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Sagittarius and Cancer:

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Sagittarius Woman Dating Cancer Man

Seducing Your Lover. Susan Miller takes you step by step through understanding what makes your sweetheart tick, what ticks them off, and easy things you can do that will really rock their world. This advice is also perfect for revving-up any long-term relationship.

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  2. Jan 16, 2018 In 2013, when Sandhya was 32 years old, she downloaded the Astrology Zone app, looking for a road map. She felt lonely, and unappreciated at her nonprofit job in Washington, D.C., and she was.
  3. Sagittarius are all sunny optimism, and hopelessly impressionable. This is a hard mix, because you are a fixed (somewhat intractable) water sign in love with a mutable (flexible) fire sign. If your lover’s water element doesn’t put out the fire in your relationship early on, you stand a good chance of success.

When a Sagittarius woman dates a Cancer man she will feel a deep tug of attraction and a desire to run the other way all at once. If she chooses to stay put, the relationship can be worth it. A Sagittarius woman is idealistic and honest. She says what she feels without thinking twice. She wants to explore the world and find her truth in it. The Cancer man would rather stay snug and secure in his nest and doesn't have that itch to roam. He also does not verbalize his feelings as honestly since he's more protective. They teach one another the value of actually sharing deep emotions as they date and when things turn sexual you can be sure the Sagittarius woman will thrive under her Cancer man's nurturing touch while he will be taken to another world by her sexual openness.

Cancer Woman Dating Sagittarius Man

This love match could be challenging. The Cancer woman does not feel safe around a Sagittarius man because he cannot be contained. Still, if they survive the first date it could be a rewarding relationship. The Sagittarius man expands the Cancer woman by showing her what is possible if she dares to leave her shell. The Cancer woman shows her Sagittarius man that security doesn't mean prison. The sex is a great adventure! The Cancer woman is titillated by her Sagittarius man's spontaneous and carefree lovemaking. He is attracted to her protectiveness despite himself.

The first dinner date with Sagittarius may be at the most exotic place in town. As a risk taker, Sagittarius loves strange and sensual places, as well as any upscale event. Cancer likes fine dining but quiet and private. Antique shopping and staying home are also favorites of Cancer.


Often appearing tough and hard on the outside, Cancer is actually friendly, intelligent and compassionate. Craving security and stability, they want strong leaders and don't mind possessiveness. Cancers like adventure but also love their home.

To attract a Cancer woman, invite her home for a home cooked meal and make her feel at home. The Cancer woman loves compliments. To attract a Cancer man, get past that tough exterior. Ask him what his hobbies are and what does he do. Share your daily, weekly and social events with him.

To attract a Sagittarius, be straightforward, approach with optimism and dazzle with your adventures and wildest dreams. Sagittarius women are known for their charm while the male is known for constant activity. Ask questions and make them laugh. Sagittarius is not above using flattery to get sex and is the astrological victor of one night stands.

Cancer is sexual, warm and responsive in the bedroom. Sex is full of variety and vitality. This lover is very physical but wants tender whispers and caressing. Sagittarius likes to explore sexually. Cancer will try new things. A feeling of safety and trust must be inspired in Cancer before any risque encounters. The Sagittarius' thighs are their erogenous zone, and Cancer's is the chest. Sensual bedroom accents are candles, perfume, music and dim lights.

A relationship between these two lovers is not in astrological favor. Cancer may be too emotional as a lover and Sagittarius may be too much of a tease to provide the sexual admiration Cancer needs. Their sexual problems must be worked out. If not, Sagittarius will stray, and Cancer will be emotionally hurt, becoming too clingy.

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Sometimes the most interesting relationships develop when opposites attract. You’re intense and shrewdly realistic, able to see through people’s hidden agendas in the blink of an eye. Sagittarius are all sunny optimism, and hopelessly impressionable. This is a hard mix, because you are a fixed (somewhat intractable) water sign in love with a mutable (flexible) fire sign. If your lover’s water element doesn’t put out the fire in your relationship early on, you stand a good chance of success.

Primarily an intellectual sign, Sagittarius do not have your capacity for deep emotions and passion, nor your sharp intuition. They see themselves as basically objective and rational, but you understand that facts can be deceptive. You trust your gut instincts implicitly, but still you don’t want to be put in the position of having to justify your instinct-based conclusions.

Sagittarius are very communicative — virtual chatterboxes — and they adore intellectual debates, no matter which side of the question they’re on. You find all this talk wearing. If you wanted to debate everything you’d be on Crossfire or Meet the Press. But Sagittarius watch the Discovery Channel for kicks. Good grief! That’s entertainment? While Sagittarius fantasize about taking a trek through Africa, you just want to chill out in your hammock at home. You’d rather unwind in front of an action drama, a murder mystery, or even the Playboy channel. But these low-brow flights of fantasy make Sagittarius leave the room in disgust. The TV remote control wars begin — troubles, troubles.

And it gets worse: You are a compassionate water sign, but your Sagittarius is brutally honest. Your lover’s comments roll over you on occasion with the subtlety of a tank; while you can take constructive, sensitive feedback, you bristle at Sagittarius’ style. You want to get married, Sagittarius isn’t ready. They will delay commitment as long as possible, for they have bigger things to do first. Sexually, they want a light touch without all the opera.

Okay, okay, I have laid it on rather thick. I see you’re disappointed. I can hear you protest that you love your Sagittarius. Perhaps you have a lot of fire and air in your chart, which would make this union work. My advice is to know one another well before you make plans for the future. Stay together for at least a few years. What if you already know you love him or her? Then hang on. You may be relishing the differences that would drive other couples apart.