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Capricorn Horoscope Overview 2020

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2020 might consist of combined outcomes for Capricorn persons according to 2020 Capricorn Horoscope. Good results could be forecasted within fields like industry and profession. On the 24th of January 2020, Saturn will combine forces with the Capricorn mark at your horoscope's first house. From the first months of 2020, Rahu should be inside Gemini's 6th home status and later combine with Taurus sign by 23rd September within your 5th home.

On the 29th of March, Jupiter combined the Capricorn symbol at the 1st house. After becoming retrograde, this could change back into Sagittarius on 30th June and later rejoin the 1st home in Capricorn subsequent to becoming direct. From 29th May to 9th June, Combust Venus shall bring forth its tests. 2020 Capricorn Horoscope as forecasted in the Vedic astrology is shown below:

Capricorn Horoscope 2020 versus Economic Condition

The year might not be helpful towards your economic status. You’ll incur much expenditure this year. Many risks on losses of wealth or damages from the starting point of this year may occur. Originally, the Lagna Lord of your sign or 2nd house king Saturn shall be sitting within your 12th home which is never very favorable and it shows expense. Nevertheless, on 24th January it might join Capricorn, the Saturn's best position. However, this will not provide you with much relief since the Lord Jupiter's 12th domain and the Moon Sign king will be in your home on 29th March, Saturn. This will push the family expenses up again.

There are chances of marriages in your home, also after the month of March as well as before June, you may invest into cultural activities. Your spending rate will skyrocket from March-June. Whenever Rahu transits his mark from Gemini-Taurus, the assets and finances might be disrupted. You have to consider many things before investing your money into something; you should think well to avoid investing into risky businesses. Ultimately, money will flow in greatly, however, there’d be outflow of cash too.

2020 Capricorn Horoscope on Health

A healthy body as well as mind may definitely live a good life. It’s therefore vital for everybody to ensure that he or she is in utmost good health. Your well-being will be good all through the year since the outcome of Rahu sits within your sickness home, as per 2020 forecast.

At the commencement of 2020, due to the condition of the Lagna king and your 6th House king, you ought to monitor your health. This condition will not live long as you might easily recover from the disease if you’re suffering from anything life-threatening. You should take extra caution over your spouse’s health by April of this year. You need to take proper care of the health of your family in the first months of this year too. Don’t forget to consider it also in August too.

Career Horoscope as per Capricorn 2020

The 2020 year prediction concerning Career Horoscope on Capricorn signs shows a good career outcome. The year has a good promise in the offering for you. By January, Saturn shall transit inside your Lagna that would look like the 10th career home with its size. There’ll be 11th house king Mars inside the 11th home. There’ll be also another good mixture of Rahu within the 6th room, and this will offer you an appropriate career options. This year you shall enjoy a better fame and name. As regards foreign trading and ties, 2020 will be particularly auspicious.

For you who is looking forward to getting job or having lost your job within the previous days because of some workplace difficulties shall bag a proper job with an alluring salary. Your profession will improve within the months of March, April, and May. By this period of time, you might be promoted. Your income shall rise greatly. Most period of the year, your fortune 90m, may benefit you. In the months of October-November, you have to apply caution. There’s going to be a kind of organizational dispute which you ought to tackle. You could travel abroad because of your career and pursuits within the first months of the year. During the middle months of the year, you can meet with benefits too.

If you're running your own venture, your reputation, fame and money this year is going to be great for you. To expand your business, travelling to far distances or to outside countries will enable achievement of greater margin. The year is certainly auspicious as regards to your company or profession.

2020 Education Horoscope as per Capricorn

Students having this mark or sign in this 2020, will avail excellent results. This proclamation is in accordance with the 2020 Capricorn Horoscope. The promising outcome is caused by Rahu's transit into the 6th competition house. Success awaits you in any competitive examination within the first months. This is owing to Jupiter's location within your Lagna, you ought to struggle harder in months like March, April, May and June for a good outcome. Your luck shall assist you all through the best part of the year.

The months of the year such as; July as well as August shall assist you in the accomplishment of your objectives. If Rahu transits her sign from Gemini into Taurus subsequent to September, it may reduce your power of facing challenges. This year 2020, after September, nevertheless, is excellent because of the position of the 6th home with connected houses. If you are on the lookout for a long-lasting job, this is the best time to get one.

If you aim graduating from a quality institution abroad bagging a professional certificate, this is the best period for that. You could fulfill your ambition now. You may get good information within the two months as well as in the final half of 2020 before the month of December. Generally, the year is going to be promising for you in academic outlook.

Family life according 2020 Capricorn Horoscope

Your family existence is going to be warm for you from the prediction by 2020 Capricorn Horoscope. It could lead to disappointment owing to the fact that Saturn's position is inside your domain. Your 2nd home king Saturn will dwell by the commencement of 2020 year inside your 12th home. This is another mark of downfall, but never in any adverse or inimical sign, though. Your 1st as well as your 2nd houses were in line with it, making it very auspicious.

By January this year, you may purchase some luxury products for your father and mother. Also, this year, Jupiter may dwell in your 12th home. Whenever you collect any loan, Jupiter will enable you to pay back the debt. Your relatives will be in abject agreement with you. Whenever Rahu transits or changes her mark from Gemini-Taurus, it could be promising for speculative incomes within September of 2020.

Owing to Jupiter as well as Saturn aspects upon your 7th marital life house, there’s a strong probability of a Manglik Karya in your kin. You could expect an impromptu development may occur within your family by February of the year. It might also cause you some stress connected to your relatives whenever Rahu transits her mark.

Marriage & friendships according to 2020 Capricorn Horoscope prediction

According to 2020 Capricorn Horoscope your marital life will bring a combined result. Venus will dominate your 1st home at the beginning of the year, which is good for your marital life. All through the month of January, you would be in closer relationship with your relatives. Saturn will transit later inside Capricorn to take away the passion of your life as you focus more on routine obligations and things. Nevertheless, as soon as in your Capricorn Sign Jupiter moves, it will spark off the passion again. Even though there will be some kind of disagreements, within the months of March-June, you will love your spouse. For those that are yet to get married, it could be the best time if you are hoping to. It is an auspicious period.

In the mid- section of this year, you and your spouse could embark on long as well as short vacations. This process could be best for you and your partner for visiting religiously significant places. Your spouse’s health condition could reduce during the month; April and December. Adhere to the instructions of the physician. Recently wedded couple could look forward to having a kid from March-June in 2020, November and December as well. In conclusion, the year estimation for marital life is favorable.

Love affairs and 2020 Capricorn Horoscope

2020 features period of medium romantic life, according to the Capricorn Horoscope. There will be consistency as regards to your love life. You could get married this year especially when you’re in love with someone and desire to marry such person. It is promising for the middle section of the year as well as the months from November to December. You’ll be highly optimistic within the first months of the year, but while the year advances, Saturn will transit via your Lagna leaving you with a feeling of general disappointment in every area of your life. You’ll lose interest in everything. It might not lead to break up between you and your spouse, though.

The lack of interest in romance and love between your spouse and you return to you people in the period of March, April, May and June. within your Lagna, also, Jupiter will transit, making things good for you. You may become interested in arguments or debates. But due to Jupiter's right position it would not have much impact on you. It would protect you from all forms of accidents. If you desire recommending someone, do it within this period for positive response within the middle of the year. In general, love life will be moderate this year.

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Capricorn Ascendant

What is Capricorn Ascendant?

To understand what Capricorn Ascendant is, we must know what an ascendant is. An ascendant or lagna or rising sign is the sign that was rising above the ground on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a native.

You would be Capricorn ascendant, if at the time of your birth, the sign Capricorn was rising from above the ground, in a way similar to the rising of he sun.

Natives that are Capricorn ascendants, have Saturn as their ruling planet. The inherent features of Saturn have a lasting impact on the core characteristics of the native.

Characteristics of a Capricorn ascendant

The characteristics of a Capricorn ascendant are impacted by their Ruling planet. Below are the core features and characteristics of a Capricorn Ascendant. Chitra nakshatra vedic astrology.

Physical appearance

Physically, the Capricorn Ascendant natives have stiff and thick hair, especially on the chest and the eyebrows. They also usually bear teeth protruding outside the lips. The give a stern impression and show a sense of deepness and maturity in their looks



Career wise, the Capricorn Ascendants being natural risk takers are well equipped with the required gusto in fields related to technology, invention for the future. They also have an ability to create a career as lawyers or in government jobs, etc.

Capricorn Ascendant Vedic Astrology


For Capricorn Ascendants, it is very easy to be perceived as snobbish. They are so pragmatic and practical that they value facts over emotions. This is considered as snobbish behavior by many. They are just conditioned to think of themselves as better than others.

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Capricorn Vedic Astrology

They understand the depth of traditions, cultures and the values they tend to hold. They also have a great sense of acquired social position and status in the society. While they do not develop bonds too easily, the ones they do, they count on them for permanence. They usually demand the same level of responsible behavior like themselves. As they are conservative in their approach, they stick to their commitments with all their heart.

Self Sufficient

As Capricorn Ascendants, while the world relies on other people for happiness, they are content and self-sufficient. They only establish bonds based on rationale and terms acceptable to them and not just for the sake of change, learning or emotional dependency. For Capricorn Ascendants, it is of great value to be content and satisfied with themselves.

Trust Issues

While the Capricorn Ascendants feel too responsible for everything, they just safely presume responsibility because of their lack of trust on everyone else. They assume that others would not be as good in the work as they are and this lack of trust risks their relationships.


Health wise, Capricorn ascendants generally suffer from diseases that are air borne. They don’t fall sick easily, but if they do, they are prone to issues concerning the joints, teeth, hair, skin and nervous system.


Capricorn Ascendant Vedic Astrology

Capricorn Ascendants have high ambitions and don’t let any distractions come in their way to attaining the set high ambitions. They are too focused on their professional growth and leadership prowess; they seldom miss out on the small blessings of life.

Jupiter In Capricorn Vedic Astrology

Love Life

Capricorn Ascendants are more realistic than romantic and an equally logical and realistic partner would be best for them. Displaying love is not their best front and while they do take time to get in a trusting relationship, when they do, they are really into it.


Capricorn Sun Vedic Astrology

Capricorn Ascendants value tangibility over and above emotions. Achievement of goals, winning trophies and living a life full of medals and accolades is paramount to them. They would prefer material gains over lasting human bonds. They don’t open up easily with people and savor their emotions for moments of pride on accomplishments. For them, prestige and goal achievement is a true judge of their personal success. As Capricorn Ascendants are ruled by Planet Saturn, it is hard for them to trust others. They have less trust in the abilities of other people and therefore assume more and more responsibility themselves only. They have high ambitions and they are self sufficient. The reservation in their nature is sometimes misconstrued as snobbery, but they do not have time and interest in justifying their stand to others. They are content individuals and there is no zodiac as goal oriented as they are. They are born achievers.

Jupiter In Capricorn Vedic Astrology