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  5. Best App For Astrology Charts
  6. Best App For Astrology Charts 2019

This article was co-authored by Jessica Lanyadoo.Jessica Lanyadoo is an astrologer with over 20 years of consulting experience. She is the author of Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along and is the host of the popular astrology and advice show, Ghost of a Podcast.

  • Astrological birth charts made easy. On paper, reading a natal chart report can take hours of practice. Our step by step free birth chart app (at the top of the page) not only draws your chart for you based on planetary positions at the time of birth, but starts you off with a unique, step-by-step interpretation of your chart.
  • This Free Software for Kundli is your one-stop shop for all things astrology. Available solely on the browser for you, the Free Software is best for calculating mundane charts, but professional astrologers can seek expert advice and get for themselves the Best Astrology software, LeoStar for Windows, or LeoTouch Application for Android.

Astrology readings and horoscopes are a great tool for exploring what the universe has in store for you. Astrology can help you make sense of your past, better understand your present, and provide a glimpse into the future.

But when it comes to getting accurate astrology readings, where should you turn? There are dozens of websites that offer birth chart readings, but unfortunately, most of them are not accurate.

If you want to get a personalized reading that is tailored to your life, you must use an astrologist that is experienced, highly intuitive, and knowledgeable.

For the best astrology sites and the most accurate horoscopes, here are our top recommendations.

The Best Websites For Astrology Readings and Accurate Horoscopes

  • Psychic Source – Best For Love Readings (3 free minutes + 75% off)
  • Keen – Best For Online Astrology Readings (10 minutes for just $1.99)
  • Kasamba – Best For Accurate Horoscopes (3 free minutes + 70% off)

Psychic Source – Best Astrology Site For Love Compatibility

Psychic Source is our top choice for psychic readings, especially for astrological love compatibility. Psychic Source has been in business since 1989 and is one of the most trusted websites in the industry. This company allows you to get an accurate reading via phone call, online chat, or live video. The variety of options available makes it really easy to get a reading anytime and anywhere.

Best App For Astrology Charts Free

One of the things that separates Psychic Source from other astrology sites is that every advisor in their network is vetted for authenticity. When you get an astrological reading from Psychic Source, you can feel confident knowing that your advisor is truly authentic, gifted, and experienced.

In addition to Astrology, the Psychic Source website provides a range of other services as well including love readings, dream analysis, tarot, energy healing, and more.

Expert astrologers offer both structured and unstructured readings depending on the type of information you are seeking. New customers receive three free minutes with their first reading and special introductory rates that are 75% off.

If you’re looking to find clarity about the future through an organized, clean site and user experience, Psychic Source may be the perfect resource for you.

  • Reputable company with over 30 years in business
  • Categories include love, tarot, dream analysis, chakra balancing, and more
  • Accurate psychic readings by phone, chat, or live video
  • 3 free minutes for all new members

Click Here To Visit The Official Psychic Source Website

Keen – Accurate Astrology Readings Online

When it comes to accurate astrology readings and horoscopes, Keen is one of the best options in the world.

Keen gives you the option of getting a psychic reading by phone, email or online chat, as well as through their mobile app. With over 1,700 men and women advisors to choose from in a variety of different categories, there are always plenty of experts available to chat with. You can easily sort all of the psychics by price, rating, and specialty to find one that suits your needs.

The astrologers from Keen offer several different types of astrology readings including natal charts, Western, Chinese, and Vedic. Every psychic is allowed to set their own price and schedule, so you’ll find a variety of different price points to suit almost any budget.

You can view your horoscope for the current day, the following day, the month, and the entire year for free. You can also sign up for the site’s free daily newsletter to receive each horoscope in your email—just provide your name, email address, and birthday.

For professional astrology readings, Keen is one of the cheapest options available. The first 10 minutes are just $1.99, which is an amazing deal. If you’re ready to see what the stars and planets say about your future, give Keen a try.

  • Free daily horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs
  • Psychic readings via phone, chat, or email
  • Reputable service that has been in business since 1999
  • All advisors are ranked and reviewed by the community
  • First 10 minutes are just $1.99

Click Here To Visit The Keen Psychics Website

Kasamba – Best For Accurate Horoscopes

Kasamba is the best astrology site for tarot card readings, horoscopes, and a range of other quality services. The site’s advisors utilize the classic 32-card draw cartomancy techniques and also read from a deck of angel cards to provide people with quality life advice.

Kasamba has been in business since 1999, and since then, this astrology site has accumulated more than 3 million customers. Qualified psychic advisors offer readings from your house through online chat or email, and you can get three minutes free with each reading to make sure you connect well with the person before you pay. New members also get a 70%-off coupon to use with their first reading.

Aside from a tarot card reading, this site offers a wide range of astrology services such as fortune-telling, dream analysis, and career forecasts. They also post detailed daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, and their yearly love forecasts page can help you understand the paths of your relationships throughout the upcoming year.

All of Kasamba’s astrology practices are high-quality and reliable, and plenty of positive reviews and comments indicate that this site is one of the best in the industry.

  • Free astrology readings for first 3 minutes
  • Kasamba offers both Vedic and Chinese astrology
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for all zodiac signs
  • Very accurate horoscope readings by expert astrologists
  • Rated as one of the top horoscope sites on the internet

Click Here To Visit The Official Kasamba Website

What is an Astrology Chart Reading?

Astrology chart readings seek to understand the ways the stars, the planets, your personality, and your future interact with each other. When the best psychics or astrologers study your astrological chart, they consider the following information:

Birth chart or natal chart: Your birth/natal chart reveals the exact placement of the moon, stars, sun, and planets at the time of your birth. Your natal chart includes information such as your sun sign, which determines your most dominant personality trait, and your zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs: Astrologers determine your zodiac sign, or astrological sign, based on the date of your birth. The twelve zodiac signs are Leo, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Each sign has its own daily horoscope prediction.

Lunar phases: The moon cycles through eight phases each month, and the state of the moon during your birth plays into your personality and nature.

Planets: Each planet represents a set of characteristics that affect your personality and the decisions you make throughout your life. As the planets revolve around the sun, their placement plays a significant role in how you feel at any given time. The position of Mercury, Venus, and other heavenly bodies has a profound influence on who you are.

During a birth chart reading, an astrologer will utilize a reliable method of their choosing to uncover information about your psyche and future. They will spend a short amount of time studying your birth chart, horoscope, and zodiac sign, then describe what your chart says about your personality strengths, soul purpose, and life themes.

A lot of people believe that all astrologers can predict actual events of the future, but this is a common misconception. More often, astrology experts will see some images that represent overarching themes in your life. These images may seem like predictions of the future, but they more commonly indicate broader aspects of your psyche or nature rather than actual events.

One way that an astrologer will reveal your psyche and future is by breaking down your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes or readings that forecast your future. Psychics come up with horoscopes based on your zodiac sign, the lunar phase during your birth, the planet alignments, and the personality characteristics that your birth chart reveals. All of this data together paints a unique picture of who you are.

You can also ask specific questions to shape the direction the astrologer takes. You may wonder about love and relationships, fertility, health and wellness, or career advice, and the astrologer can tailor their approach to address these specific subjects. Some astrologists will even provide a free psychic reading in some instances. If you are wondering about a particular event or relationship, make sure to tell your reader ahead of time. Some people focus more on the past during readings, while others look to understand the future.

With the new wave of technology comes the increase in popularity of astrology sites and sources that allow you to access your future at your fingertips. As attested by the countless positive comments from actual users, all three of the above astrology websites offer quality chart readings from the comfort of your own house. Check out any of the links in the above list to begin uncovering what astrology and your horoscope have to say about you.

Additional Free Astrology Sites To Consider

Below is a list of additional sites that didn’t make our top astrology site list, but should be considered nonetheless.

  • Astro Style
  • Astrology Zone (by Susan Miller)

Want to know which one is the best astrology app for your mobile phone. Well, here we have listed some of the best and truth worthy astrology apps for Android and iPhone.

1Best Astrology App In 2020 (Android & iPhone)

Best Astrology App In 2020 (Android & iPhone)

1. Daily Horoscope

This app is in the market or says in people’s use for quite long now. This one works the best, it is most accurate. As you open the app, it displays all the zodiac signs so you can just go to yours if you know it and if you don’t you just gotta check out the small brackets below the zodiacs which display the section of dates that lie under that particular zodiac and from there you get to know what sign you are and then you can check out your horoscope.

This gives a really nice description of your day and you can go back and forth to whatever day you want to know what its gonna bring you. This app has a ton of other cool stuff you can do as well, you can know about all the zodiac characteristics and tells you who you are compatible with and you can also see what the year in itself brings you and stuff like that. What sign is april 17th.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

2. Luna Solaria

This one can be used to track the phases of the moon. More, it tells you if its a new moon or a full moon or whatever. It even shows the percentage of how much percent the thing is. Tells you when will be the next fool and moon and simultaneous information like that.

This app shows you the accurate description of what the moon currently looks like, How old it is, its brightness, the moon sign, how far it is, and then the dates for the half-moon, new moon. When you swipe it shows you the graph of the lunar position And the solar position as well which has the rise and set time as well. So this app is super helpful for a day to day purpose.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

3. Sky View Lite

This app is awesome if you are like looking at the sky at night and see stars and wonder if you’re looking at a planet or a constellation. This app uses your location to track the latitude and longitude of the sky. All you have to do is hold it up and it will show you what you are holding your phone and it will show you the constellations and stuff and that is just amazing. This app has very soothing background music as well which just enhances its use.

Get It Now: Android / iPhone

4. Co-Star

The co-star app is one of the best apps, you just put in it basically your natal chart and it will give you a very descriptive horoscope every single day as well as how your week will look like. It is all set up and very well organized. And shows graphs, sculptures and stuff like its just amazing.

Also always sends you greetings from morning tonight. This co-star app is one that gives you a very detailed description of your current day based on planets. It then also gives you birth charts and stars and etc details if you dig deep into it. This one is user verified in terms of accuracy and that is the biggest test this co-star app can pass. This one is a must.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

5. Astro Future

This app is set up beautifully. It visually shows you your natal chart with the signs and graphs. Though it is not understood by a lot of people but for the ones who hold knowledge, this one is a gem for them as it explains everything visually and it takes less time than the ones you have to read.

Though it does provides with description underneath the graphics as of course, not everybody is aware of symbols and structures. It provides your overview natal chart and you can go to like directly jump to the next fool moon and see that will bring you and it holds a lot of details further than these.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

Best App For Astrology Charts For 2019

6. Full Moon App

It is very similar to the luna solaria, wherein that it shows you the moon phase and the sign and that the moon is in and gives you the ability to lòok at the stars and it gives you a short description and Shows you future dates and the phases of the moon. It is a pretty simple app but is quite descriptive though.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

7. Time Passages

It is an absolute staple for astrologers. Almost every astrologer who has been into apps and stuff have known about this one. This is a very cool app like just as you open it, it shows you where the sun is at, where the moon is at and all the phases out there.

Now every app has its own different calculation for how they do these calculations, but this app does this a little bit too strictly. You can also pull up the current chart for everY work whatever you are at. If you are doing election astrology it really helps you out or if some event happens, you can just pull up and see what’s going on.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

8. Astro Gold

Now, this app costs 40 dollars and it is usually not even thought off that someone will pay 40 dollars to a regular astrology app. But the reviews and ratings of this app will force you to. This app is just that amazing that you will not mind paying this sum of money at all. This one is the most used apps by astrologers and its totally worth the hype and the money.

What’s great about this app is, you go to the view and pull up any chart that you want to whether a Birth Chart or a chart for the moment and also you can do ‘n’ number of combinations in the chart and if you are doing you would know magical astrology, election astrology.

If you are just wanting to know more of what’s going to play out whatever you are using astrology for, it is just way too handy for you to do that. This also lets you save a ton of charts within the app so you don’t always have to put in someone’s data you can just pull it up right there. This app is just the best one you can get.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

9. Charts Astrology

Charts astrology one is only available on ios and for now, they don’t have an android yet but they say that’s coming soon. This app id very likable as this one is really handy for beginners, it does birth charts, full circle charts, does daily horoscopes and it looks super clean.

It’s a very simple layout and also when you go out to your profile, you click on ‘me’ and you look at your chart, The charts astrology app show a really easy layout to understand how transiting astrology is affecting you. The way it frames its text and description makes it just so easy to digest and really understand how to apple aspects in your personal life.

So, you don’t have to rely on apps the charts astrology tell you and you can start understanding the transiting astrology and how it is affecting you more for yourself. It is quite a new app, so a lot of people haven’t heard about them, however, it is a really good app for beginners, it’ll tell you about all the transits, your chart, the houses. This one is quite similar to time passages the charts astrology, but it is very smooth and easy when compared to that one and efficient too.

Get It Now:iPhone

10. Sanctuary

Now, this is not a great app but it can definitely benefit a lot of people. It is a great daily horoscope app where you can talk to live astrologers and get a little bit better understanding of your chart. Goes into the meaning of your moon and keeps you reading. It is quite a very engaging though the very handy app for people who are just learning or for the ones who like really want to talk to an astrologer.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

11. Pattern App

Pattern app is similar to co-star but is a bit more interesting, it takes astrology out of astrology and brings out some kind of updates about your personality and your pattern. The pattern app is gonna tell you what’s going on with you and when and it tells you about your timing and how long like fears in surrender, relationship evolution will last.

This just has a lot of advanced details in detail with a pretty easy description so you can just go ahead and use this app up and you might get into some really great things. Pattern app is available for both Android and iOS platforms you can easily download it from below links.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

12. Time Nomad

This is that one app that is very very popular among the astrologers and they have been downloading it time and again. This is one is first of all, free and it’s really cool as it can just give you literally every single tool you can imagine. Again this is a very vast and detailed app, they have like so much involved in it.

You can go to your dashboard, it lets you know what the sun is up to, its rising time, its setting time and about the moon, the lunation cycle and lets you go into retrograde planets, and like a lot more crazy analytics and details, it has a summary for you to go over, it has world events.

You can also put certain aspects on those charts, you can move the date for those, you can go into fixed stars if you pay for it. Also, this one is the only app that does planetary hours. So its a really great app and a must for all of you to have.

Get It Now:iPhone

13. Moon Reader

This one a really cool one as it lets you know about all the void of course moon you going to be in, what signs, what dates, it’s starting, its end, and when you slide it over from the left to the right, it, you can just go into literally anything that you think of on one slide and stuff like that.

It has this new thing called an affirmation , this thing is not available in any of the other astrology apps that exist which makes this one really unique. It has really new things which you haven’t have thought of, and they’re very interesting to know more about.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

14. Moon

This app is not for android but only for iOS. It does not do much than showing you a graphic of what the moon will look like outside, then if you swipe the moon over it’ll show you what phase the moon is in and What percent is the new moon or the full moon is.

But giving you a reason why you should download this is, for the text messages it sends you. If you turn on your notifications for this app is literally The best thing ever. Its always sending you Random like every new moon and full moon, this app sends you a bit of like a hint of omen type texts so this one is definitely recommended.

Get It Now:iPhone

15. Solar Walk

You can get a lite version of this which is free though you can also get a paid version for work n stuff. What’s super cool about this app is, that it gives you a three dimensional perspective of the solar system and of the galaxy we live in. Though you cannot go past the milky way, because maybe that is not mapped but other than that its really cool as you can know anything and everything going on with the sun, moon, stars, our planet, solar system and even the galaxy we live in.

You can go through the milky way mostly towards the sun and the solar system. You can go on to any star and zoom up to it on the way. And this is like super cool and interesting, like seeing everything through naked eyes though animated 3d, but a replica of all that and it is like really cool and fun.

You can even zoom on any single planet you want and get an idea of everything you want to see that particular planet with a very close view. Once you start using it, it’s gonna be like super addictive. Its just animation at its best and when you click on a certain planet or star you even get information about it.

Get It Now:iPhone / Android

16. AstroSage Kundli

This one a bit less popular, but this one talks about you and your personal life cycle and the patterns that you go through and the things, the primary focus is within your inner world and the things you are focusing on a lot. This one is tested pretty accurate and some of them are kind of general but as you go through the app you’ll find it pretty specific. So its a really nice app And additionally you can have friends on this too, which is like the most unique part of it.

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

17. Labyrinthos Academy

This one has to be logged in before you use it, once you log in you will have a practice deck and then an actual deck, it is like a virtual card reader and it actually teaches you how to read the cards. It gives you quizzes, lets you collect cards, and it’s really informative.

Best App For Astrology Charts 2020

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

18. Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Theard Tarot is a sister app to labyrinths academy where again once you log in and stuff you can create an account or you can even use it as a guest but as it is a tarot card reader. You can actually buy the physical deck if you want to and they are like very pretty and it’s probably something that you must have. The Golden Theard Tarot has a daily card as well and it can act as a guide for your day. So this one is quite a realistic app and is really worth a try.

Best App For Astrology Charts

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

19. Palmistry HD

Now it is said that the lines on your head are direct lines to your personality. This one makes predictions from the major lines, the heart, health, and etc. All it takes is a photo of each hand and you get the results instantly. Its a veryy realistic and historical thing, reading lines of your hands and when it can be at the comfort of your mobile phone. Why not give it a try.

Get It Now: Android / iPhone

20. Mystic Mondays

Best App For Astrology Charts Chart

It’s quite a new app and has new features added regularly. If you are into reading cards instead of palms, this one is a tarot card app for those looking for daily guidance but also a deeper understanding or say the meaning of tarot cards. Instead of complicated card spreads, mystic Monday gives you one card a day meant to guide you through your week.

Best App For Astrology Charts

Get It Now:Android / iPhone

Best App For Astrology Charts 2019

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