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​Barry Rosen has been practicing Vedic astrology since 1987. He has studied in India and has spoken at the American Council of Vedic Astrology Conferences in Sedona, AZ since 1999, and at British Association of Vedic Astrology in London since 2006. He has been involved in Vedic culture since 1973 and is a long-time meditation and yoga teacher, as well as a published poet.
He has applied Vedic astrology to predicting financial markets since 1987 and has published numerous articles in leading journals including the NCGR journal, Trader’s World and the Trader’s Astrological Almanac. He specializes in blocks to finance in one's birth chart.
Recently, he has been pioneering research in other areas of Vedic astrology including Astro-Yoga and Vedic astro-locality; the effects your current physical location have on your chart and connecting astrology to hatha yoga for therapeutic purposes, developing transformational healing work to move through challenging karma. He sees himself as a neo-Vedic astrologer and uses the outer planets. He is particularly interested in Jaimni astrology and the soul’s journey through the physical world, its karma and purpose.
He feels that people are much more dynamic wave functions than the fixed solid points their rigid natal birth chart might imply–especially if they have been developing their consciousness over the years.
Barry feels that Vedic astrology should be used for spiritual upliftment, that the real value of astrology is not to create fear, but to help you to see that many of your emotional and mental patterns are just the play of the planets. He believes a good reading should help you witness the play of karma so that you are not gripped by it; you can transcend it and realize your own Divinity, becoming the commander of the planets.

He writes a blog on Facebook under Financial Astrology by Barry Rosen, and his financial forecasting website
For more information about Barry and his work in astrology, visit his website

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  1. Based on the sideral Zodiac, Vedic astrology provides many varied tools for the aspiring practitioner. Vedic astrology is one of the oldest and most revered forms of astrology in current practice.
  2. Andrew Foss, PhD. Andrew is the President and co-founder of BAVA and has been studying and teaching Vedic Science for 30+ years. He is the author of Shri Jyoti Star, the leading computer software for Vedic Astrology and the popular book and ebook series Yoga of.

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  • Pt. Sanjay Rath- Sanjay RathBE.MechEngg, Jyotiṣa Guru, Jaimini Scholar [email protected] Personal Website DBC Education/ New Delhi, India +91 9818593935 fb/SanjayRath Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri, Orissa, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Sri Achyutananda). Sanjay studied under his uncle, late Pandit Kasinath Rath. His grandfather, the late Pandit Jagannath Rath, was the Jyotish Ratna of Orissa and authored many books on Jyotish.
  • Andrew Foss- PO Box 91, Earlysville, VA 22936, USA. +1-202-657-5432 [email protected] WebPages Andrew FossAndrew is the President and co-founder of the British Association of Vedic Astrology. He has a BA and MA from Oxford University in Physics and an MSc and PhD in Computing Science.
  • Sarbani Rath-Background 15B Gangaram Hospital Road, New Delhi, India 110060 +91-11-42430122, +91-9810449850 [email protected] Twitter Updates WebPages FB Sarbani RathBorn on the Thirtieth day of June 1962 in Calcutta, India at seventeen minutes past midnight, to very pious parents Ashoke Kumar Sarkar and Aloka, who were the third generation in the Sarkar family directly associating with the Ramakrishna order. Sarbani had the good fortune of associating with the saṅnyāsins of the Śrī Sāradā Math from birth.
  • Sat Siri Khalsa- Sat Siri Khalsa [email protected] Personal Website JSP America P.O. Box 486, Santa Cruz, New Mexico 87567-0486, USA +1 505-753-6521 fb/SatsiriJyotishSat Siri is a fulltime practitioner of Vedic Astrology and an honors graduate of Harvard University. Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, the lore of light, is the ancient cosmology that is at the stem of astronomy, quantum physics, Ayurvedic medicine, math, numerology, and Western astrology.
  • Visti Larsen- Visti LarsenBA.Ling.Merc, Jyotiṣa Guru, Jaimini Scholar [email protected] Personal Website Rama Education/ Søborg, Denmark DK# (+45) 3693 4989, US# (+1) 718-404-9315 fb/Larsen.VistiVisti Larsen began studying Western Astrology in his spare time during his secondary education, a journey he began upon hearing the mention of the word ‘Ascendant’. He has been studying Astrology since an early age, beginning with Western Tropical Astrology and since migrating to Vedic Astrology or Jyotish. During his higher studies Visti came under the tutelage of Pt.
  • Mariella Cassar- [email protected] +447773403681 Mariella Cassar is a practicing astrologer qualified in both Vedic and Western Astrology. She studied Jyotish with Pandit Sanjay Rath for many years and is qualified both as Jyotisha Pandita and Jaimini Scholar. Previously, she studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and obtained the Diploma and a post graduate Diploma in Counselling. Mariella is a Fellow and past treasurer of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI) and a Member of the British Association of Vedic Astrologers (BAVA) and has served on the Council of the Astrological Association (AA).
  • B. Lakshmi Ramesh- [email protected] +91-877-2234897 +91-9494404481 Lakshmi is a practising astrologer from Tirupati, the world famous temple town in Andhra Pradesh, India. Hailing from a pious, banking family she had the major good fortune of receiving diksha from Bhagavan Shri Satya Sai Baba at the age of one and half years. Due to this rare blessing, she read Ramayanam, Mahabharatam and Bhagavatam by the tender age of 2 and half years and completed the 18 Maha puranas by 7 and half years of age.
  • Kaartik Gor- [email protected] +971555532511 Kaartik Gor is a professional Vedic Astrologer, originally from Somnath, Gujarat and now based in Dubai. Kaartik comes from a family of priests and Jyotiṣa was part of his life since early days though he got interested after meeting his Gurudev. His early life was spent in Gujarat and later Mumbai where he completed his Engineering and later worked with corporate giants in their Sales and later as a Project Manager in Mumbai & Dubai.
  • Željko Krgović-[email protected] +381 64 1549680 Željko Krgović is born in Montenegro in 1980. At the age of 20, he started practicing Transcendetal Meditation. From that moment, his life starts changing by accepting Ahimsa as a way of life. Goes deeper with the search for spirituality with Bhagavad Gita with commentary of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and […]
  • Branka Larsen-[email protected] +45 6199 0437 Branka was born and raised in Gracac, in the valley of the Velebit Mountain in Croatia. In her early childhood years she would witness the signs of spiritually waiting ahead of her. Her mother and mother’s side of the family got initiated into the practise of Transcendental Meditation, whilst her […]
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Aries horoscope february 2021 youtube. I am a member of the British Association for Vedic Astrology ( and ThinkTree Hub. I have a Masters in Engineering (Rensselaer, USA) and an MBA in Marketing and Finance (NYU, USA). I currently practice as an Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and Life Style coach.