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Nadi Astrology (Nadi jyothidam) is a form of Dharma astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and adjacent regions in India. Basically, the Nadi palm leaves are located based on the thumb impressions (right for men, left for women). There are 150 Nadi's in a sign; each sign is 30 degrees of the zodiac 360. Twelve signs of zodiac are grouped into three categories: Movable (Chara), Fixed (Sthira) and Dual (Dvisvabhava) signs. The phraseology of 150 Nadis is distinctive to each of these three types of signs. There are 1,800 Nadis in 360 degrees. Numbers and names of Nadi's are similar among all four Chara signs. Among all four Sthira signs, numbers and names of Nādis are alike, but numbering is peculiar from those in Chara and Dvisvabhava signs. Further, numbering of Nadi's in all four Dvisvabhava signs are similar among themselves, but different from Chara or Sthira signs.
Nadi texts utilize the concept of Nadi as the fundamental unit for foresight. That is why they are called 'Nadi amshas'. Nadi leaves were not only utilized for herbal and medicinal purposes but also used for future prediction. The foredoom written on the leaf is in form of poems in ancient Tamil, same as the language used in ancient temple of Tamilnadu.

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The Rishis of Ancient India Applied their minds and discovered many arts and sciences for the well-being of future generations of mankind. One such science is Astrology. There are several branches in Astrology vizHoroscopy., i.e. casting and reading horoscopes based on the Positions of planets at the time of birth of a Person and the movements of the Planets across the Zodiac. This is a well developed science as evidenced from ancient manuscripts like Brihatsamhita, JathakaPaarijatha etc. Palmistry, Numerology and Naadi reading are the other disciplines. Experiences our family has so far and feedback from our clientele makes us to learn that the predictions being expounded through the records of palm leaves we preserve, aptly suits to the natives only 80 percent that is too only to 80 percent of the total visitors. The remedies being prescribed here in the holy script including the temple poojas are left to the sheer choice of the individuals concerned.
These days we hear about people with Powers of extra sensory preceptions. The Rishis were holy sages, who occupied themselves in concentrating on the one divine being - paramatma. They far exceeded the power of ESP people. More than that they were able to know the future by their fore-sight. With this foresight, the Rishis like Agasthiya, Kousika, Vasishta have given predictions for the human being occupying this world. Let us take for instance any particular moment of the Day. Many lives are born in this world at that given moment, human lives, plant life and animals. The Rishis have ignored the last two and confined their predictions only to human beings. And that too not for all the humans. Predictions are given only for such of those presons who the Rishis out of their foreknowledge knew will come forward to study these Predictions. The exact age in which each such person will come for this study have also been foretold by Rishis. These predictions were inscribed on palmleaves. Like many other arts and sciences of ancient days they were also in Sanskrit. Later days, the Tamil kings gathered all such palm leaves irrespective of the subjects, they dealt upon and stored them in big libraries. These leaves which are the repository of the Wisdom of ancient Rishis woud otherwise have been lost to us. The king of Tanjore, a true patron of Arts and Sciences, found a reserve for these plam leaves in his palace library. He also got them translated in to ancient Tamil with the help of Pandits. The palm leaves kept by us are those which we got from our ancestors. We have not professed at any time that these are the original palm leaves Purported to be written by the rishis and obtained by us in the days of British rule in the auction.
Before revealing the predictions, each person is first identified by furnishing his date of birth details, planetary positions as at the time of his / her birth, parentage, names of some close relatives, position in life. marital status etc. After this, the predictions for the individual follow from the date of his studying the Nadi to his last day. The past, i.e. the happenings from date of birth to date of studying the leaf is not covered. This is probably in order to avoid any complications arising in human lives.
When a thumb impression from a native is obtained it is handed over by the reader at the library. The palm-leaf bundles are classified & indexed in the library according to thumb impression to facilitate easy searching of the bundles. For each thumb impression there are likely to be around 5 to 6 bundles; each such bundle will contain between 50 to 100 leaves. The leaf of one particular individual may be found out in the first bundle or in any other bundle among the six. some times it may not be found out, as the predictions from this holy script is confined to some limited souls. Hence, the process of finding out this specific leaf is laborious and time consuming. Because the reader has to read out one statement from the first leaf and if it is confirmed by the native, he will read out the second statement to verify its veracity. If this statement does not hold true for the native the reader will have to go on searching leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to trace out the one leaf in which all the particulars concerning the Native correctly appear., To expedite this process the Native has to extend his full co-operation i.e., he should listen to the reading carefully and answer correctly.
This results in the tracing out of not only the leaf but also the first Kaandam also called General Kaandam representing the native's lagna. The General Kaandam will also furnish brief predictions of the remaining 12 houses of the Native's birth chart, If detailed predictions of any other house are required, they can be studied in the relevant Kaandam given in the Annexure. For acquiring the good results, as extended by this holy script, the Rishis insist that the Native should be free from the evil influence of all their previous birth sins. Therefore, the rishis suggest and specifies the performance of certain parihaaras (remedies). If these Remedies are performed with full involvement, the Rishi assures the happening of the events predicted by him. These are found in separate chapters called Shanthi&Deeksha(No 13 & 14).
This office is established for the past 80 years and is rendering service for three generations. Of late,ie., within two years many people have started Nadi offices in Vaithiswarankoil. We have no comments about the mushrooming of this sacred profession. But we wish to warn our consultees that we do not have any branch offices anywhere in India. Many important persons have visited us (some of them more than once). They have been impressed when the forecasts given by this office happened in their lives
For getting your Nadi predictions you can visit us in person at Vaitheeswarankoil or get your predictions online.

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Astrology sex signs compatibility. Today the nerve center for Nadi Astrology is a famous temple in South India. However, not every leaf available there is authentic nor does every reader give comprehensive readings. With such an important task as the Discovery of Your Soul’s Path, it is important to be selective about the source of the leaves and the authenticity of the reader.

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  • VAITHEESWARANKOIL BEST AND GENUINE NADI ASTROLOGY Nadi astrology is a type of Hindu astrology practiced in and around Vaitheeswaran temple and is referred to as Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology or nadi jothidam.
  • WELCOME TO THE AUTHENTIC NADI ASTROLOGY. Welcome Nadi Astrology is an astrological chart written in ancient manuscripts by Maharishis. Maharishis Agasthiyar Poker Brigu Kagbhujandar Siddhar Sivavakkiyar Dhanvantari. The manuscripts were preserved in the Government Library during the government period and later the astrological pool was preserved by the Valluvar clan but this work is.