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Online Astrology Classes By Astrologer KM Sinha

Online Astrology Classes By Astrologer KM Sinha Online astrology classes by Best Astrologer K. M Sinha, who is one of the ideal solution if you are seeking for an online Astrology course in Delhi, India. While through this astrology course you will came to learn a completely new dimension of astrology. Mostly it provides online courses for a certain fee, but it also has various free video courses which also provide certificate after completion. Udemy ensures that the best learning material is available for people. Its courses are best for learning digital marketing, graphic designs, Photoshop, coding and more. Gurukul of Astrology Science provides Quality & Professional Astrology and Vastu Courses in Delhi, India. Acharya Lokesh Dhamija is Best Astrologer in India. Study material provided: Study material of Vedic astrology principles from authentic and best scriptures in word document form + astrology software will be sent by email. Some study materiel is provided is initially and the rest of study meterial and astrology software will be provided after about half the course is over.

Online astrology classes by Best Astrologer K. M Sinha, who is one of the ideal solution if you are seeking for an online Astrology course in Delhi, India. While through this astrology course you will came to learn a completely new dimension of astrology. After completion you will be able to see the world from a whole new perspective. With help of this course you will get the immense knowledge of astrology which will be delivered by none other than the world-famous astrologerK. M Sinha. He is a highly popular astrologer in India. He is one of the most trusted astrologer available for online consultation and course. He took astrology as a means of worship, as a source to serve humanity. He is so blessed with the blessings of god and his gurus that he has divine power of making accurate predictions. His friendly nature will allows you to comfortably discuss anything with him. The vision behind online astrology classes by K. M Sinha is to provide best quality astrology education and knowledge which will aid you in bringing happiness and prosperity in the lives of your family, friends, and relatives by solving their problems, hurdles, and issues and helps them to getting rid of malefic effects of planets. Besides, all of the above he is also widely known for providing online astrology consultation and live sessions for every problem in your life.

Benefits Of Astrology Course

  • After completion of the course you will be able to view the world with a completely different perspective.
  • Astrology has quite good demand in India and all over the world.
  • A very good career opportunity.
  • Can help you a lot to achieve financial freedom in a quite easy way.
  • Make your name in this field and then earn fame and respect in the society.
  • Help others by solving their spiritual and planetary issues and gives them a better life.
  • Learn the core and most important points in online Astrology Class
  • Marriage Prediction – Match making, Arrange marriage, Love marriage, Re-marriage and Divorce.
  • Best Online Astrology Courses In India 2020

  • Education Prediction – Education and Higher Education, Stream, Grading Success, till which level you will study and Line of Education.
  • Career and Profession Prediction – Most Suitable Career option with Job and Business, Ups and Down associated with it, will you get government job.
  • Childbirth related prediction – Complete Tasks related to the Child birth, perfect time of planning a child birth, correct time of birth, and everything related to it.
  • Litigations Prediction – All the types and scale of Litigation, Arrest, Bail, Kidnapping, Home arrest, Murder, Domestic Violence, and all the issues related to it.
  • Vehicle and Property – Whether you will buy a new Vehicle or second hand, when you will purchase a new property, whether there will be any dispute related to it or not.
  • Best Online Astrology Courses In India Online

  • Travel and Foreign Settlement related Predictions.
  • Health and Medical Astrology – All your health and medical related issues will be Diagnose, Surgeries and Calculations as well.
  • Longevity Predictions – Concept as per Nadi Nakshatra will be done.
  • Learn about the houses and their effects and impacts on individuals life, position and movement of planets in each house and their consequences.
  • Transits Predictions – Calculations with Dasha system and Accurate Prediction Delivery will be teach in this.
  • Horary – Accurate Prashan kundali answer.
  • BTR – Birth Time Rectification.
  • Remedies and solutions – As per current scenario and event happenings.
  • Gem stone – How to select the right one, right to wear it and importance and relevance as per events of life.
  • Event Planning Method – Modern and Scientific Method of Remedy.
  • Understanding of Muhurats and how to calculate them, hindu months, and the character of the zodiac signs.
  • Astrology as a subject of study in degree courses was introduce by University Grant Commission (UGC) in year 2000. Prior to this some Sanskrit collages and institutes use to have astrology in their curriculum of Acharya and Shastri degrees. However, there was no dedicated degree courses in astrology such as B.A. and/or M.A. in astrology. In year 2000 then HRD minister Shri Murli Manohar Joshi ordered UGC to introduce astrology as ‘ Jyotir Vigyan’ degree course in Universities. This decision of HRD ministry by then BJP government ignited many rationalist, scientist and communist politicians. Two cases were filed against this decision, one in Madras High Court and the other in Andhra Pradesh High Court, both of which were dismissed. The petitioners from Andhra Pradesh filed an appeal in the Supreme Court and they subsequently lost the case there also. Shri K.N. Rao appeared as a private petitioner in this case in the Supreme Court to defend the cause of astrology which he did successfully. He has mentioned the details of this matter in his book “Jyotisha the super-science”.

    However, things are still very miserable as far as teaching astrology is concern in India is concern as non of the top ranked Universities are offering any courses in this ancient subject. Delhi University , Calcutta University , Jawhar Lal Nehru University (JNU) are among the top ranked Indian Universities and none of these have have any astrology courses to offer. Only the Banaras Hindu University is among the premier Indian Universities which is teaching astrology as a degree subject in their affiliated collages.

    Last year i filed an RTI ( UGCOM/R/2014/60299/1) to seek information from the UGC regarding the list of Indian Universities offering astrology courses. I got the following document in reply which is being reproduce here without any changes for the benefit of astrology lovers. If any interested person wants to learn more about courses being offered here then just ‘google’ it out and find out the contact number of concern authorities in the department of astrology in these Universities and/or Collages.

    State/University Department


    STATE: ANDHRA PRADESH Department : Oriental Learning

    Best Online Astrology Courses In India Free

    Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Jyotisha
    K.S.Darbhanga Sanskrit Vishwa. Jyotisha
    * ( Govt. Sanskrit College, Patna )
    * ( Govt. Sanskrit College, Bhagalpur )
    * ( Dharamsamaj Sanskrit Coll.,
    Muzaffarpur )
    * ( MARL Sanskrit College, Darbanga )

    Pt.Sunderlal Sharma Open University Jyotisha (Not a Deptt.)


    Sh.L.B.S.R.Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Jyotisha (Sidhant & Phalit)

    M.S.University of Baroda Jyotisha

    # ( Baroda Sanskrit Mahavidayalaya )

    Shree Somnath Sanskrit University Jyotisha

    # ( University’s Constitutent College )



    Karnataka Sanskrit University Jyotisha

    # ( Shri Manmaharaja Samskrit College )


    Jiwaji University Jyotir Vigyan

    Vikram University Jyotir Vigyan

    M.M.Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya Jyotisha

    Maharishi Panini Sanskrit Evam Vedic Jyotir Vigyan

    Jyotisha (Siddhant)




    Kavi K.Kalidas Sanskrit Vishwa. Jyotisha Best astrologer in jalandhar.


    Shri Jagannath Sanskrit Vishwavidy. Jyotir Vigyan

    Best Online Astrology Courses In India Language


    Vardhman Mahavir Open University Jyotisha

    Rajasthan University Jyotir Vigyan
    J.R.N.Raj.Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya Jyotisha

    J.Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Jyotisha
    # ( Research Instt of Rajashthan Studies )
    Mody Instt. of Tech. & Science Jyotisha /Vedic Astrology(Under
    Arts, Sc. & Comm)
    Annamalai University Jyotisha (Astrology-Under Deptt of
    Tamil Studies)

    Shanmugha Arts,Sc.,Tech.& Res.Acad.Jyotisha (Astrology)

    Karpagam Acad. of Higher Education Jyotisha (Astrology)


    Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Jyotisha


    Banaras Hindu University Jyotisha
    Lucknow University Jyotir Vigyan

    Sampurnanand Sanskrit VishwavidyalyJyotisha

    Central Instt.of Hr.Tibetan Studies Jyotisha

    Nehru Gram Bharati University Jyotisha


    Best Online Astrology Site In India

    Uttarakhand Sanskrit University Jyotisha

    Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Jyotisha & Vedic Karamkand

    Best Online Astrology Courses In India Right Now

    Uttarakhand Open University Jyotisha

    Best Online Astrology Courses In India

    Jyotisha (Falit)