Bharadwaj Astrologer Triplicane Address

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  1. Bharadwaj Astrologer Triplicane Address 2020
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Expertise of Biswarup Tarafder as an Astrologer

Bharadwaj astrologer triplicane address list

Bharadwaj Astrologer Triplicane Address 2020

REASON FOR CHOOSING ASTROLOGY AS CAREER. After continuous Upasna, meditation and introspection, he found himself full of positive energy and vibrations. He began to believe that the divine Shastra of astrology must be used to bring back faith in every human. He felt that the purpose of our life is to grow and go beyond the illusion of life.

  1. Astrology is the study of celestial bodies, the planets and the stars, and their positions in co-relation to events on earth. Astrology charts the position of the sun, moon, planets, and other.
  2. Bharadwaj Astrology is an astrological service provider based out of Delhi. Matching horoscope is an important aspect of every wedding function and therefore you need some professional guidance we ypu finalise a wedding. Bharadwaj Astrology is the perfect choice rat you should be making as he has comes with years of experience in this field.
Bharadwaj Astrologer Triplicane Address

Bharadwaj Astrologer Triplicane Address 2019

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I ( Biswarup Tarafder) have been in the journey of Astrology for last 25 years and have picked up some knowledge from the ocean of Vedic Astrology. My knowledge have increased leaps and bounds in last 9+ years since when I started my full time practise as an online vedic astrologer and I would be in this journey in gaining more and more knowledge till the time I live. Presently my expertise are in the following fields:

  • Marriage or relationship timing

  • Conditions in marriage or relationship

  • When the timing in relationships would be good or when precautions has to be taken.

  • Marriage or relationship compatibility

  • Fate of the native’s spouse

  • Indication of disharmony if at all in relationship with spouse

    • Divorce

    • Seperation

    • Problems in conjugal life

    • Right advice based on destiny in any of the above 3 situations.

  • Friendship compatibility

  • Compatibility in any blood relationships and their phases even without seeing the other charts

    • Relationships with and fate of individual progeny

    • Relationships with and fate of individual siblings

    • Relationships with and fate of individual parents

    • Relationships with and partial fate of individual relatives

  • How to know in advance when to take precautions to avoid conflicts in any of the relationships who all are important in life of the native.

  • Corporate compatibility

  • Compatibility of a person with any company provided the date of incorporation or date of launch of the company was recorded.

  • Corporate partnership compatibility

    • Between humans

    • Between corporations

    • Between humans and corporations

  • Phases of a company’s destiny

    • Major Corporate decisions like associations and partnerships

    • Merger or Acquisitions

    • Restructuring

    • Raising capital

    • Advice based on the destiny of the company in above 4 cases.

    • If the parent corporation’s destiny has limitations in opening another line of business how to choose the date and time of launch of the sister concern taking care of that. Best if the incorporation date and time can be controlled. If both above 2 cases are not possible controlling opening date and time of bank account.

  • How to select the date and time of launch of services ( For corporations)

  • How to select the date time period to open a bank account for individual or corporations

  • How to choose the industry for business

  • How to choose the product for business

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  • Phases of career for a sportsman

  • Phases of career for a film star

  • Phases of career for a scientist

  • Phases of career for a professional

  • Job timings

  • Job change timings

  • Conditions at the office and how to optimise it.

  • How to select the place of residence for wellbeing

    • place for good relationships

    • place for good money

    • place for good occupational success

    • place for peace

    • place for overall well being

  • How to select the industry where one can work long term.

  • When to plan a child birth.

  • How to plan a child educational phases.

  • How to decide when to do a course for maximum success.

  • Areas of the body to be taken precaution for health.

  • Phases of good or bad health.

  • In case of ill health at present moment when the cure would take place.

  • Phases of Money income

  • Which source would give money and when.

  • Which area to invest and when.

  • When to buy a house.

  • When to sell a house.

  • Birth time rectification when one is unsure of their exact time of birth but date and approximate time of birth has to be given for this service.

There are other several gamut of areas where advice can be given to a client. All the things which I mentioned above requires few hundred of hours to cover for an individual. In a 45 minutes session of verbal advice which I give to my clients is basically to address most important areas which they want advice at that point of time in their life. In reality a session with me is just a beginning of a relationship which appears to be there for most of them for their entire life.