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  • Aries are powerful and fiery. The alluring and daring characteristics of Aries summons the rich and spicy aroma and taste of chai tea. Also bold and powerful as Aries, chai tea is also known for offering a variety of health benefits to its drinkers, such as aiding in digestion and boosting heart health.

Did you know that tea is the second most popular drink in the world?

Falling right behind water, tea has been brewed and consumed by a variety of cultures for thousands of years. There are a plethora of flavors, herbs, spices, and blends from which to choose when it comes to finding the perfect cup of tea.

We could easily compare tea to astrological signs, as each has its own attributes and individual personality traits, like tea leaves. Try drinking a cup of tea that matches the traits of your Zodiac sign.

Aries - Chai Tea

Aries are powerful and fiery. The alluring and daring characteristics of Aries summons the rich and spicy aroma and taste of chai tea. Also bold and powerful as Aries, chai tea is also known for offering a variety of health benefits to its drinkers, such as aiding in digestion and boosting heart health.

Taurus - Chamomile Tea

Taurus are serious thinkers, with much on their plate. It should be no surprise that these hard workers seek serenity and security. Thus, chamomile and chamomile blends (peppermint, lavender, vanilla) are perfect for bulls and the warmth of the brew will be soothing for restless minds. Lavender blended chamomile is ideal for a sleep-deprived Taurus.

Gemini - Rosehip Tea

Energetic Air sign Gemini is often a social butterfly and you’ll usually find them surrounded by many admirers and friends. Rosehip tea is thus ideal for the sign of the twins, as this tea is not only delish but boosts the immune system. After all, Geminis must remain healthy to keep up with their active social life!

Cancer - Peppermint Tea

Cancers are known for being loyal and loving nurturers with a sensitive side. They often are the go-to person for those in their circle, so they tend to hold many secrets. Peppermint tea is a great wind-down beverage for Cancer and a fantastic tea for any digestive issues that may come from protecting information!

Leo - Ginger Tea

As the lion ruler, Leo is known for their boldness and no-nonsense approach at life. Thus, mighty Leo deserves a tea that is just as bold. Ginger tea offers the same zesty kick that a Leo personality holds and has amazing overall health benefits, including being a terrific digestive aid.

Virgo - Green Tea

Virgos are often the quiet and ambitious perfectionist that works nonstop. Virgo also loves to help others and may prioritize their own needs last. Green tea is a great pick-me-up to keep a Virgo at optimal health and energy while offering some much needed mental relaxation.

Libra - Jasmine Tea

Libras do love their balance and appreciate beauty in every element of their life. Libras are seekers of harmony and peace. Jasmine tea is great for Libra, as its light aroma balances with its delicious flavor. Jasmine tea provides various health advantages such as stress relief and improving our immune systems.

Scorpio - Oolong Tea

Scorpios are intense, focused, and hardworking. Always on the go and seeking their next challenge, a caffeinated and immune-boosting tea is a must for the Scorpio. Oolong tea is an excellent match, offering metabolism-enriching benefits, reducing inflammation and even helping intense Scorpio relieve stress.

Sagittarius - Black Tea

Sagittarius the adventurer is fearless and ambitious. Often on-the-go, chasing their dreams and the next challenge, a Sagittarius demands a tea that can keep up with them. Fruit-infused black teas provide a powerful energy enhancement to feed the stamina that archers need to keep them going.

Capricorn - Passionflower Tea

Capricorns love to approach life with a thought-out plan they can execute accordingly. These thinkers and doers can easily fall into a mental rut when things are not following their carefully etched blueprints. Passionflower tea can help ease anxiety, mental agility and focus. It’s a great tea to help Capricorn regroup and find a new approach - without the mental burnout.

Aquarius - Fruity Tea

Aquarius is the unifier of all and loves to bring people together for a good cause. All that philanthropy and running around trying to change the world can be tiring! Therefore, fragrant, fruit-blended tea is a must for the busy Aquarius. Fruit-blended teas including peach or strawberry are refreshing, aromatic, and full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Pisces - Vanilla Black Tea

Pisces the fish is energetic, compassionate and often the healer of the signs. Pisces seek peace and accord in all areas and with those who surround them. Vanilla-infused black tea is an excellent choice for the harmonious Pisces. Enriched with antioxidants, vanilla tea smells like baking cookies as it brews. The aroma alone helps to refresh and ease the mind of the energetic Pisces.


However you mix and match, from trendy tea infusions to tried and true classics, tea is a fabulous and often healthier alternative to other sugary beverages.

What’s your favourite tea?

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If you’ve ever wanted to practice divination without the Tarot cards, crystal balls, or stars, you may want to take a closer look at tasseography — all you need is the tea already in your cabinet! (Tea lovers… this one is for you).

Despite its seemingly simplistic nature, tasseography, or tea leaf reading, can be just as serious, ritualistic, and powerful as you would like it to be — just as well as any other form of divination.

So, let’s get it brewing!

With your favorite teacup at hand and some new tasseography knowledge and tips, you’ll be divining away with your go-to tea blend in no time.

What is Tasseography?

Also known as tasseology or tasseomancy, tasseography is simply the art and divination practice of reading tea leaves.

The practice of tea leaf reading is a lot like what it sounds like — with some tea leaves and your favorite teacup, you read the tea leaves as you see them, whether inquiring about your past, present, or future.

This comes down to making out and interpreting shapes and symbols that have been formed after the querent drinks their tea. Like with scrying or dream work, this divination method relies on the reader to understand messages from symbols and abstract ideas.

Unlike the Tarot, for example, which has a set of 78 cards, there are infinite images, symbols, and shapes that you could ultimately receive from tasseography.

Thus, if you enjoy the abstraction and come into the practice with an open mind, you might prefer the art of tasseography more than other divination forms!

Discover even more forms of divination: 5 Underrated & Powerful Divination Systems

How to Read Tea Leaves

Getting Started With Tasseography

There are a variety of rituals and practices that you might prefer in your tea leaf reading practice. Chances are, you’ll develop your own style and preference as you practice!

Universally, however, to get started, you will need:

  • A teacup
  • Some loose leaf tea

If you would like to light incense or a candle, set some mood lighting, or perhaps even meditate before you brew up your tea, you can also do that to set a more sacred tone or space if preferred.

Astrology Tea Set

Below is a common method that we love that you can use if you have yet to develop your own tea leaf reading style. However, feel free to change, alter, or add things to the method as you please!

  1. Brew up your favorite loose leaf tea and select a teacup and saucer of your choice (an actual teacup over a mug is ideal as it has the right space and dimensions for the tea leaves to move and breathe). Now for the fun part — assuming you’re the one getting the reading, drink your tea!
  2. As you brew the tea, contemplate your question that you would like answered. If you would prefer general guidance, you can focus on a question like: “What do I need to hear right now?”
  3. Stop with just a little (around a half teaspoon to teaspoon) tea left in your cup.
  4. Swirl the cup, with the remaining tea and leaves, three times with your non-dominant hand.
  5. Now, with some care and caution, flip your cup over your saucer so that the leftover liquid can drain and leave only the leaves.
  6. When you’re ready to flip the cup back up, make sure that the handle is facing you.

Now you’re ready to interpret your tea leaves!

Common Tea Leaf Reading Shapes & Meanings

The heart of the practice of tea leaf reading is here: interpreting the shapes, symbols, and images that you see in your cup.

Here are some common tea leaf shapes and images that often come up if you find yourself getting stuck:

  • Numbers — Perhaps you asked a question about timing! In this case, numbers can be a clear answer. Alternatively, you can take the numerological significance of the number(s) you’re seeing.
  • Animals — Animals all have their own significance and meaning; hence why zodiac signs also often have animal correspondences. An animal meaning dictionary can help you decode what an animal shape is trying to communicate to you!
  • Flowers — If you can make out even the different kinds of flowers that you’re seeing, you can make a connection between the typical flower meaning and the message at hand (for example, a rose might be indicative of romance or a loved one in mind).
  • Shapes — Hearts, squares, circles, and all other miscellaneous shapes can be a message, too, no matter how simple this initially seems. For example, a heart could signal love, or a circle could mean the end or beginning of a cycle!

Ultimately, what you see and how you interpret these images is up to you. More than anyone, you personally will know and intuitively understand your leaves the best — after all, they are meant for you! Chinese astrology elements compatibility.

Will You Try Tasseography?

Depending on how you view it, tea leaf reading can be either seemingly extremely simple or very complex and daunting.

While the tools you need are perhaps not as extensive or fancy as other divination methods, tasseography has the potential to be an extremely expansive and far-reaching practice with its messages and symbols.

That said, you should try as much as possible to release any nerves or concern over your ability to read the tea leaves — like with anything, it just requires time and practice!

The power to divine accurately and powerfully is always inside you… or at the very least, within your household teacup!

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