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Dec 17, 2020 Here, the best astrology gifts to buy your horoscope-obsessed friends. The Astrology of You and Me dives deep into the relationships we have with. 46 Cute Gift Ideas for Couples in a LDR. Jan 23, 2021 The best way to navigate this need for freedom is to practice moderation. As the sun blazes its trail into Aquarius beginning the nineteenth, a whole new energy will grow for the month ahead. A stellium in Aquarius will take place in the weeks to come, infusing this sign’s frequency into our lives and the world at large. This is a time when.

Why are we the only astrology software company to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee? We have stable, high-quality astrology programs. Astrology for Windows, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, and AstrolDeluxe Platinum are producing satisfied messages, not calls for technical support.

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AstrologyBest Astrology Couples
At this site, expect to find A-rated but reasonably-priced astrology software for calculating and interpreting horoscopes on computers that run everything from 64-bit Windows 10 down to 32-bit Windows 95, both desktop/laptop computers and Windows servers catering to thousands of customers a month, astrology research software that can quickly perform 25 different kinds of searches, astrological fonts to put glyphs into your Windows documents, synastry software for numerically evaluating the compatibility between two charts, asteroid software that accurately calculates 80 or more asteroids, and transit list calculations even in the hobbyist-level Astrology for Windows free astrology software download, with very precise transit and progression times calculated in the professional astrology software, either the $169 AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter or the $300 AstrolDeluxe Platinum. The Platinum version horoscope software program comes bundled with the collection of over 5600 celebrity charts in the Famous Charts file as well as the Halloran TrueType astrological fonts

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files, which collections otherwise cost $59 and $49. Both AstrolDeluxe versions come bundled with a free copy of the ACS company's electronic PC Atlas which has the longitude and latitude coordinates and time zone change histories for daylight saving time built-in for over 250,000 locations - you save the $195 cost of this atlas. Want more birth locations? Add the Geo Names atlas enhancement of three million cities for 230 countries for just $100. The companion $59 Astrodynes for Windows astrodynes software works seamlessly with charts saved by all of our astrology chart software programs. We sell the only two books in print for delineating the Astrodynes power, harmony, and discord numbers as well as books that teach you how to operate an astrology practice. If you want to set up a web site that will calculate charts and deliver reports automatically to customers 24-hours a day, inquire about the $1,000 web-enabled AstrolDeluxe.

When you purchase the in-depth interpretations that allow AstrolDeluxe to create the Personal Path (TM) natal reports, Spirit Success (TM) natal reports, Journey Careers (TM) vocational astrology career reports, Kid Zone (TM) child natal reports, Halloran Aspect Patterns (TM) natal reports, Halloran Chiron, Halloran Moon's Node, Halloran Black Moon Lilith, and Halloran Minor Square Aspects interpretations, Classic British Astro Report (TM) natal reports, StarMatch (TM) or Composite Couples (TM) compatibility reports, Journey Returns (TM) solar return reports, LifeTrends (TM) transit or Journey Progressions (TM) forecast reports, you can sell the interpretation reports royalty-free. Our authors include Janice Barsky, Anthony Louis, Carolyne Lacy, Robert Fitzgerald, Deanna Christensen, Marise Payne, Alan Leo, Sepharial, Evangeline Adams, Charles E.O. Carter, and John Halloran. Two recent interpretation reports are unique for computers: the KidZone Combo natal report draws upon an unheard-of 8-Megabytes-worth of delineations to create a starting page that synthesizes the child's Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant/Rising sign and then proceeds to synthesize the sign and house placements for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn - the resulting highly personal delineations have come a very long way from the earliest natal reports that merely assembled simple cookbook-type delineations; another unique report is the Journey Returns solar return annual forecast report, which implements the 15-step method of Alexandre Volguine (1903-1976), it is the most comprehensive solar return report available for any software program. The new $50 Halloran Aspect Patterns interpretations also provide a high-level of synthesis by delineating 35 possible aspect patterns such as the Grand Water Trine or Cardinal T-Square with a total of 392 delineations based on research into the lives of the 5653 people in our $59 Famous Charts database - the aspect patterns can be a final section of a natal report, but they can also be short reports that are fun to run and from which you can learn a lot of astrology. Starting with the Halloran interpretations for aspects to the Moon's Nodes, the Black Moon Lilith, the Minor Squares (45-degree and 135-degree), and the Declination Parallel and Contraparallel aspects, both versions of AstrolDeluxe can automatically grab separate interpretations for males or females. The astrological software lets you modify the interpretations before or after generating the reports.

Best Astrology Couples

Our AstrolDeluxe software includes specialized features for students of Carl Payne Tobey such as the secondary chart (Solar Parts chart) and planetary nodes, declination to longitude conversion as taught by Kt Boehrer, the Monthly House System and dragon's nodes taught by Dr. Louis Turi as part of Divine Astrology, and the most complete collection of Arabic Parts in any program. For astrologers from France who use the Black Moon Lilith, AstrolDeluxe calculates the moon's true apogee as well as the moon's mean apogee. AstrolDeluxe will easily import charts from Blue Star, Nova, Janus, Kepler, Solar Fire, JigSaw, Lois Rodden's AstroDataBank, and the AAF file format.

Harmonic Charts Revisited describes expanded tools for looking at harmonic sub-charts.

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Software for Sabian Symbols as per Marc Edmund Jones describes how you can click on planet and house degrees to get Sabian Symbol interpretations, and generate complete reports for a chart's Planetary Degree Symbolism and for a chart's House Degree Symbolism.

For astrologers who want to stick with just the basics, we have the Astrology for Windows calculation program, which is a free astrology software download that is available in the English, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Czech, Romanian, Finnish, German, Russian, Slovakian, and Polish languages. We also distribute biorhythms software in the form of the nicely programmed Biorhythms for Windows Pro program.


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