Car Accident Vedic Astrology

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Whenever anyindividual suffers from an accident and the mental trauma thereafter the firstthing that he thinks on recuperating is that his time is bad and the planetarypositions are not in his favor. He thinks of performing remedial measures toreduce the bad effects.
Car Accident Vedic Astrology
The followingquestions naturally arise thereafter.
Does the positionof Planets have anything to do with accidents?
Is it possible toanalyse the causes of accidents through astrology?
Car Accident Vedic Astrology
Is it possible toknow the time period when accidents can take place?
The answer to allthe above questions is – Yes.
The followingfactors play an important role in determining whether the native is susceptiblefor accidents.
The sign lord ofAscendant, Moon and the Sun in a birth chart.
The strength ofAsc, Moon and Sun.
And finally theTransit Chart.
Every sign has itsown quality. Hence every person born in a sign will have certain common and importanttraits. The Ascendant in Aries is the most prone for accidents whereas Virgo isleast prone for accidents. This is because of the excess nervous energy theAries lagna native and his inability to control it properly. Similarly Pisceslagna native is also prone to accidents. The two faced fish that Piscesrepresents cannot take decisions quickly due to their weak reflex action. TheVirgo lagna native is more cautious and will always think twice beforeinitiating action. Libra natives are well balanced and hence they are notgenerally prone to accidents. In a general manner the natives with Ascendantsin the Fixed signs ( Taurus, Leo, Aquarius) are less prone to accidents. Theydo not like changes, experimentation and hence they follow a fixed routinewhich probably is the reason.

Car Accident Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

The sign occupiedby the Sun plays an important part in determining the vitality of the native.The more the vitality the better the strength to recuperate and less the damageincurred. Sun is very hot and a fiery planet. It is comfortable when itoccupies similar signs. But when it occupies Watery signs like Pisces, Cancerand Scorpio it will not be comfortable and hence cause accidents. Similarlywhen Sun occupies Sagittarius, Capricorn the fiery nature gets centred andconcentrated to a particular location and this protects the individual.Similarly when the Sun occupies the fixed signs Taurus, Leo and Aquarius thefiery nature seems to be controlled by the individual and hence there is lesschance of harm and accidents.
Vedic astrologygives more importance to Moon being in a friendly, own or exalted sign for thewell being of the individual. Moon gives life to an individual and helps thenative to survive from all casualties. Benefic aspects will improve the healthand protection to the individual. Even malefic aspects are better than noaspects to the moon. The most dangerous situation is having the moon in thebirth chart without any aspect. In fact all the balarishta yogas which arescripted are based on the moon’s position, its strength and the type of aspectsit receives. Moon occupying Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces will be comfortableand hence it will give maximum protection to these natives. Moon in Sagittariusand Libra will also give beneficial results with regards to the health of thenative. Moon in saturnine signs of Capricorn and Aquarius and Martial sign ofAries will be more prone to accidents, bruises, cuts, fevers than others. SimilarlyMoon occupying the Nakshatra of Saturn and Mars will be more prone to accidentsthan others. In a birth chart if there is a negative aspect from Saturn or Marsto the moon then the native is more prone to accidents.
The next importantthing that is to be looked at is the dispositors. The sign in which the lagna,sun and the moon is placed needs to have a good relationship / aspect with thelord of its dispositor. This relationship will decide whether the native willbe accident prone or not. Eg. Moon is in Taurus. This is a favorable positionas moon is exalted and will give maximum protection, but if its dispositorVenus is placed in the 12th house from it (Aries) then it isconsidered unfortunate and the moon will lose its ablity to give protection. Anothereg will be Aries Lagna and its dispositor Mars occupying the 12thhouse in Pisces. This position will give negative results and make the nativeaccident prone.
Car accident vedic astrology susan miller
The 12thhouse and the placement of its lord plays an important part in determining theevents that happen over which we do not have any control. If the Fixed signshappen to be the 12th house then it is favorable as it acts protectivelyand also the effect is localized to a particular area. If the lord of the 12thhouse happens to occupy an upachaya sthana then it gives favorable result. Thisgives the native protection from accidents and any other undue negativeresults.
The 8thhouse and the placement of its lord gives us an idea of how and where theaccidents are likely to take place and when. The placement of the 8thlord in the Asc gives bodily injury and makes the native injury prone. Itsplacement in the upachaya sthana gives protection to the native. Its placementin the 8th house increases longevity. The sign / house it occupiesgives us an idea of the bodily injury that could be likely to take place. Eg.for an aries ascendant native, Venus happens to be the lord of the 8thhouse and its placement in pisces will give injury to the calves.
The 4thhouse signifies the end of all matters and it also signifies fatality inaccidents. As per KP the 4th house lord, its star lord, 4thcuspal sub lord having any relationship with the 8th or the 12thhouse gives accidents. The native is likely to suffer from accidents during itsmaha dasha, antar dasha, pratiantar dasha or sookshma dasha. Accidents may also occur during the major and sub-periodsofmaraka and badhakalords or planets placedtherein.
The planets Marsand Saturn are associated with Accidents. The positioning of Uranus, Neptuneand Pluto is also said to be vital when it comes to accidents. Some possiblecombination for a native who is accident prone is - Rahu and Mars in ascendantor second house, Saturn in Ascendant, Mars in Ascendant, Mars or Saturn in thethird house, Mars or Saturn in 5th house. The Dasha periodneeds to looked into upto sookshma dasha level. Any combination and involvementof the 12th, 8th, 4th house will giveaccidents or hospitalization during its period.

Car Accident Vedic Astrology Susan Miller

Lastly the transitsplay an important role. If the dasha period signifies any accidents and thetransits do not support them then the native is unlikely to get any accidents.This fact needs to be studied in detail. Accidents may occur during the transitperiod of malefic planets who occupy or aspect the malefic houses or the birthpositon of the moon, sun or lagna. Prediction made only on dasha periodswithout looking in to transits will not give correct results. The aspects ofbenefic planets in Transit on the lagna, moon, sun will always help the nativeto lead a healthy and an accident free life.