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Cancer and Cancer Weaknesses. As with every relationship, a Cancer and Cancer relationship can only work when there's a balance between both parties. If one of you is the talker and the other is the listener, then eventually a sense of unfairness can begin to set in. The listener may start to feel that their needs aren't being tended to. Cancer and Aries Compatibility An Aries is more of an individual sign, who lives independently of anyone's influence and desires less control in life, whereas the Cancer is more of a people's person, always wanting to be surrounded by the family and loves.

Given below is today's, (Sunday, April 25) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Cancer & Leo zodiac combination.

Cancer And Leo Couple Horoscope

You and your partner are deeply in love with each other. But you two are entirely different personalities and different taste. And have always maintained a very good understanding of each other’s differences. You are a shy and somber person and your partner is entirely opposite of you! He or she propel immediately whatever comes to their mind. And at this point of time you have to understand that your love is just being tested.

Your partner may pass any offhand comment to you as a result of a disturbed mental state. You must not take it to your heart and do not let it ruin your day. Your mind will tell you that your partner did not intend to hurt you and you must listen to your mind! Do not get over flooded with emotions or egoism! Your partner will later on realize their mistake and will try all possible means to make for it. Rather divert your attention for converting their dialogue into a funny pun. This will dissolve all your aggression and will diffuse the humid situation.

You will also get a chance to talk to your partner about all the daring things you want to do in life! They will stretch their full support to you in exploring your wild side! They will be in for this adventure to remember and you never know they may participate in it equally!

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Leo Horoscope Love And Relationships

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