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Posted By admin On 07.08.21
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Free Vedic Astrology

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Vedic Astrology is a sacred science and an ancient study based on mathematical calculations. At AstroSanhita Vedic Science & Research Academy Vedic astrology will be taught using time proved authentic scriptures on the subject by Renowned Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee who has more than 15+ years of experience in the field. Jyotish Studio is used by astrologers and students of astrology worldwide to do the difficult calculations of planetary positions, charts, and other techniques of Jyotish. This website is devoted to exposing and selling Jyotish Studio to the world. Here you can learn about, purchase, and download the Jyotish Studio software program.

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Best Vedic Astrology Website

Best website to learn vedic astrology online

Best Website To Learn Vedic Astrology In Hindi

    • Becoming an Astrologer
    • The Fundamental Concepts
      • Astrology Basics
      • The Planets
      • The Signs and Houses
      • The Aspects
      • The Moon's Nodes
    • Approaching a Chart
    • Methods of Prediction
    • Comparing Charts for Compatibility
    • Keys to Chart Synthesis
    • The Politics of Astrology
    • An Introduction to Vedic Astrology
    • General Principles of Vedic Astrology
      • The Signs
      • The Houses
      • The Nodes
      • Yogas
      • The Ascendant and Lord of the First House
      • Significators of Life Themes
      • The Strongest Planet
      • Aspects
      • Nakshatras
      • The Art of Synthesis
    • Vedic Tools of Prediction
      • Dasas
      • The Iyer Method
      • Prashna
      • The Timing of Relationships
    • Websites on the best astrology programs
      • Solar Fire Gold