Astrology Yes Or No Tarot

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Astrology Yes Or No TarotAstrology Yes Or No Tarot

The yes/no tarot weighs the pros and cons of a situation and gives you a yes or no answer to your question. With the symbolic scales and using the Marseille tarot, it permits you to measure all the advantages and disadvantages of a situation to come to a conclusion.
Which way will the scales tip? Will the answer to your question be positive or negative?

Astrology human design. Astrology also uses the birth time and place to generate your natal chart, but it interprets the data differently – and Human Design is not astrology. Human Design is a logical, easily understood system that requires no beliefs.

With the yes/no tarot you finally have an opportunity to get an answer to your questions while experiencing a unique form of divination.

Yes No Tarot will provide you with a straightforward answer in an easy yes or no. To get yes or no tarot accurate predictions, Think about your question, select a card, and get an answer! Get instant answers to your most pressing questions with the Yes or No Tarot Reading. This Tarot card spread will help you make the right decisions so that you can get the outcome you desire.

Yes Or No Tarot Spread

Welcome to our yes/no tarot interface.

For this divination experience to be useful for you, you need to think about a specific question before you start drawing the cards. You can make another draw if you would like to ask another question.

Astrology Yes Or No Tarot

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