Astrology Taurus And Scorpio

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Taurus, in bed you are a powerhouse of energy and sexual mastery. Your Scorpio will expect an incredible depth of feeling from you, something you may or may not be able to give. Because they are a water sign, Scorpios will always have a deeper, wider emotional spectrum than you. Scorpios bring love to a level of spirituality, something a feet. Taurus is an Earth Sign and Scorpio is a Water Sign. Scorpio tends to be very deep — like an ocean, too much upset will cause a tidal wave! When Scorpio feels crossed by a lover, watch out for that Scorpion’s tail, which can whip out and sting their lover without warning! Taurus and Scorpio are both alike in their determination and goal–oriented lives, both at home and at work. Plus, both have reserved personalities, which makes them compatible on multiple levels. Great conflict occurs when the feisty Scorpio allows feelings to bottle up until they're ready to burst. Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility Scorpio Taurus can be a hard match to make work, but with just a little compromise it can be a fantastic one! Of particular note there's going to be an enormous amount of sexual chemistry. Within the zodiac you're opposites, and will. Taurus and Scorpio are both signs of deepest physical pleasure, each in their own way. This has to be the focus of their relationship, for they can’t seem to understand platonic and imaginative relationships when they get together. There is no such thing as a platonic experience of romance, when the whole point of romance is to get physical.

Zodiac symbolBull
Duration (tropical, western)April 19 – May 20 (2021, UT1)[1]
Zodiac elementEarth
Zodiac qualityFixed
Sign rulerVenus
DetrimentTraditional:Mars Modern:Pluto
FallTraditional: No planet is fall or depressed here; Modern: Uranus

Astrology Taurus And Scorpio Horoscope

Taurus (♉︎) (Latin for bull, derived from the Greek word Ταῦρος), is the second astrological sign in the modern zodiac. It spans from 30° to 60° of the zodiac. This sign belongs to the Earth element or triplicity, and has a feminine or negative polarity, as well as a fixed modality, quality, or quadruplicity. It is a Venus-ruled sign along with Libra. The Moon is in its exaltation here at exactly 3°. The Sun transits this sign from approximately April 21 until May 20 in western astrology.[2]

On March 11, 2021 Today will be stressful for some zodiac signs and for others, there will be a success. If you want to know more about your life and what lies ahead, then read your daily horoscope. 2021 daily horoscope. Taurus 2021 Horoscope – A Look At The Year Ahead. The Taurus 2021 horoscope brings to light the need to embrace change and to accept new opportunities. Thus, the stubborn and steady Taurus may find these tasks to be difficult, but others will be around to provide help and support throughout the year. Take risks this year; it is likely to pay off.

Astrology Taurus And Scorpio


The sign of Taurus is associated with several myths and bull worship from several ancient cultures. It was the first sign of the zodiac established among the Mesopotamians, who called it 'The Great Bull of Heaven,' as it was the constellation through which the Sun rose on the vernal equinox at that time,[3] that is the Early Bronze Age, from about 4000 BC to 1700 BC.

Astrological Associations[edit]

Taurus is the fixed modality of the three earth signs, the others being Virgo and Capricorn. In astrology, the main connotations of planets under this sign are stubborn, warm, and indulgent in the material world.


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Taurus and Scorpio Relationship

The bull and the scorpion are really right for each other, or they are very wrong. These two are cosmic opposites in astrology, sitting across from each other on the zodiac chart. The funny thing is for being clashing signs, these two people have a lot in common. Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs. When Taurus wants something, then they will do everything they can to get their way. They often win; however, the scorpion sign is no pushover. Pluto and Mars co-rule the scorpion sign. Mars drives Scorpio to be passionate and emotional. Pluto represents power. Dual planets mean Scorpio is zealous and bold, a lot. When these two come together, there are no dull moments. The horoscope for Taurus and Scorpio calls for extreme interactions and high sex appeal.

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Taurus and Scorpio Love Match

Surprisingly, love comes easily for Taurus and Scorpio. Both signs are feminine. Sensuality is important in the relationship. Taurus wants to dote on Scorpio and shower them with attention. This Earth sign is the epitome of a homemaker. Taurus wants a home to be perfect with all the beautiful artwork and designer items they can amass. They appreciate beauty and will dote on Scorpio with long soaks in the jacuzzi or couples' massages. Scorpio will be more likely to want to jump straight into sex, but they will do their best to nurture the relationship with honest talks.

Can a taurus and scorpio relationship work

Communication is just as important as negotiating for Taurus and Scorpio. Neither of these fixed signs wants to budge when they set their sights on something they want. Giving as much as receiving is critical for this match to stay intact.

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Taurus and Scorpio Soulmates

Astrology has a secret concerning Taurus and Scorpio. There is an excellent chance these two may be dual souls. This match has a special connection as opposites that can create a love connection that will surpass any other relationship. When Taurus and Scorpio can stop trying to win the argument long enough to appreciate the uniqueness in the way they each view the world, the sooner things can progress. The deep bond they will achieve can surpass everything Taurus and Scorpio experience in the rest of their lives.

Do Taurus And Scorpio Go Together

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Astrology Taurus And Scorpio


Taurus and Scorpio are great friends when they are not jealous of each other. Beware though, Taurus loves to see Scorpio jealous, so getting them to avoid the problem will be tough. Since both signs are feminine, they like similar activities. For example, sharing a milkshake, riding a tandem bike in the park, or watching favorite television shows are things this pair might do together. The most important thing is that these two are spending time together.

Scorpio can give off a weird vibe once in a while. They like drama, so secrecy and hidden agendas can get between the partnership, causing resentment and a deep-rooted envy of the other sign if they are not careful. It may be best for Taurus and Scorpio to take some time to date and see what they both like before they dive into a romantic relationship.

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Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is a high probability for the Taurus and Scorpio, who can learn to communicate with each other openly. Being honest is the best way for these zodiac signs to work out their problems. With Scorpio having an intense mood and drive, Taurus needs to take a breath and calmly lay out their view when they want something.

The bull needs their partner to remember that they both want to win as much as the other. Sharing the wins is important to keeping a vengeful mood from taking over and ruining their marriage. Water signs like Scorpio are emotional, so Taurus must use their grounded nature to keep the peace. When these two make it work, their love and marriage will be everlasting and highly successful.

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Sexual Compatibility

Can there be any hotter couple? The bull and the scorpion emit sparks the moment they set eyes on each other. These signs are so opposite that the force pulls them towards each other in a wild and aggressive orbit. Taurus appreciates how Scorpio makes them feel beautiful and they adore the attentive nature of their partner. Scorpio is in love with the beautiful person they see in Taurus. The strong Earth sign is stable and comfortable where Scorpio is moody and eager for anything and everything.

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Taurus and Scorpio in Bed

Sex is amazing for this couple. These two could almost make a match on sex alone if it were not for the jealous streak in both signs. Taurus must be careful to avoid certain mistakes in the bedroom. They tend to stick to the same positions, days, or scenarios for sex. Scorpio is all about flamboyant actions and deep desires. They want to show the bull what they are missing by wanting vanilla sex all the time. Taurus can keep Scorpio happy by indulging some of their fantasies and whims.

Taurus Daily Astrology

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Taurus and Scorpio Trust

Trust is one of the hardest parts of the bond between a Taurus and a scorpion sign. The bull does not like how moody and secretive the scorpion is at times. Scorpio has trouble deciding whether Taurus has a hidden agenda. They both expect the other to react in ways they normally would not, so arguments can be confusing. Taurus and Scorpio need to work together and stay calm. Small talks can lead to better outcomes than trying to hash everything out in one blowout talk.

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Taurus is happy to oblige Scorpio with the home and family they want. They will be the best domestic partner, providing stability and comfort when Scorpio is spiraling out of control. Taurus secretly admires how bold and brash Scorpio is in all that they do. The mutual respect for each other is one thing that draws these signs together. In a weird cosmic draw, the bull and the scorpion can find themselves in a strangely passionate and rewarding union with wedding bells, a distinct possibility. These two will either come together with a magnetic pull or push each other away in a dramatic fashion. In either situation, the interaction will be unmistakable. Taurus and Scorpio Celebrity Couples

Taurus and Scorpio Celebrity Couples

Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey
Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore

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A perfect love match made in heaven

Love match and wedding bells

Love match with potential

This relationship may require some work