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Time Nomad is one of the top astrology apps and perhaps the best free astrology app available on iPhone. Time Nomad is an advanced planetary positions calculator software that ensures accurate birth chart calculations. The app can also build precise astrological charts for any given date within the nearest centuries. Zodiac Signs Compatibility The zodiac can reveal the hidden qualities of humans, something you should know before you step into a more serious relationship with someone. If you believe in astrology then you need Zodiac Signs Compatibility. This application is very accurate and liked by many people.

How accurate is the Love Synastry Love Compatibility Test?

The Love Synastry App is extremely accurate in giving you important insight into the long-term potential of your relationship, which may not be so obvious in the early stages of dating someone.

It can also reveal hidden patterns you may have not noticed even if you have been together with your partner for years.

This exact numerology compatibility test method is unique, as it combines a number of ancient techniques, and has been tested on thousands of couples over the course of 25 years.

The Love Synastry compatibility test gives very accurate information about the long term potentialof any relationship as well as the base compatibility between two people. You should, however, never rule out your own feelings and experiences with the relationship. Even though the Love Synastry app shows extremely accurate love compatibility test results, you and only you know your partner in person.

If your partner is showing abusive behavior, is lying, cheating on you, or in any other way hurting your feelings or emotions, you should by no means use the app to excuse their behavior.

On the other hand, if you already feel confident that you have found the one, and the love compatibility test results confirm this – you can trust it to re-affirm your own intuition and reasoning about the relationship.

Why is this love compatibility calculator better than other similar applications?

Nowadays we come across a great number of applications, made for fun, or numerology and astrology calculators that only use one technique to show results, which are either very subjective, or very inaccurate. Our love compatibility calculator is neither of that!

The Love Synastry app consists of a number of techniques that have been combined into a method that has been manually tested on a huge number of real-life couples, before being developed into an app.

We have created this Love Synastry app with the pure intention to help you truly thrive in your love life! We KNOW the struggle of finding that special partner, who makes us feel truly loved, valued, appreciated, and taken care of, so having discovered this amazing tool, we felt it is our mission to share it with the world!

The Love Synastry app is the BEST relationship compatibility test for making sure you don’t pass by your soulmate and not notice them!

It is also the BEST shortcut to true love, as it can help you better choose your dates, so that you don’t waste time on the wrong ones!

Is numerology better than astrology?

Since I have a background in both astrology and numerology, I can say that in a way – yes!

Numerology can be better in giving you a more accurate result about your compatibility with someone, because it is less subjective. Numbers are numbers, and they give you very straight-forward results.

Astrology can surely provide much more in-depth information about the psychological profile of a person as well as predict certain events in their life, however, we have found that astrologers can go very wrong in their compatibility readings. This is because each astrologer interprets the planets’ positions through their own prism and through their own experience. The Love Synastry Love Compatibility Test is indeed very straight-forward in giving you the short, clear answers to make the right decision about your love life.

How should I use the Love Synastry compatibility test?

Enter your birth date and the birth date of your partner.

You can also use the Love Synastry app to check compatibility with potential dates from dating sites. Why waste time on dates that are no good for you in the long-run, especially if you are looking to find true love that lasts a lifetime! Skipping the wrong ones altogether gives you a much better chance at finding your soulmate sooner!

  1. Follow through the steps.

First, the app gives you a very basic love compatibility test result by analyzing your mutual life path number. This first indicator of compatibility is not to be ignored, as 98% of couples, who are not compatible by life path number separate even after years of being together. Pay attention to this very first compatibility indicator, and keep it in mind.

Second, the love compatibility app uses special calculations to analyze your long-term marriage compatibility results. This is a very important indicator, which provides an extremely accurate analysis of how well you will be able to synchronize your different value systems as a couple.

Again, thousands of results from real couples as well as analysis on celebrity couples has shown that if this one indicator is missing, the clash of personalities is likely to ruin the relationship sooner or later. In this part of the analysis, we give you very specific advice on what to do in order to overcome potential drawbacks in this area of your relationship.

Third, the Love Synastry Love Compatibility Test uses another special, time-tested formula to calculate how prone each of you is to take on responsibility and commit in the long term, then synchronizes the result to show you how well you will work as a couple. This is another crucial indicator of love compatibility, especially if you are looking to build a family life together and have kids. It is extremely hard to form such a relationship with someone, who is inherently irresponsible and has a deep-rooted fear of commitment.

This indicator has again been tested on a great number of individuals to prove its trustworthiness, and is absolutely vital knowledge you need in order to make a decision on whether you need to take it to the next step with someone, or rather move on (especially if you have doubts already, and they have been flaky).

Best Compatibility Astrology App

Last but not least, the Love Synastry Love Compatibility Test makes a comparison on your and your partner’s karmic combinations, which is another important indicator of lifelong happiness.

Each of us comes to this Earth with a certain amount of karmic burden and lessons they have to learn. If you and your partner have the very same karmic lessons to learn, then you will start weighing each other down at some point in the relationship, rather than lifting each other up. In this case, you are most likely to have the same weaknesses, same fears, and same demons to fight, which means you do not complement each other harmoniously.

On the other hand, if you have relatively different karmic lessons to learn, you will be harmoniously complementing each other, and helping one another, as you will be able to learn from each other, and help each other grow.

This last indicator of compatibility should also be paid good attention to, especially if you are looking for a truly exceptional union of Love! Remember, we are not giving you a compatibility in lust – that’s easy to get – we are helping you find true love!

If you are yearning for that special someone, for that soulmate, the love of your life that will keep your heart warm, joyful, excited, but at the same time calm, and truly happy – then it is time to stop guessing and start using the Love Synastry Compatibility Test App!

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In technical terms, Astrology Software is the program used for horoscope calculation and various other astrological tasks. When it comes to utilization, these software are widely used by not only the professional astrologers but by normal people too.

What you should use Astrology Software?

Astrology is something people believe in. So, there are a lot of software available for helping them with this. These software gives us the records of the planetary system of the universe. Those reports give us information about the horoscope predictions and also reflect the effect of planets, time, and things on future dates.

They also represent the remedies and help in minimizing the effect of unwanted tithes, calculations are also provided for Panchang, wheels, and birth dates

These software provides the measures of the position of planets and represents them in the form of graphics and charts. They also collect the data and enable us to save more and more database files. There are numerous other reasons to use astrology software. However, the primary reason to use them is to make our predictions quick and easy.

To help you with this, I have created a list of the best astrology software for Windows you can start using right away.

Best Astrology Software For Windows in 2021

1. Solar Fire V9

Solar fire V9 represents the art of astrological techniques. It requires less investment of time to perform the calculations of planetary systems and positions. It is designed in such a way that it can offer easy usability with great performance.

It gives visualizing the effect of graphical charts which are easy to process. The printing quality is high and gives beautiful charts, and graphs.

It has features of virtual graphs, solar and lunar eclipses, harmonic waves of the universe-planetary system. It includes great basics and data and detailed noted on most astrological techniques.

Price of Solar Fire V9: 360 USD

Cafe Astrology’s Compatibility Pages: Compatibility Venus Sign Compatibility Compare Venus signs. Moon Sign Compatibility Compare your Moon sign with that of a romantic partner or interest. Sun Sign Compatibility Compare your Sun signs. See also the Love Compatibility Grid for an overview of how zodiac signs, in general, relate to one another. Free Reports: Compatibility Report Scores How to interpret the scores in the free Compatibility Report with Birth Times. Numbers over 1200, in any of the three columns, are considered very high and significant. I've had the free compatibility report section on. Cafe Astrology offers a report that interprets the synastry or compatibility of lovers and relationships. Cafe Compatibility when Times are Unknown. If you do not know the birth times and want a quick relationship report based on birthdates, this is the form for you. Birth chart compatibility cafe.

Upgrade from Solar Fire V8: 99 USD

2. Leostar Professional

Created in India by the astrology experts, Leostar Professional is another amazing astrology software to use. LeoStar Professional is one of the most advanced and user-friendly Kundli software available for the users.

For astrologic calculations, this software provides its excellent support to the users. Leostar professional is most suited for the professional astrologers. However, there are different other versions which are good for the beginners too.

It includes the horoscope predictions, match mate graphs, and globally research work on the planetary system which effects one’s life. It also contains the database files of kundali system update. To predict the future and know the location of stars is pretty easy with this software. Some amazing features are wealth calculation, predictions, transits, mantras, Numerology, dashas, teva, etc.

Pricing of Leostar Professional: 340 USD Approx.

Compatibility Astrology Birthdate

3. Janus 4.3

Compatibility astrology chart

Janus 4.3 provides a smooth and interactive experience along with numerous features for advanced astrology. It includes the best visualization process to display charts, maps and wheel. It shows accurate sizes of the graphs and symbols and lines.

In Janus, files are easy to store and data can be updated from time to time. Copying of the actual structures as displaying on the screen is pretty easy.

Planets, angles, graphs, sublines and sub-points are defined and placed with the correct measurements. For beginners, affirmations are also available. Along with that, you receive other features like eclipse charts, Azimuth, autoclock, medieval astrology module, etc.

Compatibility Astrology Chart

Price of Janus 4.3: 249 USD

Best astrology compatibility app

Upgrade from Janus 4.2: 99 USD

4. Kepler8.0

Kepler gives the best experience to one who practices astrology as a profession. However, if you are a beginner, this software can help you to learn numerous new things easily. The software comes along with Atlas feature too.

Advanced astrological techniques are really great to admire and therefore with easy guidance. It is easy to get details about time-ranges and planets. For astrological education, calculations, predictions, graphics, this software is highly impressive and always equipped with advanced features.

Latest versions are also available for the more upgradable tasks. Features are presentable that one with less knowledge can also work well on the astrological reports. With its various other unique features, Kepler 8.0 become a great astrology software for Windows,

Price of Kepler 8.0: 300 USD

5. Astrosuite

Astrosuite is a single product with eight different products designed for both professionals and beginners. It is easy to get knowledge about the lunar eclipses, lifesigns, gemfinder, etc. You can also do asteroids predictions and information of projects according to astrologic methods.

It also helps in business profiling, provides horoscopes data, panchang, date, and tithes for events. Reports are also presentable to consumers. Astrosuite software is programmed in such a way that it also provides the colour, selective gems, lucky numbers and names according to the zodiac signs. It also gives beneficial solutions for personal and professional problems.

You can request a demo of Astrosuite and know more about it. However, for a paid software, you can ask for a quote on the website.

6. AstrolDeluxe

Astrology And Horoscope App

Astro Deluxe report writer 8.3 is inexpensive astrology program suitable for basic and advanced astrology tasks. The software is equipped with features like zodiac graphics, child natal, planetary node charts, etc.

The software provides a bunch of reports to achieve success in the natural report assuming by the astrological predictions. Advanced calculation system is fixed in the software with timely updates. Day to day forecast is also available with day to day predictions. In other words, it is a great option to choose as an advanced astrology software for windows.

With its wheels and charts features, you can easily do prediction and advanced astrological works without any issues. File conversion, research function, chart comparisons are some of the main features of this astrology software for Windows.

7. Intrepid 3.5

Best Compatibility Astrology App Free

Intrepid’s 3.5 is the updated version by intrepid developed with the same theory given by the author that is “self-evident” theory.

It contains detailed charts, full-featured wheels, great content display with the date of births predictions, and predictions by zodiac names. It stores the record within it of many events and horoscopes forecast.

Also, it gathers information for eclipses, asteroids data with lunar graphs and astrological charts, self-evident conventions, horoscope daily predictions, with asteroids data and lunar information. It also gives the programming set up for easy calculations. Interpid has an immersive user-interface along with natal, progressive, and directed charts.

Price of Interpid 3.5: 175 USD

8. Pegasus

Pegasus is the updated version with minimizing storage of the Kepler software. Features are minimal though easy to use for the beginners. Pegasus provides information like predictions about the soulmate matching and other relationships. You can also do business predictions using this software.

Its charges are great for beginners to start without huge investments. It is easy to use and affordable program with accurate programming, it provides detailed information about the measures of the planetary system and other astrological parameters. It has the collection of aged databases from where you can easily get information about anything.

Composite and Relocated charts are also supported in this software. Also, transit-to-transit forecast feature is also there. You can use its single and BiWheels too. Know more about its features on the official site.

9. Time Passages 5.0 Standard Edition

Time passages 5.0 shows broadly described form of horoscopes predictions and display them in presenting way, with nice printable effects. It provides easy information to access one’s knowledge about health, wealth, career, relationships and other occasional events.

Manuscripts stored are very helpful to acquire the knowledge in the materialistic things, like in order to make the right decisions. The style of the maps given for data is so admirable. They seem like the clear versions of the features.

Styling of the transition graph is a nice technique to represent. It displays transitions lines from one planet to others, for n number of months. This is a most wanted type of astrology software for the practitioners to perform the best data of planetary positions, points lines, etc.

Price of Time Passages 5.0 Standard Edition: 179 USD

10. Win*star express 6.0

Win*star express 6.0 provides educational as well as advanced details regarding the astrology and its techniques. Keywords help are also given in the software to acknowledge the usage of the astrological techniques, historical data by the early astrologers are also provided in the one single software.

This astrology software is equipped with various features such as Natal, Transit, Synastry, and Solar Arc interpretation. It also includes certain reports of the time periods year by year. Win*star express 3 represents the information required for the new users and the practitioners also.

Wheels designs are given in such numerous order, viewing of multi-wheels into the single background is very easy with this tool. Planetary systems are represented in an accurate way which is very easy to use.

Final words:

I hope this article have helped you to choose the right astrology software for Windows and make your predictions much more accurate.

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