Astrology Toxic Match

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The Compatibility of Leo With Other Signs


When there’s a toxic influence in your life, it can poison everything else. But what if you are the toxic person without even realizing it? These are the most damaging traits of every Zodiac sign. Once you know what kind of behavior to watch for in yourself, you can work on fixing it. Aries (March 21-April 19).

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  • Horoscope compatibility is the most important factor in any relationship and if two signs get together when they don't match, they can become dangerous for each other. Indeed, they'll wear each other down and do nothing but destroy each other's confidence.

Leo & Aries

Aries and Leo find each other only to create a warm and passionate emotional bond worth fighting for. If they stay true and faithful to each other, their enormous potential to love will channel the excess of energy into a strong foundation for a significant relationship ..

24 Aries & Sagittarius (Best Match) Aries is known as the first sign in to be born in the astro tree. Those born under the Aries sign are known to be full of energy and life. They are always searching for their next big adventure. According to, this is exactly why Sagittarius is such a perfect match Read More 'The One Sign That Is Toxic For Us & The One We Are Meant To Be. Along with offering horoscopes, birth chart analysis, and tons of info on the zodiac signs, Nebula lets you “find your most toxic match” so you can avoid those people at all costs or just have.

Leo & Taurus

Taurus and Leo are both representatives of love, one of them earthly, sensual and quiet and the other one fiery, passionate and loud. If they choose each other, this is love multiplied ..

Leo & Gemini

When you think of Gemini and Leo, you can instantly imagine two children playing. One of them is full of ideas and always on the move. The other is a leader, secure and strong, ready to move mountains for their game to continue ..

Leo & Cancer

Of all the Water and Fire signs, Cancer and Leo are the two most likely to succeed due to the fact that they recognize each other’s uniqueness. However, they will rarely end up together because differences in their character are hard to reconcile. ..


Leo & Leo

Two Leo partners can have a perfectly satisfying relationship for as long as they share unconditional respect. It they start a battle for supremacy there is a great chance they will not last very long ..

Leo & Virgo

Leo and Virgo will rarely end up in a very emotional or intimate relationship. In most cases, they will be a rational couple, those two with a job to do ..

Leo & Libra

Leo and Libra need to find the perfect balance of respect and responsibility in order to enjoy their time together. When they do, they will have a very creative and productive relationship that can last for a very long time ..

Leo & Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio make a very intense and challenging couple, but they might manage to be in search for all the same things, and end up in a relationship in which they are both focused solely on each other ..


Leo & Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius represent a couple that connects vision and creativity, passion and focus. They need to be careful not to be too rough on each other and always take care of each other’s softer sides ..

Astrology Toxic Match

Leo & Capricorn

The relationship of Leo and Capricorn can be quite challenging, with both signs so strong willed and unmovable. However, if they find the same goal, there is nothing they wouldn’t be able to do together ..

Leo & Aquarius

Astrology Toxic Matching

Leo and Aquarius are one of the most passionate and explosive couples of the zodiac. If they nurture their individualities and respect each other enough to let each other lead, they might create miracles together ..

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Leo & Pisces

In this relationship, Leo will often burst the bubble of Pisces’ sensitive world, and the lack of trust and security will be felt immediately. Their best chance lies in a fairytale approach of Pisces that Leo partner will rarely decide to have ..

Leo Compatibility with other Signs


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