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I am a dedicated student of astrology since the end of the 1980s -- that’s a good amount of time. I have learned and tried most of the approaches and techniques of the contemporary Western astrology, and there is hardly a feature in both modern and traditional Western astrology which I wouldn’t be at least superficially familiar with. Still, all those years I couldn’t find an answer to one simple question: why Mercury is so overwhelmingly prominent in my life? All major moves, changes and achievements in my life can be attributed to my Mercury. I could fill several pages with illustrations to this statement, here are only a few:

  • The knowledge of foreign language proved to be extremely important in my life, it opened for me many doors.
  • Programming of all kinds always thrilled me, and still does.
  • I love writing, and I’ve written in my life a large number of articles and several books -- still more are coming.
  • I am an eternal student. I will be 55 this year, and I am still studying towards an MA -- that’s already having an MSc with Distinction. And even when not studying at a university, I am still learning something: Reiki, Jyotish, Reconnection, homeopathy, new programming languages and technologies…

Atmakaraka is the significator of the soul’s desire. According to the Vedic philosophy a soul is reborn because it has unfinished desires that were left unfulfilled in the previous lives and it is born again to get another opportunity to satisfy them. What are these desires? If we consider Atmakaraka planet (AK) as the king, Amatyakaraka Planet can be called Minister of the Horoscope. A minister always give suggestion to King and King executes his orders through Minister. So it is the planet through which Atmakaraka tries to fulfill his wish.

Yet, all Western astrology could say about my Mercury is that it is both in fall and in detriment, which means it isn’t a good quality Mercury, and it isn’t particularly strong in any sense. Which is strange, some important bit of knowledge seems to be missing. It was only when I decided to learn some of Jyotish (Vedic astrology), I discovered that Mercury is my Atmakaraka, and that answered all my questions.

My first familiarity with Jyotish is dated by the beginning of the 1990s, but the sources of information were scarce then, and I didn’t progress far. A few years ago I decided to learn more of Jyotish, and so I subscribed for a correspondence course with the Dirah Academy. Don’t be confused by the outdated look of their website, their courses are brilliant. I eventually took them all, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone interested in learning Jyotish. You will not learn all of Jyotish, that’s for sure, as it is enormous, it has many very different astrologies as its parts. But you will become comfortable with a number of fascinating ideas, and you will have a chance to explore them well on the example of your own chart.

  1. Darakaraka In Vedic Astrology – Your Spouse’s Secrets. Detail Analysis of Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Navamsa/ D9: What Is Darakaraka In Astrology: Destiny & characteristic of spouse reading In Jaimini’s astrology degree-based karaka system, each planet ( from Sun to Saturn) except shadow planets like Rahu & Ketu represents the people in your life.
  2. It should be afflicted by Rahu/Ketu and should be in 6th/8th or 12th or should be Debilitated. 12th house is the house of Bed pleasure in vedic astrology, if Rahu is placed in the 12th house of Rashi chart or Navamsa chart with mars aspect on 7th house and Venus such female can involve in secret physical relationship with other person.

The Advanced Techniques module of the Dirah course taught me that Atmakaraka is the most important planet in the horoscope. In the consequent years, as a result of communication with different people teaching or practicing Jyotish, I came to understand that Atmakaraka is the best kept secret of Vedic Astrology. If you want to comprehend someone’s abilities, desires and problems, find out his or her Atmakaraka, and you will learn a lot. But how do you exactly find it, and what precisely is this all-important factor?

How to Find Your Atmakaraka

The easiest way to discover your Atmakaraka is to use the Atmakaraka Calculator. However, if you know some astrology and want to learn how the calculation is performed, you can do it yourself in a few easy steps.

Technically, Atmakaraka is a planet that is in the highest degree, no matter what sign, in the sidereal zodiac. Only one of these eight can be the Atmakaraka: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or Rahu (aka the North, or Ascending, Moon’s Node in Western astrology). With Rahu, however, the rule works slightly differently. But let me start from the basics.

First of all, we need to find out the planets’ positions in the zodiac. This is easy to do using the tropical zodiac of Western astrology. Here is a free chart calculator on one of my websites. Calculate your chart, then list the positions of the mentioned eight planets.

I will cheat here and use a chart that was already calculated, from a wonderful source of astrological information, Astro Databank. This is a chart of Emily Bronte. The positions of her planets are:

  • The Sun: 6.46 Leo
  • The Moon: 8.01 Cancer
  • Mercury: 20.36 Leo
  • Venus: 12.15 Virgo
  • Mars: 11.56 Virgo
  • Jupiter: 4.37 Capricorn
  • Saturn: 17.28 Pisces
  • Rahu: 3.58 Taurus

Now we need to translate these positions to the sidereal zodiac used in Jyotish. For that, we need to subtract the difference between the sidereal and the tropical zodiacs, aka Ayanamsha (you can also see this word spelled as Ayanamsa, or ayanamsa). Here we have a little problem: Ayanamsha isn’t a constant, it keeps slowly increasing over time (by 1 degree in 72 years). Here is, however, an online Ayanamsha calculator for you, just enter your date of birth and press the Calculate button. Which of the Ayanamshas to use, I hear you asking? Just take the first one, Lahiri, it is the most widely used.

Emily’s date of birth is the 30th of July 1818, and so her Ayanamsha is 21:19:25 or, rounded, 21:19. Now let’s subtract this value from the positions of Emily’s planets.

(There is a convenient online calculator for subtracting degrees and minutes, if you need it.)

Here is the result:

  • The Sun: 15.27 Cancer
  • The Moon: 16.42 Gemini
  • Mercury: 29.17 Cancer
  • Venus: 20.56 Leo
  • Mars: 20.37 Leo
  • Jupiter: 13.18 Sagittarius
  • Saturn: 26.09 Aquarius
  • Rahu: 12.39 Aries

Now, with Rahu there is a nuance. Since its normal direction in the zodiac is opposite to that of planets, when calculating the Atmakaraka we need to subtract Rahu’s position from 30, and use the result in the comparison. So here:

Rahu’s calculated degree: 17.21

Finally, we find the planet whose degree is the highest. In Emily’s example it’s Mercury. So Mercury is her Atmakaraka.

But why Atmakaraka is so important? In the next section I will offer you a collection of opinions from different authoritative sources of information about Jyotish.

Why Atmakaraka is So Important?

Roeland de Looff, the author of the Dirah Academy Jyotish courses, wrote that Atmakaraka shows us how the soul will be able to develop during this life. He also recommended to pay attention to the house of the horoscope where Atmakaraka is located. ‘This is the main house in which karmic experiences work out, and are worked out. This house will certainly be a very important house for you, but it may not always give the easiest experiences’. I do confirm that the house where my Mercury is located did bring, and keeps bringing, the most difficult challenges of my life.

Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda explained in their book Light on Life. An Introduction to the Astrology of India that the important factor is how far the planet has advanced in the sign it is in. So Atmakaraka is the most advanced of all planets, it shows where on our path through numerous incarnations we’ve accumulated the most experience.

Visti Larsen wrote in his book Jyotisa. Fundamentals. My Master’s Words that Atmakaraka ‘shows one’s soul’s purpose and that which is important in one’s life’. He also explained that the true goal of all souls is liberation from the repeated births.

However, before one can attain this goal, one has to undergo a series of events to unlearn some of the negative traits that cause repeated bondage in this world. The bondage of the soul is indicated by the planet becoming the Chara Atmakaraka. How one faces these lessons is indicated by the house placement of the Chara Atmakaraka.

Freedom Tobias Cole wrote in the first volume of his fundamental Science of Light. An Introduction to Vedic Astrology that, according to the sage Parasara, Atmakaraka is a king among the planets.

As a king has governance over a country, and the country affairs will be controlled by the king, in the same way the AK controls one’s life. If the king of a country is good then all his ministers do good acts. If the king of a country is evil, his cabinet will be filled with scandals and negative acts. The planet which becomes AK will show the internal nature of the person, it is the seed of the ahamkara (the sense of self).

The Atmakaraka planet shows the personalized nature of the individual’s soul. It shows the soul color or soul flavour of that particular person. It is the planet that we have the most karma to work with in this life. When we speak about the nature of a person’s soul we utilize the Atmakaraka planet.

Both Visti Larsen and Freedom Cole gave recommendations to those who have a particular planet for the Atmakaraka. These recommendations will be listed in the next section, marked with the authors’ initials.

Advice for Different Planets as Atmakaraka

The Sun Atmakaraka

{FC}: When the Sun becomes AK it indicates the individual will hold a deep value for power, position, and respect. This indicates the person has to learn humility to overcome their karma associated with ego.

{VL}: Ego, self-importance, ideals, name, reputation become the pivotal issues in the native’s life, and he should learn to subdue his own ego.

The Moon Atmakaraka

{FC}: Indicates that the individual should be very caring and compassionate, and family and social life are important. The person needs to overcome small family attachment and realize the whole world is one’s family.

{VL}: Emotions and compassion towards others becomes a big issue. Due to excessive emotional dependence, the native may always be looking for relationships, or relationships will be looking for them.

Mars Atmakaraka

{FC}: Indicates that the individual may be competitive or aggressive. They need to learn to have playful competition and refrain from all forms of violence following the path of non-violence (ahimsa).

{VL}: Short temper, or excessive anger/violence may be expressed or experienced by the native, and the native should make a conscious step to throw away any weapons and grudges and learn the path of non-violence or ahimsa.

Mercury Atmakaraka

{FC}: Indicates the individual is very interested in communication (such as mail) and information (such as books). The person needs to control their speech, debate less, and be truthful at all times.

{VL}: When to speak and when not to speak becomes a major issue either for the native or his/her social circle. Such people should be particularly careful of what they say, and to whom they say it.

Jupiter Atmakaraka

{FC}: Indicates that the individual has an affinity for expansiveness and wisdom. The person needs to be open to others’ opinions, and should always respect the Guru, husband and care for children.

{VL}: The most important issue for such people is whom they consider as a teacher/guide and whom they do not consider. Such people should learn to respect their teachers and elders. There is a risk of the person neglecting their spouse, or suffering separation from their spouse. They should care well for their children.

Venus Atmakaraka

{FC}: Indicates that the individual is concerned about aesthetics, music and creativity. The person needs to control their sexual energy, and refrain from lust and illegitimate sex.

{VL}: Relationships and sex becomes a major issue for such people. The person should always try to maintain purity in relations, and not to overindulge.

Saturn Atmakaraka

{FC}: Indicates that the person will see sorrow in their life and understand the suffering of others. They need to practice not giving others sorrow but instead share the sorrow of others.

{VL}: Either the native sees a lot of sorrow in life, or gives a lot of sorrow to others. The native should learn to take away the sorrow of others, but not give sorrow to others.

Rahu Atmakaraka

{FC}: Indicates that the individual maybe cheated often or not conscious of situations that they became entangled within. They need to practice good discernment and refraining from deception.


{VL}: The person trusts others too easily, and as a result often finds himself cheated or deceived, and a risk is there that the same person may cheat others in return in a never-ending cycle of cheating. The person should learn to accept deceit and move on. Foreign people/places also have a vital role to say with this graha.

This Is What Your Soul Desires

The brief advice of the previous section might be helpful as a starting point in your quest of discovering your Atmakaraka, but I would like to warn you against an attitude like you need to suppress the manifestations of the Atmakaraka planet, or to act against it. I remember speaking to Sarbani Rath, the wife of a well known Jyotish Guru Sanjay Rath, and a Jyotishi herself. I mentioned that I am trying to do so many things at once, and I would probably achieved more if I was able to concentrate on a single thing at the expense of everything else. She answered: but this is the desire of your soul, to do many different things! Those who have Mercury Atmakaraka do need to have many gods! Since then, it became so much easier for me to fully enjoy the limitless world of knowledge.

Please understand that the Atmakaraka is the focal point of your life’s experience. This is where you fulfil you destiny, where you work out your karma most efficiently. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time, as your Atmakaraka brings you the most important lessons, and you can’t avoid failing those lessons from time to time as that’s an inseparable part of learning. Do not blame yourself for those failures, but do learn your lessons well.

What I would suggest you is to learn everything you can find about the planet which is your Atmakaraka. Each planet has a multitude of meanings and attributions in astrology. Next, think of the most important events in your life, both positive and negative. Can you see those events as lessons of your Atmakaraka? Can you understand what you were taught then? If you didn’t learn the lesson the first time, maybe you can see its essence now?

Learn what are the most important powers given to you by your Atmakaraka, and from now on try to live in such a way that you rely on those powers and use them more and more. Again, you won’t be guaranteed from mistakes, and since the lessons are important, the price you might have to pay for your mistakes can be substantial. But this is how you burn your karma most efficiently, and let the flame be bright! Try to raise the vibrations of everything related to your Atmakaraka, work on this consistently.

I would be delighted to hear about your experience, and your findings. I suggest the best way to keep in touch is for you to subscribe to the Lunarium Newsletter. This way you will always know what I am working on, and you’ll be able to easily ask a question or provide a feedback by replying to one of the emails.

Atma means the soul and Karaka means indicator, to make or do, to produce or create, and also that which is instrumental in bringing about an action. The AtmaKaraka planet, or soul planet, is the one that you have the most karma to work with in this life. It is the most important karaka as it signifies the soul’s desire. According to Vedic philosophy, a soul is reborn because it has unfinished desires that were left unfulfilled in previous lives and so, it is re-born to get another opportunity to reach them. What are these desires? Will you fulfill them or will you struggle with them? This is revealed by the AtmaKaraka (AK) planet’s placement in your birthchart.

How the AK planet interacts with the rest of the chart will also show how your soul responds to your life, your environment, and ultimately others. The AK planet is calculated from the highest degree planet of the chart. Ketu is not used since Ketu is not connected to form, being formless, it represents moksha and is no longer earth bound. Rahu always moves backward and therefore Rahu’s degrees are calculated backward as well. Take Rahu’s degrees and subtract them from 30 (there are 30 degrees in each sign) so you can see how far back he has moved through the sign. Then see which planet has the highest degree in your chart to determine your AK planet.

The AK reflects the spirit within us. But its outer expression does not always appear to be spiritual. We can be taken in by the illusory nature of desire and think that the satiation of worldly desires is all the soul wants. The basic struggle of the soul is to differentiate between that which is false and that which is real; and the fact that it has not been able to differentiate this, is the reason why it takes birth again and again. This search will be particularly relevant in a person’s life when they are going through the dashas and bhuktis of the AK planet, or another planet that is sitting close to the AK planet. Identifying with materialistic goals is essential as without that drive, you cannot go into your inner world and find your personal treasure of happiness. AK will show you both the soul’s material goals and the spiritual ones.

Atmakaraka Rahu Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Which house the AK is placed in, as well as the lordship represented by the AK planet is important to observe, as that is where the karmic experiences will play out. This house will certainly be a very important house, but it will not give the easiest experiences because before one can attain the soul’s desire, one has to undergo a series of events to unlearn some of the negative traits that have caused repeated bondage in this world. This will come to light when you experience the dasha and bhukti of the AK planet.

The AK is the focal point of your life’s experience. This is where you fulfill your destiny, where you work out your karma most efficiently. It is thus important to understand the power given to you by your AK planet, and to live in such a way that you rely on those powers and use them effectively. Try to raise the vibrations of everything related to your Atmakaraka, and work on this consistently.

What do the following AK planets reveal about your soul’s true desire?

Saturn: Your AK planet is Saturn or Shani in Sanskrit. This is the planet that your soul, inner nature and karmas are connected to. Saturn is the planet of grief, suffering, sadness, hard work, delays, obstacles and slow progress. When one’s AK is Saturn, it indicates that the person will experience sorrow and sadness in life and will be connected to that sadness. Your dharma should be focused on helping yourself and others to relieve suffering, since you are so closely connected to it. Saturn is also connected to ancient, disciplined practices like yoga asanas and meditation. Routine is good for you, and regular spiritual practice (sadhana) is essential.

Saturn does things slowly and represents old age. So these people tend to ripen later in life. Saturn’s worldly desire is to be dutiful. They must learn to face loneliness and harsh sorrows in life.

Rahu: Your AK planet is Rahu. Rahu is a shadow planet (the North Node) and brings us strong desires and cravings. He wants and creates desires for us on this material plane of existence. He has a strong drive and can be obsessive about his desires. He can take us off the spiritual path and keep us from the true meaning of life — which is why the moksha planet, Ketu, always sits 180 degrees from him. Rahu as AK indicates that the person is under the influence of the shadow and has to work hard at unveiling him/herself. You may be cheated by others, feel cheated, or cheat. Ultimately you are cheating yourself if you use deception so be aware of your actions and where they come from.

Learning to trust yourself above all else is very important for you. The Rahu AK wants to achieve and has a hunger to ingratiate all experiences. For you, finding the meaning of purity and truth is an excellent path to follow. Your spiritual lesson is to accept disappointments, fears and doubts.

Mercury: Your AK planet is Mercury or Budha in Sanskrit. When one’s AK is Mercury, there is a great connection to communications of all sorts. Mercury represents the mind, the mental function. These people are helpful and need to connect and create a life based on their connections. There is also a propensity for gaining knowledge, reading, writing, speaking, networking and as such, working in any of these fields are all intrinsic to your dharma. Their main desire is intellectual superiority. The key thing to remember as a Mercury AK is to be truthful in your thoughts, purify your thoughts and mind through meditation and pure knowledge. Watch your speech and what you say, be truthful. Avoid mind games. Don’t dominate conversations.

Moon: Having an AK Moon indicates an individual deeply connected to the emotional body and must learn to surf the inner tides in this life. Their primary work is to learn to accept their emotions and work with them, not against them, to use them, not fight them. Moon AK also indicates a person who is very much connected to the things that moon represents, including mother, intuition, land, home, heart, nurturing and compassion. These are very caring people and need comfort and support in their life in order to feel safe and grounded.

The Moon due to its nature, always changeable, waxing and waning, is easily impacted by their environment, and so it is very important that Moon people keep good company so that they do not become overburdened with dark energy. Their spiritual lesson is to understand how to be happy; and learning the difference between true and false love. They are here to nurture and be nurtured, to work with the emotional realms, and to expand their compassion and devotional abilities.

Venus: Your AK planet is Venus or Shukra in Sanskrit. Venus is the planet of beauty, romance, love, passion, creativity, pro-creation, creative life force, relationships, femininity, art and music. Physically, Venus relates to the reproductive tissues of the body, the semen and ovaries. Venus is also water, which has a life-giving quality to it. Water gives life to all expressions of Nature. Venus can give rejuvenation and health as a result and is responsible for the life-giving qualities that sustain us.

Atmakaraka Rahu Vedic Astrology Nyc Ny

Because Venus is an expression of Rajas (guna), at its worst it can create overindulgence and cravings for intoxicants, especially alcohol and sugar, as well as lust and strong desires for “love”. Their soul desire is relationships, sensuous pleasures, luxury, and wealth. Venus AK’s spiritual lesson is to accept relationships the way they are and to control sensuality. This will include navigating and controlling your sexual energy, refraining from lust and casual sex. Working on relationships are key themes for you.

Rahu In Astrology

Jupiter: Your AK is Jupiter, or Guru in Sanskrit. Jupiter is just that, a guru, a teacher, the planet that gives us expansion and knowledge, assistance and support. Jupiter, like the sanskrit meaning of guru, is the glue that holds the universe together, creating harmony, health, wisdom and understanding. He is a nonviolent force and rather than fighting a battle, he will win the opposition over to his side. Since he rules the devas (gods), he likes to transform the asuras (demons) within us. When the AK is Jupiter, the soul’s desire is expansion. There is a strong affinity for knowledge, growth, increased awareness, personal expansion and having children. They have to learn to tolerate other’s spirituality, opinions and thoughts. Respect the husband/spouse, father and children as these are big teachers for Jupiter AK and help expand your awareness and enlightenment. Follow a guru that is connected to an ancient lineage and has strong knowledge sources, only pure knowledge will suffice.

Sun: Your AK is Sun, or Surya in Sanskrit. The Sun is responsible for giving light energy so that all things can grow and prosper, however, too much light and the Sun burns and scorches. Sun represents resources and the things we need to survive as well as the soul. It is the light within us that guides our lives. In Jyotish, the Sun represents father, king, rank and position, power and authority, respect and rulership. The Sun will give us dharma, the proper path to follow. The Sun is also responsible for illuminating the Moon through his reflection. It is the most consistent planet and the one that sets the pace of time through days, seasons and bio-rhythms.

When Sun is the AK, power and authority are important. These people seek success, fame, and power. There is a value and deep respect for those who hold high-level positions as well as for masculine energy. These people need to learn the lessons about power and authority, that power is not everything. The lessons in this life are highly influenced by ego, overcoming karmas associated with ego and working with humility and compassion are paramount.

Mars: Your AK is Mars, or Kuja. Mars is a warrior planet, and cruel, aggressive by nature. He carries forward the actions of the King, the Sun, and has a soldier mentality. Mars is a Tamas planet, does not think, he just carries out the orders he has been given, and thus, is impulsive, hasty, and quick to act. A good Mars is essential for strong health, but can also bring problems with excess fire and heat. Excess heat in the physical body can bring a myriad of disorders, however, mentally, this creates a need to control outcomes and situations. Faith and trust are a huge part of taming this forceful fire nature.

Mars is associated with the Rudras as well as violence and violent acts that bring harm through fire, cutting, bleeding, tearing and killing. However, this Mars behaviour can be positive for actions that require penetrating thoughts, physical prowess, mechanical tendencies, depth and research. Surgeries, occult knowledge, martial arts, things and situations that require cutting or force can be aided with the help of Mars. He deals with matters on the earth plane, bhumi loka.

Mars AK has desire for passion, adventure, and always wants to win. These individuals need to manage their temper, aggression and anger. They are here to learn more about ahimsa (non-harming) and need to create a life for themselves free of killing and competition. Learning to be playful and spontaneous is helpful. Keeping life light and carefree is essential, a lifestyle that smooths out the harsh rigidity of the Mars tendencies. Conceding defeat, learning the art of patience, and letting go is also part of their spiritual lesson.

Atmakaraka Rahu Vedic Astrology

One more thing to point out is that if you have a planet sitting close to your AK planet, then you should read the descriptions of that planet as well, as it will colour the significations of the AK planet. Consider this for planets in the same nakshatra (constellation) or approx. 10 degrees conjunct to each other. For instance, if your AK planet is Mars, but Rahu is three degrees away, then Rahu becomes as important as the AK, so I would recommend you read the description of Rahu as well, this will surely play out during the dasha and bhukti of Rahu.

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