Cancer October Horoscope Susan Miller

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october weekly horoscope 2020 for cancer

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Cancer First Week Horoscope October 2020

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Cancer October Horoscope Susan Miller

Cancer October Horoscope Susan Miller
Between 1st & 2nd some new guests may grace yourhome. The Moon in 3rd may give favourable time; may get a minor wind-fall.
But between 3rd & 4th you may develop differences with your close friends.
Avoid confrontations and clashes as much as you can at this juncture. Do notdrive your vehicle at the break-neck speed. Be wary of your enemies’conspiracies, your kids may baffle you and you may feel quite tense.Between 5th & 7th you may enrich your knowledge. Mail received will be fullof good tidings. Your morale will be upbeat. You’ll feel happy and mayremain occupied in the social welfare schemes.

Horoscopes By Susan Miller

Cancer Second Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 8th & 9th the tide will be quite favourable.
Source of income may multiply to give you much gains. Your friend’scooperation will prove quite advantageous to you. Between 10th & 11th youmay concentrate on your ambitions. Partnership business will be gainful.
Some mysterious events may happen before you. Marital relations willbecome better. Between 12th & 14th the Moon in 8th may cause much tensionand financial loss. Your efficiency and capabilities may plummet. Youralmost completed projects will be held up. You may over work and sufferexhaustion. On 15th the conditions will be better.

Cancer Third Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 16th & 18th you’ll satisfy your whims andindulge in buying things you coveted for long. You’ll be in a pontifyingmood but you’ll donate to the needs liberally. However be careful about therogues as they may try to exploit you to the hilt. But between 19th & 20thnoon you’ll have a very positive approach. If you’re a lawyer, builder or anengineer you’ll become an expert architect of the buildings. You may busyyourself in cleaning the house and in its renovation. However, during thisphase your one indiscreet remark may cause your friends to turn your foes.
Be guarded in your language between 20th evening to 22nd. On 23rd you’llenjoy a good time.

Cancer Fourth Week Horoscope October 2020

Between 24th to 25th you’ll have a good time owingto the Moon in your sign. All your financial dealings will be in your favour.

Today's Birthday Horoscope Susan Miller

Your morale will be upbeat and you’ll feel quite secured. May get goodprofessional opportunities. Between 25th & 26th all your hungering worriesmay vanish. You’ll be able to work concentratedly. Your performance in anyfield will be better than before. Between 27th & 29th you’ll have a very goodphase. May plan for an auspicious ceremony. Money inflow will be thick andfast. Progress in many sphere will be yours for asking. Spouse will be quitecooperative. However between 30th & 31st many unexpected things canhappen. Your moral values will be quite compromised. Life style standardwill also fall. Avoid any fresh investment as you may lose the money forever.