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In vedic astrology, there are 42 different dasha systems. Vimshottari Dasha is one of them. It is considered as one of the most popularand accurate dasha system in Astrology. Apart from that, two more dasha is defined,which is used by many astrologers for prediction purpose named as Yogini Dasha andChar Dasha. Yogini Dasha is of 8 in number whereas Vimshottari dasha is 9 in numberby the names of all the planets. Let’s understand below what are these dashas andhow it impact to one’s life:

Vimshottari Dasha

It is a most popular dasha system in Vedic Astrology. Many astrologers are using this dasha over many years.We can easily determine the results and timing of a particular activity by usingthis dasha system. Maharishi Parashar is known as “Father of Vimshottari dasha”.He has given 42 dasha systems but Vimshottari dasha is one of them. Chinese astrology relationship compatibility calculator chart.

According to this dasha system, it is a time period ruled by certain planet. Thissystem is based on the placement of natal Moon in your birth chart. Mostly, the prophecy made by this method is accurate.It is also known by the name of “Mahadasha of a certain planet”. In South India,astrologers use Ashtavatra method rather than vichitri but this method is stillfamous to look for a result and timing of occurrence of any event.

Most Trusted Famous Astrologer in Perth, Australia Pandit Sathya Ram Ji Pandith Sathya Ram Ji has established himself as the most trusted and top astrologer.

Vimshottari Dasha Cycle

It is most commonly used dasha in astrology. In that system, time period is allottedto all 9 planets. It has the full cycle of 120 years of all nine planets. This 120years cycle has been divided into 9 parts and every part is allocated to certainplanet in astrology in order to rule over it.

According to this method, the average age of humans are considered as 120 yearsso that one may get the Dasa of every planet in his lifespan. However, it is nottrue for today’s scenarios. It may be true in ancient days, as the age is decreasingyear on year. Now it came down to 50-60 years. However, if we talk about few yearsback, the same was reflecting as 60-70 years. Now, you can imagine the graph ofdeclining age of humans.

This shows the average age has gone down to 50 percent in present days. Therefore,people are unable to see the dasha of every planet during their lifespan. They mayhardly get to know the effects of each mahadasha of all 9 planets. They may approximatelyexperience only 5-6 dashas. There is another method defined in Astrology named asAntardasha, Pratyantar Dasha etc, which is basically known sa “Sub Dasha”, “SubSub Dasha” etc. The order of Vimshottari dasha is as follows:

Australia Famous Indian Vedic Astrologer Celebrities

Vimshottari Dasha>>Antardasha>>Pratyantar Dasha>>Sookshma Dasha>>Praanadasha

These are sub parts of Main Mahadasha. You can still experience all the planetaryAntardasha in your life if not all Mahadasha. The events in your life can be examinedthrough these dasha systems. You can experience one by one all planets antardashabased on its astrological order. The order is same as main Mahadasha.

Results obtained through Vimshottari Dasha

Australia Famous Indian Vedic Astrologer

The results obtained through Vimshottari dasha are based on certain rule. The favourableand unfavourable dasha can be determined through the Lagna sign. There may be thepossibility, one planet is benefic for one lagna, whereas the same planet is maleficfor other lagnas. Hence, the result may vary from Lagna to Lagna.

For example: Saturn is auspicious for Aries Lagna, Yog karak planet for taurus lagnabut the same planet is inimical to Leo lagna. Likewise, we can understand now howdifferent planets are beneficial for different Lagna.

Results of Mahadasha and Antardasha planets Lord

Famous Vedic Astrologers

When we analyse the birth chart, the very first thing comes into mind that which planet wouldaffect the most, the Main Mahadasha lord or Antardasha Lord. For that, we need tocheck which planet is strongly placed in Kundali. The results would be based on strongly placed planet within yourhoroscope. If both planet is strongly placed, then it will provide you results accordingly.But if mahadasha lord is strongly placed, it will influence to the antardasha lordto provide results accordingly and vice versa in case of antardasha lord placedstrongly.

Australia Famous Indian Vedic Astrologer

Therefore, Vimshottari Dasha plays very prominent role in Astrology due to its accuracy for predicting time for happening of certainevent.

Yogini Dasha

There are 8 types of Yogini dashas are defined in vedic astrology. The names ofthese Dashas are as follows: Mangala, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha and Sankata. It is considered in astrology that planets Moon, Sun, Jupiter,Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venusand Rahu have evolved respectively from the Yoginis Mangala, Pingala, etc. Thisis a cycle of 36 years and after 36 years, cycle again starts with the same sequence.The chart has given below for your better understanding:

S. NoYoginiLordPeriod
1.MangalaMoon1 year
2.PingalaSun2 years
3.DhanyaJupiter3 years
4.BhramariMars4 years
5.BhadrikaMercury5 years
6.UlkaSaturn6 years
7.SiddhaVenus7 years
8.SankataRahu8 years
Total Period36 years

Yogini Dasha is seen not only from ascendant of birth chart and the divisional chartsbut also is seen from the house under consideration and also the significator forthat house. The significator and the relevant house work as a alternative lagnas.

We must assess first to the horoscope before applying any dasha system on it. Everyhouse should be examined from lagna as well as Karaka. When we examine particularhouse as lagna, that house is considered as lagna and other houses are consideredin relation to that house. For an example, if we take progeny matters, one shouldlook for 5th house from lagna, 5th house from karaka planet Jupiter and also fifthhouse from fifth (i.e. the ninth house from lagna). In addition to it, the relevantdivisional charts must also be seen. While applying to Yogini Dasha, the lords ofdifferent yoginis are considered as operative dasha lords. If you want to applyyogini Dasha on the horoscope of an individual, first take in consideration of theYogini dasha-antardasha (major and sub periods).

There is one more popular dasha, named as Char Dasha. It is also called by the nameof Jamini char Dasha. In Jaimini Astrology, this dasha is being used by the astrologers.

In conclusion, Dasha or Mahadasha period is very crucial for all. It leads to individualin a direction for which one is made for. You may get the updates related to yourrunning dasha period through our dasha calculator. If you are really looking forwardto know more about your life pattern, you should visit our kundali page, which canguide you about your life’s major events. - Best Astrologer Abhay Godse

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Mr. Abhay Godse has a very deep knowledge of Astrology. His accuracy of predictions is really wonderful & admirable. Myself & my family have experienced it. His style of prediction is very logical & sincere. I really admire it & I can trust on his predictions fully.

Mrs. Gawde, Ex-Matron, K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai

Astrology is also a difficult science like any other sciences. Abhay Godse has studied KP & guiding various people with the help of Astrology, this is a really nice work. A young person like Abhay Godse has very well managed to do this work. I have myself observed the accuracy of the predictions made by him & my faith in Astrology has definitely increased thereafter.

I wish him good luck for his future study & work in Astrology.

Mrs. Suvarna Rao, Central Govt. employee, Mumbai

I would like to appreciate that Abhay Godse is a very professional astrologer in today's world. His predictions are quite correct and further the way he explains the same. It is my personal experience.

I have never seen before such a wonderful way of explaining the difficult situations and advising the best possible solutions.

Rameshwar Goge, M.Tech., Canada

More Testimonials.

I visited Pune & met Mr. Abhay Godse. My first face to face interaction with him was fruitful when he directly addressed the current problem. He not only displays an indepth knowledge of astrology but has very good analytical & illustrative abilities. I like his straightforwardness & logical approach.

His software background gives him an edge over other conventional astrologers. I have consulted him several times in the lastone year in person & over emails and always received a good advise & accurate predcitions.

Sunil Parkhi, Dubai, U.A.E.



I would like to appreciate that Abhay Godse is a very Professional & Accurate astrologer in today’s dynamic world. I’m also a student of astrology, still, I’m very much surprised with his accuracy of predictions. I belong to a young generation & I’m sure that his approach towards astrology will definitely attract more & more young generation towards astrology. He explains things by giving lot many examples so that it becomes easier for people to understand the things. I wish him all the best for his great work in future.

Jahnavi Gole, MBA, Pune

Dear Mr. Abhay Godse It was very nice meeting you. You predicted that, Aug 2008 onwards, there will be good opportunities & there will be career growth. You also told me that i will get a chance to work with a well known and large scale company, and yes! I got a job offer from one of the best companies in India in mid Aug 2008 and now I am working with them.

Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definitely say that your prediction turned out to be accurate.

Rahul Pethkar, Pune

Dear Abhay, Thanks for helping me out. After 6 months of waiting as you said you will be in better situation in November 2010 and guess what it actually worked out for me and things are quite easy for me now. Keep it up. Best Astrologer i experienced. Thanks again !

Kunal Deshmukh, Pune

Before coming to Mr. Abhay Godse for Astrology consultation, i was not believing much in Astrology & Horoscope, but, when he has given me all the scientific & logical information about Astrology & especially about KP, i was curious to know about it more. When i consulted him for my marriage, job & other things, i found very accurate results.

Now, by my own experience, I know that Abhay Godse can make very accurate predictions about various things. In this today's world of science, studying a subject like Astrology is really admirable & wonderful. Now, i can tell many other people to change their point of view towards Astrology. I wish that all other people will get benefited like me. I wish Abhay Godse to use his expertise knowledge for the benefit of all other people & i wish him a very very grant success in this field.

Indradeep Jadhav, Chemical Engineer, Mumbai

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