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  1. This is a 'bell metal' deity of the graha Ketu one of the nine grahas of Vedic astrology. Ketu though a natural malefic is also associated with great spiritual powers that are sometimes inspired after suffering some negative karma. Ketu is a manifestion of Lord Matsya an incarnation of Lord Krsna.
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Different types of marks on the body adds to the overall beauty of a native and at times, helps to enhance the personality as well. One of them is Moles, which are small, coloured marks usually seen on one’s body and believed to be the imprints from our previous lives carried forward in the present one.

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Astrology defines Moles as a representative of one’s personality, Karma and actions, good or bad. Numerous superstitions revolve around these body marks, as they appear from the time we were born till we depart from this mortal world.

Moles Astrology

Moles astrology, another branch of Saamudrik Shashtra, reveals the power of moles and their effects in one’s life. These body marks can very keenly reveal the personality, nature and destiny of an individual. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and represent a certain situation or fate. Through mole astrology, you will learn the positive and negative impacts of these body marks and how it helps to shape up your personality in several ways.

It is said that the moles appear due to planetary positions and their influences in one’s life during his/her’s early fetal formation. According to mole astrology for female, if the influencing planet and sign are feminine, a mole on the body will appear on the left side, and if masculine, the position will be right.

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Significance of Moles

Based on Size

  • Small – Doesn’t make much effects
  • Round and Big – Highly auspicious
  • Long – Auspicious

Based on Shapes

  • Triangle – Mixed results
  • Zigzag – Bad results
  • Round – Reflect goodness in bearer
  • Square – Unpredictable till the end, will avert evil

Based on Colors

  • Light Colored– Moles in red, honey, sandalwood or green emerald color will generally prove to be lucky.
  • Black– Not good, as there will be several obstacles in life

Moles on Body & Its Meaning

Moles on Forehead

  • Mole on the middle of the forehead means the person is wise and calm, have clear insight and is laborious.
  • According to mole predictions, a mole on the forehead’s right means the person will be wealthy.
  • Moleosophy suggests that mole on forehead’s left says that the person will have bad luck and be very selfish.
  • Mole on either side of temples says that the individual might get sudden monetary gains and get married to a beautiful life partner.

Moles on Eyebrows

  • Mole on the eyebrows’ middle means the bearer has leadership qualities and is entitled to fame and financial prosperity.
  • The position of a mole on the left side of eyebrows says that the person is a coward and will surely face difficulties in life office or business.
  • Any mole on right side of eyebrow indicates happy and blissful marriage and healthy children.

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Moles on Eyes

  • Mole on the right eye means that the bearer is honest, hardworking and trustworthy.
  • Mole on the left eye says that the person is arrogant and possesses a pessimistic attitude.

Moles on Nose

  • Mole astrology says that mole on nose tip means the person behaves impulsively and take decisions without thinking.
  • Mole on nose’s right side says that the person will attain money with minimum struggle.
  • A mole of nose’s left side can be inauspicious and represents struggles.
  • A mole below nose means the person will give out sensual vibes and attract opposite gender easily.

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Moles on Cheek

  • As per moleosophy, mole on left cheek says that the person can be an introvert, have short temper and spend huge even after earning good.
  • Mole on the right cheek says that the person has a dominating personality, logical mind and knows how to earn well.

Moles on Ear

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  • Mole on any part of ear suggests a luxurious life.
  • Mole on the top or tip of ear says that the person is very intellectual.

Moles on Lip

  • Any person with a mole on lip needs to watch what s/he eats, as s/he might gain weight and suffer health issues.
  • Mole on lower lip indicates that the bearer has a great taste in food and drama.

Moles on Tongue

  • Mole on tongue suggests that the person might encounter health and speech-related problems along with obstacles in education.
  • Mole on the tip of the tongue says that the bearer is highly diplomatic and knows how to manage the situation well. Also, s/he can be a great foodie.

Moles on Chin

  • A mole on chin means the person is a travel freak and loves to explore various places.
  • Mole on right side of chin means that person is logical and answer diplomatically.
  • Moles on the left side of chin indicates the person is blunt and entirely honest.

Moles on Neck

  • A mole on the front of someone’s neck signifies that s/he bears good luck, have a soothing voice and is artistic in nature.
  • In case mole is on the back, it means the person has an aggressive temperament.

Moles on Shoulder

  • Mole on left shoulder reflects that the person is stubborn and gets into fights frequently.
  • Mole on the right shoulder means the person is courageous and wise.

Bell Sound Omen Vedic Astrology Characteristics

Moles on Arm

  • Either of the arms containing a mole means that the person is good-natured and well-mannered.
  • Mole on the right arm means the bearer is highly smart and intelligent.
  • Any mole on the left arm means the person desires to live a luxurious life but stays average.

Moles on Elbow

Mole on elbows, either way, represents that the bearer is restless, good at arts, wealthy and loves to travel.

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Moles on Wrist

Any person bearing mole on any of the wrists is known to be innovative and highly creative. They have the skills to be a painter or writer

Moles on Palms

Bell Sound Omen Vedic Astrology

Mole on inner palm indicates that the bearer has to face challenges and obstacles.

Moles on Fingers

Mole on any of the fingers is unlucky and says that the person isn’t trustworthy and has a habit of exaggerating.

Moles on Ribs

  • The right side of the rib with one or more moles means that the person lies easily and has several fears embedded within.
  • Mole on the left side of rib indicates that the person lives/will live an average life.

Moles on Back

  • The placement of a mole near the backbone represents success, leadership and fame in life.
  • A mole below shoulder blades means the person will struggle a lot in life.
  • Mole above shoulder blades means the person will have the courage to fight obstacles and tackle them.
  • Mole on right side of shoulder signifies good and flourishing health.
  • Similarly, any mole on the left side means possessing a diplomatic attitude and resolving cases through it.

Moles on Chest

  • Mole on one’s chest signifies that a person has strong sensual tendencies.
  • As per mole astrology for female, a mole on right breast indicates that the person possesses bad habits, is inclined towards bad habits such as alcohol and drugs. Moles on a man’s right side of the chest shows that the person faces/will face financial troubles frequently.
  • Mole on the left side of the chest means that a person is clever but poor at maintaining a healthy relationship with friends and family. Although according to mole astrology for female, a mole on left breast means that she has a sober nature and maintains a quality relationship with family and colleagues.

Moles on Navel

  • As per mole astrology for female, mole around a woman’s navel signifies that she’ll have a blissful marriage life and have lots of kids.
  • Mole on a man’s navel on the left side means that he will lead a prosperous life, be wealthy and have kids who will become famous.

Moles on Stomach

  • A person always stays in high spirits if he/she contains a mole on the abdomen/stomach.
  • The person possesses a strong financial background but might have a weakness for women in case he/she contains a mole on the right side of the stomach.
  • Mole on right means the person is jealous and prefers making money the easy way.

Moles on Hip

  • A mole on either of the hips means that the person has a jolly nature, is affectionate and loyal.
  • Any mole on right hip indicates creativity and wisdom.
  • Mole on left hip means the person will lead a satisfying life even with a meagre income.

Moles on Genitals

Moles on genitals represent that the person is open-minded, honest and highly generous. They are extremely romantic and have a happy marital life. Although they won’t be showered by riches, they will stay content.

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Moles on Thigh

  • If the mole appears on the right thigh, it means the person has a moderate temperament and a sense of fearlessness.
  • On the contrary, a mole on the left thigh means the person has an artistic streak but might be lazy and not socially active.

Moles on Knee

  • If there is a mole on the left knee, it suggests that the person has the courage to take risks and loves to live a king-size, lavish life.
  • Mole on the right knee means that bearer is honest, friendly in nature and have a successful love life.

Moles on Calf

  • Mole on right calf points out that the person will attain success and prosperity in all ventures. They might get involved in politics and are usually favored by girls.
  • Mole on left calf means that a person is hardworking and may have to travel due to business or job. Also, they have a big friend circle.

Moles on Legs

Moles on any of the legs signify that the person doesn’t think before taking actions and is fearless regarding the consequences. Due to this, s/he is surrounded by lots of controversies and possesses a negative attitude.

Moles on Ankle

Mole on the right ankle means the person possesses a sense of foresightedness and talks a lot. Mole on left ankle means the person is religiously inclined towards God.

Moles on Feet

Bell Sound Omen Vedic Astrology
  • If a person has a mole on the right foot, s/he will gain a goodhearted spouse and satisfactory family life.
  • The person might have to face monetary problems or issues with the spouse if he/she has a mole on the right foot.
  • Moles on soles mean the native will get frequently sick, have enemies and misfortune.

Moles on Toes

One or more moles on toes imply that the person will have an unhappy marital life even after marrying someone rich and financially sound.

Through this article, you get in-depth knowledge about the significance of moles on the body and how they create one’s character and personality. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and find it extremely useful.

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  1. In Horary astrology omens have of very much importance. Modern society however believes it is Superstition. Main reason for this is very less people observe omens, amongst them very few people are able to interpret it. In modern society so many omens are added in different society without giving due considerations to the principals. Finally when it gives no results conclude it as superstition. But our ancient saints clearly declared that omens are the answers given to our puzzled mind when we sincerely pray for it. Or it is the caution given to the devotee when he tries initiating any work or traveling etc. I am describing it as given by Saint Varahamihira. Varaha says “Shukra, Indra, Bruhuspathi, Kapisthala, Garuda, Bhaguri, Devala, who have described omens in detail and he is collecting them and along with the opinions of Vrushabhacharya and Bharadvaja saints, and also of the King of Avanthi Rajavardhana, and Saptarshi’s and also of the Maharshi Garga etc, and giving them in a schematic form since they are too vast for the readers.”
  2. Normally Omens appear at the beginning of travel. It may appear during or when something good or bad is going to happen to the traveller. Omens appear by their sound, movement, aspect, and talk etc. of the living beings in forest, in water, on the earth, in the sky, during day or night or at both times, which are around us in our village or town.
  3. Gender:-first one has to ascertain whether they are male, female or of common gender because it plays an important role in judging omens. Just by seeing deciding these factors is a difficult task. So our saints described the ways and means to decide these factors. If the animal or living being is of fat body, large arms or legs, high neck, wide chest, and beautiful but serious looking, courageous, it should be decided as male. Similarly of thin body, small chest and neck, small face, fearing type, sweet voice, should be decided as female. If both characters are mixed then it is of common gender. Here one must remember that what people living around say about that type of living being must also be honored.
  4. Who gets affected: – If humans and animals are travelling together, results of the omens is applicable to humans. If Army is travelling results of the omens is applicable to the king. Results of the omens appearing in the town affect the temple in the town. Results of the omens appearing over the Group of people or in village affect the leader. More than the leaders’ effect will be on the community, more than the community effect will be on the learned savant of the community and over the learned savant, on the aged people of the community.
  5. Stages of Sun:-During the day from Sun rise to Sun set, effectiveness of the Sun light changes continuously. Our ancients divided the full day in 8 parts and each part of 3 hours is called Prahara. Sun’s effective ness changes in each Prahara. So they have given him separate names for each Prahara. It is as follows. Here from twilight Sun up to Sun rise is called Mukta Surya ( like 8th Prahara)
PraharNorthEast EastSouth EastSouthSouth WestWestNorth WestNorthRset of








Eshya (DhoominShanth


3rd Mukta




Eshya (DhoominiShanth
4th Mukta




Eshya (Dhoomini)Shanth
5th Mukta

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6th Mukta


7th EshyaMukta


8th Prapta


Eshya (DhoominMukta


  1. Results of Omens: – During travel or when one is posited in any place, omen which appears in any of the above directions respective animals or persons will meet him. For e.g. if the omens appear in the first part of the three divisions in East to South east native will meet Treasurer, if in second part he will meet Agnihotri, if in 3rd part meat ascetic.
  2. Residents: – In the old city concept, according to Vastu particular category people are allotted particular places in a city. Following is the detail. In the out skirts, From East to South East area, in three divisions, Treasurers, Agnihotri (one who practices the rite of offering oblation to fire) and Tapasvi (ascetic) are posited. From South East to South area, three divisions, workers, beggars and Digambara stree (naked ascetic woman) are posited. From South to South West area, three divisions, Boarding Stable for Elephants, Mahouts, Cowherd, people indulged in Religious rituals, are posited. From South west to West area, in three divisions, Woman, Woman who just delivered and thieves are posited. From West to Northwest area, three divisions, Bird hunter, barber, and Butchers are posited. From Northwest to North area three divisions, Poison healers, Cow owners, Magicians are posited. From North to North east area three divisions, Rich people, Daivajna, (astrologers) and Gardeners are posited. From North East to East area three divisions, devotees of lord Vishnu, Weavers, Horse managers, are posited, in clock wise direction. Like this from East in 8 direction 32 different type of people are posited. In the middle sector From East in 8 directions, clockwise King, Prince, Commander in chief, Messenger, Business people, Secret agents, Brahmin, Elephant Managers, are posited. Similarly From east in main 4 directions, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, and Brahmins are posited.
  3. Female deer, Horse, Ass, Mule, sheep, Camel, similar animals like deer, omens of these during winter should not be considered. Similarly Crow Cuckoo, similar birds omens. During shravana (July –August) Elephant, Chataka bird omens should not be considered. During Bhadrapada (August-September) Swine, Dog, Wolf, animals living in burrow, omens of these should not be considered. During Shard Rutu (October-November) animals living in water, sea eagle, birds living on sea food, cow, Crane, omens of these should not be considered. During Hemantha Rutu Tiger, Bear, leopard, male and female buffalo, serpents, monkey, omens of these should not be considered. Omens of infants’ other than human infants’ should not be considered for ever.
  4. Vague or Omens that should not be considered: – One should not consider the omens of the villages in the forest. Similarly omens of the forest should not be considered in the village. Omens related to night in the day and that related to day, in the night also should not be considered. Similarly omens of eunuch animals, omens by diseased, omens by feared, omens indulged in quarrel, omens by animals ready to eat meat, omens by animals on the other side of the river, omens of animals on estrum should not be considered. That is one should not consider irrelevant or omens of unnatural animals. That is the great mistake people are doing now a days and when it not works out, finally come to the conclusions that they are superstitions.
  5. Woodpeckers, Antelope, Rat, Lion, Horse, Ass, Cuckoo, Hangana bird, animals living in burrow, sound of Punyavachana incantation, sound of bell, sound of conch, all these omens are strong in the north direction.
  6. Cow, Mynah bird, crane, vixen, Swan, sea eagle, chataka bird, cat, marriage ceremony, holy instruments, Music, jokes, if these appear in the west, then they are strong omens.
  7. Fox, Dog fox, owl, Pigeon, Parrot, Crow, Pingala ( small type of owl, ) white horse, if these type of animals and birds ululate, or sound brutally, in South direction, then it is strong.
  8. Strength of omens: – Omens of day rovers in day and night rovers in night are strong. Among these female, eunuch and male omens are strong respectively. Chesta omens (17 above) are strong if voice is increasing. Other chesta omens should be decided according to the above principals. Cocks, Pirili, peacock, simhanada, karayika, (birds) elephant, khadira, chakkara (animals) omens of these are strong in east direction.
  9. Benefic Omens: Omens appearing on or from palatial buildings, Temples, holy places, (residence of godly persons, Brahmins, cows) delightful places, sweet, beautiful fruits and flowers, trees which secrete milky juices, are beneficial. Amphibians, living beings which live in forest as well as in villages if show omens in own places, during their natural time, they are also beneficial.
  10. Omens appearing in above 10 varieties, if living being lives on vegetation it is called mild omen. If it is living on nonvegetarian food, it is called Wrath omen. If the living being lives on both varieties then it is treated as mixed omen.
  11. These above five deepta’s are stronger respectively. Among ten deepta’s described above, if any two deepta’s appear in a day, it should be applied to the persons as described in Para 4 above.
  12. Chesta deepta: – If omen of any living being is tone deepta and its starts from low voice to high pitch or vice versa, it is called Chesta deepta.
  13. Swara deepta:- Omens appearing from any living being is a sound or crying and is not its normal cry that sound is called Swara deepta( Tone deepta)
  14. Bhava deepta: – Omens appearing from any living being which is against its normal nature is called as Bhava deepta.
  15. Sthana deepta:– Omens appearing on clean place which is not broken, or mutilated in any way, is called Sthana deepta( deepta place)
  16. Gathi deepta: – Wind blowing towards Sun is accompanying the lightning, it is called Gathi deepta.
  17. Daiva Deepta: – All the five above omens combined known as daiva deepta. Among these Kshana (muhurtha) deepta, Thithi deepta, Nakshtra (star) deepta, Vayu deepta, Surya (Sun) deepta are stronger respectively.
  18. Sun Deepta: if the above wind is blowing opposite to Sun it is called Sun deepta.
  19. Deepta Vayu:-Stormy wind, wind that is very hot or unbearable or from opposite direction, is known as Vata deepta.
  20. Deepta Thithis: – Rikta and Chidra thithis that is 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 14th days of lunar month. ( Thithi’s starting and ending time not matches with day. It should be remembered) are called Deepta thithis.
  21. Kshana Deepta: Propitious time that is Muhurta having the names of above stars (duration of 48 minutes. There are 30 muhurthas in a day and are identifies with star names) are called kshana deepta.
  22. Deepta Stars:- Stars called Daruna and Ugra( sorrowful) that is Moola, Jyesta, Aridra, Ashlesha and Crura ( cruel) stars that is Purvaphalguni, Purvashada, Purvabhadrapada, Bharani, Magha, if become daily stars( that is Moon transiting on these stars) are called Deepta stars.
  23. The Mukta Sun is firy. ( Anagarini) Prapta Sun is glorious and Dhoomini Sun is said to be surrounded by clouds. Shanth Sun is calm. Omens appearing in the west of Firy or Angarini Sun ( or Mukta Sun) are indicating the events of the past. Omens appearing in the west of glorious Sun ( Prapta Sun) are indicating present events. Omens appearing in the west of Cloudy Sun ( dhoomini) are indicating the events of the future. Similarly omens appearing in the west of Shanth or Calm Sun should be decided accordingly that direction is firy, glorious, or cloudy.That is at the time when omen appears note whether Sun is Angarini, Prapta or dhoomini. Fifth direction from there, that is clockwise west or opposite direction, reasult applicable to that direction is applicable to past, present and future. For e.g. Good Omen appearing in Angarini Sun, that is 5th from it, shanth Sun gives good results only. If the Omen is bad and appears in angarini Sun but anticlockwise 5th direction result is little good. Similarly for Deepta Sun good omen in clock wise gives good results and in anticlock wise gives little good results. It applies to Dhoomini Sun also. If Omen appears in low level places one will get the results immediately. But if the Omen appears at higher level places one will get the results belatedly. Results of the omens appearing at higher levels go incresing while results of the omens appearing at low levels go on decreasing quantitatively. Saint Parashara opines that if the omen appears in plane ground it results last long. For e.g. if the owl cries by 7AM at North East direction at low level place, the direction which indicates the result is South East, Sun at that time in South east is considered as Dhoomini. This shows in very near future somthing bad is going to happen and it will end soon.
  24. Good and Bad omens and sounds:-Uneven, Very loud, Crying, crackling sounds are considered inauspicious. Opposite to the Sun any sound which is sweat, or joyous, is considered auspicious. Fox, sparrow, Lacustrine bird, (sarasa), Mongoose, Monkey, Lizard, pig, Cuckoo, male animals all these if move in the right side of the traveller are auspicious. The females of above animals and birds, The Eagle, hen, dog, Egret, Apes, Shrikarna bird, if move in the left side of the traveller is auspicious.
  25. Blare of the lion, noise of explosion, sound of incantation of birth ceremony, sound of conch, sound of flowing water, and sound of lamentation by humans or animals, proclamation of Vedic chants, are auspicious at the right side of the traveller. Other ceremonial sounds are auspicious at the left side of the traveller.
  26. During the travel hearing of the madhyama, Shadja, gandhara, etc. mild musical sounds are auspicious, similarly shadja, gandhara, Rushabha etc., musical sounds are considered as used to pray the god so auspicious.
  27. Skylark, Peacock, sheep, people singing in praise of god, seeing them during travel is auspicious. Seeing in front, the Mongoose, blue jay, and Lizard are inauspicious.
  28. During travel hearing the name of or seeing the Leech, Serpent, Pig, big species of Lizard, (Uda) are auspicious. Hearing the name or seeing the Monkey, Cruel animals, and Bear, are in auspicious.
  29. Numbers and sides and Time:- Hen, Mongoose, any egg laying birds or animals, come in odd numbers and come clockwise ( from left to right side) it is considered auspicious. If Jay bird accompanies mongoose, and come anticlockwise then also it is auspicious. But saint Bragu opines that it applies only during noon and is inauspicious during fore noon. During day, Fox, Crane, sparrows are auspicious at right side. Pig, animals living in burrow are auspicious at left side. In the East Horse, white objects, In the South dead body, meat, In the West, Virgin, Curd, In the North, Cow, Brahmins, and holy people are auspicious.
  30. In the East people going with trap, dog, etc. In the South enemy people, Arms, butchers, In the west people having Asava( wine etc.) and eunuch, in North the people with Furniture, Tillage equipment, are inauspicious.
  31. For Work or ceremonies, meeting old person, War, house Warming ceremonies, during search for lost articles, omens prescribed as inauspicious become auspicious. For e.g.:- Omens prescribed inauspicious in the left side for travel should be considered auspicious in left side. Omens auspicious for war in the West become auspicious in the East.
  32. Any work when done during day antelope, monkey, in the forenoon, Jay, owl, hen in West, during eventide owl, Heron, grand children are considered auspicious in the opposite to prescribed direction. But same direction omens become auspicious for Woman.
  33. For travel the omens claimed to be auspicious at right and left side and for visiting the king, house warming ceremony, travelling in forest, hilly areas, crossing of the river, etc. left side omens are considered auspicious in front, and right side omens are auspicious at back side. Omens for travel in the east are auspicious here in the west, auspicious omens for travel in the west are auspicious here in the east, auspicious omens for travel in the south are auspicious here in the North, and auspicious omens for travel in the north are auspicious here in the south.
  34. For the work or ceremonies omens named deepta if they appear on both side of the traveller, it is called Parigha. This Parigha omens indicate the destruction of the concerned person. But if the omens are in prescribed directions and sound is mild it is known as Dwara omen. Dwara omen indicate the fulfillment of desires, and gains. But some saints opine that to consider the omen as dwara, omen appearing on both sides should be of the same animal.
  35. If during travel one omen says that it is good to travel and another omen says it is inauspicious to travel, inauspicious omen definitely gives bad results. In such cases it is better to judge which omen is strong and do accordingly.
  36. At the time of travel one omen says it is good to enter, later at the middle of the travel another omen says it is good to travel, it shows fulfillment of desires and success in the travel. But during house warming etc. if first the auspicious omen “for the middle of the travel” appears and then later auspicious omen to start the journey appears, it gives good results. Because for such ceremonies omens should be in reverse order.
  37. At the time of travel first omen says positive and later omen says negative, then it indicates that if the native is travelling in enemy areas, native may meets death like situation, fight with enemy, if he is travelling in other areas it indicates disease to the native.
  38. If omen appears in Deepta direction, and is right side of the person, it indicates fear. If this deepta omen appears at the beginning of the work, travel or ceremony, fear is expected for one year.
  39. Thithi, (day) Wind, Star, Sun, place, chesta omens are deepta, then wealth, army strength, limbs, desired results are in danger respectively.
  40. Sound of the thunder if deepta results in fear, and wind sound brings both (fear and happiness) from both combined give fear of arms.
  41. If the omen is from funeral fire, or from hair, or from Skull (kapala) then death, arrest, Slaughter will be the result respectively.
  42. If the omen comes from thorny tree, wood, or ash, quarrel, suffering, and sorrow is the result respectively. If the omen comes from dry things, or juiceless things like stone it shows detriment to the work undertaken. These are the results of deepta omen. It the same omens are shantha, same results will be seen in reduced intensity.
  43. If the omen is from the animal which is discharging shit, indicates detriment to the work and from animal eating food, it indicates success in the work.
  44. If the animal or living being moves away making sound indicates travel, if the living being making sound comes back and sits down, then it shows arrival of someone ( as indicated in Para 4 above).
  45. Swara deepta omen (16 above) indicates quarrel, Sthana deepta omen (14 above) indicates war, (it can also be interpreted as dispute among persons referring to the Para 4 above) and if it is chesta deepta (17 above) indicates
  46. If the omen continues in same place for 7 days, then it shows the destruction of the village. If it is for two month destruction of the town, if it is for 3 months destruction of the country, if it is for the whole year, destruction of the king is indicated.
  47. Serpent, Mouse, cat, and fish, except these if omen comes from any other living being and it eats the meat of own species, it shows draught.
  48. If Horse and Ass are mating, and except humans other animals are mating with other species animals, it indicates the destruction of the country.
  49. Any living being showing omen, is flying out from near the foot, stomach, and head, it indicates arrest, Shock, and fear respectively.
  50. If any omen showing animal is eating grass indicates sinister, if is drinking water, indicates raining, if is eating meat, indicates accident and if is eating rice etc. indicates arrival of some relative.
  51. Deepta direction omen indicates arrival of some gruesome or wounded person. Dhoomit direction omen indicates arrival of a person with arms; Shantha direction omen indicates the arrival of a wicked person.
  52. Omen appearing with leading person, with king, with some monk, and omen in firry direction, all these indicate coming of a person after much time elapse.
  53. In any day strong omen appears with eatables, gain of money is indicated.
  54. If deepta omen or omen appearing from down looking animal, it indicates hearing a horrible news.
  55. If omen is coming from sub directions and is deepta and sounding through another living being posited in left side or in opposite direction, it indicates the person indicated ( as per Para 4 above) is indulging in mating with some woman.
  56. If the shanth omen makes sound through deepta omen posited in the 5th direction from it, indicates the arrival of person prescribed for that direction.
  57. If the deepta omen makes sound through the shanth omen posited in the 5th direction from it, indicates trouble.
  58. Omen posited at the center, sounds through the omen posited left, indicates trouble by own people, if sound through south posited omen, trouble by enemies, fear or danger is indicated. If both these omens occur simultaneously, it indicates death.
  59. Omen indicates the arrival of man riding elephant if comes from the top of the tree, if omen comes from the center of the tree, arrival of man riding horse, if omen comes from the bottom of the tree, arrival of man riding the chariot.
  60. Omen indicates the arrival of man, riding on man if comes from long material or stick, if omen comes from the lotus, arrival of man riding the boat, if omen comes from the broken or torn top of any material, or naked person, arrival of man on Palanquin (pallakki).
  61. Omen indicates the arrival of man riding the cart, if comes from the top of the hill. Arrival of man holding umbrella if comes from shadow.
  62. If the above omens are posited in the main direction from east or is posited in the sub direction from South East, above results will materialize in one, three, five, seven days, whether good or bad, respectively. That is if the omen is in the east in one day and in North in 7 days it will materialize. Similarly if the omen is in South east in one day and North east in 7 days, it will materialize.
  63. Ruling deities for 8 directions are Indra, Agni, Yama, Rakshasa, Varuna, Vayu, Chandra, and Shiva, respectively from East. Out of these main directions indicate male and sub directions indicate female. Parashara says, main directions from North indicate males of four varnas from Brahmin respectively. Similarly four sub directions from North east are females of same Varna. It is used to judge the person involved in theft, loss, birth, meeting or mating etc.
  64. Above results are related to outer 32 parts of the directions. Now let us discuss about the middle 8 direction and center results. If the omen is at the center, meeting with friends and relatives and joyance is indicated.
  65. In the 3rd part, meeting mahout and gain of money, and elephant is indicated. Good medium and least result should be predicted as detailed above (Para 75).
  66. In the next 1st part gain of clothes and meeting with prostitute is indicated. In the 2nd part meeting with washer man and gain of watery products is indicated.
  67. In the 3rd part, meeting with artist and gain of pictures is indicated. In the North east, meeting with priest and gain of grains, gems and cows (animals) is indicated.
  68. In the next 1st part gain of money and meeting with trader is indicated. In the 2nd part gain of white flower and meeting with prostitute, Brahmin and servants is indicated.
  69. In the 3rd part, gain of clothes and horse, meeting with friends and relatives is indicated. In the North gain of ghee rice, rice corn should be predicted and meeting with Brahmin is indicated.
  70. In the next 1st part, gain of earthen pots, instruments made of clay should be predicted and also meeting with naked hermit and band of holy instruments. (Band that play in temples and ceremonies) in the 2nd part meeting with friends and gain of money is indicated.
  71. In the 3rd part, gain of religious literature (shastra grantha) and books, is indicated, and meeting with trader selling these books. In the North West gain of pheni (sweet made of refined wheat) prestigious umbrella, (chamara) and woolen materials and meeting with writers, spouse’s brother is indicated.
  72. In west, gain of gems recovered from sea, Vaidurya, pearls, utensils incorporated with gems. In the 1st part, meeting with hunters and thieves is indicated, and gain of meat should be predicted. In the 2nd part, meeting with person having windy diseases (Vatha disease) and gain of Sandal wood and Agar (Chandan, and a scented fumes giving material) should be predicted.
  73. In the 3rd part, gain of fruits, flowers, articles made of ivory is indicated. For the west, gain of Marine Products, and articles made of them is indicated.
  74. In the next 1st part, meeting with Skin sculptor, gain articles of leather is indicated. In the 2nd part, meeting with monkeys, beggar and monk is indicated.
  75. In the 3th part, meeting with saints and gain of Cates is indicated. In the South west direction, gain of woman (marriage) horse, ornaments, servant, and books is indicated.
  76. In the next part meeting with actor or dancer, secret agent, flatterer and achievement of ceremonies and religious work is indicated. In the 2rd part, success in work, meeting with fisherman and gain of fish and tittiri bird (snow partridge) is indicated.
  77. For the third part, gain of things once lost, fulfillment of desire during travel is indicated. For the South direction, luck of going on pilgrimage and gain of peacock, buffalo, and hen is indicated.
  78. First part after South east, meeting with prince, and fulfillment of desire, gain of money is indicated. For the second part, gain of woman (marriage), religiousness, should be predicted.
  79. For the third part meeting with agnihotri Brahmin (one who offers scarifies to fire) is indicated. For the South East direction, gold, armory, metals, gain and meeting with monk should be predicted.
  80. From East direction clockwise, for first part ( out of 32 pats 4 parts will come up to sub direction) gain of gold, fulfillment of desire and monetary gain, for second part, armory, money and areca nut, gain, is indicated.
  81. If the omen in the East is up roaring, person serving the king will come and puja, gems, pearls gain should be predicted. If the omen is benefic good gain, if average omen medium gain, and if inauspicious, very little gain is indicated.
  82. According as the omen is benefic or malefic, gain or loss of following should be predicted. From the East, banyan tree, red tree or creepers, Lodra tree, Bamboo, mango, khaira tree, and bael tree, Arjun trees (black speck) respectively for clockwise for 8 directions.
  83. Person who is seeking enquiry, is standing in the East direction, of Silver, If in the South east, of gold, if in the South of grief, if in the South west, of woman, if in the West, of sheep, if in the North west, of horse rider, if in the North, of sacrifice, if in the North east, of cowherds, will be the subject of enquiry.
  84. Meeting with persons is judges as, in the east aged, In the South east, virgin, in the south, defective limbed, in the South west, man with foul smell, in the West woman with blue cloth, in the North west, wicked, in the North, tall person, in the North east, prostitute woman, Some saints opine that since sub directions indicate female. Male and female should be judged accordingly. If benefic omen meeting with respective person which may bring worry, if the question about the theft respective person as above is responsible for the theft.
  85. Result of the Omen should be applied to places, as follows. If the omen is posited in the East, place where Flag is exhibited, if in the South east, place which is burnt by fire, if in the South, places of burial ground, if in the South west, in the cave, if in the West, in places of submerged in water, if in the North west, on the hill or mountain. Omen in the North auspicious results with fear is expected. Or benefic or malefic result should be predicted according as place and omen involved is benefic or malefic.
  86. The omen appearing in the East should be used to judge war related issues. In the South east, should be used to judge the work, ceremonies near fire, (like sacrifices, homas etc.) in the South, should be used to judge the affairs of the world or area with full of noise, ( war, explosions etc.) in the South west, should be used to judge the quarrel or dispute, in the West, should be used to judge the work, ceremonies near watery places, in the North west, should be used to judge the happenings like arrest, jail etc. in the North should be used to judge the happenings where Vedic chants are going on, in the North east should be used to judge, where in cows are gazing or making sound. If it is the question of loss, gain or destruction, in the East red, in the South yellow, in the West black, in the North white, loss gain or destruction these color things should be predicted. If it relates to God, respective God prescribed for color should be predicted. E.G. red Ganapti.
  87. If the omen is posited in East, one will get the writings or book written on bark of the tree. If it is posited in South east, writings written on palm tree leafs, If it is in the South, writings on torn leaf, If it is in South west, writings written on cloth, if it is in West, writings written on the leaf of lotus, If it is in the North west, writings written on the stem of the tree, If it is in the North, writings written on the skin of any animal, if it is in the North east, writings written on the any leaf. Gain of books or writings should be judged as above. These writings or books are said to be available in the universe prescribed for 32 parts of the directions. (Hindu mythology believes there are 14 universes and 32 parts related to different stages of life species from plant to god supreme.)
  88. If the omen is in the East part, meeting with king and gain of red silky attire and gems is indicated. If in the South east part meeting with carpenter, worker of the place around the temple( parikrama) Horse foster and gain of horse, and the articles prepared by above is indicated.
  89. In the South, meeting with religious leader, gain of religion is indicated. In the South west, meeting with cow, sports person and Ascetic, and gain of oxen, and Cates made of Urad dal, etc.
  90. In the West, meeting with agriculturist, gain of marine products, like pearl coral etc. wine, and fruits. In the North West, meeting with weight carrier, beggar and carpenter, and gain of tilak, (red thing to put on fore head) flower of punnag etc.
  91. In the North, gain of wealth, meeting with Vaishnava Brahmin, (devotee of Vishnu) and person wearing yellow cloth is indicated.
  92. In the North east, meeting with woman doing penance, gain of black metal, arms, and bell is indicated.
  93. In clockwise direction 8th from South,( in 32 division circle) from the west, 2nd , 6th, 3rd, 7th, 8th, division, 2nd division from North if shantha omen appears, travel undertaken is medium good or comfortable. Omen for remaining 25 parts indicate travel becomes good. At the center, except North West and South west, remaining six parts shantha omen, give good results. Above mentioned 3 parts indicate sorrowful Journey.
  94. If the omen is in the East and Deepta, indicate death of wife. If deepta omen is in the next 1st part in 32 division circle, fear from king, and meeting with enemies is indicated
  95. If in the 2nd part of from East deeptha omen appears, destruction of gold, and fear from goldsmith is indicated. In the 3rd part, deeptha omen indicates destruction of money, dispute or quarrel and fear of arms.
  96. In the South east deepta omen indicates, fear of fire and thief. In the next 1st part of South east, deeptha omen indicates, loss of money and destruction of prince.
  97. In the 2nd part of South east deeptha omen indicates abortion to wife. In the next 3rd part deepta omen indicates, fear of king and meeting a dead body.
  98. In the South deeptha omen indicates, destruction of goldsmith, and artist and fear of arms. In the next 1st part deeptha omen indicates fear from sprite and gandharva.
  99. In the next 2nd part deepta omen indicates fear of fisherman and bird hunters. In the next 3rd part deepta omen indicates, destruction of meals, and fear of naked monk.
  100. If the omen is in the South west, indicates blood loss, and accidental fire. In the next 1st part deeptha omen indicates, destruction of leather articles, clothes and fear of Cobbler.
  101. In the next 2nd part deepta omen indicates, fear of Ascetic and Buddhist monk. In the 3rd part deepta omen indicates fear of hunger.
  102. In the West deepta omen indicates heavy rain. In the next 1st part deepta omen indicates fear of dog and thief.
  103. In the next 2nd part deepta omen indicates destruction of person having windy disease (vata). In the next 3rd part deepta omen indicates, destruction of people living on the trade of books and arms.
  104. In North West deepta omen indicates, destruction of armory. In the next 1st part deepta omen indicates fear of poison, thief and storm.
  105. In the next 2nd part deepta omen indicates loss of money and quarrel with friend. In the next 3rd part deepta omen indicates death of horse and fear of priest.
  106. In the North direction, deepta omen indicates, theft of cows, destruction of armory is indicated. In the next 1st part, destruction of traders, and loss of money is indicated.
  107. In the next 2nd part, deepta omen indicates fear of celibate Brahmin boy (Vatu), servant, and prostitute woman. In the 3rd part, fear of artist and loss of colored designed clothes is indicated.
  108. In the North east, deepta omen indicates, fear of fire, and flaw in virtuous woman. In the next 1st part deepta omen indicates, sorrow and destruction of wife.
  109. In the next 2nd part fear of washer man (Dhobi) and celestial musician (gandharva) is indicated. In the next 3rd part, fear of Mahout and death of elephant is indicated.
  110. In the middle sector, deepta omen in the South east part indicates outburst of fire and arms and destruction of horses and its fosterer. In the south part deepta omen indicates, fear of artist, writer and sculpture and destruction of religion.
  111. In the South west deepta omen indicates death from fire and wicked person or sprite. In the West deepta omen indicates, the fear from workers.
  112. In the Northwest deepta omen indicates fear of death of asses and camels. Also indicates danger to the humans through sharp stones, poison and cholera. In the North deepta omen indicates loss of money and trouble to Brahmins is indicated.
  113. In the North east, stress, trouble from villagers and cowherds. In the Center part, death of the self is indicated.
  114. Day Moving animals: Singing bird( Malabar bird) all species of hawk, peacock with crest, shrikarna( type of bird) herons, pigeon, skylark, chakravaka( kind of bird) blue jay, all egg laying living beings, kembutha( kind of bird) other species of cock, parrot, cranes, crow, phent( kind of bird) sparrow, yellow necked sparrow, most kind of birds, ass, cow, monkey, all these are day moving living beings.
  115. Fox, some species of monkeys, owl, chippika (small bird species) cockroach, bats, rabbit, these are day and night moving living beings. If these living beings move around, at unusual time to their species, destruction of the country, race, or king is indicated.
  116. Horse, humans, serpents, camel, tiger, leopard, lion, frog, bear, species of fox, porcupine, serpent verities, peacock, harubekku( flying cat) cranes, pet pig, these living beings move day and night.
  117. Varieties of dogs, varieties of owls, varieties of pigeons, varieties of rats, some type of asses, swan type birds, barber, varieties of deer, and elephant, varieties of cocks, varieties of tortoise, varieties of hawks, omens of all such type of living beings are interpreted differently from country to country. All such omens should be interpreted knowing them by experienced persons of that country. For e.g. in some countries barbers coming at right side is considered auspicious and in some country at left. Similar difference exists for animals and birds cry.
  118. Normal sound or cry of above animals is considered as made of joy. Other type of sounds or cry made due to fear, pain etc. are considered as deepta.
  119. If Pigeon sits on conveyance, Seating, or bed, or entering the house is inauspicious to humans. From these types of the birds or animals time of the results also changes. E.g. white pigeon indicates the result in one year multi colored pigeon indicates results in 6 months, red or gray pigeons indicate the results immediately.
  120. Kuhu sound of the cuckoo, is auspicious, chak, chak, sound indicates gain of friend. Gugu sound of the pigeon is considered as poorna (benefic) all other type of sounds are deepta (inauspicious). All type of sounds of Skylark is considered auspicious.
  121. Kish-kish sound of Small variety of duck is considered as poorna, kah-kah sound is auspicious, but kar-kar sound is benefic but fails to give any results. Kot-kil sound indicates wellness, kut-kil sound indicates rain, kotee-kili sound gives no results.
  122. Left side of the traveller dhanvan bird is auspicious. If it is posited at upper place than traveller, indicates fulfillment of desires. If it is posited at too much height, indicates traveller wins over much area or country.
  123. If the serpent comes in front of the traveller indicates facing the enemy, and murder of relatives and destruction. If the serpent comes from right side and goes to the left side, indicates fulfillment of desires and in reverse indicates failures.
  124. If Sajjan bird is sitting on lotus, elephant, or expanded hood of serpent, indicates gain of kingdom. If these appear in holy places, or green grass, is auspicious. But if appear on ash, bone, dry wood, dry grass, indicates happenings of sad things till one year.
  125. Tittira bird if sounds or cries kila-kila, it is considered as shantha and benefic. But other type of sounds of this bird is inauspicious. If rabbit sounds at the left side during night it is benefic.
  126. Kila-kila sound of monkeys is considered deepta and inauspicious. But chuglu-chuglu sound of them is auspicious. Sounds of bustard bird are also judged similar to monkeys.
  127. If jay (chash bird) have insects, flies, ants on its face and it goes clockwise around traveller or flies above traveller in Hakenkreuz (swastika) way, it indicates much monetary gain early.
  128. If crow and jay birds are fighting and crow gets defeated at right side of the traveller, indicates murder of the traveller. If it gets defeated at North, indicates success to the traveller.
  129. If jay is posited at left side and sounds like duck ( kok-kok) indicates success. Jay if sounds kruk-kruk, it is considered deepta and inauspicious. But the traveller seeing a jay is always auspicious.
  130. Egg laying living beings (birds) if sound Teee (long sound) it is considered as poorna. If sound tititi (half sound) is considered as deepta. Phent bird is posited at right side of the traveller is considered auspicious. But sounds of phent bird at right side have no definite results.
  131. Phent bird if posited at left side of the traveller and sound chirilvirilu is considered auspicious. All other sounds of phent bird at left side are considered as deepta.
  132. Shrikarna bird posited at right side and sound kva-kva is considered as auspicious. But chik-chik sound is medium benefic and all other type of sounds will not indicate any results.
  133. Dasari or Bhandarik bird posited at left side of the traveller and sounds chirilvirilu is auspicious. If the same bird comes from left side to right side indicates success early. If the same bird comes from left side to right side crying chik-chik indicates wellness but not gain of money. If it comes from right side to left side, indicates murder, arrest or fear etc.
  134. Sarika (myna-talking bird) if sounds kru-kru or sounds without fear tre-tre indicates bleeding to the traveller.
  135. Ass standing at the left side of the traveller indicates benefic results. If it sounds “aungh” there that is also benefic. But all other type of sounds made by ass is considered deepta. ( inauspicious)
  136. Different varieties of antelope, male or female if sound “ang” it is considered as poorna. All other types of sounds of these animals are considered deepta( inauspicious)
  137. Except Cock sounding ku-ku-ku due to fear during night, all other type of sounds indicate fear. (Sound made with fear is result less). Cock crying loudly early in the morning, indicates progress of the king, kingdom, and city.
  138. Chippika bird (tailorbird) cries in many ways. Out of them medium tone kulu-kulu sound is auspicious. All other type of sounds is inauspicious.
  139. Crying of the Cat indicates sinister to the traveller. Similarly cow crying with fear indicates death to the traveller.
  140. Owl’s makes hum-hum gu-gu crying to invite the partner. But its kurulu sound is considered poorna. Kis-kis sound is considered pradeepta. Repeatedly making bal-bal sound indicates quarrel, TTT sound indicates enmity; all other types of sounds are considered deepta.
  141. Sarasa (type of duck) couple if cry jointly indicates fulfillment of desires. But if only one bird cries it is considered inauspicious. Similarly if one bird cries first and other bird cries later for long time it is also considered inauspicious.
  142. During night feared animals sound except kukuku, all other type of sounds bring fear. Last part of the night if they sound loudly but normally, it indicated progress of king and country.
  143. Monkey making “chirilvirilu” sound is auspicious. All other types of sounds of monkey are considered pradeepta. Monkey making “ish” sound indicates the traveller to stop. Its kushu-kushhu sound indicates the sorrow ahead.
  144. To get the fullfilment of desire Monkey shouldd be prayed like below. During twilight after bathing, wearing fresh cloth, one has to go to the tree where monkeys are staying. Invoking Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvara in that tree, they must be worshiped with scented materials. Next during midnight again go to that tree stand at South east direction and prya with holy hymn praying for the desired succes in work, or gain of desired things, ( Hay god you know for what I have came to you. You know every thing. Now I pray and go back. In the morning I will come back and stand in the same position. Then answer my quiry through omen which can be easily understood by me. )
  145. If in the morning monkeys on the tree sound chirrulu, it indicates succes in the undertakings. dhish-kar-kucha-kuch it indicates agitated mind, and If no sound is heard it indicates gain of money. along with it any omen appearing on the tree should be decided as prescribed for 32 part direction. If the monkey is posited in main branch of the tree good result, if on the side branches of the tree medium result and if posited in lower branches of the tree minimum result should be expected.
  146. After going through the above details of the omens we get bewildered. Because much of the bird and animals mentioned are not available now a days. So what is the use of learning such omens. But our ancients know about the happenings in future. So they have first described the general principals. They can be applied to the present conditions. e.g. Elephant, Horse, chariot are out dated but we can apply them to modern conveyances with their normal horns and sound and unusual ones. Mild and sweet sounds are always benefic. Omens of animals and humans agitated, or worried are result less. If we properly understand and apply the omens coming across, we can get the amazing results. I will describe the further details given by shri Varaha in next chapter.