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The 2020 U.S. presidential campaign experienced a formidable turn of events with the Mike Bloomberg campaign launch occurring on an astrologically powerful day at an astrologically significant time.

The Bloomberg campaign launched on Sunday, November 24, 2019 with a Tweet at 9:11 am. This creates a natal horoscope for the campaign itself. Thus, think of the campaign as having a life of its own, which will be responsive to its natal horoscope.

Bloomberg’s plan was endorsed by the Governor whose support was considered key to approve the bill in Albany. Here we reach a critical juncture, as Bloomberg’s natal Mercury joins next with his Moon, in the eighth house of possible death of the idea or project and heads into that nasty configuration when the Pinball can drop into the trough.

Bloomberg has both the Sun and Moon, along with Mercury and Venus, in Aquarius. (Click on Mike Bloomberg to see his chart.) In fact, Fixed signs dominate his chart, explaining why he waited until it was almost too late to enter the race. Of course, a late entry is not going to phase a cool Aquarian. provides free daily horoscopes, online tarot readings, psychic readings, Chinese astrology, Vedic Astrology, Mayan Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, zodiac 101, sun sign compatibility and video horoscopes. Well, Mike Bloomberg’s horoscope is one with plenty of force and drive. And on the day that is about when new Presidents get inaugerated, he has quite a few strong transits to his Venus. As you can see below. We have Jupiter and Saturn conjunct his Venus, and Mars and Uranus square his Venus., Inc. Provides advertising services and free horoscope readings. The Company offers original horoscopes and astrological content on the web, as well as online astrology, tarot,.

The time and date look like they were deliberately selected for the campaign launch because the day was one of the most powerful of the year, and the time indicates a powerful intention to have global impact.

Let’s start with the day itself. Two extremely powerfultransits occurred in the sky that morning within hours of each other.

First, Venus and Jupiter aligned in Sagittarius, exact at8:33 am (A). Venus is the planet that rules money and Jupiter, the planet thatinflated whatever it touches, is in its ruling sign of Sagittarius. Venusconjunct Jupiter translates into “big money,” which Bloomberg has with anestimated net worth of $58 billion, according to Forbes in 2018, which put him among the top 10 richest people inthe United States. For every $100 million he allocates to his election campaign,it would be like you or I, with $58 in our pocket, spending 10 cents.

Second, Mars was exactly opposite Uranus at 11:51 am (B).This transit is notorious for triggering surprises, explosions and accidents,with Mars in charge of triggers and Uranus in charge of the surprises, etc.Interestingly, the Venus/Jupiter conjunction was in a 120-degree trine toUranus, which translates into “easily accomplished big-money surprises ordisruptions.”

So, just with these two transits alone—and the Bloomberg campaign launch sandwiched between them—the 2020 presidential election campaign has been disrupted by a new entrant willing (and able) to spend big bucks to win the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

It’s the third factor, though, that convinces me that thetime was selected specifically to give the Bloomberg campaign all the power thehoroscope chart could muster. The time of announcement/launch was when the signof Capricorn was just beginning to rise on the eastern horizon in New York (C).At 9:11 am (also symbolic for a 9/11 connection?), it was the first minute that00 Capricorn was on the ascendant in a window that lasted just four minutes.This degree of Capricorn is significant because it is considered a “worldpoint,” and is associated with events that have global impact.


In sum, the Bloomberg campaign to become the 46th President of the United States has innate power to disrupt the status quo by virtue of massive amounts of money. And, the campaign is intended to have impact on the world. Now, like with any natal horoscope, it will be up to the campaign itself to take the high road or low road in expressing both its natal planetary placements and upcoming available energies.

Bloomberg Campaign Horoscope Highlights

Like any natal horoscope, the Sun, Moon and ascendant are the three most critical placements that describe the campaign’s life. As previously indicated, the ascendant at 00 Capricorn shows that the Bloomberg campaign will be viewed by the public as having global significance.

The campaign’s natal Sun is at 01 Sagittarius in the 11th house (D). The Sun in Sagittarius indicates the campaign’s core purpose and outward motivation is to seek truth, explore new horizons, establish a new philosophy and have global influence. The global theme is enhanced by being in the 11th house, which represents not only the campaign’s hopes and desires, but also that it will be in support of large groups of people. This is the house of humanitarian efforts. The low-road expression of this Sun placement would be that the Bloomberg campaign becomes preachy on believing its solutions are the only ones that are viable.


Bloomberg Astrology Sign

Astrology vedic gemstones defects characteristics. Also, at this degree of Sagittarius, the danger for thecampaign is to succumb to short-term volleys that only serve to stir the pot.Rather, the campaign is best served by keeping the conversation focused on itsdeeper, more meaningful goals.

Bloomberg Astrology President


The Bloomberg campaign natal Moon is at 04 Scorpio in the 10th house (E). The Moon represents the campaign’s inner motivation and tendencies. Unfortunately, Scorpio is the Moon’s absolute least favorite sign, where it feels homeless, so this is a difficult placement in a house the represents the campaign’s standing in the world. Indeed, the Moon in Scorpio is all about being passionate for the cause, but it also can result in being manipulative or secretive in its efforts to relate with the public. At this degree, the Moon has the ability to withstand relentless pounding that seeks to break down its intentions.

Bloomberg Astrology

Michael Bloomberg Astrology 2020

Bloomberg’s campaign Moon is supported toward its mostpositive expression by being tied into the powerful Mars/Uranus opposition. Marscarries the ability to take action and Uranus is able to create disruption, changeor revolution; their challenge is one of moderation, i.e., taking action that movesthe needle and creates positive change, rather than starting a revolution.Indeed, Mars is quite strong in Scorpio as the sign’s ruler, a position enhancedby being at the top of the chart. Expect campaign actions to have positiveintent and belief in integrity, rooted in unrelenting research.

Bloomberg Astrology 2020

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll take a look at critical dates duringthe 2020 election year that might shed more light on how both Bloomberg’spersonal horoscope and his campaign’s natal horoscope will be activated byplanetary transits and timing.