Characteristics Of Libra Vedic Astrology

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Libra Appearance
According to your Horoscope, you will have a tall, elegant figure with blue eyes, fair skin, fine brown hair carefully parted near the middle, attractive sets of teeth and beautiful finger-nails. Your nose will be straight - Grecian type. Astrologa della lungara.

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Favourable Points for Libra Signs: Aries, Aquarius, Gemini Planets: Saturn, Mercury Lucky Numbers: 6,8,5 Color: White Favourable Days: Friday Nature: Airy Daily Moon Sign Predictions in Vedic Astrology are done based on position, sign lord, star lord, aspects and conjunctions of Moon at Sun Rise of each day. Similarly, Weekly Moon Sign. In Astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs and each of the signs has its own characteristics, negative and positive traits, expectations and attitude towards life. The projection and position of the planets is analyzed alongside the sun and moon ecliptic at the time of birth. Famous Personalities born with Libra as Moon sign – Saint Tulsidas, Charlie Chaplin, Picasso, NT Ramarao, Smita patil, Anitabh Bachhan, Sarojini Naidu, Gautam Buddha. Depending on the position of Venus, it can take a person to great heights. Choose from the personalized Astrology Reports to know more about your life.

Libra Mental Qualities
You will have a happy go lucky disposition, genial and kind nature and will be fond of show and approbation. You will just, persuasive, artistic and initiative. You will be neat and orderly. You may be somewhat amorous and fickle.

Libra Special Characteristics
You will have a genial but weak nature, fairly disposed to extravagance and unsteady habits. You are likely to have change in pursuits but still be clever in business-dealings. You have a restless mind and shifting objectives. You will gain honour and rank by business and will acquire property.
Your main characteristics will be fondness for home-life and steadfastness in affections. In early years, there are possibilities of trouble and grief, even of financial difficulties. You may have some disharmony in married state. Yet you are sure to become duly compensated by having rise in life by the strength of your own merit.
You nature will be generous, kind and amiable; mind will be fructifying and well-balanced. You will be 'faithful in love and dauntless in war' - a worthy friend and generous enemy. You will have a real happy marriage and substantial wealth. You will have many journeys in connection with your profession, cultural or intellectual mission, or for simply touring purpose. You will be loved and respected for your sense of justice and probity.

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  • Astrology sign Libra called Tula Rashi in Indian Vedic astrology. Goddess Lakshmi is corresponded to Venus, and worship of her can give the fortune to Libran. Horoscope Libra Characteristics Forecast - Libran are brilliant, intellectual, considerate, admirable, refined and pleasant.
  • It is male, movable sign with very little progeny. It is darkish in colour and is related to the element. Wind and the western direction. Thoughtful nature, philoso­phical thinking, active life and efficient statesman­ship are its natural traits. The limbs and tissues below the navel are studied through this sign. Libra General Characteristics.

General Characteristics of Libra Moon Sign born

Libra is ruled by Venus. Saturn is exalted in this sign and Sun is debilitated. Libra is the sign to be represented by an inanimate object – The Scale. The natives of Libra are the very personification of refinement and affection. They are calm person though aware of the worldly bustles did manage to link with spirituality. They are fun and peace loving individual. They have strong ethics, and differentiate what is wrong and right. They are the perfect host of any social gathering. They love to taste every tits and bits of life but do not compromise in any terms. Profession connected with – advocates, beauticians, fashion designing, fashion models, interior decorators, air hostess, cinema and TV artists, perfume and costly and costly garment business.They are a born dreamer and a just person. Key words in their life are beauty and harmony.
They are perhaps as beautiful inside as their appearance.
They love beautiful things of life and often live in a dream world. They are a true romantic with equal share of passion thrown into intimate relationship. There is always a sense of right and wrong and they do not like unfair means. They are demonstrative and their life partner may have very little to complain about in that respect.

Favourable Points for Libra

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Characteristics Of Libra Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Daily Moon Sign Predictions in Vedic Astrology are done based on position, sign lord, star lord, aspects and conjunctions of Moon at Sun Rise of each day.Similarly, Weekly Moon Sign Predictions are based on Moon at Sunday Sun Rise Time, Monthly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon at 1st date of each month along with transit of Sun, Venus, Mercury and Yearly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon's position on 1st January of each year along with major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.