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It is considered auspicious to read panchang daily. Panchang gives you an overview of muhurat and other auspicious timings for you to consider while venturing into new business or even carrying on with your daily activities.

Date: Today is March 12, 2021, Friday. As per the Indian national calendar, today is Magha 29, of Sakasamvat 1942 (Sarvari). According to Hindu lunar calendar the date is Phalguna 13, 2077 (Purnimanta) and Magha 29, 2077 (Amanta).

Bts astrology chart

Tithi: Hindu panchang tithi today is Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi upto 03:02 PM, followed by Krishna Paksha Amavasya.

Aries Sex Match: Sagittarius. You are adventurous and spicy, Aries. You love it when your bedroom.

Here’s Why IU And BTS’s Jungkook Are Actually Compatible With Each Other, According To Astrology Their romantic compatibility is highly surprising — Jungkook will be delighted. Stan legends, stan bangtan sonyeondan. Bonjour, you who is reading this. Welcome to this bts astrology blog! I am mihee, a libra sun, virgo moon and cancer rising. 4 years ago 29 notes. Opposites attract. Bangtan Astrology is for those of us who see and understand things a little more astrologically! Here you'll get to see the members' signs and understand how they come together to make the individual members of BTS. Chart analyses, compatibilities, etc. Can be found here as well!

Nakshatra: Shatabhisha upto 10:51 PM, followed by Purva Bhadrapada.

Karana: Shakuni upto 03:02 PM, followed by Chatushpada.

Yoga: Siddha upto 08:29 AM, followed by Sadhya.

Inauspicious Timings : Today Rahu Kaal is between 11:08 AM to 12:36 PM, Yamaganda from 03:34 PM to 05:02 PM, Gulika from 08:10 AM to 09:39 AM and Durmuhurtam timing today is between 09:04 AM to 09:51 AM and 01:00 PM to 01:47 PM.

Auspicious Timings: Today Brahma muhurat is between 05:06 AM - 05:54 AM, Abhijit muhurat timing is from 12:13 PM - 01:00 PM and Amrit Kaal 03:49 PM - 05:30 PM.

Auspicious Choghadiya Timings : Labh 08:10 AM - 09:39 AM, Shubh 12:36 PM - 02:05 PM.

Additional Information: The above panchang is generated for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. To change the date and place, go to panchang

Uttarayan, Vasant (Spring) rithu, Sunrise 06:42 AM, Sunset 06:31 PM. Moon is in Kumbha rasi. Sun is in Kumbha rasi.

Sunrise sunset timing for major Indian cities

CitySunrise - SunsetMoonrise - Moonset
Chennai06:21 AM - 06:15 PM05:38 AM - 05:34 PM
Mumbai06:52 AM - 06:43 PM06:15 AM - 05:59 PM
Delhi06:38 AM - 06:23 PM06:09 AM - 05:31 PM
Kolkata05:51 AM - 05:41 PM05:15 AM - 04:52 PM

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Here you go! Jimin first then I’ll post Yoongi’s! As always, my comments in bold.

Bts zodiac compatibility

Your Cancer Sun and Jimin’s Libra Sun share many common traits. You both are compassionate, thoughtful and kind. Being part of a couple is very important to both of you. Libra feels off-balance until they are paired, Cancer needs someone to take care of. Your home life would be the top priority in this relationship. His charming ways win him many friends, while your warm and sensitive nature invites them in. Your differences may show in his inability to understand how emotion plays a part in all that you do. Not that he doesn’t feel emotion, he does, he just balances his with rationality. All water signs live their lives making emotion-based decisions, which is perfectly rational to them. Libra has a more balanced approach, fairness being the main goal.Your Moon in Virgo, coupled with your Cancer Sun, may mean you are the one everyone calls when they need help, and you almost always rise to the occasion. Virgo’s are generally very dependable people and hate to let anyone down. You do things in an orderly way, even if that order makes no sense to anyone else.

Bts Astrology Chart

While Cancer is usually shy, Virgo is reserved, keeping a tight lid on emotions. With Jimin’s Moon in Gemini, he is talkative and loves to talk about new ideas he has. That is great, except he has so many ideas it is hard for him to settle on just one. He may start home projects and never finish them, driving the Virgo in you mad with what you see as disorganization. Although, will be so charming while doing it you will find it hard to stay irritated with him.You also have a Virgo Rising sign, adding to your shy and reserved qualities. You may be quite sensitive and very aware of all that goes on around you.

Jimin, with his Cancer Rising, will be sensitive to your moods and may seem a little shy or unsure at times himself. You both will always do better together than apart, and will rely on each other for support.Mercury in Gemini (you), coupled with Jimin’s Mercury in Libra, makes for stimulating conversations. Mercury rules matters of the mind, communication and sense of humor. Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini, so you may feel at home in this position. You and Jimin should be able to brainstorm any problem and have fun doing it. You are both great communicators, have inquisitive minds, are very intelligent, and probably quite funny. Your Venus is in Gemini, while Jimin’s Venus in Scorpio. You may be flirty, super into someone one minute, not so much the next, not really knowing why. You love little love games, not really leading someone on, but making them wonder. On the other hand, Venus in Scorpio, once he has expressed interest, you won’t shake him soon. He is intense in his passion, serious about his love, and plays for keeps.

Don’t let him catch you flirting too much, he has a jealous, possessive nature, and once hurt, he may have a hard time forgiving it.There may be complications with your Mars in Gemini and his Mars in Scorpio. Mars brings out our sexual desires and determines how we pursue those we are interested in. It is the masculine to Venus’ feminine, so is most aggressive in this pursuit. Where Gemini likes to keep things light and easy, sometimes in a relationship today, another tomorrow, Scorpio is the complete opposite. If he is interested, you WILL know it, his intensity will not allow it to be otherwise, and his sexy, almost scary stare will haunt your dreams. He will be relentless in his pursuit, almost predatory, if he sees you as “his”. Jupiter is in “fall” in Capricorn, the position of your birth. This may make Capricorn’s naturally ambitious qualities a little harder to implement. You still have drive and determination, but may worry and fret over little details, causing indecision.

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Jimin’s position of Jupiter in Sagittarius, however, makes up for this. He is bold in his ambition and easily puts his great ideas to use. He can help make your ambitions a reality for you.WIth your Saturn in Aries, in your work or career, you get things done, period. With a don’t mess with me attitude, you work until the work is done and prefer others do the same. Jimin’s Saturn is in Pisces, he works hard but sometimes may wonder to what end. He is more interested in artistic pursuits and helping others in need.Uranus in Aquarius people like you, are near-genius in their thinking, open to any and all possibilities and friends with almost everyone. Jimin’s Uranus in Capricorn may make the Capricorn tendencies he has intensify, or make him throw away his rule book altogether and go with your way of thinking instead. Uranus in Aquarians can be quite convincing with their facts and figures, so he will probably fall in line.

Bts Horoscope Compatibility

Having Neptune in Capricorn, as both you and Jimin do, just makes naturally ambitious Capricorn work harder to achieve any practical or spiritual goal. If you want to open a ministry in the far reaches of the jungle, Capricorn will work tirelessly to make it happen.Pluto in Sagittarius (you) and Pluto in Scorpio (Jimin), may butt heads on political matters, global problems and how change should come about. You will forge ahead with an idea for change, bringing your army with you. Taurus horoscope cafe astrology. Jimin will know the problem, think of the solution, and work quietly on his own to achieve it. It may be hard to get him on board with your way of making big changes.You both also share Lilith in Cancer, which may make it hard for either of you to let your nurturing side show. It can also signify total emotional immersion in the bedroom, not knowing where one of you begins and the other ends. Sounds like fun!You and Jimin are opposites in your nodes, yours being North Node Aries, South Node Libra, his is North Node Libra, South Node Aries. The nodes give you an idea of your karmic past and you soul destiny. With Aries, your destiny may involve relationships and marriage, all things Libra embodies. WIth Jimin, his mission is to find and get to know himself and learn how to love the person he is.

Accepting and loving oneself is an Aries trait. This would work very well, since you could both add your perspective to the others goals. Finally, you have Aries in your Juno, while Jimin’s Juno is in Sagittarius. The sign of Juno at the time of your birth is said to point to your soulmate’s sign. In your case, an Aries, Jimin’s a Sagittarius. You can’t take it to literal though, as anyone can take on the traits of any sign and may mean no more than that. Generally, Juno in Aries may mean you wish for a partner with those qualities of a strong leader who is willing to fight for you, but can independently stand on their own. Or that you are too independant yourself to commit to anyone. This actually works very well with Jimin’s Juno in Sagittarius, since freedom in relationships and desire for individuality is foremost on his mind.

Bts Zodiac Compatibility

Kristy’s comments:

I think this chart is really spot on about Jimin in relationships, especially with his quest to know and love himself being first and foremost important! Also it pretty much confirms my 50/50 switch theory, so I’m RIGHT