Best Astrology Podcasts On Spotify

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This page contains a concise list of every episode of The Astrology Podcast that has been released so far, in chronological order. For an alternative list with pictures and short descriptions see the episodes archive page. Here is the concise chronological list: The First Episode of the Astrology Podcast; Ben Dykes on Electional Astrology. From the ‘Infamous: The Tekashi 6ix9ine Story’ crime podcast to the ’30 For 30′ sports podcast, here are the best podcasts on Spotify. Listen to Ghost of a Podcast on Spotify. Ghost of a Podcast is a twice weekly astrology and advice podcast, hosted by Jessica Lanyadoo. Lanyadoo is an astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with more than 20 years experience. She offers guidance twice weekly that's practical, inspiring, and that helps you help yourself. Lanyadoo answers listeners' questions, teaches astrology,. All Fantasy Everything. This show is all about popular culture – funny people and experts come.

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If you have a love-hate relationship with Mercury Retrograde, you’re intrigued by equinoxes and solstices and are inexplicably obsessed with everyone and anyone’s rising sign, listen up.

Whether you’re keen to breakdown horoscopes, transform your celestial knowledge from beginner to absolute master or have no idea what hermetic astrology even means, we’ve pulled together the greatest listens to help you level up and align your soul.

Ranging from hours of information worthy of your next road trip to short comical bytes best when waiting for a morning coffee, here are all the best astrology podcasts you need to listen to this year.

Cosmic Cousins

Expect nothing less than full-on belly laughs with Cosmic Cousins. Brought to you by Nikki Gfall and Nick Jennings (who are self-proclaimed experts on nothing with opinions on everything). These guys break down into Beyonce and JK Rowling’s birth chart, star-sign polarities and interview a bunch of legends along the way.

Best Astrology Podcasts On Spotify Tv

The Astrology Podcast


Professional astrologists exist and they exist in the form of Chris Brenan. This absolute celestial legend throws out weekly episodes best for long road trips or a lazy Sunday (it’s not unusual for these to span over a few hours). If you’ve already got your head wrapped around astrological concepts like eclipses, the astrology of where you live and all the major alignments for the year ahead, this one is for you.

This is Where The Magick Happens

Witchcraft, the paranormal, mysticism, spirit guides, psychics and of course astrology. That’s everything you can expect with the epic podcast known as This Is Where The Magick Happens. Hosted by Angela Lovell and Ryan Singer (who legitimately dated a shapeshifter one time), episodes normally hit around the 70-minute mark but it’s non-stop laughs from the get-go.

Best Astrology Podcasts On Spotify Playlists

Astrology Bytes

For a deeper dive into the celestials without the hefty time commitment, hit Astrology Bytes (episodes are perfect to listen to while you wait for your morning coffee order). This podcast delves through all the basics and breaks a heap of ideas on astrology and money; mercury retrograde, your birth chart, zodiac signs, planets and houses all down into plain and simple explanations.


For all the know-how on signs, planets, placements and monthly updates on planetary news, AstrologyNow is for you. On this bad boy you’ll get everything from new moon forecasts to all the facts on vedic astrology (Vedic measures the sun in relationship to the stars while western/tropical astrology measures the sun and stars relative to your location on earth).

Stars Like Us


Aliza Kelly is a celebrity astrologist and she’s an absolute big-brain in mythology, magick and pop culture. Stars Like Us is basically one-part astrology school and one-part talk show, each episodes pairs relevant astrological chat an expert interview in things like love witches, apocalypses, numerology and tarot reading.

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