Career Prediction In Vedic Astrology

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In this post, we will discuss How to See Career as per Vedic Astrology. The profession can be predicted from Birth Chart analysis. But before analysis, we have to know the House wise & planet wise profession.

How to See Profession as per Vedic Astrology?

I have explained below how to see a Career as per Vedic Astrology. Also, it can be called Profession as per Vedic Astrology.

Some example Planet wise Profession

Career prediction in vedic astrology vedic
SunGovernment Job, Political, Leader
MoonChemical, Navy, Nursery, Watery business
MarsPolice, Military, Data Security
MercuryWriter, Poet, Dancer, Mathematics, CA
JupiterTeacher, Lawyer, Auditor
VenusAstrologer, Singer, Actor, Architect
SaturnEngineer, Real Estate, Contractor
RahuNeurologist, Space Researcher, Data Analytics
KetuOccult, Tantra, Spiritual Guru, Priest

Some example House wise Profession

IPolitics and Fitness Trainer
IIBanking, Hotel, Consultant
IIICommunication, Writing Traveller, Musician, Singer
IVReal Estate, Vehicle Dealer
VTeaching, Share Market, Gambling, Lottery Bating, Stock Broker, Actor, Govt Job
VILawyer, Doctor, and Banking
VIIBusiness Trader, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Foreign Job
VIIIResearch, Astrology, Archeologist, Insurance
IXTravelling, Teaching, Astrology
XDoctor, Engineer, Govt Job, Police
XIBusinessman, Trader
XIIHospital, Charity, Foreign Job

You have to follow the following steps to do career prediction.

1. Source of Income

Career Prediction In Vedic Astrology Characteristics

Taurus Sign (Resource) – Venus Position
Aquarius Sign (income) – Rahu Position


2. Karam connection

2,6,10 House & Sign – Ex – watery sign in 2,6,10 house – then water-related business
House Combination – Ex – 8th lord in 10th – occult
Planet Combination – Ex – Mars Saturn combo – Industrialist, Ex – Mars in Gemini – printing Books

3. Divisional Chart – for confirmation Purpose

D-10 chart
D-9 chart

4. Dasha Analysis

5. Indu / Shree Lagna – For Growth Analysis Purpose

For example, I will show one chart and explain it.

First, check where is Venus placed in Birth Chart. Venus will show the source of income. Venus in 3rd house in Taurus. 3rd house for communication & Taurus is for food and creativity. Now native is RJ in one FM Company. Also, she is a Voiceover Artist. She had done various cooking courses. And she is planning to launch a food channel on YouTube.

Now see the 10th house. 10th house is Sagittarius which is a fiery sign. This means she can do the food business.

Career Prediction In Vedic Astrology Horoscope

I have shown an answer from Venus’s point of only. After that, you have to do other analyses like Dasha analysis, D10/D9 analysis, Indu Lagna analysis.

Career Prediction In Vedic Astrology Susan Miller

In this way, I have explained ‘How to See Career as per Vedic Astrology’ or ‘How to See Profession as per Vedic Astrology’ with the example and analysis. If you have any queries feel free to comment below this post. Also, you can Contact Us.