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COMPATIBILITY (LOVE & FRIENDSHIP) As mentioned, an active social life is fairly low on the list of priorities for members of this sign, though this can be offset by certain aspects in the birth chart (such as a Moon sign of Gemini or Leo). The Mayan astrology compatibility calculator predicts how good or bad your relationship will be based on the Tzolkin calendar signs. This love test shows you what your relationships are made of when it comes to Mayan zodiac signs and gives you deep insight into your compatibility with your partner. How does one find Mayan Compatibility? An Aztec horoscope has a 13 day cycle and there are 20 day signs to go with it which bring on a combination of 260 different days. The personality of each person is described by these Day Signs. What’s important is to remember that this is the earliest form of astrology created or figured out by the Mesoamericans. Mayan Compatibility. Try a totally new - yet old and wise - way to determine your love potential. See how well your Mayan Signs match up. Crocodile Wind House Lizard Serpent Death Deer Rabbit Water Dog Monkey Grass Reed Jaguar Eagle Vulture Earth Knife Storm Flower. Crocodile Wind House Lizard Serpent Death Deer Rabbit Water Dog Monkey Grass.

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What is your Aztec Astrology Zodiac Sign? This form of astrology follows a 260-day Aztec calendar, also known as the tonalpohualli, divides the time between gods/goddesses of the opposing forces, thus giving a special quality to each of the days of the calendar. There are 20 Aztec Signs. Each of the twenty Aztec Horoscope zodiac signs are ruled by a particular god / goddess. This in turn represents the personality and the characteristic traits of the person born under a particular horoscope sign.
The 20 aztec astrology signs are as follows:
Cipactli, Ehecatl, Calli, Cuetzpalin, Coatl, Cimi, Manik, Tochtli, Atl, Itzcuintli, Ozomahtli, Malinalli, Ben, Ocelotl, Cuauhtli, Cib, Ollin, Tecpatl, Cauac and Xochitl.
This 2016, Aztec Horoscope is based on a 13-day cycle, there are 20 Aztec day signs. These Day Signs describe the personality of the person born under it. It is one of the earliest Mesoamerican system that was developed independent of other astrology systems.
Apart from the conventional forms of Astrology - such as Western, Vedic and Chinese astrology - Aztec Astrology is another interesting branch of astrology. The ancient Aztec astrologers studied the mysterious influence of stars on the life of mankind on Earth. An 2016 Aztec Astrology reading primarily consists of a detailed interpretation of the day sign you belong to, your Aztec Day Number, your characteristic traits, the keywords that describe you best, your personality, the English name of your day sign and also the Aztec day sign God/Goddess.
Find Your Aztec Astrology Zodiac Sign Using the Aztec Horoscope calendar calculator 2016-2017 .

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Powerful, regal, and solitary, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Jaguar have a powerful attractive quality that others can’t help but notice. Often eccentric and always proud, members of this sign are capable of great achievements as long as they can remain in control of themselves.

Jaguars are their own best friend and worst enemy. They have the strength, influence, and vision to succeed beyond all reasonable expectations. Ancient South American tribes viewed the jaguar much like the Chinese viewed the dragon. Proud, noble, and brave, jaguars were considered the warrior kings among the animals. Similarly, those who were in positions of royalty and power were honored by comparison to this creature.

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Those born under the sign of Jaguar often carry this sense of entitlement into their lives. Pride is extremely important and they have little problem cutting ties with anyone who doesn’t believe in them. Simply put, Jaguars expect to win. They expect to succeed and will do so with or without the help of others. In fact, this trait is so strong that many Jaguars avoid having very many close relationships in order to focus their energy on their careers and goals.

Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are often solitary. They value their time greatly and often feel that time spent socializing or making small talk are a complete waste. Instead, their energy is almost always focused on winning, which can be seen in famous Jaguars such as legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight and soccer superstar Pelé. Jaguars can summon a tremendous amount of energy, and if they don’t use this energy in a positive manner it will build up inside of them and become toxic.

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Jaguars have a reputation for letting their emotions get the best of them. With so much energy at their command it is easy for this energy to get misdirected, especially if Jaguars feel they are not being as respected as they deserve. Self-sabotage is a likelihood with this sign, particularly when they let their fear of failure drive their emotional state. The problem is that they far too often focus on how they appear more than who they are inside. Jaguars don’t value personal relationships as much as they should.


As mentioned, an active social life is fairly low on the list of priorities for members of this sign, though this can be offset by certain aspects in the birth chart (such as a Moon sign of Gemini or Leo). Yet, socializing and feeling like a “regular person” amongst trusted friends is exactly what they need in order to find balance and harmony in their lives. In order to do so, though, they would have to give up some independence and possibly some power, which is very hard for them to do. For most Jaguars, learning to let go of control and find happiness amongst others is a major life goal. This sign has trouble creating their own happiness, so they try to do so through success, money, and authority rather than through relationships with other people.

Intimate relationships are equally difficult because Jaguars don’t like to give up control. Since one can’t have a strong partnership if both sides are not equal, this can create problems in long term romantic relationships for this sign. Deep down that they are overly emotional and can become rather stubborn or irrational even when they know better. Yet, this is a hard habit to break. Vulnerability is not a natural state for them, so potential mates have to work slowly and patiently with a Jaguar if they want to make their partnership last. They will likely need a very intuitive partner or assistant to help them communicate - someone who is not put off by their emotional intensity but understands what is driving it.


Career is where the Jaguar shines. They are incredibly skillful and talented in their chosen fields and they have a natural ability to lead others. If in a group they will need to be in charge, at least of themselves. Jaguars aren’t keen on taking orders or doing things the way that everyone else does them. They know they can succeed if they are allowed to work on their own terms, so they often do. Thus, members of this sign tend to prefer work where they are either the boss or where they have the independence to achieve their goals in the way that plays best to their strengths.

Jaguars don’t have specific jobs that fit them like most other signs do. They can be anything from garbage collectors to film stars, journalists, presidents, funeral directors, or astronauts. The specific role is not as important as their passion for the work they do and the results they may achieve if they succeed. Many Jaguars will know what they want from life as they have probably been thinking about their career since childhood. Whatever they do they can succeed at as long as the personal passion is there. Careers chosen for money, status, or authority will be fulfilling in those respects but not on a deeper level. Jaguars need to believe in what they are doing as much as they believe in their ability to succeed.

Aztec Astrology Compatibility Symbol


  • Connie Talbot (11/20/2000)
  • Willow Smith (10/31/2000)
  • Zena Grey (11/15/1988)
  • Emma Stone (11/6/1988)
  • Pat Tillman (11/6/1976)
  • Ryan Reynolds (10/23/1976)
  • Dwight Gooden (11/16/1964)
  • Calista Flockhart (11/11/1964)
  • Dana Plato (11/7/1964)
  • Kurt Krakowian (11/4/1964)
  • Shigeru Miyamoto (11/16/1952)
  • Roseanne (11/3/1952)
  • Sam Waterston (11/15/1940)
  • Elke Sommer (11/5/1940)
  • Bobby Knight (10/25/1940)
  • Pelé (10/23/1940)
  • Bill 'C.W. McCall' Fries (11/15/1928)
  • Anthony Franciosa (10/25/1928)
  • Daws Butler (11/16/1916)
  • Walter Cronkite (11/4/1916)
  • Coleman Hawkins (11/21/1904)
  • Dick Powell (11/14/1904)
  • Alger Hiss (11/11/1904)
  • Moss Hart (10/24/1904)
  • Leo G. Carroll (10/25/1892)
  • Louis Brandeis (11/13/1856)


Jaguars have the Tropical Sun sign of Scorpio, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Dragon.

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Aztec Astrology Compatibility Characteristics

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