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  • Assessment of profession is one of the toughest parts. The principles in Vedic astrology that you can use to spot on the profession are being described here. They have been applied using two case studies for your easy understanding. Career is required for all and there is no such age for a career.
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Luckily, career astrology is here to help you to figure out when is the appropriate time for a job change. So, here is how you can know if it is the time to change your job: Houses in your birth chart that represent the job. In your horoscope, the houses that play a vital role in shaping your career.

The moon sign talks a lot about the choices a native will make according to the moon sign he or she belongs to. Even for one’s career, the zodiac (moon sign) sketched out the entire blueprint of the career as in nature, quality and many other important factors related to one’s profession. Since moon sign is the indicator of one’s personality, hence, one should get into a career that is linked with a person’s likes and dislikes in order to be successful in their professional field.

In the following article, we will discuss the various career options that are available for different moon signs.

  • Career Options for Aries: Ruled by Mars as the Lord of the Moon sign, Aries are known to be strong-willed, energetic and hard workers in their nature. they are known to be highly competitive in nature and hence thrive in jobs that require or demand competition well. They do well in profiles such as mechanical engineering, real estate, sports, construction, Hotel Management, MBA, Finance and marketing, Army, Police, Advertising and Public Relations, etc.
  • Career Options for Taurus: According to the Vedic Astrology, Venus is the Lord of Taurus moon sign. The highly emotional Taurus is extremely creative and talented. They are meticulous workers with highly admirable work ethics. Careers options that suit a Taurus the most are fashion designing, animation, photography, jewelry designing, operation of a fashion boutique, ladies clothing and apparels, media, modeling, singing, dancing, art, and creation, etc.
  • Career Options for Gemini: Mercury is the lord of the Gemini zodiac sign as per the Vedic astrology. They are highly energetic soul blessed with an extremely calculative mind. they own expertise in the area of communication. Therefore profile that requires massive calculations will suits our Gemini the most. Hence, career profiles such as related to accounts, Chartered Accountant, commission or consultancy based brokerage, clerical job, share market, professional advisory, and many more.
  • Career Options for Cancer: The Lord of the Cancer moon sign is the planet, Moon. Cancerians are known to be extremely emotional and creative individuals. They are good at multi-tasking. Career options that suit the most according to their moon sign are those of productions of dairy products, speculative acts, share market, international business or trade, work related to the manufacturing of beverages, baker, psychologist, etc.
  • Career Options for Leo: Ruled the king of planets, Sun; Leo is a born leader with a keen sense of self. With their charismatic personality and positive thinking, they are a source of inspiration for many around him or her. The career that suits best for a Leo are profiles or jobs related to authority, government jobs, civil services profiles, high posts in judiciary system such as that of a Judge, sports, army, police, CEO, managerial positions, editors and may and more of the like.
  • Career Options for Virgo: As per the Vedic Astrology, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. A perfectionist by nature, Virgos are known to be meticulous workers with a keen eye for the minutest details and are extremely organized in their approach to work or any task they take up. The best profiles for a Virgo are statistician, any profile related to calculations, Chartered Accountant, clerical job, share market, investigator, translator, research, technician, and many more.
  • Career Options for Libra: Libra has Venus as their Lord of the moon sign according to the Vedic Astrology. They are highly cooperative in nature and have a diplomatic approach to life. They have the skill of gelling up well with people and can comfortably work with a group of people as a part of the team. A career that will go well with the character of a Libra moon sign is of a social worker, diplomat, lawyer, mediator, relationship manager, fashion designing, animation, photography, hair stylist, jewelry designer, media-related profiles, and many more.
  • Career Options for Scorpio: According to the Vedic astrology, Mars is the lord of this zodiac sign. Scorpio as a person is highly focused with a curious mindset that needs to get to the root of things that make him or her inquisitive in nature. profiles that match the personality of a Scorpio are Hotel industry, researcher, Finance and Marketing, Detective or Spy, construction, sports, and many more.
  • Career Options for Sagittarius: Jupiter is the lord of this zodiac sign as per the Vedic Astrology. Sagittarius as a person is extremely hard-working and introvert in nature and is pretty rigid in his or her personal belief system. If she or she considers something there’s absolutely nothing that can change the way he or she perceives that particular topic. Job profiles that suit the temperament of a Sagittarius are an administrative job, clerical job, teaching, education field, religious profiles, spiritual journeys, etc.
  • Career Options for Capricorn: According to the Vedic astrology, Saturn is the Lord of the Capricorn moon sign. They are smart workers and try to find out a new and innovative way to work where the maximum output is achieved with a minim effort put in. they are really good at distributing and allocating jobs to others. Therefore profiles that suit them the best are any profile related to science, a high post in the judiciary, oil, gas, iron, hardware, construction, the agricultural field, lawyer, accountant, banker, and many others.
  • Career Options for Aquarius: The Vedic Astrology says that Saturn is the Lord of the Aquarius zodiac sign. They are famously known as the visionary as they have an undying excitement to explore novel and creative ideas. They are also known to be a humanitarian in nature. job profiles that suit them the most are that of the inventor, scientist, artist, musician, engineering in any field, a high post in judiciary, lawyer, philosopher, and many more.
  • Career Options for Pisces: For the Pisces moon sign, Jupiter is the Lord of the zodiac according to the Vedic Astrology. As an individual, Pisces are known to be extremely passionate and creative in their approach to life and work. They have a strong sense of intuition which helps them in almost all the aspects and dimensions of life. The job profiles that suit them are profile dealing with fish, teaching, education-related profiles, clerical job, administrative job, writing, editing profile, and many more.


Although the zodiac sign determines the choice of profile a person might choose, there are other factors such as planetary placement and position, retrograde movements of the planets, degrees, malefic effects, which also come into consideration to actually know the right profile of a person. In order to check these, one needs to get his or her natal or birth chart thoroughly analyzed by a professional, certified and authentic astrologer who can give further insights to the exact job options that will work in your favor and will help you grow in your life without a single glitch or backlash.

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Analyzing the natal astrology chart for clues that help in choosing an appropriate career is an important part of the astrologer’s research. The determination of a client’s vocation has to take into account nearly every aspect of the birth chart in order to find an occupation that both satisfies the yearning for fulfilling work as well as providing a necessary source of income. Through the astrologer’s techniques of analysis one discovers the details of one’s karma and latent potentials. The viewpoint of Vedic Astrology is that by living in harmony with your karma while simultaneously consciously activating your potentials, you can increase the level of success and satisfaction in your life.

How a person functions in the world, the use of one’s talents and skills, the ability to understand and communicate, the position and status that is desired, the capacity for hardship and struggle that must be endured—all this and more needs to be evaluated in order to find a proper “fit” for a career choice. In this exploration of the chart the astrologer is helped by certain factors that directly bear on the topic of career.

Career indicators vedic astrology horoscopes

It is essential to choose a career appropriate to one’s personality characteristics. The zodiacal sign in the first house, i.e., the rising sign, is the primary indicator of one’s personality. Second to this is the Moon’s sign. An emphasis on the sign Leo, the sign of the king, indicates a person for whom subservience to another is akin to a living death. Career guidance for Leo must point towards a profession that gives free reign for self-expression and receiving the acknowledgement of others (example: Woody Allen). On the other hand, a chart with Capricorn as the rising sign prefers to be in a position of responsibility, where fulfilling one’s duties and obligations efficiently brings a sense of self worth and satisfaction. Thus Capricorn is ideally suited for a managerial position (example: Barack Obama). If Gemini is the rising or Moon’s sign, the person is born with a chameleon-like flexibility of the mind capable of adapting to the needs of another’s level of understanding. This sign has a liking for change and hates routine. Gemini personalities are suitable for the changing conditions required in a profession that deals with the public (example: Merv Griffin).

Aside from the qualities of the rising sign and Moon’s sign, the predominance of a particular planet in the birth chart will strongly color a person’s personality with its natural characteristics. For instance, Mars occupying the first house adds a dynamic, action-oriented, competitive nature to the personality. An appropriate career choice would have to include the theme of “victory” as well as fast-moving events. If other astrological factors indicate physical talent, then a career in sports could be considered. Mars also finds expression through physical work, especially of a technical nature, such as auto mechanics. The fast-moving competitive world of business deals is also a possibility.


The 10th house of the astrology chart most specifically addresses the issue of Career. The traditional signification of the 10th house is that it represents Actions in Society, which by extension includes status, position, renown, conduct, deeds, as well as livelihood. In our modern context the most important meaning ascribed to the 10th house is one’s profession. The ancient texts from India didn’t have a whole lot to say about profession, since in that culture your career was defined by what caste you were born into; if you came from a family of farmers you were a farmer: end of story. Today we have much more vertical and lateral movement possible in this area of life, and especially now with rapidly changing conditions in the world, the techniques of astrological analysis applied to the 10th house have gained a lot of importance. Once again the qualities of the sign as well as any planets located in this part of the chart have to be considered as primary factors.

For example: Venus, the planet of Beauty, when strong in a chart, signifies a potential career in the arts. If Gemini, a sign known for having an affinity with the arts, is the rising sign, then Venus represents the 5th house of Creativity (for Gemini-rising Libra is the 5th house sign, ruled by Venus). If it occupies the 10th house (which for Gemini rising is Pisces, a sensitive romantic sign), Venus then becomes the planet representing the person’s creativity placed in the house of career, which when added to the natural inclinations of Venus, makes this person suitable for a profession in the arts field (Max Ernst, Orsen Welles).

In another chart, Aquarius is in the first house. Aquarius is the humanist of the zodiac; people with this sign emphasized want to do some good in society. The Moon represents the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service in an Aquarius-rising chart because Moon rules the 6th house sign, Cancer. The Moon, signifying Mother, is a naturally nurturing planet. If the Moon is in the 10th house of Profession, then this person is most appropriately engaged in a career that emphasizes service to the public. Since Scorpio is the sign in the 10th house of Aquarius rising charts, and Scorpio is itself a sign noted for expertise in the medical field, a career in public health would be one possibility.

Astrology can help to assess whether or not someone has the potential for running his own business. One key component is a willingness to take risks, shown by an emphasis in the birth chart on signs noted for that characteristic, such as the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Additionally, the 3rd house representing Initiative and Self-promotion has to be strong, as well as the 6th house representing the ability to Overcome Competitors and Adversaries.

The astrologer seeks more clues that provide career guidance by looking for astrological factors that connect the 10th house of profession with other parts of the birth chart. Links from any house in the chart to the 10th house indicate karma that ties professional activities to the people and actions signified by that particular house. If the planet ruling the 10th house sign is found in the 5th house, then the 5th house themes of Creativity, Teaching, Children, Speculation & Investment, and Sports & Entertainment become important to the analysis. If there are to be financial arrangements with others, the 8th house (“other people’s money”) has to be emphasized. If the career involves selling to unknown people, for instance over the internet, then the 12th house (foreigners, unseen people) needs to be strong in the chart. A connection between the 1st house, the house of “Self” and the 10th house indicates someone who is self-employed.

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Career Astrology Reading

There are many other techniques used in Vedic Astrology for evaluating career potentials. Through skillful analysis of your natal chart the astrologer builds up the details of the “case” for a particular career choice. Everyone who hasn’t wants to find a means to deal with the financial necessities while simultaneously satisfying the soul. The tools of Vedic Astrology provide one way to discover answers to this particularly modern dilemma.