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This free astrology birth chart reading includes the chart wheel along with a full birth report.

Astro-Intelligence reports are not recommended for people who do not know their birth time at least within an hour. An accurate birth time makes for an accurate report. Unless you specify the type of time in use, we assume that the time you give is the type of time legally in use in that year and locality. Apart from these, the software allows you to create and maintain backups, design and print your reports and has many many more features that will help a professional and beginner alike. All in all Kundali Chakra 2012 Pro edition is one of the best astrology softwares out there and should be the go to choice of every professional. 2-Solar Fire Gold. Astrology Reports. Looking for astrology reports? Cafe Astrology is primarily dedicated to offering free, informative, and diverse articles. However, we offer some services and products at low prices. Below is a list of these products and services. All computer reports are delivered via email attachments within 24 hours of order placement.


Jump down below to see a detailed list of what's included or some tips on how to interpret your own chart.

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What’s included

You will get a report of your planets in the signs, planets in the houses, and a list of your aspects. Even if you don’t know your time of birth, you may find your moon sign here if the moon did not change sign on your day of birth.

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In addition to major aspects, this report also includes minor aspects such as quintile, biquintile.


In addition to the regular planets, this report will also include Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, and North Node. If you know your time of birth, then it will also include the Ascendant, Midheaven, Vertex, Part of Fortune, and Chiron.

You will also get a list of your planets in the houses for 12 house systems: Alcabitius, Campanus, Equal, Koch, Meridian (axial rotation system), Morinus, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric (Polich/Page), Vehlow, and Whole Sign houses. This will include a list of the exact degree of your house cusps for all 12 house systems.


Compatibility Astrology Reports

To interpret your birth chart, see 4 Easy Birth Chart Reading Techniques For Beginners. You may also want to see the Birth Chart Layout lesson or How To Read Your Birth Chart.

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