. If debilitated or in enemy’s sign – wife wicked and
chastity of wife doubtful. If in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or
Aquarius sign in Navamsa and aspected by Mars or Saturn –
pleasure seeker. If with malefics-ill health of wife or wife
devoid of husband’s happiness. If in Scorpio sign – death of
wife. If with Saturn – wife pleasure seeker or more than one
marriage. If exalted – either father – in – law is very wealthy
or gets lot of dowry.
In female horoscope – self made, backache, sexy, prosperous,
intellectual, fame, beloved of husband, religious, beloved of
co-borns, devotee of Brahmans, acceptable everywhere, good
husband, happy marital life, passionate but having good
character if there is no influence of Mars or Saturn. If with
Mars – chastity doubtful or love marriage.
Eighth House:-
Comforts of conveyance, long – life, lives in other’s house,
harsh, obstacles in success, debtor, ill health, angry, irritable,
sufferings, venereal disease, hard worker, expenditure on
females, attracted towards females, land lord, if does not die
at the age of 4 than life is 75-80 years, corrupt, pleasure –
seeker, mother and self suffer at the age of 4, worries about
wife and son, wife devotee/ short spoken/ reliable.
If debilitated – does not bother about ill health. If it is lord of
2nd house – sudden gains. If in Taurus, Libra or Pisces sign –
devoid of spouse and wealth, urinary problems. If in Libra
sign – sufferings, journeys, imprisonment. If exalted – financial
In female horoscope- most sexual, love marriage, leucorrhaea,
long life, devoid of wealth, sufferings, careless, cheat, chastity
doubtful, impolite, quarrelsome, deceitful, dirty dress, beautiful
eyes, priggish.
Ninth House:-
Very wealthy, religious, happiness of brothers, theist, wise,
affectionate, pleasure-seeker, prosperity after marriage,
proficient in government work, lucky due to government,
happiness of wife/ sons/ friends, achievement of aim at the
age of 15, fortunate at the age of 25, earns money in
administrative service, people recognize his house from
distance, respect for preceptors and guests, good dress, calm
and quiet, expertise and fame in singing/ playing of musical
instruments/ movies.
If in Capricorn sign-prosperity. If in Taurus sign – no obstacles.
If with lord of 4th or 7th house – fortunate. If with malefics –
sexual relations with preceptor’s wife or aged female. If with
ketu – most auspicious results.
In female horoscope – destroyer of malefic effects, religious,
lucky, famous, happy, good conduct, patience, qualities of
males, famous amongst females, body parts similar to males,
influential like queen, asset, beloved of husband, social worker.
Tenth House:-

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Greedy, wicked, devoid of progeny, pleasure seeker, wealthy,
victorious, artist, or interest in handicrafts, career in film line
or in music, or connected with cosmetics, success in business,
high status, fear of arms at the age of 27, lucky at the age of
22, does not get good results during its period, gains in business
of precious metals, quarrelsome, hypocrite, extravagant.
If exalted/ in own sign – principal of Music College, differences
with wife but friendship and gains from other females, worries
of children. If aspected by Sun or Moon – gets many degrees
and honours, gold medalist.
In female horoscope – religious, career in films, music or
fashion designing, helpful for others, chastity, prosperous,
intellectual, fame, beautiful, speaks truth, member of parliament
or legislature assembly, wealthy, good deeds.
Eleventh House:-
Gains in all undertakings, handsome, polite, fame, lover of
truth, wise, wealthy, lucky, deals in jewellery, fond of gems,
well educated, popular figure, comfort of vehicle, lucky after
marriage, officer of high status, relations with number of
females, luck favours at the age of 22, financial gains at the
age of 24, enemies are always afraid, expert in policies and
dancing, extremely handsome.
In Leo sign – auspicious results. If with malefics – gains in
sinful deeds. If with benefics – gains in good deeds. If with
Sun – gains from government. If with Moon – gain of property
from friend. If debilitated or with lord of 8th house – no gains.
In female horoscope – wealthy, happy, more number of
daughters, influential, prosperous, always interested in gaining
knowledge, gains, without any fault, knowledge of religion,
owner of number of houses, knowledge of dancing, beautiful,
Twelfth House:-
No dearth of money, bulky body, extramarital relations and
expenditure on females, lazy, lover of education, miser,
destroyer of enemies, happy, longlife, pleasure seeker,
independent, debtor, financial loss at the age of 45, fortunate
due to wife, wife long lived, gets all comforts in life, dependant
of females, always idling to have contact with females, lier,
early marriage, possibility of more than one marriage.
If with Saturn – marriage with female of other caste or remains
bachelor. If exalted – ascetic, wealthy. If with benefics –
owners of cinema – hall or auditorium. If in Libra sign-problem
in legs. If exalted/ debilitated – successful. If with Saturn or
Mars-chastity of wife doubtful. If aspected by benefics –
business or service connected with prison, charitable

What Is A Chaste Marriage

institutions or chemicals.
In female horoscope – expenditure on self and family, sexy,
love affairs, leaves the house, marriage according to her choice,

Chaste Wife Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

hypocrite, priggish, ill health, wicked, ill during childhood.How does Vedic astrology decide on the nature of your life partner or husband?
  • In the article below we have a discussion for various factors like the seventh house, its lord, influences, Jupiter and Venus and the navamsa and moon chart on how they could impact the overall looks of the life partner and also married life.
  • A practical example of Sonia Gandhi ji is also given for study.
  • Vedic astrology is a powerful method to do know about the life partner. The first step is to analyze the seventh house or bhava lord and the influences coming on the same.
  • The next step is to look at what planets are sitting in the seventh bhava and also the kind of sign the seventh house is like in the zodiac.
  • Also the seventh bhava or house from the moon and lagna both is analyzed.
  • Then comes the analysis of Jupiter or guru for the girl to look at the boy friend or the lover and Venus for the man to look at the girl friend or the lover.
  • The above method of analysis of seventh house, Jupiter and Venus and influences on the seventh house is also extended to the navamsa chart or the d9 chart.
  • The d9 chart is used as an adjunct chart and the lagna there represents the life partner , so over all analysis is done based on as to know the wealth and status of the life partner the second bhava or house of the d9 or navamsa is looked at.
  • Then a correlation between the lagan chart and navamsa is drawn to get the view of the life partner of the person.

Love Horoscope – Looks & Nature of Your Wife -Husband or Girl Friend -Boy Friend : Indications in Vedic Astrology:

  • Aged or not so good looking females or males is Saturn(shani) or Rahu ketu axis is here in the seventh house.
  • The energy of mars or mangal means a female who is with youthful breasts. Saturn here means a females with sickness and not so attractive breasts.
  • Influence of Jupiter or Guru here will bring a wife with hard and well formed breasts.Venus here means bulky and excellent breasts.
  • If there are bad planets or malefic in the seventh house and twelfth house and the moon is waning in 5th house- the person would be controlled by his or her spouse.The reason is 7th/12th are houses to do with sex and 5th house and moon both represent thinking of the person. A waning moon suggest a weak person.
  • If the lord of seventh or Yuvati Bhava is Saturn(shani) or mars(mangal)- the kids may not be good as the wife or husband could have relationships with other males/females.If the planet Venus- the planet of sex be in navamsa of mars(mangal) the planet of passion or have an aspect or conjunction with planet mars(mangal)- the native would kiss the private parts of the female due to excess passion.
  • If the planet Venus the planet of love be connected to Saturn, the lady would kiss private parts of the male.
  • The person would be married to a very good spouse ( the seven key virtues) and also have good number of kids and grand kids. If the lord of Yuvati bhava or 7th house is exalted and also the seventh house has the ascend mat or lagna in it and also a benefic sitting there.
  • If the lord of the seventh house or yuvati bhava or seventh house itself is in conjunction with a malefic(like Saturn/mars or rahu-ketu) the person’s wife or husband would have evils associated. This is true specifically if the lord of seventh house does not have any strength.

What role does Jupiter and Venus play in any horoscope for the life partner?

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  • Jupiter or Guru is karaka for husband or the life partner for the girl or females and Venus is the karaka for wife or girl friend for males.
  • a positive and strong Venus or Jupiter along with good enough seventh bhava and also second and fourth houses to an extant make the matrix of life partner strong enough to expect a good and handsome or beautiful and stable life partner.
  • The seventh house and the lord of seventh from the Jupiter or Venus also plays very important role in knowing about the life partner.

What does d9 or navamsa say about your life partner?

  • The d9 or navamsa chart plays and adjunct role to find out about the life partner. The effects of the lagan bhava or house are connected with the navamsa house to get the complete picture.
  • if a planet or say the seventh house lord and the seventh is strong & benefic in the lagan chart but weak or afflicted in the d9 chart then the energies are mixed. That is one could have good effects and bad effects both. we will see this case for Sonia Gandhi ji in the example given below as due to good planets she gets a handsome husband who becomes the prime minister of India but due to some malefic nature of planets in d9 she lost him very soon in life.
  • The strength of Jupiter(guru) and also Venus determine the kind and nature of wife and husband and yes the married or love life.
  • each houses in the navamsa chart function as indicators of the life partner ,like the second house for the navamsa may mean the family and wealth and status of the life partner. This information is to be further fine tuned with other factors in the horoscope or kundali.

Cancer horoscope bing. What does the Horoscope of Sonia Gandhi ji say about her husband late sri Rajiv gandhi ji and her married life?

Birth Details of Sonia Gandhi Ji:

  • Sonia Gandhi
  • Name: Sonia Gandhi
  • Date of Birth: Monday, December 09, 1946
  • Time of Birth: 21:30:00
  • Place of Birth: Turin
  • Longitude: 7 E 40
  • Latitude: 45 N 4
  • Time Zone: 1.0

what is the Analysis of the seventh house and lord of Sonia Gandhi Ji for husband or life partner?

  • now the lagna is cancer sign or karkat rashi and the lord of the seventh bhava or house so capricorn.Saturn is in the lagan itself and aspects the seventh house as well.also note that Saturn is lord of eighth house or bhava.
  • Saturn(shani) or Capricorn gives her rajiv Gandhi ji who was a hardworking and dedicated person just like the sign Capricorn. As Saturn is a bit dark planet so compared to Sonia ji’s complexion sri rajiv Gandhi ji’s complexion was a bit darker. Though he was also fair and handsome.also note Saturn is in the milky planet of moon sign or cancer this gives more fairness to rajiv ji so bringing him close in fairness to smt. Sonia Gandhi ji.
  • the eighth house ruler ship caused the unexpected and sudden demise of her husband sri rajiv Gandhi ji as Saturn also aspects the seventh bhava or house of Sonia Gandhi ji.
  • From the moon sign the handsome and good looking sign Sagittarius or dhanu rules the seventh bhava or house of hers. This gives her a loving and benevolent husband.
  • Also note Jupiter is into the tenth bhava or house from itself and has Venus nearby giving good looks and magnanimity opt the husband or life partner sri rajiv Gandhi ji.
  • also note mars or Mangal the killer by accidents is in the seventh house or bhava from moon or the life partner. Mars rules the aggressive eleventh house from moon and also sixth house of enmity and accidents from moon so send very aggressive energy to the husband or sri rajiv Gandhi ji.
  • these combinations indicate a possibility of violent death to the life partner or atleast strong enmity to the life partner.

what does thew d9 or navamsa chart say for Sonia Gandhi Ji

  • In the d9 or navamsa chart or horoscope Jupiter is well placed in friendly sign but with mars. so indicating trouble due to mars but otherwise a good and nice husband.
  • As Jupiter is in the sign of mars or Aries indicates possible good connections of the life partner in either armed forces or in government which is 100% true. Rajiv Gandhi ji was infact the prime minister of India
  • The seventh lord of the navamsa chart is sun, indicating a good position for husband but is weak in the enemy sign and aspects the seventh bhava. Also from the seventh house the sun the husband sits in the markesh bhava of self.


  • so over all based on lagna and navamsa chart of Sonia Gandhi ji and also Jupiter one can clearly see her life partner is bound to be benevolent and also a nice and handsome person.
  • but the longevity is a concern and also violent end has to be taken care of .
  • we pray for the peace of the noble soul sri rajiv Gandhi ji , Sonia Gandhi ji’s husband and life partner