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Introducing Exotic Astrology. Chinese horoscope sign for 1970. Welcome To The World Of Rare And Unusual Zodiac Study. People – A lot of people – are interested in Astrology and, incredibly, that interest seems to be increasing with time. We may become more knowledgeable and informed, the world may be smaller thanks to modern communication but our interest in the spiritual. I have a channel on YouTube named “Exotic Astrology” with over 12,000 subscribers, where I preach about the Gita, Bhagavatam and Astrology. I also have a website where I do professional astrological readings for people. Sri Bhabajeet Ji has excellent knowledge on Sri Bhagavatam and is a very young and dynamic person with truly in-depth knowledge on astrology and in our Vedic scriptures. I am adding some of his best videos from his youtube channel “Exotic Astrology” for all of you to gain knowledge on the subject.

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Bhabajeet Exotic Astrology
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