Baby Names According To Astrology

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Newborn Horoscope with Name letter suggestion

Baby names as per numerology and birthstar based on date of birth. Astrology and Numerology provide guidance to every parent to choose auspicious names for the baby as per Date of Birth. Birth star or Janma Nakshatra is very important and forms the basis of many decisions throughout the life of the baby from name selection to life partner selection and many more important events in life. Baby names by rashi, hindu calendar months, name baby after birth month, Zodiac baby name. As per hindu astrology, each sign has two and one quarter constellations. Each Constellation is again divided to four parts charan. Thus one Sign is divided to nine parts. Each charan is assigned a letter and that letter is the ideal starting letter for a. These baby names are all inspired by the skies or heavens in some way.

Baby born today astrology

Know Rashi, Nakshatra and Naming Letters(Namakshar) for Newborn Children

Newborn kid Zodiac report

Baby Boy Names According To Astrology

  1. Astrology baby names are chosen based on the date of birth of your child. Vedic astrology takes into account the zodiac sign / sun sign of your baby while determining a name that will bring good luck and fortune to the child and his/her family.
  2. Here we do suggest a baby name for your baby boy or girl based on your origin. We will calculate baby's moon sign (Rashi), birth star (Nakshtra), position of Jupitor and the lucky Life number. We will then filter our database based on baby's gender, number, origin, rashi.

This newborn Horoscope report specially designed for parents who want to know their newborn child Birth sign, Star and Naming letters also birth Tithi and Nakshatra doshas. As per Hindu Astrology, Naming child (Namakaran) with the suitable Astrological letter (Namakshar) will help the child to have better future. Most of times parents may not be able to contact Astrologer immediately after childbirth, at that time this tool is very helpful for them to check their child Astrological details immediately after birth.
No need to worry about finding right naming letters for your newborn, this free online Newborn Horoscope report with Date of Birth and time of birth, service helps you to find your Newborn Rashi, Nakshatra, Charan, Janma Namakshar, suitable letters for naming, Shanti nakshatra and Amavasya, Chaturdashi etc Tithi dosha checking. This is the only website which is giving free online newborn Astrology along with naming letter suggestion and Dosha information separately for newborn boy and girl. Your child may born today, yesterday or a week before or some other day, your child may born in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia or any other country around the globe, this unique service helps you to find Astrological details about your newborn child. We also suggest Naming Letters (Namakshar) based on Rashi Akshar (Vedic Birth Sign) and Lagna Akshar (Birth Ascendent). This tool also tells about Masa Nama (Name based on Hindu Month), Janama Nama (Name based on Birth Star) for Male and Female separately. You will also find Ghata Chakra, Avakahada chakra, Adrishta chakra (Things which are favourable for the child), Lagna Kundali, Navamsha Kundali, Vimshottari Dasha details. You can find suitable names for your child at our Baby name directory once after knowing suitable letters by clicking here. We have a very big number of names for various regions and religions. This Astrological service in available in English, Hindi and Telugu Languages.

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Female Astrology Names

Sarvesthu Sukhinah Santhu, Sarve Santhu Niramayah
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyanthu, Ma kashchith Duhkhabhag Bhaveth
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih